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Author's Chapter Notes:
Each cahpter fllows the complete story. There are several chapter in a part, so I can't give the chapter names.

Part Two

Chapter Five - The first day of school


Mother came in my room and woke me up. She said my bath was ready, and I need to get going. I got up, and went in the bathroom. I looked for mother's bubble bath, but it wasn't there. But the bathroom smelled like roses. I took off my nightgown, and got in the tub. I used mother's flesh sponge and squeezed water all over myself. It was still warm out being the day after Labor Day, so I thought that nylons would be okay for today. I am in the seventh grade this year, and we get our schedules today. I washed myself thoroughly, and got out of the tub. I threw my robe on, and went back to my room, and got dressed. I put on a pair of lavender panties, and a cami, as well my lavender bra. I took out a pair of nylons, and a garter belt, and put those on, being careful that before I hooked the nylons to the garters, I put the garters through the legs of my panties, so it was easier to use the restroom. I put on my jeans with a rose on the left back pocket, and zipped to the left. I I then got out a white blouse that was white gauze, but you could see the cami and bra through it, front or back.

Mom was not going to go for this, if she took a real good look at my clothes. She did, and she didn't agree, but what she said was if I got in any trouble with the boys, it was my own doing for not listening to her. I told her that in six years I was going to be 18, and what was she going to do, run my life forever? She just said as long as I am under age, I am supposed to listen to her, and not bring trouble on myself.

"Mother, listen to me, for a minute. You said you didn't want me going out dressed like a girl. What I am wearing now is androgynous, and isn't male or female. Their just clothes."

"That is a girl's blouse, and I can see the cami and bra straps you are wearing right through it. I bet you're even wearing panties too. So, you go to school, and when you get beat up, don't come running to me, because I have tried, and tried, to make sure you know that what you're doing will not be acceptable in this society. Especially when boys see you dressed like this. I even suspect you are going to wear a skirt or a dress tomorrow. Well, I will keep my word, I won't throw them out. But I want not one word of complaint from you, if the boys decide to beat you up for being a sissy. I..."

"Mother, first of all I am no sissy, and it is true I can't fight like a boy does, but I do know how to kick, and in the right place if I have to. Mother, the age of boys are boys and girls are girls, is over. We are individuals, living individual lives. You want me to live your life, your way. I am not you, and I cannot live your life. No matter what happens today, I will still be me. I am not going to let anybody destroy who I am."

"Well, I tried. But just so you know, I am telling Dr. Johnston about this when we go and see him."

"Whatever mother," I said rolling my eyes to the ceiling.

I finished my breakfast, and went out to where I was supposed to wait for the school bus. It finally came about twenty minutes later. When I got on, there was only one seat open, next to one of the boys.

"You look pretty in those clothes, Ronnie. Don't worry about a thing, because I will be there if you need my help."

"Thank you," was all I said.

The girl sitting across the aisle from me, said she liked my outfit, and it made me look pretty, even if they were jeans and a shirt. I said thank you, and we talked the rest of the way to school. When the bus got to the school, we all went in to where we were supposed to be for homeroom. I went in and took a seat, and the attendance was taking by our teachers walking down the aisles, and since they knew our names from last semester, they just crossed them off as they went by.

When all the attendance was taken, the homeroom teacher told us to remember where we were sitting, because from now on these were our assigned seats. We sat there and listened to the school announcements, and that there were tryouts for the boys and the girls gymnastic squads. I felt a tap on my right shoulder, and when I looked behind me, Bobbie was sitting there. She said I should try out for the girls squad. I just looked at her, and asked if that would be allowed. The bell rang, and that meant we had to go to our first class. We all went to our first classes, and picked a seat. Cindy and Bobbie were in my first hour class, so I knew I had nothing to worry about.

The boy on the bus was David, and he was in my first hour class too. Between the four of us, I am sure there was something we could come up with, to make mother really go ballistic. Not that I wanted her to, but she keeps dictating to me what I can and cannot wear, and who I should be. So, alls fair. Our first hour class was geography. I loved geography, because I wanted to learn where the different countries of our planet were.

