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Written from Kage Ryū, roommate of Sen Akira (Sen Ayane). Akira has been an okama since moving to Tokyo Prefecture when he was eight. Adopting the name Ayane (Colourful Sound) he donned a dress and pink twin tails and passed without anyone ever noticing. Then Kage Ryū, a transfer from Kyoto, came to the school. He was made fun of because of his Kansai accent and different manners than his Tokyo classmates, so Akira came to his aid, becoming a sort of bodyguard. Then, while still own as Ayane, Akira and Ryū began dating a month into junior high, and continued until Akira's sixteenth birthday, when Ryū found out the truth. The relationship reverted to best friends, and they moved in together, maintaining a semblance of dating while, in reality, acting like best friends. Then, after Akira came home from an okama bar late one evening, it set out a cascade of events that eventually involved Ryū.

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Published: 15 Jun 2013 Updated: 25 Jan 2014
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All Characters and scenarios are my property. All rights reserved by me. No intention of infringement on pre existing copyrights are intended. Story contains sexual scenes, strong language and violence.

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Here is where the real stuff starts.

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