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Author's Chapter Notes:

Here is where the real stuff starts.

It was about 2AM and I was sitting back, watching my recorded anime when the door came open. Akira walked in, visibly drunk. I went over to him and steadied him, and got him over to his bed. His hair was messy, his eyes clouded and he didn't say a word, just had his mouth hung half open. I put his rubbish bin beside his bed, in case he got sick. 

At 10AM I got up and began cooking breakfast. Today, since Akira was still asleep, I made English muffins with marmalade, a western food that I seemed to really enjoy when I had it. When I sat down, Akira came out, saying in his usual, feminine voice, albeit slowly, "I really need to stop drinking after work."

"You need to stop going to that okama bar. I realize its been hard these last few years, but no amount of alcohol is going to fix it." I said, pointedly.

"I can't remember what happened at all after going to that bar." he went on.

"Are you listening at all? Oficially, in public we are dating. What if someone you knew saw you there? What would happen  then? I say these things because I care about you. Even if the Ayane I knew is gone, Akira is all I have." I was about to cry as I said that.

"Well... I'm going to shower and get ready for work!" said Akira, putting on his fake happy personality he used at times.

Later, in the evening, when Akira had gone to work, there was a knock. I looked through the peep hole, a pretty girl with a wrapped package was at the door. I opened it. 

"Hello, is Ayane home?" she asked.

"No, she isn't." I said. 

"May I come in for a moment then?"

"Uh, sure." I opened the door fully and moved aside. 

She walked inside, long blond locks of hair tied into a ponytail. "Can you give this to her? Tell her it is from Saki. The next three days may be rough." 

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You'll just have to see, sweetie. " She hurried out before I could ask.

An hour later, Akira came home early, saying, "I don't feel well, so my boss said I could come home. Can you make me some soup?"

"Sure, get in bed then." I said. I was suspicious of that woman who came  by.

"Whats this?" asked Akira.

"Some girl calling herself Saki came by with it for you. Know her?"

"No, I don't recall. Is the soup ready?" he asked.

I made sure the soup was hot and ready when I went in. Akira had taken off his shirt, he was visibly flushed. I put it on his bedside table. He asked me, "Can you... stay with me for a bit?" he pointed to the side of his bed. I sat upon it. As the moon rose in the window, just short of a full moon, Akira grabbed my hand. As he looked at it, his body had a visible change. His hands grew clammy, and he began to sweat. He let go, and pulled off his skirt, revealing his panties with an obvious bulge. Besides the bulge and lack of breasts, he looked very feminine as it was, he had a wide pelvis, a slende waist, feminine face, high voice, smooth skin and small hands, all normal for him. He arched his back, as if in pain. He removed his panties, and I turned away, as seeing the one I once saw as Ayane having a penis, it was uncomfortable. It was erect, but seemed to be shrinking as the scrotum retracted in his body, the penis slowly becoming what I began to recognise as a clitoris. Likewise, the scrotum became labia. Meanwhile, breasts grew, filling in his bustline, or should I say her at this point, because it seems Ayane had returned to me. 

Ayane turned to me and asked, "Whats happened to me, Ryū?"

"I am not sure, but it seems you've gotten what you've wanted, you're now a woman, Ayane."

"Oh, Ryū, is it true?" she said.

"I would assume so. But I have no idea if I am dreaming. But, maybe you should put some clothes on. I'll come back in a moment."

I hurried out, and went to my own bathroom. I washed my face, hit myself to make sure I wasn't asleep. I returned to Ayane. She had opened the box and put on what appeared to be a piece of lingerie. "None of  my clothes fit up here anymore." she said.

I embraced her, and then, against knowing she was the same person as Akira, I kissed her. She returned the affection, and she began taking off my clothes. I removed hers, it seemed kind of redundant for me to ask her to put them on. It was our first time, and a memorable one, for I had given up hope of that dream on that night two years ago. She climaxed first, then me, and it felt better being with her since I had loved Ayane both as herself and as Akira, but because of my sexuality, I had feared having sex with her as Akira. 

After, she turned to me and asked, "Will things be like they used to be?"

"Absolutely, Ayane." I replied, smiling. Her warm, smooth body comforted mine as we shared the same bed for the first time. I enjoyed every minute of it.

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