The teacher was telling us about how we were going to go on a trip without leaving the classroom. I knew that all I needed was my imagination, and I could be where we were studying about. The teacher, Mr. Fook (ever notice how teachers have odd names?), passed out our books, and then told us to make sure we wrote our names inside the front cover. When I opened the book, I saw this one had been used by eight people so far, I was the ninth.

The second and third classes the teachers said nothing, just took attendance, and handed out the books. Then said we could go to lunch until the bell for fifth hour rang. Cindy, Bobbie, and I waited for everyone to go out first, and then we went to the cafeteria. There was already a line, so finding a seat for all three of us wasn't going to be easy. As we paid for our food, we started looking around for a seat, and David said over here, and we went to sit by him. David was my age, had sandy brown hair, and blue eyes. He had a lot of muscles for being twelve years old. He was also a head taller than I was.

We sat down by David, and we were talking, mostly about nothing, because the girls and I were talking girl talk, about outfits, and what bra to wear with them, and it was important to have the right panties too. Poor David seemed lost, as most males would be. All the boys who thought they were God's gift, would just say they'd like to see those panties, or get into them. I wonder if they'd fit. But David didn't say anything. We were through eating, and while we waited for the bell to ring, I looked at my schedule. I had PE in room 114. I told Cindy and Bobby where my PE class was, and Cindy said that was the girls gym.

Now this is going to get interesting. I didn't have the right physical equipment to be in a gym with partially naked, or completley naked girls, not that I would stare at them, but they might be offended if they saw my physical body without any clothes. I said that to everyone at the table, and Bobbie said I wasn't to worry about that. Because I was more agile than most of the ones with my physical sex, I would make it in the girls gym. Cindy said that Miss McConnell was already told by them and a few of the other girls, that I was a girl, and that even though I had a male body, it was just a birth defect. But what about the other girls? See when my mother registered me for school, all she put down for my first name was Ronnie. So, all I did was give a very big, audible sigh, and said, "Well girls, let's go. It can only get worse from here."

We put our trays away, and headed for the girls gym. When we all went in to the locker room, the other girls paid me no attention. We didn't have our gym clothes yet, but we were supposed to either already have them, or have them by the next gym period. I asked Cindy where I was going to get a girl's gym set from, and she said it was already taken care of. I said how, because my mother would never buy me a set of girls gym clothes, let alone let me take girls PE. Cindy said her mother is shopping while we are in school, and she is picking me up one. Miss McConnell came in just then, and took attendance. She called us by our first names, followed by our last name's initial. Then she said she wanted us in the gym. We all went in the gym, and she had us sit on the bleachers that had been pulled out.

We all sat down, and then she stood in front of us, and started telling us what she expected us to do this semester in gym. She said we were going to use the uneven paralell bars, and play basketball just between us in the class. She said we also needed to do running, and while the boys would be on the track, we would do our running in the gym. She said that for us who didn't have gym clothes, we were required to have them by the next class that was on Thursday. So Tuesdays and Thursdays we have gym. I just wonder how they will react when they see me changing into my gym clothes on Thursday. If the worst came, all they would do is put me in the boys gym on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We were lucky at having gym only two days a week. I wonder what mother will say, or do, when she finds out I am in girls gym. Oh well, I just thought that for now, I am a girl by some error of the school's office. But I might as well get used to it, because if Cindy and Bobbie, and a few others had anything to say about it, I would be here until I went to high school.

The bell rang, and we went to our sixth hour class. This was going to be interesting, because it was pre-algebra. Even in junior high school, they started pre-algebra in the seventh grade, because they wanted us to know it by the time we got to high school, or so the teacher said, His name was Mr. Frye, and he was bald in the middle of his head, with grey hair all around it. That always seemed weird to me. I am twelve years old, and I have a gread head of hair, but I guess I get that from my mother. Mr. Frye passed out the books, and gave us our first homework assignment. The boys just grumbled, and I saw Mr. Frye smile. He told us since we weren't doing any classwork today, we could go to our seventh hour class. This was study hall, and we really didn't have any work to do, except pre-algebra. But since the study hall teacher, Mr. Grimes, wasn't expecting us to have any work, he let us talk with each other. Mr. Grimes looked younger than the other male teachers. I raised my hand, and he called on me.

