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Chapter 3 – The awakening

Slowly I woke up and rubbed the sleep out my face. I slowly pulled the covers back and gently crawled over to the other side of the bed, making sure not to wake my slumbering partner. This morning, it would be a lovely wakeup call. I gently lowered my head between those glorious legs finding the sweet, sensitive spot slowly licking up and down the length of the beautiful sexual organ. A sweet moan escapes my sleeping lover's lips as I wonder what exactly this is doing to dreams.

I continue my ministrations focusing on my lover's pleasure trying to hit every sweat little spot thinking about how much enjoyment I hope I'm bringing. I am rewarded with the swelling of my lover's sex; a clear indication of the subconscious approving of my tactics. I continue on working to bring the release I so desperately wanted from my darling lover bringing me my own sweat reward.

I slowly suckle on the most sensitive organ of the body consentrating on blowing my spouse's dreaming mind wide. Suckling, licking, and lightly nibbling I hear deep breaths from above me as a hand is placed on the back of my head. With that indication of the continued enjoyment I bring, a smile forms on my lips very pleased with myself as my head is barried deep in my lovers crotch. In continue slurping, sucking, doing all I can to bring sweat release. The hand on the back of my head grabs onto my hair (a moan escapes my lips) and centers my lips for direct targeting.

Feeling his cock begin to twitch, I sealed my lips along his shaft as I felt the sweat nectar of my lover's cock exquisitely slip down my throat feeling a shiver run down my body straight into my pussy as I felt my own juices run down my leg.

Suddenly, with the act done, reality hit me and I sat bolt upright. Looking at the head of the bed was a head panting that looked so familiar to me, but yet just slightly different to me. When I saw what should be *my* lips pant out to me, "Geoff?" I fainted there on the bed as the last line I wrote yesterday popped in my head:

"female spouse will wake male spouse tomorrow with the most exquisite blow job she has ever given, loving every minute of it."

What just happened to my life?

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