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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is my first story so please let me know of anything I should add or change to improve it.

Exhausted after a long day Eli fell backwards onto his bed and just as his head was about to reach the comfort of his feather pillow...

Plop! As his buttocks hit the ground he felt an inordinate amount of cushioning pondering why he was suddenly sitting in an upright position.

He felt something brush against his cheek, moving his hand towards his cheek he felt something soft and velvety. Pulling on it he felt a sharp pain on his scalp, discovering his short dirty blond hair had become an incredibly long, jet black river that cascaded down to the small of his back. He could not help but absent-mindedly stroking the incredibly soft velvet that was now his hair.

His eyes, and hands, now moved downwards towards two seemingly obscenely large mounds on his chest, he now noticed that a green leather tunic with a built-in corset hugged his new hourglass figure, the tunic was low-cut so he could see most of the ample bosom before his eyes. His now petite hands flew straight to his chest in panic, though his hands could barely cover more than a fraction of each breast, the action still managed to sent a jolt through his entire body.

Eli was momentarily stunned by a stirring in his nether regions, a feeling unlike anything he had ever experienced before. He looked past his bosom to see a pair of slender legs shoved into very tight green leggings, he managed to worm his hand passed the waist of his leggings. At this point he felt another layer consisting of a soft silk fabric, hesitant about what he would find, his hand then continued until he felt a small patch of public hair, it was tightly curled and incredibly soft, nothing like what he had previously had. Determined he continued passed the well maintained patch of hair reaching for what he knew in his heart was not there, but still hoped for. Alas he was not to find it, his member had been below average but it was his none the less, well at least it used to be. His fingers continued and began to teeter along the edge of a warm, increasingly wet chasm that had been left in place of his member, before his fingers could move but a centimeter he felt his legs spasm and his back arch as an utterly feminine moan pushed past his now plump lips. Minutes went by as he slowly moved his fingers back and forth causing a pleasure unmatched by any he had previously felt to gush throughout his entire body, the feeling was so different to anything he had ever felt before, when he had previously pleasured himself the experience had been confined to a small region, but this sent waves of pleasure throughout his entire body, his entire existence, completely immersing him in pleasure. It wasn't surprising that it had taken him this long to realize that he wasn't alone.

Chapter End Notes:

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