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Don't You Remember?
by Stephanie Rose

Mark Jacobson was running late. He was meeting his best friend, Jake Schneider at their old hunting grounds, Blake's Tavern. They had barely seen each other in the four years since high school. Now, both of them college graduates, they were finally back home. It was time to re- connect.

Mark flashed his ID at the bouncer at the door. The burly man waved him through without a second look. Mark smiled. It was the first time he had gone in there without having to pull one of his tricks. Those days were behind him now. 

Once inside, he gazed around the room. He didn't see Jake, but he wasn't surprised. Mark knew where Jake would be, if he were already there.

Mark walked across the room, past some guys playing pool to the right, and turned left at the end of the bar. There was Jake, sitting at the BJ booth, as they liked to call it. The booth was semi-private, hidden away just enough to allow a girl to slide under the table and give a guy a blowjob without anyone seeing. Mark waved to Jake as he approached. "Hey buddy!"

Jake calmly raised his hand, with his index figure pointing up, but remained silent. As Mark slid into the right side of the large booth, he noticed something under the table. Looking under, he was more surprised than he should have been. There was a girl under the table. Jake looked over at Mark and grinned, then a second later closed his eyes, and opened his mouth for a second, taking in a deep breath and holding it for a few seconds. There was commotion under the table. He heard a zipper, and then a pretty blond girl popped up on the other side of Jake.

"Oh hi! Jake said he was waiting for a friend."

Jake, now recovered, started introductions. "This is Mark. Mark this is..." He paused, looking over at the girl.

"Brandy," she said, reaching her hand over to table to Mark. "Pleased to meet you." She was happy and perky, completely unashamed of what she had just done.

"Hey babe, can you get us a couple beers? I want to catch up with Mark here," Jake said to her.

"Sure thing!" She got up, and headed to the bar.

Mark just stared at him for an awkward moment. "So who's your friend?"

"Brenda. She's pretty hot huh?"

"I thought she said her name was Brandy."

"Yeah, oops. Brandy."

"You don't even know her do you?"

Jake gave a smug smile. "No, not really..." He stopped at the sound of high heels approaching, and looked over to see brandy holding two frosty mugs of beer as she came to the table.

"Here you go! Two beers!" She set them down, and stood there waiting.

"Hey babe, I'm going to hang out with my friend now. Why don't you go back to your boyfriend, OK?" Jake told her.

"Sure thing! See you around!" she said with a smile, turned, and walked back to the pool tables.

Mark was aghast. "I can't believe you're still doing this stuff."

"What?" Jake demanded. "I got here early, and wanted some entertainment. She was hanging out looking bored. I gave her something to do. Besides, it's not like you never did anything like that before. I seem to recall both of us losing our virginity to a couple of hotties in the men's room while their boyfriends stood guard."

Mark felt ashamed at the mention of that, and looked away as Jake continued.

"I mean, that was amazing, you just waved a pool queue back and forth while talking to the guys, a few choice words, and suddenly they were offering up their girlfriends to take our cherries! And the girls didn't mind a bit. How many times did we lose our virginity like that here?"

"Five," Mark reluctantly responded.

"I'm not doing anything you didn't do first."

"We were kids. All we cared about was what we could get away with, and damn did we get away with a lot. But it was wrong. Fucking with people's heads, just so we could get off? I'm done with that."

"You're done. What the fuck does that mean, 'I'm done'? Like not hypnotize people anymore?" Jake asked.

"No man, it means I'm going to put it to good use, helping people. I'll be doing it with their permission, to help them with whatever problems they might be having. I'll be using it for good," Mark informed him.

Jake snorted. "For good huh? You know, I use my powers for good too. It isn't just to get off with a hot chick. That girl from before..." Jake paused, trying to remember her name.


"Yeah, Brandy. I helped her out too. She and her boyfriend are going have the best sex of their lives tonight. Just a little something I threw in, out of the goodness of my heart."

Now it was Mark's turn to snort.

"Seriously! I used it in my job last year too!" Jake countered. "I was an RA in a freshman dorm last year. I used hypnosis to help kids get acclimated to school, focus on their classes... and right a few wrongs."

"'Right a few wrongs?' what does that mean?" Mark questioned.

"OK, there was this girl, first week of school. She was pretty, and smart, but totally innocent. The kind of girl you just want to go out of your way to protect, you know? Anyway, these two rich future frat boys took a liking to her. Well, the first Friday night in the dorms, they invited her back to their room, drugged and raped her. She didn't even remember it, but she knew it happened. Those motherfuckers were actually bragging about what a great lay she was.

"I helped her deal with it. She was going to drop out of school and move back home. I gave her the courage to stay and press charges. Problem was, those jerk wads had done that move before. Got away with it every time. It paid to have rich dads protecting their worthless skins. It was no different this time. One call and the campus police dropped the charges. 'Lack of evidence' they said. So I did something about it."

