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Author's Chapter Notes:

Streek shambled into mess room of the Starship and yawned. The strong aroma of coffee hit him and he moved toward the coffee machine. Ben had already made a pot of coffee, which only involved pressing a button on the machine.

It was just past nine hundred hours, Standard Galactic Time. While travelling in through space you couldn't tell what the time was without reading clocks, it would even be hard to tell if it was supposed to be morning, afternoon or evening.

Streek poured himself a mug of hot coffee. Ben was nowhere to be seen again. They were into the third day of their five day trading mission, transporting Starship parts to New Heidi and Streek had barely seen his Captain since they set off. 'He's in his workshop again, working on something.' Streek thought.

When they had the Apollo Creed, Ben spent most of his time in the cockpit, now they flew in the 'Clubber Lang' which had a room Ben had made his workshop, where he tinkered away on various projects.

Streek was glad to have the new ship, the 'Lang' was twice the size of the 'Creed' which was only a small shuttle. It was faster, better defended and had a larger cargo hold, but they were still small time in the scheme of things.

Streek didn't think he would have been able to fly in the Apollo Creed anymore anyway, it carried horrible memories for him and Ben. It was two years ago when Ben had tried to take the shortcut through unprotected space and things ended pretty badly for them.

Streek and Ben never talked about that day, and Streek had done his best to try and forget that it happened. The Apollo Creed was damaged beyond repair, and things got pretty hard for them for a while.

Ben didn't despair though, he got an idea and he got to work. He sold the Apollo Creed to a scrap yard and then managed to go into debt even further, buying a small mining craft.

The mining craft was even more crampt and more crappy than the Creed, it didn't even have a name, other than the ID number NC-6964 painted on its hull. Streek called it the 'Trashcan' because it smelt like one.

Ben and Streek went out and joined the 'Bull-Ants', prospectors who flew small, often barely spaceworthy mining crafts, swarming around and fighting over the crumbs of valuable minerals that the large mining organisations left behind.

They would both work long hours and barely make any scratch though, the debtors were becoming more insistent, and the other Bull-Ants weren't too friendly either, they weren't welcoming of more competition.

It turns out Ben had an ace up his sleave though, he had spent many long hours developing a computer program that gathered information and predicted where mineral rich comets and asteroids were going to be. Both of them were surprised when it actually worked and the buyers were surprised the first time they came back with a hull full of silver ore.

Both men were overjoyed when the Trashcan started bringing in good money for them, pretty soon their debts were payed. Their success didn't go unnoticed however, soon there was a swarm of Bull-Ants following them whenever they went out and once again they were fighting over crumbs at their mineral hot spots.

The exercise had started to become barely profitable again and they were getting quite sick of the tiny, smelly mining craft. So Ben and Streek decided it was time to give the Bull-Ant game away and become traders again.

Ben shopped around for a while before he found a modified Namcorp Hauler he fell in love with and christened her 'Clubber Lang', another strong foe the legendary Rocky Balboa of pre-warp Earth defeated in combat.

Ben got to work creating a new program which predicted trends in market prices and showed the best trade routes. So far it had proven moderately profitable. Now they were on their fourth trade mission since buying the Clubber Lang.

Streek got himself a bowl of cereal and went and sat down at the table. He got up the news on his TAB and skimmed over the headlines, "Federation seizes Rebel Terrorist band in New Mars", "Power prices continue to rise", "Earthquakes in Junossi VI kill 128". He navigated to the comics.

Ben came into the mess room "Coffee, coffee, coffee." he said to himself.

"Mornin' Ben." said Streek looking up from his comics.

"Is it?" asked Ben, he looked at the time in the corner of the screen on the wall "Oh yeah." He had dark rings under his eyes.

"Were you up all night?"

"Yeah, guess I was" said Ben as he poured himself a coffee, emptying the pot and getting the dregs.

"What are you working on anyway?"

"Uh, it’s a surprise."

