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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: The original characters and plot of this story are the property of the author. No infringement of pre-existing copyright is intended. This story is copyright (c) 2011 Deborah Karen. All rights reserved.

I had an interesting job – part deux

Tommy and I hadn’t broached the difficult subject of us kissing since our conversation at the weekend. We were sitting in a McDonalds. He was struggling to make eye contact with me as I sat opposite him.

I was wearing most of my Malin Jensen clothes; underwear, Wolford opaques, and the Jigsaw dress. My knock off designer handbag and hessian shopper were at my feet. I was feeling a little bit weird though as I had on Claire’s old patent heels and was wearing Leanne’s wig and glasses. I also had on a long woman’s coat.

Tommy had sent me a text late last night; I had been watching TV in a sweatshirt, bra and knickers while painting my toenails.

‘In the lobby, something for you, (Claire’s) Tom x’

My heart had leapt at the ‘kiss’, but what did he mean. My sweatshirt was long enough to cover my knickers, so remembering to leave the latch on I tip toed downstairs to retrieve a black bag. Back in the flat I took out the contents; a long black coat. I guess Claire had a winter coat all along. I picked up my Blackberry and started hitting the keys:

‘Thanks... worried about me getting a cold??’

Seconds later; a message


‘What then?’ I texted back. There was a longer pause before Tommy replied.

‘We need to get you in the building with the minimum of people seeing you. You also can’t be seen with me near there. We’ll meet at the McDonalds on Cannon St. You can wear your stuff under the coat. ‘

This wasn’t going to be ideal. Passing myself off as Malin Jensen, a real girl as opposed to made up one like Leanne was hard enough. Now Tommy was suggesting I should get ready in a public toilet! I dialled Tommy’s number.

‘Look Tommy do you have any idea what it takes for me to do this?’ I demanded ‘I can’t just throw this stuff on. You want me to dress up like a classy lawyer in a f**kin’ toilet!’

‘Hold on Ian... I mean Leanne... f**k... I don’t even know what I should call you these days. Look I just want to be able to look out for you tomorrow that’s all. But, if anyone saw Malin Jensen with me, it would look suss straight away.’

‘So what are you suggesting?’ I asked

‘Dress as Leanne. I’ll meet you at McD’s. I know it’s not perfect, but when you get out of her building you will want to not be Malin Jensen ASAP. I’ll wait and as soon as you’re done you can go back in the toilets and when you come out you’re Leanne again.’

It clicked. Tommy actually had a point. Until now I had been thinking I would travel in from East London dressed as Malin. Until Tommy had dropped round Claire’s coat I wouldn’t have had anything to wear over a £200 dress. Chances are I would have looked terrible by the time I arrived. At least now I could check my makeup and it would only be a short walk to Malin’s office.

‘OK Tommy, I’ll do it’

‘Good boy...I mean...sorry’

‘S’ok... I know I still sound like a boy’

‘You look like a girl though...’ Tommy’s voice trailed away

‘Tommy... about yesterday...’

‘Let’s just leave it shall we’ Tommy didn’t make it sound like a question.

I dropped the subject.

So, the situation was awkward. I had my Malin wig and glasses inside a Jigsaw carrier bag. I transferred the items to the shopper pushed my chair back and headed for the ladies. Tommy smiled weakly as I left.

Once inside I checked for the cubicle that was least offensive and slipped out of Claire’s shoes. I spread out that morning’s free newspaper on the floor to keep my tights dry in case the floor was damp.

Putting the shopper on the toilet seat I took out the long blonde wig and brushed it, holding it up to the light. I hadn’t bothered with any of my Leanne jewellery that morning, so putting on my fake Tiffany bracelet, necklace and earrings took seconds. I checked my make up in my compact; no real damage done, a little powder and re-application of lip gloss and I was ready.

I carefully pulled off my Leanne wig and put it inside a hairnet and inside the Jigsaw bag. Tipping my head forward I pulled on the long blonde wig that would make me Malin Jensen. I checked it was straight in my compact and then put on the black designer lookalike glasses. Final step (literally) was to slip on the Jones heels from the weekend. I unlocked the cubicle and stepped out to the basins.

In the large mirror above the wash basins I could see a cool blonde looking back at me. I rummaged in my handbag and took out Malin Jensen’s security pass and compared the photo with the ‘girl’ in the mirror. Satisfied I turned, wrapped the bag containing Leanne’s items inside the long coat and went back into the restaurant. I only paused momentarily at Tommy’s table to put the coat down in the chair I had been sat on. It was unlikely anyone would have noticed the blonde girl do this as she left the restaurant. Certainly, no one seemed to have noticed that the mousy looking girl that had been sat with the man at that same table hadn’t reappeared from the ladies.