Mr. Grimes, are you a new teacher? I mean, I ask because you look so young." All the girls were now talking about the handsome teacher in sixth hour study hall.

"What is your name, young lady?"


"Is that short for Veronica?"

"No sir, that is what my mother named me when I was born. It is just Ronnie."

"Okay then, yes, I am a new teacher. I graduated from college just two years ago, and spent one year as a teacher's aide, to get the program, as they like to call it, down pat.

"Well Mr. Grimes, you had better watch out, or one of us will snap you up." The girls giggled.

"I think my wife would have something to say about that, You'd have to fight with her to get me."

"Mr. Grimes, I know you're married, I can see the ring. I was just teasing you."

"I know you were, Ronnie. Anyway class, just talk with each other for today, but starting tomorrow I want you to realize that this is study hall, and you will be required to do school work. No talking, unless you raise your hand and you are called on. Is that understood?"

The whole class said yes Mr. Grimes, and we just sat there talking until the bell for seventh hour rang. But while we were in study hall, Cyndi and Bobbie told me that I had nothing to worry about in the girls gym, because the word had already been spread. But Cindy did say a few of the girls were going to try and see if I would get excited like a guy would, when he is around naked girls. I just said well they can try, but it won't do any good. I mean, Cindy and Bobbie and the rest of my girl friends have let me dress in front of them from the very first time. So I was used to it. The bell ending seventh hour rang, and we got up and left the study hall.

When we got outside of the school, I asked Cindy and Bobbie what was I going to say when my mother wanted to see my schedule, and she certainly would, and saw I had gym class. She would want to buy me a guy's gym set. Bobbie said don't worry. Let her throw her money away, because my girl's gym set was already being bought by Cindy's mother. I asked what was I going to do, when she asked me where my gym clothes were so she could wash them. Cindy said we could take care of that. I was to give Cindy my gym clothes and she would keep them at her house. What mother didn't know, is that I was being helped by my friends and their mothers. I have to be the luckiest girl in the whole wide world, because even my girl friends fathers were saying I was a girl, because that is how I behave. Notice I didn't say acted. This was going to be an interesting ride.

Chapter Six - At home after school let out

Cindy and Bobbie, and even David said to call them if my mother gave me any grief over my schedule, and gym clothes. The bus ride home was a nervous one, because if I told mom I was in girls gym, she would have me removed immediately. If I told her I needed this type of shorts, and this type of top, she would know that they were girl's gym clothes. The colors were the school colors, but the material and cut were different between the boys and girls. David gave me his phone number, and told me to call him even if I didn't have a problem with mom. Well, what can I say? So, okay, The bus stopped at my house first, because I was the last one on in the morning, and the first one off after school. I stood on our porch, and collected my thoughts before going in and facing mother. Well, here goes nothing, I said to myself. I opened the door, and went in.

"Is that you Ronnie?"

"Yes, mother."

"Did you get any black eyes?"

"No, mother."

"Don't tell me the boys actually didn't say anything to you."

"Oh yes, mother, they said things to me, like it was about time I was behaving like a real girl, instead of a tomboy."

"Oh get serious, Ronnie. They didn't say anything like that."

"Oh yes, mother, they certainly did. Mother, you are the only one that doesn't see the picture in front of you. Everybody else does. I don't know why you are so dead set against me, being the girl that I am deep in my soul. You really have a problem with this, and it is getting really old. I found out too, that if I want to, I can even change my name in the children's court. Of course you would have to be there to give your consent or not. But if you tell the judge I can't have my name changed because I am physically a male, that argument is not going to set well, after my friends tell what they know."

"And just what do your friends seem to know?"