Ben took a sip of coffee and screwed up his face "Ugh, needs sugar." He turned around and opened the storage compartment and fumbled around. Streek looked down at his comics.

"Coffee, coffee, coffee."

"Hey what are you doing? I told you to stay in the workshop." said Ben annoyed.

'Who the hell is he talking to?' Streek wondered as he looked up, his eyes went wide and he let out a gasp.

There was another Ben in the room. Ben was still standing at the counter with the coffee cup in his hand and there was another identical Ben by the doorway. "I don't take orders from clones! Did you take the last of the coffee?" said the Ben by the door.

"You're the clone, you idiot."

"Hey, that's my coffee cup, give it here!"

"Fuck off! Go back to the workshop!"

"Ben?" said Streek puzzled.

Both of them turned to Streek and simultaneously said "What?"

"What the fuck...?"

Streek couldn't tell them apart, both were stocky young men with short, messy, sandy blonde hair. They wore the same dark blue track pants and white shirt with the band name 'Quadrilogy' emblazoned on it, and both had dark rings under their eyes.

"I cloned myself, buddy." said the Ben by the door rather casually.

"I cloned myself, you're the damn clone!" said the Ben with the coffee cup.

"...and my clone doesn't seem to know that he's a clone."

"Cos' you're the damn clone."

"Ben...?" said Streek. Once again both answered simultaneously, it was a little unnerving the way they did that. Streek didn't know which one was the original Ben and it seemed neither did they. "…How the hell did you clone yourself?"

The Ben by the door looked like he was about to say something but the one with the coffee spoke first. "I met a guy at that spacer bar in Brandona, he had a piece of Alien Tech for sale, asked me if I was interested. I got it for a steal. Turns out it was a cloning machine, took me a little while to figure it all out."

"I bought the Alien machine in Brandona! You were created last night!" said the other Ben.

Streek couldn't believe it, Alien Tech! Ben had bought Alien Tech on board, it was like the shortcut all over again. Ben had acted with foolish recklessness and he kept it secret from him because he knew he would have objected. The Federation was zealously hunting down every piece of Alien Tech out there and severely punishing those who have anything to do with it. "Ben, you fuckin' idiot!! What have you done!!?" Streek didn't know which Ben to be pissed off at.

"I got a great deal on it man, you have any idea how valuable this kind of tech is? I had to test it out!"

"He needed some sucker to dump it off on because he knew the Feds were closing in on him. Now they're going to catch us with it and send us to the prison planet Piranese for the rest of our lives, you Cockhead!"

"Whoa, Streek, you need to relax." said one of the Bens.

"That's exactly what you told me when you were taking the shortcut, and look how that turned out! We need to jettison that damn machine, the sooner the better!"

"Whoa there, let’s not do anything..." Ben was interrupted by a pinging alarm that signalled thirty seconds 'till they reach a waypoint and drop out of hyper-warp.

The Ben with the coffee cup put it down on the bench. "If you're not a clone then you would know the name of the system we're coming up on now."

The other Ben looked at him coolly. "It's the Moranda System, Dickhead!"

"You must have read that somewhere."

"Yeah when I set the flight plan!"

"I set the flight plan, you stupid clone!"

"I'm getting sick of this conversation." said Ben as he walked past his other self toward the cock-pit.

"Hey you better not sit in my Captains chair." called out the other Ben, going after him.

Streek pushed his cereal and his TAB away, he wasn't in the mood for them anymore. He pushed his coffee away too, he didn't need to be even more jittery. He was still furious at Ben, he was also pretty curious too.

Streek got up from the table and made his way to Bens' workshop. Ben was a messy worker, tools and parts and screws and bolts were strewn all over the several bench tops, a strange oily smell filled the air.

Then Streek saw it in the far corner, it was unmistakably Alien design. It was a large pod that stood eight feet tall, it was a silvery colour that was almost luminous and it had no straight edges at all, each curve seemed impossibly smooth.