Out on the street I felt the now familiar sensation of a breeze up my skirt and the click of my heels on the pavement. I arranged my bags, pushing my arm through the straps of my handbag to carry it at my elbow and the shopper in my other hand. I had casually draped Malin’s pass out of the shopper as I had see her do.

As I approached Malin’s building I became very aware of my surroundings and the people around me. We had decided that I should get into the office just before 8. Not so early as to arouse suspicion as corporate lawyers like Malin Jensen tended to work long hours, but hopefully early enough to avoid bumping into anyone she knew. I concentrated on my walk, trying to put a little more swing into my hips. I remembered a song by Princess Superstar; ‘the look, the eyes, the hair, the tits, the skin, the legs etc.’ I wanted anyone seeing me that morning to believe I was a successful, sexy, moneyed female.

I pushed on the revolving doors and stepped in to the lobby of the office building. I tried to get my bearings without looking as if I had never set foot in their before. A security guard glanced up at me from behind the reception desk. It must have been too early for any of the receptionists to be in yet. I strode confidently towards the security barriers in front of the lifts brandishing my pass. The pass was on a lanyard emblazoned with the company logo and the guard at the desk and the one by the barrier didn’t appear to be doing anymore than staring at my legs.

There was a card reader on the barrier and as I swept it Malin’s photo appeared on a screen above the barrier. My heart beat a little faster; the moment of truth had arrived.

And nothing happened.

The guards didn’t bat an eyelid as the barriers opened and I stepped through to the lifts. I pressed the call button and almost immediately the doors of one of the lifts opened. I stepped inside and stopped. ‘Shit’ I thought. I didn’t even know what floor she was on! I looked for a clue on the lift walls; nothing. There was nothing else for it but to head for the top floor. I hoped no one would be there as I was clearly going to be looking around like a tourist until I found what I was looking for.

The lift doors swished shut and I steadied myself in my heels as the express elevator sped up until it reached... the wrong floor! It had stopped three floors short of the top. Someone must have called the lift. I didn’t know what to do. I pressed myself against the back of the lift as the doors opened.

A middle aged man in a pinstripe suit looked at me in surprise.

‘Malin! Hello, I didn’t think you were in this morning?’

I tried to force out a feminine sounding reply.


‘Suppose you came in to finish that deposition I left you on Friday?’ The man didn’t wait for me to answer ‘You work too hard you know!’

He was standing on the lift threshold in such a way as to hold the doors open for me. It clicked this was the Malin’s floor and the man was one of her colleagues. I beamed a smile at him and deftly side stepped out of the lift.

‘See you later in the week then’ He said as the lift doors closed on him. I kind of waved and smiled again. As the doors closed I stopped as millions of thoughts went through my head. The other lawyer had appeared to completely accept that I was Malin Jensen despite my inability to communicate a single word to him. I smiled to myself; although I was shitting myself at the situation I was in I was also relishing pulling this off and being believable as a girl.
I got my bearings again and headed onto the legal floor. The main section was taken up with open plan work stations with half height walls. There were signs hanging from the ceiling denoting each area of firm that a section of the legal team had responsibility for. I headed for the property area as I knew the case that had caused all of this trouble related to a property deal that had gone sour.

A row of offices looking out on to the street formed a barrier between the plate glass windows and the open plan area. I spied Malin’s name on one of the doors. Her office was like her; cool and very together. There was a row of filing cabinets against one wall adjoining another office and a small meeting table on the other side of the room. Her desk was long narrow with a vdu and wireless keyboard. The desktop pc was slung underneath in a stainless steel frame that matched the finish on the legs. Malin’s chair was an ergonomic design with a high back.

I put my handbag and the shopper by her coat stand and went and sat behind her desk, smoothing my skirt and crossing my legs in one fluid motion. I wiggled the cordless mouse and the vdu flicked on. Typically Malin was as careless with her IT security as she was with her pass. She had left her desktop on and not logged off from the system. Outlook was open on the system tray and a few clicks had me in her email account.

Simply sending all of Malin’s email account to a web based email was not going to be on. Tommy had been explicit that my presence could not be detected. I pushed back from the desk and padded over to the coat stand. My feet were killing me in the new heels and I had slipped them off under the desk.

I retrieved a USB 3.0 stick from my handbag and returned to the desk, sticking the drive into a spare port. In seconds it had booted up and I created a file for all of the emails to be copied in. I clicked around Malin’s desktop occasionally glancing at the time and over to the lifts. A few people had started to arrive, but no one had ventured over to the property section yet.

