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Chapter 5 – Looking for help

When we reached the car, this was not going to be a fun trick. Luckily not many people were around. Stacey was gracious enough to open the door for me as I slid in bottom first as she instructed to get down from my 6-and-a-half foot frame down to her Mustang. I swear it was never this low. And why didn't I just tell her to take my Trailblazer? That would have been a lot easier. Too late now, might as well buckle in.

It was weird have manually position the chest strap of the seat-belt between my breasts. Suddenly, their extreme size was accented even more as the belt sliced between them.

"You know, you really should have worn a bra. It could have really mitigated that some," as she reached over and grasped a breast for emphasis. This elicited a gasp as a wave of pleasure emanated from the touch. She let go and just grinned evilly as she looked in the distance.

Following her eye sight, I saw two of the guys from a building next to ours smiling broadly. They had obviously seen the exchange. I wonder if they saw me get in? Oh no, there's the humiliation kicking in as it bumps up my arousal is bumped up a couple more notches.

The drive downtown was rather uneventful. Although, I do think Stacey slowed down next to each trucker just to try to embarrass me even more; it was working. Worst of all, I don't think these panties were working.

Once we got downtown, I instructed Maste… er Stacey how to get to the shop; then she just drove by it. She then pulled into a parking lot 2 blocks away even though there was parking directly in front of the store.

"Master, why did you park so far away?"

"Because if this is your last walk in that outfit, I want it to last." With that she came around and opened up my door.

Looking around, I didn't see anyone in site, so I twisted my legs around and used her offered hand to stand up. Being she was at my previous standard height of 5'11", I stood a full head taller than her. I felt like I was a beacon for attention.

She stood next to me and placed her hand in the small of my back and directed me forward, "let's go." To which I began my undulating walk. It felt like a thousand eyes were on me and my heart started pounding.

I begin concentrating on my steps allowing me to block out some of the outside world. I think she noticed this, because she took another step to push me a bit more; her hand slid down to ass cheek as I could feel it through the skirt. I began to blush and flush at this, but I could not get up the will to reach back and move her had.

"Enjoying yourself, hun?"

"Not really, Sir." Damn instructions.

"Well, then why don't you move my hand?"

"Because unless you're causing me unwanted or undo harm, I can't keep you from touching me without your permission, Sir."

"Man, you really were gonna make me go through with all this? You really are a pig!"

"No, Sir! I honestly thought it was just a therapy exercise!! I never would believe that this would ever work if it didn't happen to us, Sir!"

"Some how, I don't think you would mind taking advantage of it if you were given the opportunity." I was afraid she was right, but I tried to tell myself she was wrong. "So I'll just do it instead."

As we started to cross the next intersection to go to the store, she turned and said, "reach down and take my hand, then put it up under your skirt on your ass cheek and let go." Oh no!! Glancing around, I see cars next to us and moving up and down the street already staring at me. The steps seemed to come in slow motion as I reach down and took her hand. Normally I would have moved it up; however, because of her instructions, I moved her hand down like some tart and slide it up my legging as the skirt moved out of the way, placing her hand squarely on my exposed ass.

As she squeezed my cheek, I felt a rush of emotions as we were still only half way through the intersection. All this unwanted attention was causing my face and neck to turn beat red, yet at the same time my eyes closed and I gasped in. I could feel the pleasure begin moving around my body. There had to have been at least 30 people seeing this public display of lewdness and I could feel my juices seeping out of my panties and begin running down my thigh.

By the time we reached the curb, I was finally a bit more aware of the world around me but I was still as red and horny as ever. She squeezed my cheek again and pulled me to a stop.

"You really can't stop me, can you?"

"No, Sir"

"It embarrasses you doesn't it?"

"Yes, Sir"

"You're horny though aren't you?"

"Yes, Sir"

She then guided me around to face her, reaching her other hand around to grab the other cheek. I then shifted my weight back and forth rubbing my thighs together, not out of avoidance, but to try to increase the pleasure. This brought on the humiliation even further.

"Kiss me"

She didn't have to ask me twice as I leaned down in order to reach her and shoved my tongue down her throat.

When I finally broke I was panting heavily. "Let's go, we're almost there."

Thankfully, as we walked she didn't put her hand up under the skirt. She just placed her hand over the skirt on my ass. My arousal didn't stop and I was breathing heavily. My nipples were protruding very prominently.

As we were almost to the shop, she turned me to the alley next door to it.

"Sir, it's right there." I panted nearly out of breath.

"No, little one, we have something else to do," as she slowly backed me up against the wall.

