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In a world of chaos and confusion we all wish to find that one place we can call our sanctuary, but how do we get there and at what cost does it come?

Rated: Mature Audiences - Explicit (Age 18+) (MA)
Categories: Fiction Characters: None
Age Group: Teenager 13-18
Categories: Bizarre Body Modifications, Crossdressing/TV
Genre: Drama
Keywords: Attempted or Completed Suicide, School Girl, Self Mutilation / Cutting
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Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 1590 Read: 10415
Published: 03 Oct 2006 Updated: 04 Nov 2006
Story Notes:

This story is just that, a story, but should none the less be taken VERY seriously. It’s Copyright 2002, by ME (JulieChristine) and was inspired by events in my own, and the lives of others I know. All charecters in this story are completely fictional, as are the events described herein.



by JulieChristine

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