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Author's Chapter Notes:


This story is intended for open-minded, adult audiences only and deals with adult, highly sexual, and magically fictional concepts.  If your age, opinions, location, and/or general attitude prevent you from legally enjoying such stories, do not read on!!  This story has been posted with the author's consent to TGFiction.Net (I know this, because I, the author, am the one typing this).  Any redistribution, reprinting, reproducing, reposting, or otherwise thieving this intellectual property without the author's consent is strictly prohibited.  If you would like to legally repost this on a free website, please feel free to contact the author and she most likely will be happy to oblige.

Thank you, and on with the story!  I hope you enjoy!

All the ride home I could do nothing but wiggle and squirm the entire ride. Stacey said almost nothing during the trip back. The only utterance from her was the command to "hush" during her acceleration onto the highway as the revolutions of the engine sent reverberations between my legs eliciting a moan prompting the new command. This left the trip silenced as I could tell she was perturbed by something. Worst of all was the constant desire boiling up from below that I was sure I was leaving a mark in the seat beneath me. The scent alone was driving me nuts and the humiliation of what the desire meant was causing a cyclical reaction spinning me deeper into the depths of arousal.


The speed bumps of our complex alerted me to our arrival home allowing me to struggle back to this absurd reality as Stacey parked the car. 


While I was still composing myself, I heard her door open as she abruptly exited the vehicle. Realizing she wasn't coming around to open the door and I was being left alone, I quick unlatched the door and proceeded outwards, hearing an audible liquid sound as I stood; this was not good. 


By the time I staggered to my feet, I realized she was already at the steps to our door. Quickly, I tried to shuffle up to the door trying to avoid attention; something that seemed extraordinarily impossible across this empty parking lot in these heels. This led to a new discovery: it is impossible to sprint in 5-inch heels. I must have looked a caricature attempting to move quickly without breaking an ankle.


Hearing the door close just prior to my arrival, my heart rate increased. Reaching for the door and turning the handle, I realize the dead bolt is locked. Attempting to rummage in the teeny purse, I discover there is no keys. Knocking lightly on the door, "Sir?" 


No answer. 


Maybe she just didn't hear me. Knocking slightly louder, "Sir?!" 


Still nothing. 


"Mr. Johansen," slightly raising the knocking level. The last thing I want is someone coming out here and seeing me in my current state. Someone walking by seeing some slut dressed to revel standing in front of some boyfriend's/lover's/john's door. Last thing they would expect is her waiting on her husband outside like that. Not unless she's been kicked out like some floozy or slut. Oh no, the thought is even getting me hotter. I've got to get inside this is so humiliating and that damn, stupid stipulation is causing it to turn me on. I am sooo fucking horny!!


Knocking harder on the door, "Mr. Johansen!" 


Suddenly I see the light change behind the peep hole indicating his movement. "Sir, please let me in." 


"I'm so upset with you right now. Knowing you would want *ME* to have been like that." 


Whispering, "sir, I swear, I never thought this would happen." 


"No, I'm sure you would have wanted something like this: Take off your skirt and toss it as far away as you can." 


My eyes go wide as I feel her command taking over my hands, my voice begins to plead, "please, Sir, you know I'd never put you in harms way." I feel the radiant heat against my bear cheeks as my skirt goes flying out of the breezeway into the lawn. I can feel the juices begin to flow as the exposure registers with my mind. "Sir, please! let me in before someone sees me." Thoughts of waking her up this morning with a blow job start going through my head. 


Ominously from behind the door I hear, "now shed that thong and toss it in the other direction." 


The soaked material removing itself makes an audible slurp as I feel the last small slip of my dignity slide away and watch it fly off in my own hand far down the hall. "Siiir!" I feel the heat flowing from my cunt. The very thought that someone might seem me exposed so egregiously hot body even closer to the edge. The very thought of his cock in my mouth drives me even higher. 


Leaning on the door for some modicum of modesty, I plead with her, "ppplease, Siir, I bbeg. let me in. weee can talk this through. please, someoooone might see me." Thoughts of her cock start running through my head as a lick my lips. Rubbing my nipples against the door for some form of relief. 