I went into the network drive and copied the contents of Malin’s folders onto the USB. Satisfied I squeezed my aching toes back into my heels and wiped the mouse and keyboard with IT hygiene wipe to remove my finger prints.

I checked my appearance in my compact and retouched a few bits of makeup and lips before threading my arm through my handbags straps once more and walked towards the lifts. There were more people around, men and women in business dress. I walked imperiously by the obviously junior types in the open plan area, throwing a smile to eyebrows raised in greetings from people who I assumed were Malin’s peers as they were behind desks in the other offices.

I decided to avoid taking the lift all the way to the ground floor. Too many people were likely to be arriving now and the last thing I wanted to do was bump into another of Malin’s colleagues. I had had a lucky escape with not needed to chat to the other lawyer and I didn’t think my luck was likely to hold much longer.

My heels sounded loud against the concrete of the fire escape as I came down 15 floors to the mezzanine. I opened the door slowly, peering around it. There was an open plan seating area that seemed to be used as an informal meeting place. I closed the fire escape softly behind me and walked across the floor towards the stairs. My heels clicked off and on as I went from the walkway across the carpeted meeting area and then down the stairs. As I stepped downwards the guard at the barrier looked up at me. I concentrated on my walk and headed confidently to the exit. The guard held open a gate for me and I thanked my own guardian angel for dressing me as a girl. I hadn’t realised you only had to swipe in and not out! With the sound of my heels clicking across the floor I let the crowds of people now beginning to swell the lobby part in front of the tall blonde lawyer coming towards them in her designer clothes.

I stepped out through the revolving doors and turned towards my rendezvous with Tommy. I had been inside less than half an hour.

It took about 5 minutes to walk back to Cannon St. Tommy was sat at the same table. I reached inside my handbag and handed him the USB. He looked at me quizzically and then gave a small nod in the direction of the chair at the other side of the table. Claire’s coat was where I had left it. I picked it up careful not to spill the contents of the bag wrapped inside it and headed to the ladies.

As soon as I was in the cubicle I kicked off my heels. I wasn’t bothered about a potentially wet floor now, my feet were killing me! I began to dismember my Malin outfit; the fake Tiffany jewellery, the Jones heels, glasses and finally the long blonde wig. I swapped for Leanne’s mousy blonde hair, cheap jewellery and the scuffed heels that I had taken from Tommy’s daughter Claire’s room all that time ago. Putting on my non prescription glasses I checked my appearance in the compact. All OK. I put on Claire’s coat and buttoned it up, so no one would see my dress and put everything into the carrier bag once more.

I got a shock when I came out of the Ladies; Tommy had gone! I almost dropped my bags as I took in everything. Having risked everything to get him his precious info he had now left me high and dry in a bloody McDonalds. I was cursing Tommy as I barged past some foreign tourists entering the restaurant. I couldn’t believe it. I felt so much more vulnerable as a girl and I could feel tears welling up as I walked towards the tube.

I flopped into a seat on the train. F**k smoothing my skirt now, I just wanted to be at home and out of these stupid clothes. I eased one foot out of my shoe and reached down and rubbed my toes. My poor feet. Malin’s shoes might have looked sexy, but they weren’t designed for comfort. I was interrupted by a guy across the carriage.

‘Excuse me’ he said. I looked at him venomously.

‘Are you OK?... It’s just... you look a bit upset’ I must have still looked teary

‘I’m fine!’ My voice sounded angry, but husky. The guy who was about 30 and wearing a suit looked embarrassed. I wondered if he realised.

‘I’m sorry’ I tried to soften my voice ‘bad day’ I smiled a little bashfully.

He smiled back.

‘Well as long as you’re ok’ He leant forward and his hand brushed my knee.

‘Yes... thank you’ I smiled again. I must have got away with it. I slipped my shoe back on and rummaged in my bag for my book ending the conversation.

As the tube made its way back towards my flat I pretended to be engrossed in my Chick Lit, but every now and then I glanced at the guy. He was looking at me, but trying to appear not to. If I caught his eye, he would give me a little smile.

As my stop approached I put my book back in my bag and gathered up my things. I decided to give the guy a little smile, a silent farewell and he only went and stood up. He was getting off too! From that moment on I was doing everything I could to avoid making eye contact, let alone make conversation. I stopped at the kiosk and brought a Closer and Grazia and glanced over my shoulder to see if he had gone.

As I came out of the station he was there. S**t!

‘Hello again’ I gave him what I hoped was a pained smile trying to convey ‘not interested’ in my expression. I kept walking, back towards my flat.

‘Going my way’ I just looked at him as if to say ‘Loser’

‘I have only just moved here... the new flats up there’ He pointed. I knew where he meant, a smart new development about a quarter of mile from me.