"Wow!" Streek mouthed quietly. He slowly moved closer to it, admiring the machine, it seemed as much a piece of artwork.

Streek saw that Ben had wired up a TAB to the bulky base of the machine in order to interface with it. He must have been spending all that time in here working out how to speak with the Alien computer so that he could use the machine. Ben was like a genius with that kind of stuff, but unfortunately he could also be a stupid risk taker.

Streek waved his hand over the TAB and a holographic text screen appeared, ENTER COMMAND, it read in bold green letters. "I don’t think I want a clone." said Streek to himself, 'I'd probably just fight with it like Ben.'

Then Streek spotted a book on the floor near the alien machine, it was an old fashioned hard copy book, with paper. He hadn't seen a paper book before, except for a museum he once visited. He knelt down and picked it up. "Alien Hardware unit X0064, Lab Report, Doctor Lewis Gascoyn Author." It read on the cover.

Streek flipped through the pages; Atomic Bioscan, Deep Brain Atomic Bioscan, DNA analyser, Nanobotic Reconstruction, Creation of Life, Nano-Mechanical Bio-Regeneration, Civil Threat Level.”

'This is some kind of instruction manual.' Streek thought as he flipped through it further.

Streek read Doctor Gascoyns’ descriptions of the Alien machine. Apparently it takes input from three sources, a Full Body Scan, a Brain Scan and a piece of DNA. Then it needs some mass equal to the weight of the clone, any matter will do, the scientists were using bars of iron.

Billions of Nanobots then get to work inside the Pod, rearranging the atoms of the matter into a biological copy of the scanee. They even copy clothing and equipment, experience and memories. Streek saw the result in the mess room, no wonder the clone thought it was the original, it had all of Bens’ memories.

Most wondrous about the machine was how it was able to grant the clone life. It seemed the scientists had barely scratched the surface of finding out how it works.

A bold heading caught Streeks’ attention, "Making Modifications to the Clone." He read on and discovered that there was a way to change the chromosomes in the clone during the nano construction process. This could theoretically ‘fix’ genetic defects of the scanee and make the clone of superior genetic health.

Streeks’ interest had peeked when he read that it would be a simple matter to change the gender chromosomes of the clone. A smile crept over Streeks lips. 'My own female clone. I would create her, so she would belong to me. I'll keep her on the ship and I can fuck her whenever I want. At least until the Federation get us.'

Streek was getting exited about it now, he waved his hand over the TAB connected to the Alien machine. "ENTER COMMAND." it read. Streek flipped though the book and then typed in "INITIALISE."

"BEGINNING BIOSCAN." A small round globe popped out of the base of the machine and a light passed through Streek from head to toes. "That’s pretty freaky." said Streek.

"BEGINNING BRAINSCAN" said the words on the screen. A bright light shone in Streeks eyes and then everything went black.


Streek slowly came around again. What had happened? What did the brain scan do to him? First he noticed he was in a small, enclosed space, somehow he had gotten into the Pod, though it was open at the front. Then he saw himself standing in front of him.

He was still a little drowsy as he watched himself watching him, it was like a mirror. 'My clone.' he thought, but wasn't his clone supposed to be female? "Damn, it didn't work." he murmured, but his voice seemed different.

"No. it looks like it worked pretty well to me." said his clone "You're not half bad."

"What?" Streek rubbed his head, he had a mild headache. The other Streek came closer and grabbed his chest, it immediately felt different. It felt strange. The other Streek had hold of the big breasts that were attached to his chest.

"WHAT THE FUCK!!" said Streek reeling back in shock. He looked down at himself, there really were a pair of big round boobs sticking out in front of him under his vest and T-shirt.

"Easy girl, just calm down!" said the other Streek.

"GIRL?" Streek cried out in shock, he immediately moved his hands down to his crotch and was horrified to find that he couldn't feel his dick and balls. "NO!" he cried out. This can't be happening!"

"Hey just relax, you're gunna be allright."

