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Chapter 6 – Possible explanation

During my sob session a young man exited the back door unseen to me, but Stacey saw him. She approached him and they began talking, but I couldn't hear them over my pity party.

Suddenly, my sobs were broken when Stacey called out to me, "stop crying, take a deep breath, feel better, and come here, hun." And it actually worked. The sobbing stopped I was able to get aA full breath, and I did feel a bit better, though nowhere near 'good'. I then walked in my all too familiar slink over to Stacey and the young man.

"I was just talking to Ben here and he might have an explanation to what happen and how to fix it. Ben is Lisa's husband, the young lady in the store. He says our story sounds like a very old Chinese folklore that has to deal with what is essentially an imp. And from what he says similar to the European myth of Puck."

I looked at them in awe my mouth a little agape. I don't know why I would be so surprised by it. I was just magically transformed into my wife. Why would it be so hard to believe it was a mythical trickster that did it?

"In any event, he thinks he can find us a solution but it might take some time."

I bounced up and down like a giddy little school girl "Oh that'd be great, Sir!!" I suddenly paused when I realized Ben was staring at my bouncing breasts just at or above his diminutive eye level. Not too mention the look he probably got from my skirt flaring. I felt flushed, humiliated, and horny again. This was really not good. I need to get this fixed fast! Especially before Stacey finds out any more details about my list.

"So what do we need to do to start, Sir?"

"Well, that's where I need to talk to you about. From the sounds of it, this will not be easy. It could even get expensive."

I nodded, it makes since.

"Ben needs incentive to do a thorough job, but I don't have any cash to pay him right now and he can't exactly go back inside to use a credit card to pay for this after the stunt you just pulled." That caused me to look down in shame.

"Therefore, being your savoir yet again, I have an idea to give him a good incentive while working to your reward. How does that sound?"

"Sounds good, Sir, but what does he need?"

He looked at me and gave a knowing glance towards Ben's crotch.


"Now, this needs to be of your own free will. You have to want to pay the price to get this, but it could mean everything gets put back the way it was. So I need you to think about it, do you want to do it or not?"

I stood there and thought about it. The list of things that Stacey still hasn't discovered flashed through my head, the things she has, the alley just before, could I even begin to deal with this?

At that point, I strutted over to Ben and got down on my knees and proceeded to undo his trousers. I reached in and gently removed out his cock. Luckily, it was nowhere near the size of Stacey was this morning and it was very easy to manipulate. I was able to take the full amount in my mouth and quickly suck him to full erection. I then proceeded to use my tongue on the length of the shaft feeling him shutter under this touch. I bet that prissy bitch inside would never do this for him. I began bobbing my head up and down on his cock, the friction causing my lips to send invigorating sensations throughout my body, my pussy began to get wet yet again as I could feel the pleasure building inside him. I looked up through my long eyelashes and locked my baby blues on him. This definitely had the desired affect as he quickly began thrusting in and out of me. Suddenly he exploded deep in my mouth before pulling out once and hitting the side of my face. I then clamped back down on the head licking the tip to get ever last drop out. Finally when he was done, I reached up to the side of my cheek and scooped up the drop of cum with my fingernail. I then proceeded to suck on it while focusing on him, when it hit me that while this didn't taste nearly as good as Stacey's did this morning, it was still very delicious.

"Damn, girl, I expected to at least go back to the car if not home considering your reaction to being in public before. What a really eager slut to do that so openly in public!" I realized Stacey was right; before I even gave them a chance to hear my answer or even hear the full details, I threw myself at Ben. I blushed profusely yet again, feeling my wet knickers beneath me (will they ever dry out?).

"Since the agreement has apparently been entered into, I better give you the details of what you just agreed to. Now that Ben has been given proper incentive, he will research the story and work on finding a solution. Once he has found a solution he will call us and prepare it. At that point, as a reward for finding your resolution, you will allow him to fuck you. After the problem is resolved, we will pay him $10,000 and I will fuck him as his final reward."

Normally, I couldn't even consider fucking this man, but if it got me out of this predicament, then I'd just go through the motions and get it done.

"Sir, how long will this take?"

I was surprised to hear Ben's voice for the first time (other than moaning), "I may have something for you next week, but considering the age & how little myths are past down to current generations, it could take months. I'm sorry, but I don't have a lot of details right now."

Months?!? I could be stuck as slut stacey for months?!? I hope he gets this done in a week!

"Very well then, Ben. Sounds like we have a deal. Here's our number and call us next week to let us know how its going. Hun, thank the man for letting you suck his cock and finding a fix to *your* problem."

"Thank you, Ben, for letting me suck your delicious cock and helping silly me out of my predicament".

He chuckled, "you are very welcome. I look forwarded to pounding your cunt." I couldn't stop the moan before it reached my lips.

Ben went back inside chuckling at my response.

"Come on, little one. Let's get you home."

As her final humiliating instruction on this trip she made this one the worst of all, I think.

"Walk on headed of me to the car and don't look back to see where I am. When you get to the car, I want to spread your feet to be the same width as the break lights then bend over and rub your nipples on the spoiler."

I blinked and started to walk. I couldn't believe she was really going to do this to me. I had quickened my gate to shorten my trip's length, but she seemed to have caught on to that.

I heard her shout from behind me, "strut like a hooker advertising." Oh no!!! I think I just about gushed as the humiliation of exaggerating my already exaggerated walk to look like that of a street whore. It must have taken me 20 minutes to get back to the car. By then nothing but the wetness running down my leg was grabbing my attention from my pussy.

When I reached the trunk, I spread my legs as instructed and leaned over the spoiler. My body shook as I felt the sensation ripple from my chest, through my body before focusing in my crotch. I also got the mental image of my thong enhanced ass being displayed during this lewd act. I don't know how long I remained there rubbing my chest, but it had to have been at least 6 months.

From out of no where I felt a body standing directly behind me. I leaned back in relief hoping to satisfy this hunger that was building in me. I could feel a cock enclosed in the trousers, so I rubbed my ass up and down both sides of the cock hoping it was Stacey and she would relieve this itch.

"Horny little slut aren't you?"

"Yyeesss, Sssir."

I heard the door unlock remotely followed by his command, "Get in; lets go home."

I couldn't believe it but I actually whimpered.

I heard him get in and the car start before I actually got off the trunk and scampered over to my door. He didn't open it. I also saw him put it in gear so I had to dispense with the proper decorum and just risk someone seeing my panties.

Once in the car, I suddenly realized that I actually wanted to get fucked right then, even it was in public. This was just not good!

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