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Hearing someone behind him breathing, quickly got to his feet and spun around, causing his hair to fly in front of his eyes, he had at one point had fairly long hair, and thus he instinctually brushed it behind his ear, he was surprised at the angular shape of his ears, it was at this point he realised he was an elf! He gasped, his face burning red, as he saw two women standing in front of him, incredibly embarrassed, he noticed one of them had golden blond curls draped down to her mid back, and was quite a bit shorter than him but no less stacked. She also wore a very similar tight dark green tunic, though it went down to her mid thigh, and she appeared not to be wearing any leggings. Her top was very revealing, showing most of the top of her breasts. She looked like a walking wet dream, with deep blue eyes, flawless completely smooth skin, which actually appeared to have a soft golden glow, her legs were completely hairless and displayed for all the world to see. Her hips were large and well rounded, they flowed into a very small waist, a waist seemingly impossible for someone with such accentuated curves to have.

He took notice to the other woman, her features were just as flawless, she was the same height as Eli and closely resembled Tauriel from the Hobbit movie, though her hair was a deeper shade of red, her skin also possessed a soft golden glow, her features were slightly more angled and her breasts seemed to be a size larger and her waist at least an inch thinner as well as her hips being wider and more rounded, her clothing seemed very similar to that of Tauriel too, clothed in a green tunic, with brown leather leggings and shrouded in a green cloak.

Not realising that the looks on the girls faces were not in fact disgust, but pure unadulterated lust,
Eli managed to stammer out the words “I-im sorry.”
Eli was bewildered by the sound of his voice, the melodic tune almost made it seem as though he was singing. The girls realising what they were doing gathered themselves, and attempted to look more civilized, to impress the beautiful girl in front of them, the girls looking down, seemed equally as flabbergasted by their situation as Eli was.

It was a good minute before a noise was made, there were looks of horrors on the blond's and redheads faces, as they poked and prodded themselves hoping it was a dream or hallucination.

“Hello, my name is Eli—zebeth! Elizabeth, but you can call me liz” Almost shouting the correction to his name, not wanting to provoke a witch hunt or to alienate possible friends in this confusing time.

“What is your name?” Eli inquired in his new melodic voice.

“Chris” The redhead answered by instinct, before realising a second later and saying in a panic
“-tal, Krystal is my name” Silently berating herself for choosing a stripper name.

Heads turned towards the blonde, who was a bit too preoccupied with her situation to realise what was happening.

Krystal reiterated the question “Excuse me, what is your name?” she said in an equally lovely but less melodic voice.

The blond, removing her hands from her breasts said “Lucas.”, Not thinking to create an alias, this sparked a realisation in Chris and Eli's minds almost simultaneously saying “Chris!? Luke?!” and “Eli?! Luke?!” respectively.

“What the hell happened to us?” Chris said in a voice that would have been a panicked tone, but now sounded more seductive and sultry.

“I have absolutely no idea, but I think we have been transformed into elves” Eli practically sang
“No Shit” Responded Chris in an increasingly agitated voice.

Eli annoyed by Chris' brash tone turned away, and saw a plume of smoke rising high into the sky,
“Look over there, let's head that way we might find some answers.” Eli said trying to get control of his melodic voice.

“Fine, but we need to choose names, if someone sees you calling me Chris they might get suspicious, and Krystal sounds like a stripper name.” Chris said.

“You look a lot like Tauriel from The Hobbit, why don't you go by that name?” Eli inquired.

“That is a brilliant idea! You could go by Arwen? She is really hot, no where near as hot as you, but you do look alike.” The newly christened Tauriel said.

“I could go by liz as well, but if you are going by Tauriel, I may as well keep up the elven theme. Arwen it is!” Exclaimed Arwen.

Looking to Lucas who still looked completely befuddled trying to grasp what was happening Arwen softly said “Lucas, what are you going to call yourself? How about Galadriel?”

Lucas seemed complicit, not really able to make any decisions in his current state of mind, but Tauriel objected, “No, that name is far too royal for us to keep any semblance of stealth when we meet people, how about Eowyn?”

“Yes, I think that will do nicely.” Agreed Arwen.

Arwen realised Eowyn was still attempting to process the situation so she linked arms with Eowyn and lead her from the grassy plain, that they had appeared in. towards the plume of smoke not far into a near by forest. It was Noon when they had first appeared, the sun high in the sky, it was a good hours walk before they reached a meandering river, it was a small river which had a well built stone bridge to allow passage over it.