"This machine was supposed to make a girl for me, not turn me into one!"

"You're just a little confused 'cause you got my memories, come and have a seat, let me get you something." the other Streek smiled and offered his hand.

"No, get the fuck away from me!" Streek pushed past him as he got out of the Pod. His other self stood a little taller than him, had he shrunk? He looked down at himself again and shook his head. "I can't believe I'm the fuckin' girl clone!"

The other Streek put his hand on his shoulder to comfort him. Streek immediately knocked it away, "No, get your hands off of me. I know exactly what you want, you think I'm going to be your sex slave."

"No, come on baby, it's not like that." said the other Streek smiling, "…Come on, just have a seat and calm down."

"No, Fuck you!" said Streek and he started running. He ran right out of the workshop. His new big breasts were bouncing in front of him as he went. Out in the mess room it seemed Bens’ arguing with his clone had developed into a fist fight, but he didn't stop to watch. Streek ran down the corridor and into his quarters, he could hear his other self calling after him.

Streek closed the door and put in the command on the console to lock it. He slumped down against the door and let out a groan, what had he done?

He moved his hands up to his boobs, they were a proper handful, he lifted each one, feeling the weight of them.
"What am I supposed to do with these?" he said softly to himself, surprising himself again that his voice was different.

There was a banging on the door behind him and his voice came from the other side, at least how he used to sound. "Hey, open up the door, come on Baby don't freak out!"

"No, piss off! and don't call me Baby!"

"Come on, I just want to talk to you, I won't try anything, I promise."

Streek didn't believe it, 'I would create her, so she would belong to me. I'll keep her on the ship and I can fuck her whenever I want.' He had thought that himself. 'He will try and rape me, that's what I was going to do.'

Streek shuddered, I'm not going to let that bastard touch me. Then he thought it weird that he was thinking that about himself. 'Perhaps I can reason with myself, explain what happened.' He thought about it for a bit, 'No, he would put his hand on my leg and say, "You're just confused because you got my memories, now let me stick my dick in you!"

"Come on open up, It's my room." called Streek from outside the door.

Streek ignored him and got up off the floor. At the opposite end of the room there was a large rectangular viewscreen. It could be used as a window displaying what was outside, but there would be nothing to see but black if they were in hyper-warp. Streek assumed that they had jumped out of the Moranda system by now, though he didn't feel it.

Currently the viewscreen was cycling through various 3D posters of hot, scantily-clad young women, as he had set it to do. Streek approached the viewscreen, he had to see.

"Command: Mirror." he said. The smiling blonde bimbo disappeared and a 3D image of another girl came up on the screen, she was wearing Streeks’ clothes and was standing in his room and had a surprised expression on her face.

"Fuck me!" said Streek, taking in his new appearance. His hair was the same, brown and straight, coming down to his shoulders, the long hair seemed to suit the feminine face he now had. His eyes were the same too, a deep dark brown. He rubbed his chin, It had been rough with stubble earlier, now it was smooth and hairless.

The image in the mirror looked like it could be his sister, if he had one. 'A female version of me.' he thought to himself.

He was still wearing the clothes he had put on this morning, the brown vest he always wore and the black DVDA T-shirt under that, but now his fat melon breasts were pushing out from underneath it. He also had his grey, pocketed spacer pants and comfortable white sneakers on, though they now seemed loose and the pants were too long.

"Command: Display height and weight." A bright light quickly flashed from the wall and then numbers appeared on the screen.
"Height: 162cm, 5'02", Weight: 66kg"
"Drakk!, I have shrunk." He used to be Five foot four.

The big breasts kept drawing his attention as he looked at his reflection. He could feel the weight of them on his chest. He took off his vest and then slowly lifted his shirt until it was up over his boobs. He stared at them in the mirror for a while. They were perfect, big and perfectly round with cute pink nipples, if he were still male, the sight of them might have made him hard.