"That while I have a male body, I am a girl inside of my soul, and I can never be that boy you so badly want me to be. Mother, at a children's court name change petition I was told, I can have character witnesses to say why I should have my name changed. The judge can change my name over your objections."

"No he can't."

"Oh! Yes he can."

"Who told you that?"

"Cindy's father, he's a lawyer."

"So he's the one that has been filling your head full of this nonsense."

"No mother, he isn't."

"Well somebody is. You can't be coming up with this on your own. Are those girls you hang around with telling you to do this?"

"No mother. For the last time, I want you to know this is who I have been all of my life. Tell me mother, didn't you think it was strange that I was never interested in boy things. I mean, like cars, and guns, and trains? Didn't you think it was strange I had girls for friends and never brought boy friends to the house? Didn't you think about all of that?"

"You will grow out of it. It is only a phase that you are going through."

"Oh really! Well I am going to check on that. I think I am going to have to go the library, and read up on phases."

"Ronnie, you cannot tell me that you are not a boy. I have changed you hundreds of times, and buy your clothes. I know you're a boy."

"Mother, it doesn't matter what body we have, it is who we are inside that counts. Why are you being so unreasonable about this?"

"I am not being unreasonable Ronnie. By the way, I made an appointment for you with Dr. Johnston. You see him at four o'clock on Friday. Today is only Tuesday. Now, while I can't stop you from acting like a girl in the house, I am going to make sure you understand that what you are doing is not what a boy your age does. Or any boy for that matter."

"All right mother, I'll see this doctor, and you made the appointment for four o'clock. That is really convenient for you, so I don't have time to change. Are you picking me up from school then, on Friday?"

"Yes I am, and we are going to go together, because I was told he will want to talk to me first."

I needed to find out from Cindy and Bobbie what I could do to be able to change into a feminine outfit before going to see this doctor. We didn't have a car, so we had to the take the route ten out to county hospital. The bus ride lasts about fourteen or fifteen minutes, and school let out at three thirty. I had to figure something out. I was going to see this doctor as my female self, whether mother liked it or not. So I just felt that maybe watching a little television would take my mind off of this, but it didn't. I went up to my room, and mother was still resisting my hugs. I had a different phone in my room than the one we had downstairs, so I went to call Cindy and tell her what mother was up to.

"Ronnie, I think your mother understands, but is being selfish because she just wants to brag about having a son. Listen now. I will call the others and see what we can come up with. You can change in the girls lavatory after school lets out on Friday. It won't take long to get you dressed, since you already know how, but we will help so it doesn't take too long. When your mother picks you up from school, you know she is going to go ballisitic."

"I know, Cindy, but I have to be me when I see this doctor, or he will think I'm not serious. I need him to know I am very serious about being the girl physically that I am inside. Mother has me so wound up lately, I don't understand why she doesn't want me to be happy."

"Because like I said Ronnie, she is being selfish. All she wants you to be is her son, so she can brag about you. I have one brother, and even my father tells him, 'that's my little man'. My father think that being a boy is where it is at. I mean he treats me and mother all right though, but it is really boring listening to him say that to my brother. Of course he always tells me too, 'that's my girl', when I have done something good, or bring home a good report card. But parents just brag about their sons more than they do daughters. So leave it up to me and the other girls, I have a plan that will send her reeling."

"All right, Cindy. Talk to you tomorrow then."

"Talk to you tomorrow, girlfriend."

Chapter Seven - A plan is formed

Mother woke me up, to get my bath and get dressed. I got up, and went in the bath room. I took off my nightgown, stepped out of my slippers, and sat gently into the bath water. Mother had again made it a bubble bath, and I couldn't understand why. If she doesn't want me to be a girl, then why is she putting bubble bath in my bath water? Oh well, I am going to enjoy this as much as I can.