Noticing for the first time the absence of any fatigue from the walk Arwen said “Well I guess we have inherited the elves stamina! I wonder what else we have gotten?”, wanting to test out any more abilities she may have acquired, she ran straight forwards, at a speed that would have left any human runner in the dust, towards a large tree that the path curved around, before she reached the tree whilst running at full speed, she jumped a good 30 feet in to the air and landed on a relatively low thick branch, the tight corset both pushing at her stomach and holding her breasts in place was unable to hold back the large wobble of the twin melons that now resided on her chest, it was fairly disconcerting for her, but it didn't destabilise her.

“It would appear as though we have acquired both the elves athletic strength and balance.” Arwen said happily whilst jumping down from the branch and gracefully landing on her feet, kneeling slightly to cushion the fall.

Touching her toes with no effort she exclaimed “Oh, and their flexibility! I am going to have a lot of fun.”, not realising how naughty her new voice made it sound.

Tauriel was fairly surprised at how well her friend was adapting to her new body, Eowyn had managed to finally grasp the situation and said “Honestly I prefer the name Arya to Eowyn, I would prefer you call me that.”
Smiling that her friend had come to, Arwen said “I think we need to leave the trail we have been following to get to the fire”, Tauriel agreed and thus they stepped off of the path, and after a five minute walk they entered a secluded clearing, with two fairly small shelters opposite each other one being larger than the other. There was also a pile of firewood to the north of the clearing, and a smouldering fire pit in the centre.

Arwen entered the larger tent, in which there was a large slept in make shift bed, with thick blankets and two pillows, as well as two well made tanned leather backpacks, at opposite sides of the entrance of the tent, the back packs were obviously not made of modern materials or technology, but were expertly hand crafted, with intricate gold patterns sewn into the straps, opening one of the fairly large back packs she discovered it contained more than met the eye, some form of magic had been cast upon it as it was significantly larger on the inside, containing several changes of outfit, nightwear, a bread like substance wrapped in large leaves and a few pairs of incredibly tantalising lingerie, removing a few items of clothing from the back, Arwen found them to be a perfect tailored fit.

All the backpacks contained similar items each tailored to the exact body measurements of each member of the group, from the locations of the backpacks they deduced the smaller shelter belonged to Arya, whilst the larger was shared by Arwen and Tauriel.

Heading out of the tent the trio realised that it was getting dark, so decided to try and get the fire relit, after a few unsuccessful attempts, Arwen suggested that they step back from the fire pit, once everyone was at a safe distance Arwen uttered the elvish word for fire “Uruloki” and a roaring fire burst forth from the unit logs where Arwen had been focused. The sun crept over the mountains in the distance, leaving a faint orange glow around the glistening peaks. The fire had been lit just in time, as the last light of the sun faded to mark the beginning of night. The heat from the fire had calmed the trio who were now sitting cross legged around the fire.
“Wow! How did you know that you could do that?” Arya asked, whilst Tauriel still looked surprised.
“I don't know, I had a hunch. I don't think we are in our world, I think we are in middle earth, where magic exists, and elves are very powerful spell-casters.” Arwen replied.

The night went on, they talked about everything, ranging from theories as to how they got there, they were atheists, but theories ranged from a god wanting them to fulfill a purpose, to virtual reality or alternate universes. They also talked about magic and decided that they would practice tomorrow to test the limits of their abilities. As the fire grew dim and began to wither they decided to return to their tents to get a good nights rest.

They headed to their respective tents, Arwen found a night gown in her bag, it was a very deep black, it was silk and felt expensive and was very soft to the touch, The corset built into her tunic hadn't really been pushing her stomach in, as her figure was perfect, so she undid the lace on the side which allowed her enough room to remove the tunic over her breast, and then head. She discovered that the tunic had been all that was holding her breasts in place, a discovery that made her feel very exposed in front of her old friend, next was her shoes, they were made of a tough leather on the outside, which she was sure was enchanted due to the lack of marks on it and a very malleable leather on the inner sole, to keep her feet comfortable on long walks, and also provide the flexibility needed to run at high speeds and balance on her tip toes, having to bend over to remove them, she wished she had removed them before her tunic as her breasts were jiggling with every slight movement. Having removed her shoes, the next thing to do was remove her leggings, they buttoned at the front, she had to remove the first two buttons before she was able to slide her slender legs out of her tight, but very comfortable leggings. She looked downwards at the silk undergarments she now war, looking at the undeniably flat area that had once been a bulge, she sighed wondering if she would ever see it again. 