"Command: Uh... display boob... um.. display bust size." he said. Another flash came from the wall and then, "Bust: 34DD" was displayed on the screen. 'Did I modify the chromosomes to make the boobs bigger?' Streek wondered, 'That could be something I'd do, I like big tits! though I'd never had to wear them!'

Streek wondered what other modifications he might have made to the clone, he couldn't remember anything after the brain scan. Then Streek suddenly remembered something, "My dick!". His pants were loose so they easily dropped down, so did his boxer shorts.

He looked down at his crotch and then stared at it in the mirror in disbelief. His dick was really gone, there was only a patch of dark pubic hair where it used to be. His eyes followed the curves of the groin down underneath, and he could see an indent.

"Pussy." he said, he let his fingers wander down there, they brushed over the soft pubic hair where his dick should be, and then brushed along the slit underneath. This was what he wanted, this was what he did it for, to get some pussy. Now he had it, but not in the way he imagined.

His fingers rubbed harder at the little slit, it felt quite nice. An exploratory finger pushed its way up inside his female body. He could feel the warm, sensitive flesh gripping around his finger. It was strange, feeling mild tingling sensations coming from his vagina for the first time. He wondered what it would be like to have sex as a woman. Then he slipped the finger out again.

He regarded his whole body in the mirror again. He was definitely a She now. 'I'm not bad looking,' she thought, 'a slender young brunette with big boobs, the type of girl I like.'

A frown came over her face. “What the fuck am I going to do now?"


The female Streek moped around in the room for a while. She had changed into a smaller pair of pants and put on an extra pair of socks so that her shoes weren't so loose. She also put on a tight fitting singlet under her T-shirt hoping that it would stop her big boobs wobbling around so much, she really needed a bra.

The other Streek must have gone away, or else was keeping very quiet. 'There's another version of me out there keen to rape me.' Ben could override the lock. That's probably what I would do, get one of the Bens to help me open the door.

Streek flopped down on the bed and thought about it. The machine might be able to turn her back the way she was, she remembered the Chapter in the book, "Making Modifications to the Clone." She didn't read the whole chapter, perhaps it was possible to make modifications after the clone had been created.

'Yeah, that Alien pod has to be able to change me back. I just need to get back to Bens’ workshop without getting raped.' Streek went to the viewscreen again, and began hacking into the ships’ cameras. Ben was the computer genius but Streek still knew a thing or two.

Soon she had several videos up on the screen showing what was happening in the ship. Ben was still fighting his clone in the mess room. She found the other Streek sitting in the cockpit, tapping at the computer, 'was he trying to override the door lock himself?'

Then Streek saw another Ben sitting on the can in the lavatory. "Whoa, a third Ben?" she said puzzled. 'Why would he want to make another clone?'

The video of Bens’ workshop showed it was empty. 'Good, now's my chance.' Streek unlocked the door and cautiously stepped out into the corridor, she walked quickly up to the mess room. The fighting Bens once again didn't notice her as she slipped past and into the workshop.

She locked the door behind her. Streek walked up to the Alien machine and looked for the book. She just picked the book up off the bench when there was a familiar voice behind her... "Come here often beautiful?"

Streek gasped and spun around, The other Streek was standing there smiling at her. "What the Fuck?! You're supposed to be in the cockpit."

"Yeah, I thought you'd take a peek at the cameras and I thought you might try to get back here, so I got my other clone to help me with a bit of deception."

"Your other clone?!!" Streek hadn't thought of that.

“Yeah, my other clone. Check-mate!" said the other Streek as he moved over and unlocked to door.

"Stay away from me motherfucker, or I'll tear your balls off!"

"Come on, don't be like that. I'm not gunna hurt you. I just want to get to know you better." he said moving slowly toward her.

The female Streek backed away keeping the bench between them. "I know what getting to know me better involves, forget it!"

"Relax baby, you're just another version of me, I love sex, so you will probably love sex as well."

"but you don't like getting raped, do you?!"

"I really don't want to have to rape you. So why don't you just relax and let me make you feel good?"

