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Disclaimer: The original characters and plot of this story are the property of the author. No infringement of pre-existing copyright is intended. This story is copyright (c) 2010 khrisi. All rights reserved


.Started 1pm Sat, written standing up at desk ,on a laptop on top of a stand on desk,wearing my yellow satin shortie nightie and wrap, fluffy 4” mules ,my rose collar with chain attached to it running to desk fixture. For the purposes of this story I have set it in the summer.

I await excitedly, but with trepidation for her flight to arrive, standing in my short black mini, a tight white mini t shirt over a black bra and my D breasts, a short black jacket, black satin panties and 4” black heels.
As I try to spot her at arrivals I fiddle with my dark curly wig, and the chain of my purse.
Finally I see her come through the door, and I almost run to greet her, my heels click clacking on the polished floor.
She walks slowly her long slit skirt allowing a quick yet still feminine stride,her almost trademark tight low cut top allowing a good view of the girls.
“hello ,It is so good to finally meet you” I try to kiss her but she holds up her hand and says nothing,,,,,,,,,,,then opens her purse and takes out a silver collar and quickly puts around my neck, I hear the click as it locks.
“There that’s better “she says and with a smile kisses me ,I return it enthusiastically.
“I’ve waited so long for this moment,,,,,,,,Mistress Tori””*giggling*
“Well my baggage wont collect itself …will it??’ she says meaningfully ,taking a silver chain leash from the bag and attaching to my collar and then quickly yanking it to get me moving towards the baggage claim area.
As we go there, me on my leash, blushing as people stare, on the way there is a vacant baggage cart, which she tells me to grab, then attaches my leash to it, saying “there now no one will take it, and when my baggage arrives you can load it onto the cart, you will know its mine as it has my monogram on it as will YOU soon!!!!!!”.I start to stammer something, but she shows me the dildo gag in her purse and I quickly shut up.
“I will be sitting down on the seats over there, when all 4 of my bags are on the cart, bring it over and we will go”
Wheeling the trolley right up to conveyer belt ,the chain allowing just enough leeway to pick up the bags as they come by and put on cart, after which I wheel it over to where Mistress is sitting .As I approach she stands and gives me a look…. I wonder what I have done now. Then realizing I curtsy and say “I have all your baggage Mistress”
“good girl ,,now let’s get going….where is the car parked?.”

“It is parked across from the entrance In short term parking, only a 2 minute walk ,I am sorry it was a s close as I could get”
When we get to the car park, I take the keys from my purse and unlock the Range Rover, Mistress looks at me angrily “WHERE IS THE CORVETTE!!!!!!,I expected the Lotus!!”
“I am sorry Mistress, but I thought this better as the Lotus has almost no storage for your bags”
“You thought??,,,you should have asked!!,we will deal with this later, now hurry and get the bags in the car”
I quickly put them in the back, and then ask if she wishes to drive, but she says no and I open the door for her to get in, closing it carefully when she is in.
I drive carefully back to my house, parking in the drive way, and quickly going round to open the door for her.
I open the front door and allow her to enter first,
“Welcome to my home .mistress, do you wish to freshen up or take the tour first?”
I show the dining room, lounge, kitchen ground floor bathroom and the pantry with the door out to the back garden. Then the second floor with the spare bedroom which I have put my gage into, my main bedroom..(my male room).the box room and the upstairs bathroom. The third floor with my girl room with its king size bed and ,another bedroom and the room I use as a nursery.
With a smile and curtsy I say “Mistress can have whichever bedroom she wishes”
“I will think it only suitable and right that I have the best don’t you???”
“Yes Mistress, of course you will have my girl room, I can sleep in one of the others”
*she frowns and says” What if I need you in the night, ,you will sleep in my room, that way I can keep an eye on you!”… “Now let us start as we mean to go on…..let us get you properly attired….start by stripping off that clothing, down to your panties ...for now”
As I remove my jacket, top, skirt, pantyhose and shoes. She peruses my wardrobe.
“Well I think we should get something out of way first, some reminders,” As she sits on the bed, patting her lap “I want you over my lap now”
I quickly trot naked but my panties and carefully lay over her lap with my ass pointed up
She delivers two quick slaps in succession to mu as cheeks
“That was for not bringing the Lotus”
Then four more blows “Those were for wearing pantyhose I never want you in those things unless I specifically say so, is that understood?”