"What did you do?" Mark demanded.

"I made it so they will never rape another girl again."

"And how did you do that?"

"I turned them into a couple of nymphomaniac sissy faggots who can't get off unless they're dressed like chicks with a cock in their mouth or ass. And they need to get off, a lot." Jake smiled.

"Seriously?" Mark said, flabbergasted by his friend.

"Seriously! Within weeks, they were kicked out of school for 'disruptive behavior' I think it was called. Basically they went to campus dressed as sluts and tried to suck the cocks of every guy they could find" Jake said, barely able to suppress a laugh.

Mark was too shocked to laugh.

"Their families disowned them of course, though one of them was sent to one of those 'pray the gay away' programs. He was kicked out when they found him getting fucked by the head councilor."

"Last I heard they were working downtown as tranny prostitutes."

"Wow. I have to say that is impressive, but still, way over the top. Don't you feel even a little guilty about that?"

"Not in the least, not after what I learned about them. Hell, they admitted to pulling that stunt on a dozen other girls who never reported it. Some might not have even realized what happened. Those two needed to be stopped, and I'm proud to say I did it. It was a public service."

"Maybe so, but you're playing God here, making people do things completely against their will. Maybe they did deserve what you did to them, but what about the next time? Power like that can go to your head. The next person you do something like that to might not deserve it. So maybe the next time you go to a bar, and see a girl you like with a guy you don't, what's to stop you from fucking with his head? It's gonna happen. You're going to take it too far and not realize until it's too late."

"I would never do that, and you know it. You're just jealous. You could never pull off something like I did with those jerk wads."

"Really?" Mark replied, feeling more than a bit challenged. "I taught you everything you know, but I didn't teach you everything I know."

"Is that right? Then prove it. Take a normal guy, someone in this bar, and make him think he's a girl, or should have been, begging to have his dick cut off. But it can't just be a trick. He has to really want it, permanently. I'm talking about a long-term mind fuck here..."

"Deal," Mark said, cutting him off. "But I get to pick the target, and as you said, since this is a long-term, permanent mind-fuck, it's going to take a year or two. I'm not going to ruin his life though. He's going to think it's what he always wanted, and will be happy with it."

"Hey, whatever it takes to clear your conscience. You want to turn a guy into a transsexual and fulfill his or rather her dreams, be my guest. $100 if you can do it in say, 18 months?"

"You've got a bet," Mark said, offering his hand. Jake reached over the table, and they shook on it.


18 months later

Mark was sitting in chair in the study of his house. His shirt was un- buttoned, and his pants were down around his ankles. A beautiful blonde was bobbing her head up and down on his hard cock. Muffled moans were emanating from her mouth, as though she were enjoying the act as much as Mark was.

The blonde's medium length hair was brushing against the top of Mark's thighs with every down stroke. Her ample breasts, encased in a red bustier with lace cups were pressed against his thighs too, just above his knees. Her left hand, tipped with long crimson nails matching her lips, held onto the base of his cock, stroking just slightly out of synch with her mouth. Her right hand was on his waist, just above his left hip, caressing his skin. Mark was getting close.

He lightly tapped the side of her head. She paused on an up-stroke, peering up at him without letting him out of her mouth.

"Darling, how about a facial tonight?" he asked her, though to her it was a command.

She lifted her mouth off his cock and smiled up at him, and in a breathy voice said, "OK."

He spread his legs, allowing her to move in closer between his knees, while still on hers. She threw her head back for a second, and began stroking him as she presented her hair, face, and upper torso as a target. She opened her mouth and started to moan, stroking him harder and faster, just the way she knew he liked it.

When she sensed that he was close, she thrust her tits out even more than she had been doing before, and shouted, "Give it to me baby!"

And he did. His cock erupted in jet after jet of hot cum, hitting her dead center on the forehead, then her right cheek, neck, and chest. She smiled at him when he was done, with cum dribbling out of his penis onto her left thumb and hand.

"How was that honey?" she asked as if she already knew the answer.

"That was wonderful darling, but I think it's time to settle a bet."


Jake found himself looking up at his friend Mark, who was seated in front of him, shirt undone with a look of satisfaction on his face. He felt something in his hand, and something warm oozing onto his thumb. Looking down, he saw a beautifully manicured hand with long red nails holding Mark's penis--his hand, with long red nails, holding Mark's penis.

Jake let go abruptly, allowing Mark's penis, now spent, to fall away. He stared at his feminine hand, not moving it far from where it was when he saw it, now with Mark's seed running down to pool in the webbing between his thumb and forefinger.