I didn’t want to encourage him, but I felt that I was in danger of appearing to be a complete mad woman.

‘Nice’ I murmured

We walked in step; the only sound my heels on the pavement until we reached my turning. I smiled shyly in a silent apology for what I guessed looked like the behaviour of a crazy girl.

‘Bye’ I said quietly

‘Bye then... see you again maybe... on the train I mean’ He added hurriedly.


‘I’m Paul by the way’


‘OK... well bye Leanne’

I smiled to myself as I went inside my block. By talking quietly and softening my voice I had somehow managed to pass as a girl. Admittedly, it was hardly an in-depth conversation, but it had almost made me forget how pissed off I was with Tommy.

This morning should have been a bit of a triumph for me. I had taken Tommy’s stupid plan and made it work, got who knows how much inside info for the team and had been able to convince one her closest colleagues that I was Malin Jensen. And in return Tommy had abandoned me in London, the bastard!

As I closed the door behind me I kicked off my heels gratefully and wrenched off my wig and glasses. I undid Claire’s coat and padded into the kitchen in my tights. I fixed myself a huge G and T. I would take a few minutes to chill before getting out of my clothes and back into boy mode.

I looked at my Blackberry, there was a new message. Tommy.

‘Sorry about earlier. Want to make it up to you. Can I buy you dinner? X

I stared at the screen. I wasn’t sure how to respond.

‘Who are you asking? The girl or the boy?’ I texted back

‘The girl’ the answer seconds later

‘She hasn’t got anything to wear’

‘Come over later. Barb away. Sure Claire will have something’

Great, I thought, he wants to take me to dinner and I am expected to find something suitable from rummaging in his daughters wardrobe again. Claire was a nice enough girl, but I remembered seeing photos of her from Tommy’s wallet and she looked a little tarty to me. I wasn’t sure I fancied it.

‘Not sure’

‘Please. Really want to make it up to you’

I thought about it for a while and then decided.


About 7 that night I was at Tommy’s. He had seemed a bit surprised when he opened the door to me in my jeans and hoody.

‘I figured you didn’t need the neighbours twitching their curtains’

‘Yeh, you’re probably right’

We chatted for a while. Tommy suggested that we head up west and that I should go upstairs and pick out something to wear. He kept saying how he wanted to make things up. I had asked him if he wanted me to take the stuff I chose to wear back to my place to get ready.

‘Yeh...probably best isn’t it?’

‘S’pose so’ I couldn’t have felt less like doing it at that moment.

In Claire’s room I was a bit more prepared this time. Her better shoes were in their boxes and turned up a pair of 4” heels in black suede with a small platform. From her wardrobe I found a stretchy black shift style dress with a cap sleeve, but one that wouldn’t show too much cleavage. I remembered that she had had a pair of stockings in her draws and sure enough I found a sheer black pair with lacy tops. Further rummaging produced a suspender belt and some matching satin and lace underwear.

I was about to leave when I spotted something at the back of the cupboard. A lock of blonde hair poked out from a shoe box. I lifted the lid and pulled out a long wavy blonde wig shot through with black highlights. Claire was a blonde and she had obviously brought the wig as part of some outrageously tarty outfit to wear to a club or something.

I studied some of the photos blue tacked around her mirror and sure enough there was a picture of her looking drunk with her mates, wearing the wig and all done up to the nines in a party dress and killer heels. An idea began to form in my head. I would pay Tommy back for earlier; I would really blow his mind when he picked me up for dinner later.

I emptied the contents of my holdall out on the bed when I got to the flat. I had scored some additional items for my outfit in the shape of some of Claire’s make up and jewellery including false eyelashes and massive gold hoop earrings.

I ran a bath and shaved my legs and underarms. I moisturised and the doused myself in one of Claire’s half used body sprays, the brand that when advertised always showed men being driven crazy with desire for the girl using it.

I had taken the photo of Claire with me and with the help of her makeup used lots of blusher and a glittery highlighter to do a tartier look than I had tried before. I used lots of shadow and eyeliner to make my eyes look big and added the blue coloured contacts I had used in my Malin disguise to enhance my desired appearance as the kind of girl I saw in Nuts or Zoo posing in their underwear.

The super long eyelashes and bright pink lip gloss merely enhanced my look and I pouted at the mirror as I looked at myself with the long wavy wig on. As with my previous disguise as Malin I glanced between the image in the mirror and the photo of Claire to see if I had captured the look.