Today is Wednesday, so I will wear my Jeans that have embroidered flowers all around both legs. They are

Fuschia in color, and actually zip up the side. I took out a white mitered top, and got out my fuschia panties and bra. The bra I will put in my coat pocket, and change into it at school. I got out my nylons and garter belt, and rolled them up my legs. I stepped in to the garter belt, and pulled it up to just above the panties waistband. I put the garters through the legs of my panties, and attached them to the stockings. I stepped into a pair of pumps that has a one inch heel. I put on some mascara, face powder, and put my lipstick in my other coat pocket. The temperature was a little cool today, and my "coat" was actually a light, pink windbreaker.

I went down to have my breakfast, and only had a slice of toast, orange juice, and a glass of milk. Mother looked at me like she had daggers in her eyes. I ate my toast slowly, and sipped my juice. When I was finished, I drank my milk, and put on my windbreaker. I grabbed my books, and clutching them to my chest, I headed for the bus stop. The other kids at the stop never paid me any attention, except to say hi and talk about things like boys, and clothes. These were all girls, and because I looked so much like a girl, they thought I was one, and said it was nice to have and all girl bus stop. There were no boys to annoy us.

When the bus came, we got on, and David motioned me to sit by him. I sat down and he complimented me on my clothes. He said that Cindy had talked to him at their stop, so he knew what was going on. He did say I was a pretty girl though. When the bus got to the school, we all got out and went into the school. We went right to our lockers, and put what books needed to be put away, and take what books we needed for our morning classes. I had only one book that I had homework for, and that was an afternoon class, so it went in to the locker.

After getting my books, I went to my homeroom. I sat down, and Bobbie said we were going to talk about forming a plan at lunch time. Our teacher came by marking off our names, and we waited for another fifteen minutes, and the bell for first hour rang. We all went to the classroom, and as soon as we sat down, our teacher took attendance. Mr. Fook then looked at me, and asked me if Ronnie was a nickname. I said no because that is what is on my birth certificate. He let it drop, and started our first lesson.

"We were going to study Viet Nam. He looked over the class and asked if anyone knew where it was. There were a lot of hands that were raised including Cindy's and mine. He called on a boy three rows from us, and almost in the back of the class.

"All right, Dennis, Where is Viet Nam located?"

"It is in southeast Asia, and was formerly known as French Indochina."

"Thank you Dennis. That is correct."

"Does anyone know what is going on over there at this very moment?" Everybody raised our hands.

"Hmmm, Everybody knows. All right, Ronnie, what is going on in Viet Nam right now?"

"There is a war over there where there are soldiers from the United States, are fighting the communists from north Viet Nam, and China."

"That is correct, Ronnie. Thank you. All right class, I want everybody to read chapter five, and write an essay on the war in Viet Nam. It is due Friday morning." He sat down, and we all got busy reading. The bell rang for second hour, and we all closed our books, and left.

Our second hour teacher is Miss Hamilton, and she was a young teacher. This was our history class. We would be learning American history, starting with the Revolutionary War. Miss Hamilton said she just had to ask one question before we started, to see if we knew anything about the Revolutionary War.

"When George Washington crossed the Potomac River, why was he standing up in the boat?" I raised my hand.

"Yes, Ronnie."

"He stood up in the boat to give his soldiers on the other side morale and confidence so they would know their commander in chief was coming to them."

"That is correct, Ronnie. Where did you learn that?"

"I go to the library a lot, and read a lot of books. I have been reading up on our history quite a bit."

"Well good for you girl." When she called me a girl, I didn't try to correct her, and nobody laughed either. "Class, please read chapter two, about taxation without representation, which was the biggest protest the colonists had against King George. Ronnie, you will write an essay on the start of the Revolutionary War, and why it started."

"Yes ma'am."

Before we knew it, the bell rang for the end of class. "Remember class, answer the questions at the end of chapter two, and Ronnie, your essay is due a week from this Friday. Class dismissed."

When we got into third hour, the teacher wrote her name on the blackboard. She was an older lady with greying hair. Her name was written as Mrs. Hamilton. I wonder if she is Miss Hamilton's mother. I raised my hand and she called on me.

"I am just curious Mrs. Hamilton. Are you related to Miss Hamilton?"