As my feel my ass tingle, I quickly respond,,,” Yes Mistress I understand ,thank you Mistress”
She then rains another four slaps saying “And those are for whatever else you have done that I don’t know about!”
“Now get up and I will select what you are to wear”
I stand. Wanting to rub my tender behind, but thinking better of it, I curtsy and await her selections
Examining my D cup silicone breasts she pulls on one eliciting a gasp from me as it is very firmly attached
“I glued allover Mistress they should be good for several days at least, unless the remover is used”
She takes my white steel boned corset from the drawer and hands it to me to put on, I wrap it around my waist, doing up the hook and eyes, making sure my boobs are nicely cupped in it, then she take the laces and starts to tighten,
“I think we will go to 26” for now, grasp firmly to the door frame girl”
I stretch as she viciously tightens it more and putting her full weight, on one set then the other ,feeling my waist compressed my ass pushed out, till she measures with a tape and seems satisfied for now.
Then she hands me a pair of black silk stockings telling me to roll them on and attach to suspenders on corset, I sit on the chair and with a little difficulty with my tightly laced corset, running the suspenders under my panties. She points to the black maids dress with its built in lacy petticoats and lacing back. I put it on and she ties it tightly showing my now slim waist to best effect. She views my shoe rack and tells me to put on the 5” black pumps.

As I stand for her inspection, and curtsy she tells me that now I was dressed properly to bring up her bags and unpack them, except the small black one a s that has some surprise for me later then prepare dinner for her. With some difficulty I carry her heavy bags up the stairs in the heels, as she explores the house and its contents further.
I go to the kitchen n and take out a shepherd’s pie from the freezer and put in the oven, and take a bottle of nice pinot noir from the rack and open it to chambray.
When the dinner is ready she sits at the dining table, me laying a napkin on her lap, as she sits on the chair I hold out, pour her a glass of wine, curtsy and repair to the corner and stand in case she desires anything.
After dinner she says that she will take a liqueur in the lounge, and that I may eat now, in the kitchen, from the work top, but that I should be ready in case she needs me
I eat quickly keeping an ear open for her severely tightened corset restricting my appetite.
I take in a pot of fresh coffee to her, pouring it for her, as she sits in the big chair,.
She says” well girl,,,I am sure that my visit will bring some fun, and tomorrow we will explore some diversions for your Mistress is tired from her trip and will have an early night, so go get my night things ready, while I wash up. Then I want you in that cute pink baby doll nightie I saw you have, is that understood?”
I reply “yes Mistress”
She waits with a frown for a curtsy, which I suddenly remember, but too late,,,”I will deal with that later girl!!”

I go upstairs and lay out her black silk nightie, some black fluffy mules and a wrap on the bed., then quickly I take off all my clothes putting them away or in laundry basket as appropriate. I put on the small pink lace panties and baby doll top pjs as instructed and await her return.
I help her undress, my eyes running over her lithe body and her perky breasts, running my hands surreptitiously over them as I adjust her nightie.
When she is ready,,,she sits on the edge of the bed, and opens the black bag and takes out a pink leather paddle, and takes a few practice swings to intimidate me.
“Well time for that promised correction girl!!!”
I am told to bend over and grasp my ankles, and gritting my teeth ,as I await for first blow.
She delivers 15 hard blows to my ass,,tears running down my cheeks ,whimpering loudly a s I feel the glowing of my ass.
I thank her through my sobs for correcting my faults.
“I am going to have to listen to your whining …..I don’t think so” as she takes my pink gel moth dildo from the toy box, and with its strap puts in my mouth and secures it firmly
She takes a chain and attaches sit to my collar and clips it to the base of the bed, saying *There you may sleep with your Mistress,,,on the floor at the foot of the bed, like a good bitch,and you have your bone to suck on “ as she laughs and gets into bed, I curl up on the floor glad of the warm mat there’
She puts out the light, with a final comment “And if I need you in the night, you had better be ready “I curl up and sucking on my dildo,and try to sleep, both excited and scared of what is to come this weekend.