The male Streek had slowly followed her around the bench until her back was to the doorway, she spun around to dart out of the door again but instead she ran right into the other Streek who got hold of her. "I see you've met my other clone." he said to her.

"You're the other clone, I'm the original Streek." said the other one.

"LET GO OF ME!!" The female Streek cried out trying to get free. But her male self kept a firm grip, he was stronger than her.

"Come on don't be like that, I'm not gunna hurt you, I just want to get to know you better."

"I already said that!"

"Then lets take her back to my quarters and get started then."

The female Streek struggled as she was dragged out of the room by her two male copies. When they got her into the mess room, the two Bens stopped fighting when they saw them. "What’s happening here?" Ben asked, his face was swollen and bruised.

"I'm just going to have some fun with my new clone." said one of the male Streeks.

"Wow, a girl clone. I didn't know you could do that."

"You should try reading the manual for once."

The female Streek looked at Ben with pleading eyes, "Help me Ben, they're going to rape me!"

"Heh, she's a little reluctant, but she'll come round." said one of the other Streeks.

Ben smiled, showing that he was missing a tooth, "I think I'll get myself one of them!"

They continued dragging her down the corridor, and into Streeks’ quarters. One of the Streeks had her arms pinned behind her back. They were stronger than her, her struggling wasn't doing her any good at all.

She tried kicking and kneeing their balls but they were avoiding her attacks. One of the male Streeks grabbed at her tits through her shirt. "Ya gotta love these melons, that Alien machine does wonders."

"Ow, stop that, you prick." she said as he roughly squeezed and fondled her big boobs.

"Here, on the bed." said the other one and she was pulled back onto the bed. One of the male Streeks had her arms pinned up over her head, while the other lifted up her T-shirt and singlet underneath, exposing her bare breasts.

"They are lovely, just like Lisa Lovejoys'!" said the one holding her down. He was refering to their favourite holoporn star.

The other one rubbed at her breasts and pinched her small pink nipples, sending short darts of pain through her body. "Yeah, we should call her Lisa. I bet she'll end up being a real cock-hungry slut too!"

"Stop it, let me go. ...What about the Feds? We need to be getting rid of the machine, remember!"

"Yeah we'll get around to that, but if we're going to be arrested by the Feds, I'm gunna make sure I get laid first!"

"Yeah!" agreed the other Streek. The male Streek moved his head to her tits and began licking and sucking her nipples as he continued squeezing and fondling the boobs.

The female Streeks' nipples become hard. The intense stimilation from the mouth and hands around her sensitive boobs was causing her pussy to tingle and moisten. "You enjoying that Lisa?" said Streek. "Let's get a look at that pussy."

He tore himself away from her tits and began unbuckling her pants. He pulled off her pants slowly and with great difficulty as she continued to struggle and fight. Then he pulled the white and red spotted boxers down till they were around her knees.

His hands swept along her soft pubic hair and then a finger rubbed along the thin, pink lips of her slit. His rough prodding along her soft, sensitive flesh sent small waves of pleasure through her mind, yet she didn't want him touching her there. She tried to close her legs tightly, but he forced them apart. "Ah there it is." said Streek with a big grin, "…It looks nice and tight!"

"Where, let me have a look." said the other Streek, he let go of her arms as he tried to move around to get a better view. The female Streek lashed out and punched the Streek that was touching her pussy right in the jaw. She flailed about a bit more before he managed to grab her arms again.

"Drakk it!" said Streek clutching his jaw, "Keep hold of her, she's fuckin' wild!"

He stood up over her still rubbing his face, "At least she hits like a girl." He unbuckled his pants and pulled out his fully erect six-inch cock. "I've got a raging boner. I need to stick it in this little wildcat."

Streek felt her heart beating wildly, she was terrified, she didn't want to be raped. "Hey! no wait!" said the other male Streek, "…I let you play with her a bit, but I'm gunna be the one to fuck her first. I'm the original Streek."