"Yes I am, young lady. Miss Hamilton is my niece."

"Thank you, ma'am."

"You are quite welcome, young lady. Now class, this is home economics. For you boys that are in here, this can be a very good class, because when you are living on your own, and that time will come, you will be glad you had this class. Also, when you get to high school, and you don't take home economics there, you will still be glad you were here. We aren't going to sew, or do child care, but we are going to learn basic cooking. The books I gave you yesterday, are recipe books, and show the recipes for one hundred food dishes, from breakfast to dinners. I want you to select a partner to work with, and then we will begin our first lesson."

Bobbie tapped me on the shoulder, and told me that we should be partners. I agreed, and we paired up with each other. Mrs. Hamilton gave us a stove to work with, and watched how we prepared a meal. The meal she wanted us to prepare would be for dinner.

"Miss Granger and Miss Kelly will be partners," and she went down the list writing our names down as she called out the partners. "Miss Granger and Miss Kelly, will make a dinner for us. When they are through, I want each one in class to take a bite, and tell us what you think. All right girls, you can start."

We were making a rump roast dinner. In order to make it quick, we just turned up the temperature on the stove to almost double what it was supposed to be. The vegetables were cut too. We took out a roaster, and after rinsing the roast, we set it in the middle of the pan, with just enough water for basting. Then we set the vegetables all around the roast. Bobbie set the timer, and then made a small salad, enough for everybody in class. We gave everyone a knife and a fork, and Mrs. Hamilton told them that was for taking a bite out of the roast, and they would have to cut a small piece off. She also said that when the roast was done, it should be moist inside, not dry like shoe leather. Bobbie and I just looked at each other, and we sat down to wait for the timer to go off, getting up every now and then to baste the roast. Since a rump roast cooks in about thrity five minutes, at three hundred and seventy five degress, we set the oven temperature at five hundred degrees. The roast should be done in about twenty minutes, and we would still have time to have a bite. The timer went off, and I opened the oven. The heat came pouring out, and we had to step back a little. I took two pot holders, and pulled the roast out just a bit. I stuck a long fork in the roast, and it went through, and came out without any blood on it. It was done.

I took the roast all the way out, and set it on a small metal pot stand. Then I showed everybody how to cut a slice of the meat, without burning themselves. Everybody said it was delicious, and then Mrs. Hamilton took a slice, and said it was very moist and tender. She also took a bite of each of the vegetables, and she said they were really good too.

"Where did you learn to cook like this, Ronnie?"

"From my mother, ma'am." It was a white lie, but she thought I was a girl, and it would seem very suspicious if I had said anything else.

"All right, does anybody have any comments?"

"I thought it tasted very good. She cooks like my mom does." Colleen Weatherly was also twelve years old, and she had raven black hair, and was a very beautiful Native American. She lived with her adoptive parents, because her parents had been killed in an auto accident caused by someone else. She told me that she had survived but she was also in the hospital for the longest time. Then she went to a foster home while child protective services looked for any living relatives that would take her. They had found none. She said her adoptive parents had no children of their own, and were very happy when they adopted Colleen. That was seven years ago, and she has been very happy.

"Thank you, Colleen," I said, giving her a nice hug.

After we had talked a little more about the dinner Bobbie and I made, the bell rang for lunch. Bobbie said we were going to talk at lunch, about what we can do Friday, before I go to see the psychiatrist. We got into line, and paid for our food, and went to sit down by Cindy and David. Cindy said that what we were going to do, is on Friday she was bringing a complete set of clothes, and I was to make sure I used bubble or perfumed soap, because then I would still smell like a girl, when I went to this person.

Bobbie said the complete set of clothes was goiong to divided between her and Cindy. Cindy was bringing a nice dress, full slip, and shoes. Bobbie was bringing the bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings. I was supposed to have nice makeup on, because it usually lasted the day. We didn't have gym on Fridays, so this would work perfectly. Cindy said there would be time after the last bell on Friday to get me ready to meet the psychiatrist.

