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FeatureSummary: Craig is off for his first term at boarding school and he's dreading it. How will he cope in a single sex school, it can't be as bad as he thinks can it? Only time will tell.
Rated: Young Audiences (Age 9+) (K+)
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Age Group: Pre-Teen Under 13
Categories: Girl's School, Sweet and Sentimental
Genre: Drama
Keywords: Diapers or Little Girls, School Girl
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Word count: 5942 Read: 30859
Published: 25 Jan 2008 Updated: 25 Jan 2008

1. Chapter 1 by Cat Lochley [Reviews - 15] starstarstarhalf-star (5942 words)
A disk crash killed this story once before and I thought I had lost it for good. By pure chance when I was tidying up some months later I came across 2 folded up sheets of notepaper containing my original draft. I hope you enjoy. Webutation