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The next morning, I felt something I wish I never had. Ayane was clutching me, and I felt the unmistakable penis and scrotum. I reached around and felt for her breasts, which seemed to have disappeared, Ayane was no more once again. I slipped out of the bed and dressed myself. I heard the mail slot click, so I checked it. On the floor was a handwritten letter addressed to me, no return address. I opened it.


"Hello Ryū. Hope you had fun with Ayane last night, but this morning may have been a shock. I know everything, so take the train to Shibuya train station. I'll be waiting for you near Hachiko's statue at 2000 hours. Come alone and I will explain.


I folded the note, and got into the shower. While in it, I heard Akira shriek. He ran into my room, half clothed. "Ryū! Was I...  a girl last night or was it one of my fantasies again?" 

I stopped the shower, and put on my robe. I got out to where Akira was waiting. "Yes, Akira, you were, at least according to my recollection. I have no idea what happened though, between the time you and I had sex and now that turned you back." 

"Does this mean, you and I...?" he began.

"Until further notice, Akira, we're still just friends living together. Give me until a bit later, don't go to that bar and wait for me by 2200 hours. We'll figure this out." I was confused, and somewhat worried. 

Thus, Akira went to work again. And, that evening I left for Shibuya, taking the train from my apartment. I waited near the statue, and, sure enough, was the mysterious Saki. She pulled me away and towards the exit. I tried to turn to talk to her, but she whispered harshly, "Wait!" As she took me towards an apartment complex, she punched the code and shoved the door open, dragging me along. Taking me to a small apartment, she finally said, "You have questions, and I have answers. Sit over there." She pointed at the kotatsu. I sat under it, warming myself in the tiny apartment. She poured tea, and handed a glass to me. I sniffed, making sure I smelled nothing off, before taking a sip. "You have no idea how much Akira loves you, do you? It only takes the poor wretch a few drinks for him to start talking about you. About how he wished for you to accept him as Ayane, and how he wished he was born a woman." 

"What did you do to him? What did you do?" I said. 

"I merely gave him the gift. I'm a werewoman, sweetie, I spend my half of the month surrounding the half moons to the full moons sleeping during the day, and walking the streets at night. The others half, I live in seclusion, working from home, resigned to being a man. Akira is lucky, he wants to be that way, I never had a choice."

"So, he will turn every night surrounding a full moon?" I asked.

"Not necessarily. Its different for every one of us. I happen to be in the middle, able to do it half a month. Some can do it every night, others once a month. It depends. With him, if he embraces the change, he has the potential to do it every night."

I was scared of Saki. She seemed creepy, psychopathic. I asked, "How do you change a man into a werewoman?"

"Simple, I do an incomplete transformation, basically a dickgirl, and I cum in his ass. It is how I was changed, its how every one of us is."

Stalling her further, because I felt danger from Saki, "Do weremen exist? Can you get pregnant?"

"Ah, let me answer the last first. We can, and we remain women during the entire pregnancy. Until we give birth, where we become weremen. Similarly, Weremen can be created once this occurs."

I had to get out. "Well... Saki, you've helped me out greatly. I must be going." My phone vibrated, a text from Akira I anticipated. 

"One more thing. Here is the address of that bar. Be sure to find Akira there in a few days. I'd check it out if I were you. Furthermore, you owe me a debt now. I'll be certain to claim that one day."

I hurried out of the apartment, passing a girl on the stairwell with red hair. Akira's text read, "Ayane is back. Come home soon, I am expecting you."

Arriving home at 2210 hours, Ayane called to me from her bed, "I'm in here!"

Ayane had definitely returned. In lieu of Akira's loose hair, the twin tails had returned. She wore an erotic outfit, one that reminded me of one of my eroge characters I liked, a skimpy black pushup top , skin tight thigh highs with garter belts and a short miniskirt. "Welcome home, ready to play?" she cooed. I didm't resist, even anticipating the next morning. This time, she went down on me, and I did the same to her, licking her honeypot after I had cummed into her mouth. If only this could last. Finally, I undid her top and sucked her breasts, bringing her to her second orgasm that night. Finally, I finished by trying her butt instead of her vagina. Tighter, yet strangely easier to her, she gushed vaginal fluid by the end.  That night, we took my bed after a shower together, her bed was soaked with fluid.

She said, into my ear as we began to sleep, "If I turn back to a boy in the morning, please call me Ayane from now on. I love you, no matter what you think of me. Just know that."

Next morning, it was a repeat of last morning. But, at her request, Akira was no more, I called her Ayane, and at this point, armed with what I knew, I referred to Ayane as a girl, knowing full well she was a boy during the day. She cooked her usual breakfast, then headed off to work. As I went to check on the datacentre I owned and made my living off of, I received a strange text on my phone. It read, "I'm with Ayane. Keep Saki away from her, she's a psychopath. I'm one of 'them'. I'll come by your apartment at 1800. I'll explain whats really going on.


As she wrote, a knock came at the door at that hour. I opened it, and the red haired girl from the apartment walked in.

"I know Ayane because the office she works at, I'm one of the interns there by day. I am also one of those Saki changed, and just recently she stopped being so interested in me, after she changed Ayane. I could smell it on her, but I was in denial, until I smelled her on you. I too, was a crossdresser before Saki got to me. She puts date rape drugs in our drinks if she's interested in us. I was a victim, one of those who leads a double life still. I need your help with something, because I know what Saki wants. 

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