I was careful putting on the stockings, but I eventually figured out how to clip the hooks and eyes of the suspender belt onto the lacy tops. The knickers were high cut, but there was enough material to cover my taped down cock and still give me a feminine profile. My breast forms filled the bra perfectly and its padding probably took me up a cup size. The dress was clinging to me in all the right places and there was a hint of my suspender belt through the fabric when I sat down. I added finishing touches of lots of bangles and bracelets from Claire’s dresser and the earrings before stepping into the heels. As I stood I felt my legs elongate and I looked at myself in the long mirror.

I looked like a proper party girl. A girl who could and probably would ‘go’ all night. In the tight dress I was all tits and legs made super slim by killer heels. My hair and makeup was just the right side of tarty, but I hoped Tommy was taking me somewhere with low lighting because everything about me screamed ‘F**k me’

Tommy was expecting my text so he could come and pick me up. I looked at myself in the mirror. My male side, the normal me... Ian... Well I would fancy me like this. But it didn’t feel right. I didn’t look that dissimilar to Tommy’s daughter (and that was after all the look I had been going for). Hadn’t he (Tommy) said I could pass for her?

It just didn’t feel right.

I knew Tommy fancied me when I had dressed as Malin and he clearly liked the idea of me dressing up in something sexy so he could take me out, but was that what I wanted? All I really felt like doing now was having a large G and T and a long bath and resting my feet. I picked up my phone and sent Tommy a text.

‘Look I know you want to make things up to me, but it’s fine (honest!)... Just want to have an early night’

I thought for a moment as the message sent and then sent another.

‘Just want things to be normal again’

Tommy called me.

‘Somethin’ wrong?’

‘No, it’s like I said I’m tired’

‘Don’t you want me to take you out?’

‘I have just spent the last hour getting ready! I’m stood here in killer heels and a party dress, but I just don’t feel like being sociable... I’m sorry’

‘S’ok... I understand... It all feels a bit weird...’ Tommy’s voice trailed away.

‘I’ll keep the dress... if that’s cool? Maybe I’ll let you buy me dinner sometime’

We both seemed happy to leave it like that and after a bit more small talk I said I would see him back at Chambers tomorrow.

I balanced against the wall and pulled each foot back to take off my heels. I wandered into the bedroom and took off the wig and stepped out of my dress. Catching sight of myself in the mirror I thought I looked pretty good in the underwear and stockings. All of this would begin to change tomorrow; there would be no more shaved legs for me.

The following morning I got ready for work. I had packed most of the clothes away in the suitcase Tommy had given me originally. The wigs, make up and accessories were in a couple of shoe boxes at the back of my wardrobe. The only thing I couldn’t bring myself to pack was the Jigsaw dress I had worn for my Malin Jensen disguise. I had hung this inside a suit carrier to stop it getting creased.

I left the flat to head to the station and back to normality. How many times in the last few weeks had I left the flat dressed as Leanne. I was lucky I lived in a large block, because none of my neighbours had commented on seeing a young woman coming and going.

I came down the stairs at a run and opened the communal entrance to my block. As I did so a bunch of flowers that had been propped against the door outside fell in as the door opened. The bouquet was the kind you see for sale in garages or from vans at the roadside, but it was pretty big and as flowers go I guess they were nice enough. There was a little card pinned to the wrapping. I figured that someone might have been delivering them, but couldn’t get buzzed in to the block. Least I could do was see who they were for and leave them at the right door. I looked at the writing on the card.

To Leanne
(Sorry I didn’t know what flat!)
Wondered if you would like to go out sometime?
Call me?
Paul (from the train) x

I knew immediately who it was. The guy from yesterday. He must have looked to see what block I went into. Well at least I knew whose door to take the flowers to! I looked around to see if I could see anyone and then ran back upstairs to the flat.

I didn’t have any vases, so made do with a jug of water. Leaving my blooms on the kitchen worktop I tucked the card (he had written his mobile number on the bottom) inside my jacket.

When I got to the station I looked around the platform, but there was no sign of Paul. In some ways I was disappointed as I keen to get a proper look at him. I turned the card over and over inside my pocket and toyed with my Blackberry with my other hand. I shouldn’t have given him any encouragement yesterday, but at the same time he hadn’t twigged that I wasn’t a real girl. And he liked me enough to buy me flowers! I knew enough girls to know that was a pretty good sign that a guy was into you. I made up my mind. I took out my Blackberry and began to text.

‘Hi Paul, thanks for my flowers. They’re lovely! Can’t talk now (on the train) Leanne x’

I was on the train when I felt the phone vibrate; a message coming through. I looked around before getting the Blackberry out as if I thought he was in the same carriage.

