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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: The original characters and plot of this story are the property of the author. No infringement of pre-existing copyright is intended. This story is copyright (c) 200? Author Name. All rights reserved.

Woman in Dis-dress

By Joni W


This is my first attempt to write a story not related to the Gabyverse, which I have been writing for. I hope you enjoy it. This story came to me when my middle son was playing his X-Box 360 and I noticed a background noise always being there and this music playing the whole time he was playing the game. So I asked the question, what if? This is the result.

Disclaimer: The original characters and plot of this story are the property of the author. No infringement of pre-existing copyright is intended. This story is copyright (c) 2006 Joni W. All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. The characters are not real.


Please do not post or alter this story and post it at another Website with out my permission.


Please be gentle with me, after you have read it and let me know what you think.

Thank you, Joni W.




Woman in Dis-Dress:


My name is Karen. I'm a mother of three boys and a wife to a handsome, very loving and sensitive husband named Lee.


Lee is a Service Engineer and works on industrial machine tools for different customers all over the country. This left me alone with my sons many times. Our away time always drew us closer together when we were with each other. He was a great father to the kids, was not much of a sports enthusiast, except for the occasional golf game, I'll give him that and he always helps around the house with cleaning, cooking and doing the laundry. He was a better husband than many of the husbands my girlfriends married. I love him dearly.


My oldest son is William. He is twenty-five and married a beautiful and wonderful wife, Terri, two years ago. He's in the Air force as a First Lieutenant and stationed in the Southwest, too far away from us. Unfortunately for me. We live in the North Midwest area of the country. I love my new daughter in-law to pieces. I wished she lived closer so we could do more things together, like shop and just go out together as mother and daughter.


I always wanted at least one daughter in the family. It is overwhelming when you have three sons and another son, called your husband. Kind of a one-sided type of family, if you know what I mean? I usually get out-voted if we had our druthers of where we wanted to go. I don't really mind it though. I wouldn't trade any of my sons for the world; they are all wonderful.


My youngest son is Kevin. He is twenty-one, quiet and reserved until it is time to party. He is also a studious student and a hard worker when it come to jobs outside of the home, but always found a way to get out of work when he is in the home, much to his dad's displeasure. Kevin always knew how to get out of mowing the lawn, or cleaning up the house. I was quite irritated with him a few times myself. He presently is going to college away from home, so he is living in an apartment, off campus. He is working to become a teacher, in either math or chemistry.


He is quite handsome as a man and has girls swarming around him always. Surprisingly, he is a one-girlfriend person though. He has dated his present girlfriend for over a year and a half. He is sports minded and an athlete himself, very musically inclined, helps with the local high school marching band, as a trainer for the battery (the percussion group) and is a waiter at a major national restaurant chain. I'm not really worried about him; he will do well.


Now we come to my middle son, Steven. Steven is twenty-three, a free spirit. He has a love of all people and things. He is caring and loving. Will help around the house, usually if pushed. Is a hard worker, when he wants too work. He usually has a new girl friend every three weeks. I think he beds most of them, much to my displeasure. He assures me he uses protection always. I certainly hope so, for his sake and ours. He still lives at home. He just graduated from college with a Physical Science Degree in Massotherapy. He likes the theater and has gotten his Theater Science Degree also. He has worked on several independent movies, done many theatrical shows for lighting, and sound. Loves to build sets for these shows. Has done acting too.


He is quite handsome, wears a goatee, his hair is moderately long, definitely not short, kind of shaggy. His entire body is covered in thick dark hair. He almost looks like a wolf man. I haven't figured out where he got the hair from, for my husband is not a hairy person, and neither is his side of the family. My middle brother is very hairy, so I guess it must have come from my side of the family, but he is the only one; no one else on my side was all that hairy either.