She felt her nipples stiffen, almost tripling in length, she realised she was standing there with no top on, subject to the elements, she pulled the silk night gown over her head, she then had to remove all of her long main of hair from the inside of the night gown, the night gown reached down to mid thigh, the constant brushing of the soft silk fabric against her thigh made her feel aroused, slightly wet, a completely alien feeling, so she removed her underwear not wanting to dirty them, the silk felt nice brushing against her ankle as she removed it, it was as if her entire body was capable of sexually arousing her at the slightest brush. She neatly folded her clothes, bending over to put them in a her back pack, her chest sprung forwards as she bend over, due to her gown having no support.

She stood up, breasts bouncing to see Tauriel staring open mouthed at Arwens ordeal, obviously highly aroused, 'I guess our sexuality hasn't changed' thought Arwen, Who then gestured for Tauriel to undress, the night gown Tauriel had found in her bag was a deep shade of red, of the same design as Arwen's. Tauriel began to undress, having observed Arwen's ordeal, was smart enough to remove her shoes first, and then began to remove the tunic, she hadn't undone the corset enough so when she pulled it over her head, it rubbed roughly against her nipples causing a loud moan to escape her lips, slightly embarrassed she stood there, nipples hardening and not due to the cold, she pulled her night gown over her head, but Arwen could still see the shape of her hard nipples through the thin fabric. Tauriel then began to remove her leggings, in the same manner as Arwen though due to her slightly smaller hips, she only needed to remove the top button. Once her leggings were gone, the gown's soft fabric brushed against her thighs, she then removed her underwear for most likely the same reason as Arwen. Tauriel too neatly put her items away, something neither of them would have done previously.

They both approached the bed, only to see lumps in the bed, which upon pulling the blankets back were revealed to be, a two finely made leaf-bladed Elvish swords, two unstrung bows and two quivers of 24 iron tipped goose feather arrows, there were intricate patterns crafted into the hilts of the swords, along with two sizeable gems, one a diamond and the other a ruby.

A quick check under the pillows revealed two expertly made daggers, seemingly made by the same smith who made the swords, they moved all the weapons other than the daggers off the bed and crawled under the blankets, they now both discovered that with such large chests, it was very uncomfortable to lie on their backs, as the huge weight spread out causing difficulty to breathe, so they both rolled onto their sides, their faces were inches apart, whilst their breasts were almost touching, with each breath their breasts grazed each other, the slight touch caused unimaginable desires to swell within both Arwen and Tauriel their nipples hardening and stabbing deeper into each other with each breath, and with each centimetre they moved closer together, Tauriel felt a hand on her thigh, slowly moving upwards slowly cupping and caressing her soft, delicate cheek, Tauriel mimicked Arwen's actions, slowly caressing her thigh moving up towards her, firm bottom, that was as much muscle as it was fat. At this point they were both practically dripping with pent up sexual excitement, and a word had not yet been said but Arwen knew what she had to do. She dove on top of Tauriel, pushing her onto her back, with her deep red hair sprawled everywhere, their lips met and Arwen's tongue penetrated deep into Tauriel's mouth, pulling out of the kiss to whisper in Tauriel's ear "nírë", both of their gowns were sliced open and dropped to the ground, leaving Arwen and Tauriel completely naked, the kiss continued, the passion was unrivaled by anything either of them had previously felt. Arwen used her knees to pin Tauriel's arms to the bed, trapped under Arwen, Tauriel was helpless when Arwen swung her arm back, and began to slowly caress Tauriel's clitoris, whilst Arwen's tongue found Tauriel's unimaginably stiff nipple slowly teasing her in clockwise circles whilst teasing Tauriel's clitoris with similar motions with her hand. Slowly bringing her to the edge of orgasm at which point everything seemed to happen, Tauriel freed her hand and shoved her fingers deep into Arwen who at this point was so ready she came instantly, spasming, her lips clasped around Tauriel's nipple and pushing her fingers deep into Tauriel, causing simultaneous orgasm. The experience had completely overwhelmed any idea of consciousness left in them, they were in complete bliss as Arwen fell back onto her pillow and they both drifted into a very deep sleep.

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