‘Hi Leanne, great to hear from you! Glad you liked the flowers. Does that mean I have a date? P x’

I thought about it. I was certainly getting more attention as a girl than as a guy and I knew from how I had been with Tommy that I liked the attention I got. This guy seemed nice and one drink couldn’t hurt could it?

‘Hi Paul, that would be lovely. When were you thinking? Leanne x’

‘How about Friday night, about half seven? X’

I replied that that would be lovely (a word I was clearly overusing as a girl) and that I would see him then. Now I just needed to work on the small matter of my voice!

I couldn’t wait to get home that night. I felt weird, but also nervous and excited. It had been ages since I had been with a girl, but it some ways this felt the same. I was wondering what to wear and where Paul and I would go on our date.

I sat on the sofa and flicked through the magazines I had brought yesterday. Grazia was a fashion magazine, but Closer was more of a gossip magazine with pictures of celebrities and WAGS. I needed some more clothes if I was going on a date, although I had some nice casual wear from my Primark trip. It all depended on where we were going. If Paul’s idea of a date was a pub or bar, I didn’t want to be in a dress, but if he was taking me for dinner I wanted to look nice. A lot of the girls in Closer were wearing nude coloured heels, so I decided I would treat myself to a pair.

I really need to know where we were going though. I decided to text Paul.

‘Hi, you don’t have to say where we are going, but just wanted to know if I should dress up? L x’

Almost immediately Paul replied.

‘I have booked us a table for dinner. Hope you like Italian x’

I assured him I did. So that was decided, I would be in a dress. My prediction about shaving my legs was obviously wrong!

The next couple of days and evenings passed uneventfully. Paul and I exchanged a few texts and I went to Lakeside and brought some nude heels and some sheer tights to wear with my dress. Opaques wouldn’t do with the nude heels I was going to wear. The shoes were high at least 4.5” with a big platform. I practiced walking around the house in them, with my cock taped back between my legs. I had decided to go all out to make a good impression, so I was going to wear the nice underwear I had worn when dressed as Malin Jensen and the £200 Jigsaw dress. I hoped I would still look nice with sheer tights as the dress was pretty short.

On Friday I came into the clerk’s office. I was hoping to get away early as I wanted to make an effort to look really nice for Paul. Tommy was behind his desk. We hadn’t really had a long chat since the Monday and my trip to Plaistow.

‘Wondered if I would be OK to get off now?’ I asked.

‘Yeh... Yeh... no probs Ian’


‘Doing anything this weekend?’

‘Not much’ I lied


I went to leave.


‘Yeh Tommy’

‘Just one thing... I had a word with the ‘topman’ (as we called our lead barrister) today ref the information we obtained thanks to Ms Jensen’

‘Really? S**t am I gonna get my marching orders?’

‘Actually... no, in fact he was quite intrigued by the idea’

‘I didn’t expect that’

‘Well, no me neither, says he’s gonna make you a bonus on the QT as a well done, so to speak. He also wondered if we might use your... um services again’

Tommy motioned towards the chair opposite him.

‘What is he suggesting? There’s no way I’m gonna risk trying to pose as Malin Jensen again’

Tommy pushed over a large envelope. There were a series of blown up photos inside.

‘These were taken at lunchtime’

The photos were of a girl with long dark curly hair, her features dominated by a pair of large dark sunglasses. She was casually dressed in Ugg boots, leggings and with a floral print dress worn over it.

‘Who is she?’ I asked

‘She is the au pair for Sir James Hardacre’


‘Every Friday she goes to his office and picks up a package. Always at 12.30. We want to know what it is’

The penny dropped.

‘You want me to pose as her’


‘What if I don’t want to?’

‘£2000 says you will... plus expenses... the man up top says to advance you what you need to oull it off... clothes, wig, anything’

I said I would do it. It took me two months to earn that. If I could pull this off it would be a tiny risk in comparison to dressing as Malin Jensen. I sat and studied the photos musing out loud about what I thought I would need. Tommy added the odd ‘cool’ and ‘no problem’. I checked my watch.

‘S**t I need to go’

‘Anyone would think you had a date Ian’ Tommy teased me as I ran for the door.

Back home I couldn’t get undressed quickly enough and into a hot bath. I shaved all over and moisturised. I teased a few hairs out of my brows, to redefine a feminine arch and sat in a tee shirt to do my nails.

I looked around the flat and realised with horror that in a few hours I could be inviting a guy into my flat. Unlike Tommy who had known the score Paul actually thought I was a girl. Leaving my nails I rushed around hiding anything that could be considered to masculine. I couldn’t afford much in the way of furniture or a huge flat screen TV, so the decor was quite neutral. What I needed to get rid of was the Zoo pin ups in the kitchen and copies of men’s mags lying around.