Now as good as he sounds, Steven is quite lazy; he is an underachiever when it comes to studying and pursuing subjects, other than what he wants to study. He has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Never really puts forth the effort to do a really great job. He loves to cook, but doesn't like to clean up his mess. His bedroom looks like an explosion happened and clothes are thrown all over the place. In easy terms his room looks like a pigsty. He has torn boxer shorts lying here, there and everywhere. When he comes home, he literally takes his clothes off in the living room and just leaves them lay where they fall, his coat over the sofa, his pants on the floor, his socks where they fall, his shoes where ever they landed, the books, were ever there is room to put them. He would go to the laundry basket in the laundry room and take out the clothes he wants to wear and leaves the rest sit. I have to pick up after him, which gets me very upset. Kevin really isn't much better than him, but at least when he is told to pick up, he will. Steven just ignores me. 


The bathroom they use is also a pigsty; they never clean it up after themselves. Spent toilette paper rolls thrown on the floor, instead of being put in the garbage can, toothpaste not closed and toothpaste all over the counter, shaving stuff laying helter skelter, tissues all over the floor, mirror covered with spots, the bathtub having dirt around the tub, uncleaned and the sink a total mess.


Steven has another thing that truly bothers me; he likes to swear all the time. I have asked him to curb his language so often, I have lost track.


He just says, "It isn't bad, it's just F___ing words."


GRRRR! I so want to wash his mouth out with soap, but he's way to big for me to handle. When I ask my husband to correct him, there is always a shouting match between the two and it always gets worse, then Steven goes out of his way to swear more often, if that's possible.


Steven drinks to excess too. Both Lee and I hate this, for we see him going down a downhill spiral when he comes home drunk all the time. I know Steven has a self esteem type of problem and he drinks to make himself look good, he smokes a cigar once in a while, again to fit in with his peers and swears like a sailor to look manly. He can be such an immature jerk at times.


The biggest thing, on top of all of this; when he gets money, it's gone the same day. It isn't just all the things previously talked about, but he went out and bought one of those X-Box 360's. He got all the bells and whistles for it and a bunch of games. Now, not only is he lazy, but he just lays on the couch from morning to night playing games on the stupid thing.


When I ask him to do something he says, "Ok." and continues playing and totally forgets about what he was asked to do.


I also noticed that when he plays some games, he cranks up the sound and there is always a white noise that is playing in the background, and some type of music. I feel that there is something to this noise, for after a while I get tired of listening to it myself, and I tell him to turn off the sound, or have him turn it way down so
I won't have to hear it.


In spite of all this, I still love him. Lee isn't so amiable and is always yelling at him to get a job, or some such thing about doing some work around the house, if he isn't working elsewhere.


I know Lee loves him too, but he doesn't always have the chance to show it.


It all started the day when Steven downloaded this game called ‘Woman in Dis-dress' I haven't a clue what the game is about, but I heard it was an X-rated game, so he was trying to keep it hush, hush from me, for he knows I don't appreciate filth like this in my home. I saw him playing it and wanted to say something, but realizing he is twenty-three and an adult, maybe in age, but not mentally, I feel he has a right to do what he wants. Well I was pleasantly surprised to hear nice music coming from the game, almost classical music, easy to listen to. The graphics were truly spectacular, it almost looked like you were watching a daytime soap opera, the characters looked that real. I noticed there was a white noise being generated in the background again. I guess it was a meadow scene and it was supposed to be the wind or something. The dialog was interesting too. First it sounded like real people talking, not a computer generated voice at all. It looked like this was some kind of an adventure game, where the game person was given puzzles to solve, to find clues or hidden things, which help solve the game. Kind of like the game called 'Myst', or the 'Eleventh Hour'. All puzzles of various sorts.


I noticed that Steven's character was a female, a very beautiful female in fact. I found this interesting that he would choose such a character. It was almost embarrassing how beautiful she was too. I was almost jealous I didn't look like her.


I heard the beautiful, skimpily dressed girl, Steven's character was standing next too, saying, "My, my. You need to date him to get that information that you seek girl. You look like such a tomboy. You need to make yourself look sexy and appealing, for otherwise he will have no interest in you. Let me get you ready so you will know how to dress properly in the future. I'm sure I can get you an outfit that will make his eyeballs pop out of his sockets when he sees you. Come with me dear."


