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Officer Kendra Smith rushed into the chief's office:

"Chief, remember John, that man who disapeared a year ago and was never found?"

"Yeah, what about him?"

"Well, his diary has been found. A homeless man brought it in just now, found it in a trash can."

"WHAT? Are you sure it's his?"

"I'm pretty sure.. He talks about how he was kidnapped"

"Well? Whad does he say? Show me the diary!"


"1st entry"

I've been in this room for more than a week now. Someone kidnapped me while I was going to my car. I have no idea who did it or why he/she/they did it, I just know that it happened. I can't think of any enemys who would want to do it. I feel like i'm in the movie Old Boy, except that this kidnapping is a lot weirder than the one from the movie..

They are keeping me in a strange room. I have no idea why, but the room is extremely girly. Everything is pink, all of the clothes and shoes are female. All of the furniture is pink and girlish, everything's fluffy. It just feels like a girl live here...

Another strange thing is that the ceiling over the toilet is very low, there's no way for me to stand while peeing, I always have to sit down. Can't figure out why would anyone have such a bathroom. All of the shower products are also meant for girls. There's also a radio, which only plays songs that are sung by women and are usually about celebration of being a woman. It really is a peculiar place.

Now for the last week, no one has contacted me. There's a very small elevator that they send the food through. The food is also strange, it's low callory. And I think they're slipping something in it, because it doesnt taste right. But I get really hungry so I eat it anyway.

"2nd entry"

I've been here for about 2 weeks now. I know what they're doing.. They're trying to feminize me. There are no clothes other than female ones and one morning my old clothes disapeared and since it's cold, i was forced to put on the female ones. There were mostly just skirsts, dresses and blouses. I put on the longest skirt and the warmest blouse. At first I didn't wear any shoes, as there were only high heels there, but the floor became really cold. It's impossible to walk barefoot on it so I started wearing the high heels. I also had to put on pantyhouse, because it was warmer that way. So for about a week now I have been wearing female clothes and shoes. I gotten used to them more or less. Still haven't heard anything from the kidnappers.

"3rd entry"

Ok, so it's been 3 and a half weeks. one morning when I woke up, I found my legs, arms and chest covered in weird sheets of paper. I looked more closely and saw that my legs were actually covered with wax and waxing paper. I realized that the only way to take it off is to rip it off. That means that I will wax my body and it will hurt realy bad, unfortunately it was starting to get very unconfortable. So I just ripped everything off. It hurt as hell but at least it was over. My body was pretty much hairless and smooth. I found instructions in the bathroom, there was a note:

'Put this moisturizer all over your body'

I did it, because the skin seemed kinda red after the wax.

A few days after this, I found that my facial hair dissapeared. I don't know what they did, but I had no trace of a beard anywhere. My eyebrows were also a lot thiner. They were curved and looked like natural female eyebrows. I was looking a bit more like a girl.

I still don't understand why would anyone do this to me.. I now have been wearing a dress and pantyhouse, walking in heels, having a hairless body, sitting down to pee and using a female shampoo and body gel that smell kinda nice for about a week. I also have been listening to feminine music and watching soaps and romantic comedies on the tv. It feels weird but I'm getting used to it.

"4th entry"

It's been 2 months. In that time my hair grew longer a bit, it now almost reaches my shoulders. I have mastered the way of walking in heels. I've been trying to enjoy myself as there is nothing for me do. I've been dancing to the music, trying on the make up that was there from the beginning. I don't know what's happening to me, but sometimes i forget that I'm here against my will. I've been also getting emotional while wathing the soaps.

But there're more weird things that have been happening to me, more specifically to my body. I think I have man breasts. they are really small, but they're there. I've never had something like that as I've been pretty skinny my whole life. Also, my hips are a bit wider, my skin is softer, my hair is silkier and my voice is a bit higher. I trully am becoming more and more like a woman. I still can't understand why would anyone do this to me and i'm hoping that it's all reversible..

"5th entry"

4 moths have passed since my kidnapping. I've been living as a girl here, because that's the only way I can.. I definetely look like a girl, my hair is past my shoulders. It has volume and is silky. At some point in the night they gave me a haircut, styled it very feminin. And gave me a fringe. I must admit I look cute. I also found a note with instructions how to put on make up correctly. It said that I must do it every morning. I didn't do it at first, but then i started receiving electroshots from various objects in the room, so I had to obbey. I was also instructed to shave my legs regulary. I cooporated.

My body also started to look very feminine. My penis and testicles shrunk. My skin is very smooth and soft. My hips are wide. And I had small developing breasts for a while, until I woke up one morning with normal breasts. They did an operation to me at some point and woke me up after it's been done. I had to start wearing bras.

SO.. for a few months now, I have trully been a woman. I've always been wearing dresses, panties, bras, pantyhouse and high heels. I've even forgotten how manly clothes feel like. I've been using a lot of products for my skin. Every morning i've been shaving my legs and putting on make up. They even pierced my ears and istructed me to wear earings all the time.

Also, My nails have grown longer and they have been giving me manicures and pedicures for some time at night untill they instructed me to do it myself.

For sex. I haven't had sex for a long time now. But I do have my needs. There are some pornos. But very strange pornos, it's like it was all filmed with a camera that was on a girls head. So everthing I watched, i watched it through a girls perspective. I was mostly seeing men. But as there was nothing else to do, i just masturbated using this. There was also a dildo in the room and after hesitating and having nothing else to do i just tried it out while masturbating and watching the pornos. It's felt weirdly good.

"6th entry"

8 months.. I have been a woman for 8 months now. Make up, jullery, hair products, shaving, dressing up, walking in heels and even masturbating with a dildo.. I had breasts, feminine figure. I had long female hair. It was dyed blond. Long red fingernails..

There were many mirrors in that room, i kept seeing my self all the time and I really did look like a woman. A very attractive woman.

But being alone for 8 months.. Being forced into a new female identity.. It started to mess with my head. I was going a little mad. I imagined that I was a biological girl. I imagined myself in a man's arms. I actually fantazised about being with a man.

I just can't understand why this is happening. I knew that the next thing that they will do to me is going to be a sex reasignmeant surgery.. The only question was when.

"7th entry"

10 months. By now I can't imagine myself not as a woman. I trully believe that I am a woman. I have a female body, great breasts, amazing legs. All of my clothes are skirts and dresses, I can't imgagine myself wearing anything else. I had long blond hair, me face was feminine, I had female eyebrows, no facial hair, long and curled eyelashes. I was wearing make up all the time. I was wearing jullery..

I even found a blow up doll one day. It wasn't a girl, it was a man. It had a realistic penis. I used it a lot... I mean how could I not, i do have needs and all of my needs were becoming female ones.

But the ultimate feminization happened a few days ago. The Operation. They acutally did it. I woke up with a vagina one night and instrutions on how and when to use dildos on it to help healing. I am a woman. The actually turned me into a woman...

"The Last entry"

Almost a year now. My new vagina has healed completely and has been tested out countless times. I dress, act, look, feel and think like a woman, they have succesfully turned me into an actual woman.

So what now, are they realeasing me or what?...


The chief was sitting in shock

"yeah.." officer Sith responded

"That's disturbing.."

"I know... So, what do we do now?"

"Well, we find him."


Chapter End Notes:

This is my second ever story. I'd really apreciate constructive crtisizm. Also, my first language is not english.

If anyone actually liked the story, i will probably continue it.

Inspired by movies Old Boy and The Skin I live in. Very recommended films (although if you're only looking for tg content, you'll be very dissapointed.)

To be continued... (Incomplete)
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