Suddenly the door is unlocked and the latched removed as I fall inward from leaning on it for cover. I find myself hurtling towards the tile floor landing on my hands and knees on the cold tile. Catching my breath, I look up to see her crotch still sheathed in pants. Recognizing the distinctive bulge I lung at her, deftly removing her cock from her pants. 


I begin giving the most sensual session of head I can trying to get her as excided as possible feeling my cunt twitch with every entrance of her hot rod into my lips. Closing my eyes to focus on the touch, I feel myself getting closer and closer to release. 


I feel her hands run through my hair and I moan at her touch as it causes a shiver down my spine. 


My moans and menstruations are interrupted by her command: "turn around; hands and knees; spread your legs apart." 


Quickly I spin around getting in position and look back over my shoulder at her as my pussy is exposed for her access. I whisper "Please, Master..." 


"I'm sorry, what did you say," I hear her utter. 


Whimpering I realize what she's after, "Please, Master Gregory, fuck your horny, little slut toy!" 


Chuckling she drops her pants long enough to step out of them and my mouth visably waters from the site of her framed cock. I begin slightly rocking back and forth my body driving me out of my mind. 


Slowly she gets down between my thighs, I whimper in anticipation. Suddenly, I feel the tip of her cock teasing my slit, threatening to penetrate at any moment. My vision becomes hazy with lust and I close my eyes to keep some form of balance; my mind focuses on the amazing, foreign feelings. Noticing the heat emanating off of her member reflecting my own throbbing need.


I begin trying to wriggle back to envelop her rod, but she moves out of the way denying that all illusive penetration. As I continue to try and chase her down, mewing and whimpering, begging her to fuck me, she finally speaks out, "open your eyes and look forward." In mid sway, my lids lift and I freeze as the image before me comes into focus.


Before me is an open door into the breeze way notorious for tunneling and echoing the slightest noise to the residence. The thought of everyone hearing my continued lewd activities or even walking back to see the this wanton slut begging to be fucked sends a flush of red blush down my entire body and a new wave of juices down my leg. Reaching out for the door, I realize I can't reach it and maintain contact with the tip teasing me. I continue to try to wriggle back and forth to find the magic line that allows me to thrust onto the cock and hide my indignity by closing the door, but two juxtapose just too far apart.


Biting my lip, I try to stifle the moans. As I hear footsteps echo down the side walk, I realize there is no time, so I quickly lunge my body forward taping at the door, sending it slamming forward as I thrust back to impale myself on........ air....


Looking behind me, the glorious rod is bouncing well above me as she deftly stood up out of the way. Grinning down with a smirk that I'm sure is all to familiar with anyone who knows me but is oddly foreign from this angle it sends a shiver down my spine as she accompanies it with a, "you know what, hun? I don't think we've checked the mail in a few days."


What kind of sick, perverted mind thinks of a mailbox 300 yds away on the other end of the complex when there is a horny, wet, salivating eager cunt directly in front of them? What the hell is wrong with her....


"Be a dear and retrieve either your panties or skirt from outside then go get the mail; I think I need to go cool off for a bit."


Panting, my perplexed and over run mind tries to comprehend everything that just happened, but the wiring seems to not be fully run. Slowly, I try to move forward to comply by my body can barely move to comply. Seeing my dazed look I think, he takes a bit of pity on me and says, "first, take some calming breaths, get enough of your composure back to stand up and walk before you head out."


Inhaling and exhaling, some of my faculties return as it fully hits me what I was about to do; my body shivers in both fear and anticipatory desire. Seeing her pull up my jeans and plop on the bar stool at our counter, I slowly make my way up the wall to a standing position, only to be met with the revalation that she meant her last directive.


Shaking, I respond with a "Yes, Master" hoping she chuckles and takes it back, but there is no reprieve only more of that smirk.


Slowly, I turn around and step towards the door. Taking a deep breath, knowing what comes next, I reach for the handle and....


Up next - "Chapter 8 -- Adventures in the Mail Room"

Chapter End Notes:

For the complete story, early postings, captures, and other ramblings from stacey, please check out her blog at  Thank you!

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