"You need release, don't you?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Kiss me again." To which I deep throated her heavily.

As we broke the kiss, she whispered something I could not believe. "Play with your clit and tits, but don't cum until I say so." I've done that to her before in the bedroom, but never, ever in public!!! What is she thinking?

During this internal debate, I noticed she took a step back as my right hand slid up under my skirt and into my panties. When my left hand reached my tit, she backed up to the far wall of the alley.

She left me in such a position that if someone were to come from one side of the alley, they'd just see me masturbating against a wall and wouldn't even see the voyeur across the alley.

I threw my head back as I begin rubbing hard against my clit sending waves of pleasure throughout my body as I felt the glow begin deep inside me. Massaging my tits was bringing me ever closer. I don't know how many people came by, but I knew there must have been at least one and that was causing me humiliation and even more arousal.

Finally, as I reached my pinnacle, I realized that he was not going to offer up release. "Please, Sir, can I cum?"

"Oh you can do better than that."

"Please, Sir, please let your slut cum."


"Please, please… Sir… please your undeserving little love slut needs to cum, Sir." I never made her go that far.

"When I finally let you cum, I want you to shout out that you're 'slut stacey' and keep repeating while you're cumming until I tell you to stop."

"Please, Sir…."


"I AM SLUT STACEY!!!!!! I am slut stacey! I am slut stacey… I'm slut stacey!"

She then came over and kissed me hard. When she stopped I continued the mantra. Finally, she told me to remove my hand from my panties and remove my left hand from my tits.

"Provocatively lick your right-hand free and pretend like you enjoy it."

I slowly licked up and down my hand, thoroughly sucking on one finger staring deep in her eyes. Oh why couldn't the earth just swallow me up!!!! Luckily I didn't see anyone around, so it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. "Alright, they're clean. Let's go inside."

What a relief. Then I heard a clapping coming from down the alley. Looking down I could see a homeless man down the way putting his hands up. I was mortified!! Someone like that was watching me?!?

Finally we made it to the shop and went inside; I heard the door jingle behind us. However, looking around things were totally different. Gone was the cluttered sporadic placement of items, but instead were neatly arranged glass display counters. Nothing looked the same except for a few of the exotic pieces I remember seeing.

Looking behind the counter, a young lady in her early twenties of oriental decent stood there smiling. Stacey began to walk over to her as I followed closely behind.

"Excuse me, miss. My hus… er I was in here yesterday and bought two parchment pieces from an old man. Is he around?"

"I'm sorry, Sir, but you must be mistaken. Only my husband and I run the shop when my mother is not around, and he is hardly old."

"Oh sorry, is your mother around then."

"Yes, let me get her."

My heart was beating with anticipation; I did not like where this was going.

The woman that returned from the back was definitely not the person I had talked to yesterday. This woman was much more rotund and had no male resemblance at all. Still, Stacey trudged on.

"Yes, ma'am, I was in here yesterday and I bought a couple of pieces of parchment, and I was wondering if I could get a bit more history on them."

The woman looked at him quizzically. "What was on the parchment?" Her accent was MUCH easier to understand than the previous day's occupant.

"Um, nothing actually. They were blank."

"I'm sorry, we do not sell blank parchment, sir. I am sure of that."

At this point, I lost my composure, "No!! You don't understand, the little old man that was in here when this place was a wreck yesterday! He's the one that sold me parchment! He's the one that did this to me! You have to help us find him! He has to fix it!!!"

"Look, miss, I don't know who you are or what you are talking about, but there hasn't been a man over 30 working here in over 15 years when my husband died. And I certainly don't sell any parchment any more! I can't help you because you must be mistaken. Now go!"

I continued to plead to both of the ladies dismay, "please, you have to help me! I have to fix this! I'm not supposed to be like this!! I'm suppo-"

My sentence was interrupted by Stacey grabbing a fist full of my hair. It was a technique I frequently used on her during our play time to reassert control and without harming her. He used the hair to stand me back up and back away from the counter.

"I am terribly sorry for the trouble she has caused you. I'm afraid she can get a bit high strung at times. We must have been in a different shop, I apologize. Tell the nice ladies you're sorry and apologize."

"Madam and Miss, i'm terribly sorry that i have caused you so much trouble."

"Good. We were just leaving, weren't we?"

"Yes, Sir."

With that he turned me around and ushered me out the door as I walked in a daze the world shoving in around me. As we approached the alley, the mental image of what I was doing earlier hit me and I broke down. Stacey moved me into the alley as I had a mental break down.

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