He felt something else, warm and wet dribbling down between eyes on the side of his nose, cheek, and chest. His chest felt different, like there was a something pushing out, stretching his skin.

Jake looked down at his C cup breasts, cum dripping onto the tops of them, the nipples barely covered in red lace. He looked back up at Mark. "What did you do to me?"

Mark looked kindly down on his friend. "Don't you remember? That night at Blake's? How you told me you always had a secret, and that you couldn't keep it any longer? How you always wished that you were a girl, not a boy? Don't you remember that?"

A memory came flooding back to Jake. He remembered telling that to Mark. He remembered lying in bed at night when he was young, praying to wake up as a girl.

Mark continued. "Don't you remember how you told me that when you saw a beautiful girl, you really wanted to be her? Don't you remember? Who's the beautiful girl now?" Mark put his right hand under Jake's chin, and nudged his gaze to Jake's right.

Ten feet away, Jake saw a mirror. In it he saw an unbelievably beautiful woman, a blonde in red lingerie, complete with a garter belt, stockings, and matching stilettos.

Jake rose, unsure how he could walk in such high heels, but to his surprise, he managed it just fine. He walked over to the mirror, staring at his pert little nose, feminine cheeks, and slender frame supporting two perfect breasts

He turned back to Mark. "How?" was all he could get out.

"Don't you remember?" Mark responded. "You didn't know how to proceed. You were afraid your family, and all your friends would abandon you."

And they had, Jake recalled--everyone except Mark.

"I promised to see you through this. To help you become the woman you were meant to be. Don't you remember?"

Jake did remember, how he had cried on Mark's shoulder after his parents kicked him out. He was planning to move out anyway, but their rejection stung the most of all. A tear began to well up in Jake's eye.

"Don't you remember how I helped you find a therapist, how she said you were the most obvious candidate for transition that she had ever seen? Don't you remember how happy your were when she referred you to a doctor for hormone replacement therapy?"

Jake smiled at that memory. Mark had been such a supportive friend when he needed it.

"Don't you remember, when we went shopping that first time? How you froze when the girl at the cosmetic counter asked you what your new name was going to be, and you didn't know yet? Don't you remember picking your new name?"

Jake began to remember. They had stayed up for hours that night, trying to come up with her perfect name, trying everything they could think of, before realizing that the perfect name was right in front of them the whole time: Jacqueline, or Jackie for short.

"Don't you remember," Mark continued, "how happy you were when your name change went through, and how you were finally able to look for a job as girl? Don't you remember that?"

She did remember. The momentary rejection of friends and family was nothing compared to the near constant rejection of the job hunt. The job she finally landed, after spending months working on her voice and appearance, was on the night shift at an all night truck stop. She was passable as a girl by then, maybe too passable, the way the truckers hit on her all night, every night.

"Don't you remember how you had to scrimp and save all your tips to finally get your breasts and face done?"

Jackie was so lucky to have Mark back then, she remembered. He didn't ask her for rent, or utilities, and helped her buy clothes, and therapy and hormones so she could put all of her measly paycheck and tips into her surgery fund. Mark wouldn't let her go the cheap route either. She saved up until she could afford the best surgeon available. Her drop-dead gorgeous face and body were a testament to that.

"Don't you remember how happy you were when you finally got that office job and left the greasy spoon behind?" Mark continued.

After she was healed from surgeries, her job prospects suddenly picked up, along with her tips at the truck stop. It wasn't long before she was working at a posh office as a receptionist.

"Don't you remember how we celebrated that occasion?" Mark asked.

"I do," she said back to him, smiling. "I remember the dinner, and what happened after dinner. You kissed me," she added, moving her left hand up toward her face as she gazed back at Mark through the mirror. She caught the scent of his seed, still on her hand.

"I remember thanking you properly that night for all your kindness, and support... and love," she finished, licking his cum from her finger.

"Don't you remember what happened after that?" Mark asked.

"Of course" she replied, turning away from the mirror and walking back over to Mark, putting a little extra sway in her hips as she moved. "We've been together ever since."

"I wasn't planning on that," Mark admitted. "But I'm glad it happened. I couldn't bear to see you in some else's arms."

"Only yours," she added, seating her self on his lap, putting her right arm behind his neck, and running her fingers through his exposed chest hair.

He put his left arm around her waist, and looked into her eyes. "And don't you remember what you received in the mail today." He pulled a letter out from beside his chair, and showed it to her.

"My acceptance letter, for SRS."

"It's more than that. You'll finally be a complete woman. Is that what you want?"

"Yes, yes more than anything!"

"So, about that bet..."

At that, Jacqueline reached her left hand into the side of her bra cup, pulled out a folded $100 bill, and handed it to Mark. "You win," she said as she leaned her head into his and kissed him.

The End. (Complete)
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