"No you're not! You're a clone too. I made you both!"

"Like fuck you did! You're the clone, not me. Now come and hold her down so I can pop her cherry!"

"Don't you start this shit with me clone, just keep hold of her for me." he started to climb on top of her. The other one let go of her again and pushed him off the bed. "No you don't clone! That cherry's mine!"

The female Streek struggled to get up, but the Streek that was holding her got on top of her and forced her legs apart. With her arms free she tried to fight him off. She could feel his hard cock prodding at her crotch, looking for her tight opening. The the other male Streek grabbed him and pulled him off her.

The two male Streeks began shouting, and were full on grappling and trading blows with each other. The Female Streek quickly took the opportunity to get off the bed and slip out of the room, pulling her T-shirt down and her boxers up as she went. "She's getting away!" came a shout from the room as she ran down the corridor, she was heading toward the stern, into the cargo bay.

The cargo bay was occupied with eight large pallets stacked up with boxes of Starship parts. There was no exit, other than the way she had come in, and the large bay doors which opened out into the cold vacuum of space.

Streek hid herself between some pallets 'Damn, I trapped myself in here! I should have gone the other way and locked myself in the workshop again, tried to get the stupid alien machine to change me back.'

The two Streeks appeared at the entrance. "You like to play games don't you Lisa? Come on out and we'll play some fun games with you."

"Didn't it get you all hot, having two studs fighting over you? We worked it out between us, one will get your pussy virginity and the other will get your ass virginity."

"Stay here and guard the exit." One of the Streeks said to the other.

"Yeah Okay, but I don't take orders from you, clone!"

"Shut up, stupid fuckin' clone!"

The male Streek walked slowly through the cargo bay, looking between each of the pallets. When he reached the end he walked back along one of the edges. "Come on baby, just come out. Don't you think you kept us waiting long enough? You know we're gunna get you sooner or later."

He came back to the middle of the cargo bay, between two stacked pallets, he didn't see the girl anywhere. "Dude, are you sure she came this way?"

"Yeah positive, where else would she have gone? Check up on top." Then suddenly the female Streek pushed a heavy box of components down on top of Streek, knocking him to the ground.

"Oh fuck!" said the Streek at the doorway, She threw a rather heavy, football sized capacitator down at him, he quickly reacted, catching it and stumbling back. She jumped down in front of him and then kicked him hard in the balls. He cried out in pain, dropping to the floor. Female Streek stepped over him and fled the cargo bay.

She ran down the corridor and into the mess room. There were four Bens in the mess room now. They were multiplying! She turned to go into the workshop and ran into another Ben. "Oh hey there!" he said smiling. "Nice jugs, you wanna come and join me in my workshop eh?"

Streek backed away slowly, was Ben going to try and rape her now? Nowhere on this ship was safe for her, there was no escape. Escape! she turned and fled, she knew where she needed to go.

Streek headed for the cockpit. Underneath the cockpit sat the ships' escape pod. She needed to escape the ship before she got raped.

When she got to the cockpit Ben was sitting in the Captains Chair. 'Drakk! how many of them are there?.'

There was a hatch on the floor at the back of the cockpit, it had ESCAPE POD printed on it. Streek got the big wrench from its' spot on the wall and began using it to open the hatch.

"Hey! Girl Streek, what are you doing?" Ben had turned around and was watching her. "…You can't go in there. I'm the Captain, and I don't authorise you to use the escape pod."

Streek stood up and raised the heavy wrench above her head "Sorry Captain."

"Uh, hey wait..." said Ben as the wrench came down and whacked him on the head. He dropped to the floor unconcious. Streek got back to opening the hatch. She just got it open when she heard someone else entering the cockpit. She raised the wrench up ready to strike again.

The person came in, and Streek found herself face to face with another girl. She was unmistakably a clone of Ben. She had his short, sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. She also had a large, wobbling pair of boobs under her 'Quadrilogy' T-shirt. Her eyes whirled around to the female Streek, the raised wrench, the unconscious Ben on the floor and the open escape hatch.