"When you get home Friday after seeing him, call me, and let me know what went on. We don't have a sepearte phone in our house like you do, so my mom will listen in on the extension. Then we will know how to give you advice on what to do the next time you have to see him."

"All right Cindy, and I told my mother too, that I am not going to listen to any lectures, or allow him to tell me that I am not a girl. See my mother made this appointment for four o'clock, so I wouldn't have time to change. But what my mother doesn't know, will certainly make her go ballistic."

"For sure, girlfriend."

The bell for fifth hour rang, and when we didn't have gym, we had another study hall. So on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we had fifth, and seventh hour study halls, in the same room, with the same teacher.

At the end of the day, when the bus dropped me off, I went in the house, and put my books in my room. I set them on the dresser, and went back doenstairs. Mother was sitting in the kitchen with her ever present cup of coffee and cigarette. I took out a glass, and filled it with apple juice. I sat down to drink it.

"Ronnie, when you came home yesterday, I forgot to ask you to let me see your school schedule. Do you have it with you?"

"Yes, it's in my first book on top of my dresser."

"All right, after dinner I want to see it. Do you have gym?"


"I didn't get a notice that says what kind of gym clothes you will need."

"Just a minute, mother, and I will get it." I went up to my room, and got the schedule. Here comes going ballistic number one hundred. I went back to the kitchen, and gave her my schedule.

"Well, I see that you have gym two days a week, with Miss McConnell. MISS! McConnell? Sine when do they have a woman teacher in boys gym?"

"They don't." I replied with a smirk.

"Don't you dare tell me this is for girls gym."

"Okay, I won't then," and I had that smirk again.

"So, when they find out that you're a boy, they are going to really let you have it, you know. No girl wants a naked boy seeing them naked."

"Mother, that is not what will happen. Miss McConnell has already been told about me, by Cindy, Bobbie, and few of the other girls. The rest of the girls don't really care. I was told that I was going to get the business tomorrow though, because a few girls are going to see if they can get me excited like a guy would get seeing a naked girl. But mother, I have been dressing as a girl in front of Cindy, Bobbie, and the other girls up north. So seeing a naked girl isn't going to make me excited like a guy would get, because I am not a lesbian."

"Ronnie, you are scaring me. This isn't normal for a boy. I..." I held up my for her to stop.

"Mother, for the last time, you are only calling me a boy because of my body. The body doesn't make us who we are. We have a soul, and the soul tells our mind, and our mind that is in our brains, tells our bodies, and that is how we act. You know, mother, I have to thank you for sending me up north those first few years that I can remember. I have gone to church, and I have listened, and read the Bible, and still do, but there isn't anything in there that says we cannot be who we are in our souls. No mother, you just are too blind to see past my body. That is what is messing your mind up. You cannot see past my body."

"Well, if you want to be in girls gym, then I will get you your clothes, but don't come running back to me, saying you were called nasty names, or got beat up by one of the girl's boyfriends."

I couldn't understand her. What mother didn't know is, I have already been accepted as a girl at school. That is because they have all seen me enough to know me, and that I never did act like a boy. But I wasn't telling mother the mistake she made by just putting Ronnie down on my school application. The way it is spelled is a nickname for Veronica, so by the way I looked, and acted, the school thought I was a girl. Miss McConnell was the only one who was told about me completely. I was told by both Cindy and Bobbie that Miss McConnell said that as long as I conducted myself as a girl, everything would be fine. Just then the phone rang, and mother answered it.

I couldn't hear what she was being told, but she was very silent after saying hello. I heard her say thank you, and she hung up the phone, and gave me a very strange, puzzling look.

"Ronnie, that was Mrs. Hamilton. She said you made a dinner for home economics class, and it turned out beautifully. She congratulated me on having a wonderful daughter, who can cook at her age. Ronnie, what is going on at that school?"

"Mother, I have been trying to tell you, that everybody, including my teachers, can see me for the girl I am, because they can look past the body at the person. You are the only one who can't see past my body. I didn't ask for this body, but I know who I am."

"I don't understand."

"I know."

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