I replaced the Kelly Brook poster with one of Brad Pitt and then did a sweep of my male toiletries from the bathroom, replacing them with my makeup. In the bedroom I hid my male clothes and left my entire female wardrobe of shoes and clothes strewn around creating a knicker draw that I left half open with some frothy lace spilling out.

I hung the New Look suit jacket on the back of a chair and dropped the skirt, a top and a pair of opaque’s in the bedroom to give the impression that Leanne had rushed home from work to get ready. Final touches were my handbag out on the table and pink cover back on my Blackberry. Satisfied I had feminised my flat, I concentrated on me.

I was really careful to tape my cock back and I checked my profile from every angle in the mirror to ensure there were no tell tale bulges. My breast forms were nicely covered by the cups of my bra and I was pleased that to all intents my appearance was female.

I made up my face carefully, trying to do more of an evening look. All the way through my prep I was talking to myself, trying to sound like a girl. I had on ‘The Only Way is Essex’ in the background and was listening to the way the girls on there talked. I was finding myself saying ‘lovely’ and ‘nice’ quite a lot!

Make up finished I put on my wig and glasses. I was happy with my makeup, my false eyelashes were having the desired effect and I had toned up my eye shadow and blusher. I sat on the bed and opened the tights I had brought. They had a shiny finish which I hoped would make my legs look nice. I took the Jigsaw dress from the wardrobe and pulled it on careful not to mess up my hair or get any traces of make up on it. I decided to accessorise with the fake Tiffany jewellery. When I had met Paul, although wearing my Leanne hair and glasses at that point, I hadn’t been wearing the fake engagement ring. I hadn’t been wearing any jewellery at all in fact, so I hoped he would notice what I was wearing tonight.

It was now around 7.15. I sat on the bed and slipped into the nude heels. It was time for me to have a few last checks in the mirror. My new tights emphasised how short the dress was, but I was really happy with how I looked. The shape of the dress disguised my lack of curves, while still managing to show off my boobs and legs to their best. I gave myself a final spray of Dior and then put my essentials like compact and lip-gloss into a little clutch bag.

At 7.30 on the dot, the buzzer rang. I went to the entry phone, but had a moment of fear when I realised it could be anyone ringing my bell; what if my parents had decided to pay a visit? I tried to sound somewhere between sleepy and feminine.

‘Who is it?’

‘It’s Paul’

My heart leapt, I had butterflies.

‘I’ll come down’

I left a few low lights on in the flat in case we came back later and then locked the door behind me. I couldn’t help but make noise in my heels as I came down flights of stairs. Paul was waiting in the lobby for me. He was wearing a nice shirt and smart trousers and shoes. He did a bit of a double take as he took in my short dress and killer heels.

‘Wow, you look amazing’ he said

‘Aww thank you’ I replied, hoping so much that I sounded OK. My voice wasn’t that deep, but even so I was so aware of not wanting to sound like a guy. Paul didn’t seem to think anything was odd however. He held the door open for me. Even in my heels he was a good few inches taller than me which was great as it made me feel petite.

Paul had a cab waiting. He stepped ahead of me and opened the door for me. I smiled at him as I slipped on the seat and then gracefully swung my legs in feeling my tights rub together as I tucked them in behind the seat. He came round the other side and got in beside me. Our knees touched. He looked at me as if to say I didn’t mean to do that. I gave him a look that I hope said I didn’t mind.

We didn’t say much in the cab. It was typical awkwardness you always felt on a first date, except the difference for me was that I wasn’t in a shirt and trousers. Tonight I was in made up, perfumed and wearing a nice dress and high heels.

When we got to the restaurant Paul opened the door for me again and I offered him my hand to help me out of the cab. I kept my touch light and feminine. I was really enjoying how different the experience of a date was as a girl.

The waiter brought us menus and Paul ordered some wine. Normally I would have been ordering a large pizza and drinking beer, so I was wondering what a girl would order.

‘Do you know what you’re having?’ asked Paul

‘So much to choose from, it all looks lovely’

I ended up ordering buffalo mozzarella as a starter and pasta as a main. As we waited for the food to arrive Paul was looking at me with a big smile.

‘What’ I said

‘Was just thinking how great you look’

‘Aww... thank you’ I played with my hair ‘you look nice too’

We ate the meal. Paul ordered more wine and I pretended to not want too much, putting my hand over my glass and mock admonishing him for ‘wanting to get me tipsy’. We made small talk, I let him do all the talking, seeming to hang on his every word and adding ‘lovely’, ‘nice’ or ‘aww’ at appropriate moments.

