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Arwen awoke, she withdrew her hand, that had somehow found Tauriel's chest during the night, Tauriel was fast asleep, sprawled over the entire bed, her soft red hair seemingly endless, her delicate breasts rising and falling with each breath, freeing herself of the distraction, Arwen realised what a mess they had made last night, and whispered the elvish world for reverse “nuquerna”, the gowns were stitched back together, though still strewn across the floor.

Arwen, pulling the gown over her head, decided to clean off at the river, it was about a five minute walk, but she managed it in under a minute running at a fair speed, the river was completely translucent, the bottom of the river was entirely visible. After removing her gown, she dived into the water the ripples flowing up the river before diminishing into the current. Arwen begun to rub down her nether regions, as that was the reason she had come to the river, she was still sticky from the previous night. After having cleaned off, she remained in the river, as the weight on her chest felt almost entirely negated by the water.

It suddenly came to her, the fact that she had never seen her new face, gasping as she looked into the water, she had angled features, that were still incredibly soft, along with a, set of emerald green eyes, her skin was fair, but nonetheless shared the faint golden glow that the trio shared, overall she looked a lot like Arwen, but was to Arwen as Arwen was to Gimli, there was an aura of royalty around her, that coupled with her looks would have put any mortal royalty to shame.

Wanting to explore her new body, she ran her hand over every curve, every soft delicate patch of skin, each area was as sensual as the last, even the feel of her soft hand running up her golden arm brought a shiver to her spine. Her hand managed to find her way to her breast, teasing each nipple, she could almost bring herself to orgasm without even touching her clitoris, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to, her left hand still caressing her nipples, whilst the other worked its way passed her soft hips, to the perfect petals she now possessed, teasing them for minutes, but what seemed like hours before finally pushing in, and discovering a whole new world of wonder. A scream pushed passed her lips, one that could not have come from any male, it was distinctly female, and definitely not of fear. The pleasure in her melodic scream, would have made any man fall victim to his carnal desires. It wasn't until now that she realised, that a young boy, no older than 17 had been watching her from the bridge, he was blatantly in a bit of distress from the fairly large erection he was sporting.

A cheeky thought raced through Arwen's mind, climbing out of the river in a seductive manner, she walked towards him, hips swaying from side to side, her dark hair glistening in the golden morning sun, her completely bare breasts bouncing with each stride, he was completely hypnotised by her unparalleled beauty that he had no reaction for what happened next, her hands rested on his bottom, with her thumbs tucked into his waistband, whilst she deeply kissed him, she was so caught up in the moment she didn't think about what she was doing, how insane it would have seemed, her hands moving down to his knees, and his trousers following suit. His member now standing a tall, proud 7 inches, poked her in the face as she got down on her knees, wrapping her lips around the rock hard object in front of her, she begun to bob her head back and forth, the boy who was completely unprepared and inexperienced this field, began to slowly massage her nipple, whilst using his other had to guide her head onto his member. She was using her tongue in ways unimaginable to the boy, somehow managing to completely overcome her gag reflex, taking in the entire 7 inches repeatedly, it wasn't long before the boy climaxed, his fingers pinching hard on her nipple whilst his hot liquid sprayed deep into her throat, the feeling of his hot liquid in her throat combined with the intense pain and pleasure from her nipple, pushed her over the edge leaving her gasping on the ground.

After a few seconds, she realised what she had just done, she dove back into the water and swam under the bridge, leaving him stood there, with a confused, blissful smile on is face with his member wet, and softening.

Completely panicked as to what she had done, Arwen cleaned herself up whilst underwater, she felt completely betrayed by her body, it was if once she was the slightest bit aroused, her body took over entirely, leaving her completely helpless, and her body's sexuality was quite different to that of her old one, it was completely bisexual, before this instance the penis of another man would have brought nothing but a sick feeling to her stomach. Swimming over to her gown, she cast a spell to dry herself off she dressed, and ran faster than she ever had before, nimbly dodging trees in her path to attempt to escape what she had just done. The sheer speed at which she was running caused her silky, jet black hair to trail almost a metre behind her.

Entering the clearing she heard grunting and moaning coming from her shelter, two distinctly different voices, attempting to forget the ordeal that she had just endured, she entered Arya's shelter, finding a similar looking backpack, and a sword of an identical, but oddly there was no bow, or quiver but a very large tome, Arwen now curious picked up the tome, finding it to be significantly heavier than one would have expected, even with her new-found strength it made her arms ache, it was far too heavy for any mortal man to carry. She returned it to the ground, opening it she discovered that the tome had two sections, one in an elven script and the other in the tongue of man, she previously had memorised all of the language published by Tolkein, but it was hardly a complete language so her knowledge of the full language had its limits but identifying a few words she deduced that the halves contained identical information, glad as it would make the information easier to process, as well as giving her the chance to learn more of her favourite language. After about half an hour the noises from the opposite shelter picked up tempo, until they became almost soundless screams of pleasure, until they suddenly stopped, knowing she would probably see them naked, she stood up and stuck her head through the opening of her shelter, the inside of the shelter smelled thickly of sweat, and lust, seeing Tauriel modestly wrapped in her blanket, the blanket reaching just above her chest. Whilst Arya was, bent over on all fours, trying to control her heavy breathing, her perfectly rounded, flawless bottom, pointed straight into the air with her legs spread out, just so you could see the delicate flower that resided between her legs, still dripping from what had just gone on. The sight had already begun to make Arwen moist, slowly getting more aroused, she stepped inside the shelter, before recoiling, her mind retaking control of her body, remembering what had happened earlier she stepped outside the shelter before calling in “Hey guys! You might want to clean yourselves off down by the river, but watch out for travellers.”
Not wanting to get their clothes dirty, they both took off town the path towards the river, completely naked, clothing in a bundle under their arms.

Glad that she was able to resist the temptation of Arya's naked behind, she returned to Arya's shelter to retrieve the tome, which she brought outside to read by the fire pit, the fire pit had no fire in it as it was late morn, but she felt as though she needed some fresh air, studying the book she determined that it contained a complete history of the realm, which she now knew was middle earth, though with one quite large difference, the very essence of magic its self, it would appear that a select few humans and dwarves were capable of manipulating the universe to their will, though every elf is able to do so, changing things from an atomic level to the size of a house, though the feats they were able to accomplish were limited, both by their knowledge of the high elven tongue, and the amount of energy they were able to pour into the spell. The basic laws of physics were the name, energy could not be created or destroyed, so propelling oneself forward one hundred feet with magic would require the same amount of energy as walking to the same destination. Testing herself, she propelled herself a hundred meters into the air, the wind flew fiercely through her hair, forcing it in every direction, as she begun to fall she used more magic to slow herself down as to finish with a graceful landing, it was as if hair fell exactly back into place, after the huge jump it should have been a complete mess, but it seemed as if it had been carefully brushed, but moments ago. She felt slightly tired after the amount of magic she just used, that amount of magic would have left a man or dwarf unable to move, gasping for breath. But elves were not so fragile, due to their enhanced physical form they could perform very strong feats of magic, without giving it a second thought.
The rules for the magic of the five wizards however, seemed completely different, their magic did not drain their body of energy, but their soul, there souls were that of maiar, seemingly endless power resided in their souls, if every man, elf and dwarf were to pool their entire reserves of energy for a thousand years, it would not come close to the amount of power a wizard possessed. 

Though a wizard is a beacon of good shining throughout the world, they can only offer council, until a power unstoppable by any method of man, dwarf or elf, arose at which point their awe worthy power would be revealed.

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