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Story Notes:

First story on here, hope you all like plus hope you all like Yaoi, and Batman/Robin however, there is no sex or smut don't worry :) enjoy!

Where: The Glittering Pink Rose Cafe.

     Time: 5:21 p.m.

     Date: October 16th, 2003.

     Dick drummed his perfectly manicured nails on the maple wooden booth table as he looked out through the windows of the cafe. It was already autumn in Gotham which meant that the sun was nearly setting. He could hear the distant noise of cars, trucks, and the barking of dogs while their owners were pulling the leash to try to get them to wait. He stared at his wrist watch that read out 5:21. He soon sighed wondering what on Earth was taking Tim so long; being the most logic and punctual one out of all the Batkids in the family, Tim was always on time on the dot whether it was being on patrol, being the leader of the Teen Titans, or just simply hanging out, the teenaged detective was always there. But this time, he was running late and the former robin hoped he didn't get stuck in traffic due to him being on his motor bike that is.

     Finally in order to calm his nerves and relax himself, Dick hummed a gentle and soothing tune that his mother had sang for him when he was little and would get nightmares at times to the point that either she or his dad would stay with him until he would fall asleep and let their calming melodies soothe his tired body and muscles. He looked around his surroundings seeing 4 senior men at a large enough booth talking about a football game that they had gotten tickets to for this upcoming weekend. 

     The sound of a baby crying made him turn his head in an instant as he saw its parents trying to calm him down and the mother gave him his bottle of warm milk to comfort him that alone made him smile warmly but what really melted his heart was seeing a young man nervously proposing to his girlfriend as he slowly slid the little black velvet box towards her who opened it her eyes lighting up as well as she held in her gasp and grinned real wide. However, the 26 year old wasn't smiling.

     Looking down at his finger laid a simple silver ring that was encrusted in tiny diamond and sapphire gems that shined in pride under the dim light of the hanging lamp. He bit his bottom lip gently still couldn't believe that this was actually happening and was not a dream at all. Just last month, Former Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, also known as the Batman, had proposed to his former young ward leaving the younger looking man quite speechless to the point, he couldn't find the words to say as well as breathless in the long run. How could he forget that Saturday night when the elder had stopped by his apartment in Bludhaven to simply hang out with him due to the endless patrols that left them barely any time towards each-other and some arguments that had involved Damian nearly getting hurt. But of course, being the calm natured one as he was always, he led him in where he soon found himself at the wall phone to order chinese food for dinner and to get some movies that he had borrowed from Wally.

      It had felt like a blur to him. One minute he was talking about how cheesy and lame the fighting scenes were and how in the world Wally was able to keep up with such crap and the next thing he knew, Bruce dug his hands out of his pants pocket to give him the little red box that held in the same exact ring. And now here he was a month later staring at the piece of jewelry on his skinny finger as he sighed a deep sad sigh in return. For years, he had always admired the Wayne heir from afar from the moment he was taken under his wing when his childhood was shattered and hope seemed all lost for him. The many sleepless nights he would have would be spent in the large king sized bed just down the hall along with his blanket, and stuffed elephant that made him feel safe in the strong muscular arms that wrapped around him to avoid the evils and demons that had tried to use their imaginary wits just to harm him.

     When he became Robin, Dick was astounded that he would get to work alongside with his mentor and father like figure on missions, keeping Gotham safe and criminal free even if it was only for one night or two he still felt useful and worth it to know that he could be a hero rather than just a sidekick. It continued on like that for a few more years to come up until he had taken the Nightwing persona yet, he still helped out if he was needed. But by the time he had gotten to 19, that was when his feelings for the vigilante grew different. No longer was he looking toward him like a dad, but there was something more that had crossed the line and deep down it scared him. He would get tongue tied if Bruce would touch him or place a warm hand on his shoulder for a job well done, his face would heat up when he would see him strip down in order to use the showers and he would even catch himself staring at his ass when he wasn't looking to the point he would masturbate in his sleep dreaming of a million and one ways to have sex which was making him go overboard with crimefighting to keep his head on straight. 

     And now, with the wedding 6 months away, Dick didn't know whether he was ready to face the music knowing deep down he was head over heels in love, or if he wanted to wait awhile longer knowing that this was going too fast to his liking and wasn't sure if he was ready for that type of commitment. At times like these, he wished that he was 9 years old again.

Chapter End Notes:


To be continued... (Incomplete)
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