In the morning she kicks me gently to waken me “You should have been awake before girl, I will add that to your list for later, now hurry up and get my breakfast, don’t bother to dress, and you can keep your dildo,,I don’t want to hear your excuses!!”
I dash down stairs and make waffles, eggs and toast for her breakfast with fresh coffee and orange juice.
She signals me to sit on the floor while she eats,,-“Are you hungry girl?” she asks, I nod ,and she drops some toast and a piece of waffle on the fllor in front of me, and looks commandingly at me, to eat it, I start to pick it up, but she slaps my hand and says “No with your mouth like the bitch you are”
I gobble it quickly glad that the floor is clean.. “WE shall have to get you a bowl, maybe one with “bitch khrissi” on it after she has eaten, I have finished my scraps I start to feel my bladder demanding attention, I whimper beseechingly, and point to the washroom.
“Oh you need to pee,,well bitchs don’t use the toilet do they??
She takes my leash and attaches to my collar again, and pulling gently she leads me to the door and out into the garden,,,and to the top of the lawn, now squat bitch and do your business,,,,I pull my panties aside, and feeling so humiliated squat on the leash and let loose a stream of pee on the ground.
After I have finished she tells me to shake ,myself and takes me back indoors, and instructs me to clean up the breakfast things then go shower, take off the gag and present myself to her naked except panties in 30 mins or else, she has some calls and arrangements to make
I rush to comply and hair still wet I report to her, checking the clock seeing it has been 33 mins,,hoping she won’t notice,

Well that’s 3 more on your account for tonight girl. Plus another 3 as penalty
She examines me all over, playing with my butterfly belly button piercing ,running her hands through my mousy, quite short real hair, and the balding spot on top, I blush at seeing this, She feels my silicone breasts ,and says how disappointing they must be,,,compared to have real ones that can feel.
I reply that yes, but that I must settle for what I can get
She smiles that smile I am coming to dread, and continues ,”well want you to go get dressed, no bra, tiny panties and the smallest tightest tee you have, that pink denim mini,no nylons and some sandals, nothing less than 4”..And go heavy on the make….the short permed curly blond wig I think,,,now go and be quick!!!,or i will have to add to your penalty list"
In less than twenty minutes I back dressed as instructed, and have my leash attached before she leads me out of the door, and to the car.
Telling me to be quiet and behave she drives for 20 minutes, obviously knowing where she is going, checking a note that i cannot see.
She stops outside a tattoo store saying that if I don’t do whatever I am told that I will suffer dreadfully, and that she will go straight home, and i will never hear or see her again.
She leads me inside and there is a big biker type guy there.
"Hello Hugo, I am Tori, i called for a special job for my slut here"
He looks at me and laughs, “OH yes,I am all ready for her, it will be easier if she is on the table, but first I do need her to consent verbally and in writing to this"
Mistress looks at me meaningfully “I consent to whatever my Mistress instructs, and then I sign the form which she hands me, it folded so cannot see what it has on it.
I take off my skirt, and climb up on the table, trembling in trepidation, and lay there as he starts to draw on ass,,,Mistress taking my biggest mouth dildo and inserting in my mouth, saying “as I am sure this will hurt, and we don’t want to hear your complaining”

For about 45 minutes I suffer and yelp into the dildo as I feel the constant sting of the tattoo gun as he works.
Mistress sits on a chair in front way of me, laughing as my contortions with each jab.
“I told you that you will bear my mark, my monogram labeling you as mine, forever”
When he is finished I get up gingerly and he takes me to a mirror so I can see his handiwork, I see her mark on my ass, the outline of bloody barb wire around her initials marking me as her property.


“Just be glad I did not brand you “she tells me, “Now thank him nicely for his artwork girl”

I turn and say “Thank you sir, for marking me so beautifully as my Mistress’s property “and I curtsy deeply, wincing at the still tenderness of my ass
Mistress s hand s me my skirt to put back on "are you not glad I did not have you wear pantyhose, my little slut?”
“Yes thank you Mistress” curtsy
As we leave the shop and head back to the car, she spots another store across the road “Oh look just what we need, a pet store; let’s get my little bitch a nice bowl to eat from”
She leads me into the store and after looking selects a pink china bowl with a puppy pattern, saying that it will be suitable
Having me carry my bowl out without a bag we return to the car, and she tells me that she has a pleasant surprise for me next.
We drive north and after about 15 minutes we arrive at closed down salon, where she says that my hair will be done.
I protest weakly that I have a wig on, but she ignores my words ,just takes me into the salon, and after whispering with a lady there, who brings me a drink, which I am glad of…but then Mistress pours it in to my new bowl and puts it on the floor, telling me to lap it up.
I squat on all fours my ass out and start to drink. After a few minute she bowl is empty, and I am ordered up into the salon chair, which I relived as I suddenly feel woozy, and tired. As the salon lady removes my wig ,,,everything goes black,,,and my last thought is that Mistress must have drugged me!!