When we had finished our mains we decided to skip dessert. I said I was watching my figure and Paul tried to be charming and said I didn’t need to worry. Paul paid the bill and we left the restaurant and headed out. The street was busy with couples and groups of guys and girls out on a Friday. Paul took my hand and we stood for a moment wondering what to do.

‘Do you have time for a drink?’ He asked

‘That would be lovely’

We went to a busy bar. It was standing room only, but not crushed. There were loads of pretty girls there and I felt a bit un glamorous with my mousy hair and glasses, but Paul didn’t seem to pay any attention to anyone else. A few of the guys gave me the eye and I noticed that girls would check out what you had on. There were quite a few girls in similar outfits to me; short dresses and nude heels.

Paul ordered a beer and I decided that Leanne’s ‘tipple’ would be Archers and lemonade. We were stood quite close at the bar and I felt Pauls arm go around me. We stood with our drinks, often quite close together and I felt the tension between us, but Paul didn’t make a move on me. I wondered if he had noticed something odd about me, or if my voice had slipped. I excused myself and went to the Ladies.

The toilets were packed with girls. Girls chatting, doing the makeup, adjusting their boobs in their dresses, using hairspray. Eventually I found a cubicle and sat down. I pulled down my tights and knickers and reached between my legs to release my cock. Squeezing my legs back together I had a pee while rummaging in my clutch for one of the strips of elastoplast I had cut off earlier. If someone stole my bag, they would wonder if they had stolen the bag of a very safety conscious or accident prone girl!

I re tucked and re applied elastoplasts and then pulled my knickers back up, reassuring myself that I had restored a female profile. When I came out of the loo I checked my makeup and sprayed a bit more Dior before heading back into the bar.

I came back to where Paul and I had been standing. He wasn’t there! I looked around to see if he had moved, but no sign. I couldn’t believe it; twice in the same week I had been abandoned. He must have noticed something, some tell tale sign that I wasn’t a real girl or worse than that someone in the bar had said something. I was about to head for the exit when I felt a hand around my waist. I spun round. Paul.

‘Sorry, needed the loo’ he said apologetically.

‘Thought you had gone!’

‘No way’ he smiled and planted a little kiss on me. I was shocked, but so pleased that he was still here that I moved in close and parted my lips to allow the kiss to continue. Our lips parted, Paul looked at me and then leant in to kiss me again. I cocked my leg back as I had seen girls do as he kissed me and I responded, allowing him to pull me into him. I could feel something stirring in his trousers that stiffened as I flicked my tongue into his mouth. We were ‘kissy’ with each other for a while, oblivious to the other people in the bar. We weren’t full on snogging, but just have somewhat lingering kisses followed by smiling looking at each other and him holding me.

‘Shall we go’ I nodded

In the cab I felt his hand on my leg. He began to stroke it enjoying the feel of my tights. When we got back to my block he asked the cab to wait as he walked me to the door. He held my hand as we approached.

‘Thanks for a great night’

‘It’s been lovely, really nice’ I replied

‘Maybe we could do it again?’

‘That would be lovely’

We reached the door. Paul turned me towards him held me and kissed me. I leant into him, opening my mouth and letting him explore it with his tongue. I could feel his hard cock against my smooth feminine profile. I pushed my hips forward wanting him to know I was into him too. If I invited him in, what would I do? I had that full set of Claire’s underwear upstairs. I could leave him on the sofa and then call him into the bedroom to find me posing in stockings and heels.
But then what? What could I actually do with him? I had made out with Tommy, pulled him off etc. But he had known the score. He had known I was a boy dressed as a girl. Maybe that had turned him on a little. But Paul, genuinely thought I was a girl, Leanne and was probably wondering about what I looked like under my dress, about what he imagined were my tits and worse than that my ‘pussy’. I broke off the kiss.

‘I had better go in’

‘Do you have to?’

‘Yeh... don’t want to shock the neighbours’ I giggled

‘I could come in’

‘That would be lovely, but I can’t’ I said apologetically

‘Oh... OH!’ Paul cottoned on and I said a silent thank you for a moment of inspiration. Deciding to be having my period was a masterstroke.

‘Soorry’ I said pleadingly, adding ‘I really want to...’ I smiled up at him and kissed him.

Paul looked a bit happier.

‘I’ll call you tomorrow’

‘I hope so’ I replied ‘Thanks for a lovely evening’

He watched me take my keys from my clutch and go inside. I gave him a little wave from the lobby and then slipped off my heels to avoid making a noise when I went upstairs.

When I got back in the flat and the engineered female habitation I had created with heels and abandoned clothes everywhere I felt so horny. I had to find a way to get me, or more importantly Leanne, some attention!

The End. (Complete)
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