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Author's Chapter Notes:

A brief introduction to the story of Hannah. Although her name is not mentioned in the first chapter, as she doesn't really have her identity as such. This element of the story is set 4 years before the main bulk of the tale.

I woke up earlier than I normally do. It was the day before I moved to my new boarding school. I had set my heart on boarding my entire school life, my older brother and sister had both attended single sex boarding schools. Jacob, my older brother who was 6 years older than I, attended an all boys boarding school from the age of 11 in Bedfordshire. Sophie, who was 3 years older than myself, attended an all girls boarding school in Staffordshire, she too started boarding at the age of 11.

Today was the day when I got my hands on my uniform, packed everything, and headed north. I had managed to get a place in the same school as my brother, who was continuing his education in their sixth form college and would be boarding also. Jacob was already at the school, and I was probably hardly going to bump into him, but even so, I felt more comfortable leaving my parents than I probably would have been if I had not been joining the same school.

I know it may seem weird to leave getting my uniform to the last day, but that was just the way it was. It was more a case of making sure that everything was the correct size. The school courier out the uniform themselves, and send one of everything based upon measurements provided by the parents of prospective students. I heard a knock on the door, I didn’t bother rushing downstairs, as I knew my mother was more excited about uniform than I was.

Moments later, my bedroom door was opened by my Mother pushing a fairly large cardboard box against the door, on top of the box was a shoebox. I thought it was a little weird that she had bought more shoes, considering that only a week before I had spent hours being dragged around by Sophie and Mum whilst they did all their shopping after I had got my new pair of black slip on shoes, perfect for any young man attending a decent boarding school.

My mother left me with the box in front of my bed, I was grabbing clothes and packing them into a suitcase and grunted as she asked me to get the uniform on as she wanted to see what it looked like on me. I finished packing a couple of shirts that I had for casual wear and went to the box. The blazer was the first thing I saw, it was Blue with Red trim as opposed to the colour of Jack’s blazer which was Black. I shouted to my mother, asking why I had the wrong colour blazer, but got no reply.

I turned the box upside down and let everything fall onto my bed. I jumped back a little, mainly in shock. What on earth was this! It must have been some kind of joke. Surely.

“MUM! Are you having a laugh?”, I shouted out of my bedroom door.

I had no reply. Her request for me to try the uniform confused me greatly. Did she know what was in the box? Was this planned? I was certainly far from the manliest of boys, there were certainly more burly guys my age, even for a kid. But even still, why did I have girls uniform on my bed?

I looked down at the school kit on my bed. There was a Navy skirt, a long sleeve and a short sleeved blouse, a Navy blue jumper, a games skirt, a couple of polo shirts, a lilac games shirt, a pair of long blue socks and a pair of black tights.

The uniform was identical to Sophie’s. I assumed that there was a mistake and that my dearest mother had brought me the wrong box for a joke. I left the clothes out on my bed and continued to pack everything that I needed for my actual boarding school. Hoping for my uniform to arrive.

A couple of hours later, my mother left the house to go into town for some shopping. I was left home alone. I had packed everything I needed, and spent at least an hour browsing the internet aimlessly. I was rather bored. I left my room, catching a glimpse of the girls clothes still strewn across my bed. I shrugged and headed to the kitchen to grab what ever junk food I could.

Upon returning to my bedroom a wave of curiosity came over me. Here I was, home alone, with a load of girls clothes on my bed. Mother had told me to put the uniform on. Could she have actually meant to put the girls uniform on? I didn’t know if it even fitted. I took my hoodie off and tried the blazer on for fit. To my surprise it was the perfect of fits, I couldn’t quite fathom if it was just a coincidence that it could be that my sister was the exact same size as me when she was the same age.

After a few minutes of being sat in the blazer, at my desk I gave in. I stripped to my boxers and put on one of the short sleeved blouses, the navy school skirt, the navy jumper and looked at myself in the mirror in the hallway opposite my bedroom door. What looked back was just a young girl in her new uniform with short hair. I was absolutely shocked. How did I end up like this?

That was how it all started. After looking at myself in the mirror on that very first day of dressing as a girl I tried on the long blue socks and put on the shoes that mother brought with her earlier in the day. The look was complete, apart from my hair. It didn’t excite me, just caused a lot of confusion.

I sat in my room in the uniform waiting for my mother to return. When she did she entered my room. I didn’t bother looking at her.

“Oh my, look adorable” she said, her arms wrapped around me, “I’m so glad it all fits you!”

“What do you mean? You’re glad?”, I asked.

“Well, we are sending you off to school with your sister. We think it will be better for you”, she explained.

I never really got chance to argue. That was 4 years ago now. I have just returned home after my 3rd year at the all girls boarding school. I am one of the most respected girls in the school. And yes, I do mean girl. I am a girl. I may have been born a boy, but I am much better suited to being a girl.

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