When I come round, Mistress waving pungent smelling salts under my nose, I shake my head and feel the strange sensations, hair on my neck, but not like I am used to with wig, it feels different somehow, also it feels like Im sitting on a cushion now, and my chest feels different I look in the mirror and see I have long blonde hair, very wavy down pat my shoulders.
Feeling confused, then Mistress says” It is a new procedure, it is a wig but rooted into your existing hair which is run through it, and it will last up to a year”
“See “,, and she pulls it hard, yanking my head to one side as I yelp at the pain of my hair being pulled
“It can be styled dyed, anything regular hair can, but without the damage, in many ways better than real hair, without the disadvantages of your wigs”
Staring at my image in the mirror in horror and excitement, at now long wavy hair, I keep shaking my head to feel it flow and move.
“Also and a why we had to sedate you, the lady here is not just a stylist she is also doctor, one who unfortunately can’t practice legally, but I am not concerned about that, in addition to the hair implant, she has also given you at my request several more gifts from your Mistress, massive collagen injections in that skinny ass,so now you have a nice bubble butt, that you can wiggle and fill out those tight skirts properly, and she has inserted silicone implants, so now you have real breasts, no more sticking those plastic ones on, and you now will have no choice, with a rack like that, everyone will see a girl, and later we may get them pierced””
She grabs a nipple through the pink smock I am wearing and twists sending waves of delight and pain through me, she pulls off the smock and now I can see them a pair of perfect pretty breasts, maybe a D cup ,but firm and well-shaped, the nipples a nice dark red color,
Mistress smiles at this, but none the less says” Come on girl, stop admiring yourself, we have lots more to do, say thank you to her ,and your Mistress and we must get going”
I get up and thank them both, and curtsy, the feel of my new harass and breasts again exciting me.
She hands me the t shirt to put back on, it now even tighter, the feel of the cotton on my newly sensitive nipples making me blink in delight and surprise
She gives me my purse, telling me to fix my make up before we go to our next destination.
A small boutique specializing in sexy wear, mistress takes me in and tells me to go take off everything, I start toward the changing room, but she says “no need for modesty ,it is not something you will need again, you can change right her, pointing at middle of shop floor”
I take off my skirt shirt, and slip off my shoes as Mistress sort s through the racks , she gives me pink thigh high stockings with a lacy top to put on ,next she hand s me a pink dress ,very short tight with a mesh detail.


“There that will show off your fresh new boobs and that cute ass”
With difficulty I slip the dress on, it being very tight over my new boobs and my ass feeling like it is sticking out a mile.

As she runs her hand over my body, straightening the dress, a shiver runs through me.

Lastly she selects a pair of 6” pink heels, directing me to put them on

I walk around a bit to model for her, as she looks for the right accessories ,some pink plastic dangly earrings, bangles and bracelets. Lastly a tiny pink purse which she puts just some change and a cash card.
“So my little slut,,how do you feel?”

I pause and answer honestly. “Humiliated, sexy excited and scared”

She takes a piece of paper and puts in my purse, “Now we need some things from the store ,I have put a list in your new girly purse”

I ask politely what store we are going to
“WE are not going, you are just some groceries and a few bits and pieces ,I am sure you will get them in Safeway and Wal-Mart except the last item, which you will need to look all the mall for, on the list is a picture of a pair of shoes,,,,,find them and try them on, then buy them, I am sure you will make quite the item trotting around dolled up like a Barbie, and be aware I may be watching”
“You have plenty of change, so off you go the bus stop is down the street, and don’t forget to smile nicely to everyone, I expect you home by 6pm”
I curtsy and trot out of store,,,wondering what I must look like….but with a big smile



To be continued... (Incomplete)
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