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Author's Chapter Notes:

Please review! I know there hasn't been any interaction between characters, but you can expect that next chapter! This is chapter is just some of his background. And a little cliff hanger before you f

Eli had not been particularly popular as he only had time only for true friends such as his friends Chris and Lucas, they all looked completely different with Lucas being 5'2", with short curly mouse brown hair, he wasn't particularly intelligent but he loved RPG computer games such as World of Warcraft, a passion Chris and Eli shared too. It was an integral part of their friendship, that and their love for the fantasy world known as middle earth, each knowing almost everything there was to know about each detail of their beloved world. With Chris being a well-built 6'1" one could easily mistake him for a rugby player, he often joked with Lucas suggesting that his parents might have adopted him from a pair of hobbits, whilst Lucas made similar jokes regarding Chris having troll blood.

Eli was average, not just in height and looks but in grades and just about everything else, he was about 5'10", scrawny and a complete virgin, not even having kissed a girl before he was quite inexperienced in the subject. He was great at maths, science and computing but didn't get amazing grades mainly A's and B's, he was really intelligent but never did any revision for his exams and thus his intelligence wasn't reflected.

The average day for Eli consisted of heading off to sixth form, getting through the monotonous day, getting the bus with Chris and Lucas and then immersing himself in what ever game they were playing or film they were watching, at times he felt indistinguishable from his character. Computer games were something he was far from average at, whatever they played he conquered, he played and didn't settle for anything other than being the absolute best. On his crawl to the top his friends were always right behind him, he lead all their quests managing to combine his the skills of his party perfectly into an unstoppable machine leaving his enemies frozen in awe.

He was 17 and hoping to leave for university in a couple of years, he lived with his mother and no father, as his sisters had long since left for university and his father was god knows where, he was essentially alone if his friends weren't with him. His mother never talked about his father, but even though his father had left before he could talk, he could tell for whatever unknown reason that she was still smitten. He had absolutely no idea why she still loved him, he was completely absent, she didn't even receive child support payments. They were by no means poor, but they were not overly wealthy either, his mother had a well-paying job earning about 55k a year, she had to commute quite a distance so they rarely saw each other, she left early in the morning and when she got home she was completely exhausted from dealing with customers so they usually warmed a meal he had prepared earlier, he learned to cook at a young age due to having two vegetarian sisters and with a working mother if he wanted to eat real food he would have to cook it himself. They usually ate quietly, some conversation went on but they didn't have much to talk about, after dinner they both went their separate ways.

Due to his love for gaming he had managed to save up for a powerful gaming computer, it was something he was rather proud of with an Intel i7 core, 4 TB in HDD storage and 512 GB in SSD storage, 16 GB and a powerful graphics card, he was the envy of his friends. He had practically every fantasy movie under the sun as well as a sizable collection of porn saved on the HDD, most of it normal though he did prefer Lesbian porn, he really didn't enjoy watching other men's members. Being an incredibly horny teenager with no hope for a sexual partner, he usually masturbated at least twice a day, usually in the morning, dealing with all the glory of being male. And just before he went to sleep, he was uncircumcised and really didn't see the need for lotion so he just went dry.

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