"Escaping eh?" she said to Streek. Streek lowered the wrench.

"Come on, hurry up and get in." Streek got down and started to climb down the escape hatch.

"Wait up." said female Ben, she went over to the command console and started tapping away. "We can't launch the escape pod while the ship is in hyper-warp, it'll get torn apart."

"Oh" said Streek, she climbed down the ladder and down into the Pod. Streek had never been inside the escape pod before, it was very tight and crampt. Obviously designed for just one person to stand in. Soon Ben was climbing down the ladder, her butt pressed into Streeks' face as she closed the hatch.

"hmmmph" Streek protested as Ben climbed down further, she tried to press herself up against the padded wall but her big boobs were rubbing along Bens’ feminine body.

The small space forced their bodies to press against each other, Ben was taller and chubbier than Streek, her big boobs pressed against Streeks' head. "I think this thing was designed for only one person, are we going to be able to breathe in here Ben?"

"Yeah, sure, don't worry about it." Ben said in her usual dismissive manner. Ben reached up and pressed some buttons on the wall. Someone began banging on the hatch. "I don't think they want us to leave" she said.

"Yeah, well I don't really feel like hanging around." said Streek.

"Brace yourself for launch then."

"Brace myself? I'm packed tight in here like a..." the pod suddenly lurched violently sending the girls' stomachs reeling. They looked up and saw the Clubber Lang through the hatch viewport, getting smaller and smaller out there in space.

"There goes my ship." Ben said sadly, "...I barely got to know her."

"There goes my chance of getting my dick back." Streek said.

"I suppose you're going to blame me for this."

"Of coarse it's your fault. You never should have bought that damn machine on board in the first place."

"Yeah, well it was your idea to make female clones."

"I didn't think it would turn out like ...this, I didn't think it would turn me into a woman."

"technically it didn't turn you into a woman, it copied over all of Streeks’ memories and experience up until he took that brain scan, and put it into you - the female clone he created. That’s why it seems like you were turned into a woman."

"Yeah, thanks Ben, I kinda figured that out already. What I wanna know is, could we have used the machine to change this body into a mans’ body like I... like it seems I used to have?"

"I don't know, the Nanobots in the Pod can construct an organic organism molecule by molecule and then the machine brings life to it, I don't know if they can reconstruct organisms while they are living. You'll have to ask some egghead who's been studying these things for decades."

"Yeah ...great, I'll just ask one of them."

Bens’ big boobs continued to push into Streeks' face, she turned her head to the side so they were resting on her cheek, her own boobs were pressed up against Bens’ torso."How many Ben clones were there?" she asked.

"I dunno, I was fighting with them, and the clones started making more clones, and things got crazy. I saw you, and decided I wanted a girl clone for myself, and then I was the girl clone, and they were going to gang bang me, but they were fighting over who would go first, and I decided to escape, and that’s when I ran into you." Ben looked down at her with a sorrowful look. "Look, I'm... I'm real sorry I didn't help you when you were going to get raped by those guys."

"Those guys were me." she said sadly, "...How can I be pissed off at you, when it was me who was going to rape me." Tears filled her eyes and her voice became a high whine, "God, I'm such an ass-hole!"

"Are you crying?" asked Ben.

"No!" cried Streek.

"Yeah you are, look it's just that our brain chemistry is a little different now, you're not used to it."

"Whatever!" said Streek sniffling. "…What do you thinks going to happen to them?"

"Well if they don't end up blowing up the ship, the Feds will get them for sure."

"What now for us?" asked Streek.

"Well the escape pod is programmed to take us to the nearest class-M planet."

"Where's that?"

"I have no idea."

"How long will it take?"


"What will happen when we get there?"

"I wouldn't have a clue."

"How fun." said Streek dryly.


Chapter End Notes:

The End. (Complete)
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