The next scene shows Steven's character naked, and what a body Steven's character has, I was jealous of her. Well, I guess I can see what is holding his interest in this game, it's all these, almost dressed, girls he sees. He was so oblivious of me and absorbed in the game, he didn't even know I was in the room with him.


The character that was helping Steven stated, "Oh Cedric is such a hunk, he has the biggest muscles and the tiniest waist and the most firm delicious buttocks of any man in the realm. His love muscle is the biggest and firmest in the kingdom. He is insatiable and will have you in the throws of orgasms all night long. You will truly grow to love him dear. He also would love for you to do other things for him as well, but I'll let you find out what those things are from him. Come let us take a bath and remove all of your body hair, so you are silky smooth. Then I'll wash your lovely hair and put it up in the most beautiful of locks, that any girl would be jealous of." With this the other girl took off all her clothes and the both of them went into the hot spring to wash.


I noticed my son was lying on the couch and he was getting sexually excited, judging by the bulge I saw in his pants. So my son is finding this interesting and sexually stimulating huh? I was beginning to wonder why he would even consider playing this game? This is too weird. It's so girly, why would he possibly take this character in the game? I think I better have a talk with him about this.


I left him be, I was beginning to wonder why this didn't get me more upset? Why is my son taking on the female role, first off and what is with all these sexual innuendos from the girl's point of view? That is none of his business.


Hmm, but maybe he can learn from it, to treat his girlfriends better, instead of just another sexual conquest. That's it, he can learn from that experience. I thought nothing more about it and continued doing the laundry and picking up after my sons.


When I got done putting stuff in the washer, I came back upstairs to find Steven's character having oral sex with the male hunk on the screen. Wow he looked like a very hunky Chippendale dancer. I was getting wet just looking at him. I noticed that my son trousers were tented and was getting wet also. Again he was oblivious to me being in the room. His eyes were burning into the screen. I saw him doing something with his hand against his chest, rubbing his nipple, like the girl on the screen was doing. He was rubbing it like it was a woman's breast. I wanted to say something to him, but for some reason I couldn't. I lost interest to what was happening in the game and went back to cleaning up. As I was upstairs in the bedroom area, I started to realize this isn't right, he shouldn't be playing that game. It was perverse. Why is he doing the female role in the game and what was he doing, getting excited about seeing a girl doing oral sex and rubbing his chest? I have had enough of that game, I'm going to go down there and stop it.


I walked down the steps hearing the white noise from the game again and the sweet angelic music that was being played and I forgot what I came down to do. So I went into the kitchen and started to work on supper, hearing the music and the white noise. The more I got into making the supper, the less I thought about what Steven was doing and what he was playing, and how he was playing it. It never crossed my mind again, until he walked into the kitchen. I didn't hear the music or white noise anymore. I noticed the stain on the front of his pants was quite large now and I pointed it out.


"Steven what did you do to your pants?"


"What? What do you mean, what did I f___ing do to my f___ing pants?" he looked down and got embarrassed. "Oh f__k. I don't f___ing know mom, I have no f___ing clue what happened. Maybe I spilled some f___ing water, or something, on it while I was playing the f___ing game?"


"Maybe. that must have been what you did, why don't you go clean up and change your pants. Clean up your mouth while you're at it! By the way, what was that game you were playing out there?"


"Oh that is a new f___ing game I downloaded from this f___ing awesome website. Some of the guys said I should f___ing try it. They said it was f___ing exciting. It's ok for a f___ing game, cool f___ing graphics though."


Remembering a little of the game, I answered, "Yes the graphics seemed to be very lifelike, what is the premise of the game? Will you please stop swearing?"


"Oh it is a type of f___ing adventure game, you need to gather f___ing clues to find the f___ing lost treasure at each level, and I heard there are about twenty f___ing levels and each one has it's own f___ing treasures, but you won't find out what they f___ing are until you get to that f___ing level. It's pretty f___ing tough, they throw you into all kinds of shit situations you need to f___ing work through. You have to f___ing learn how to control f___ing people properly to get the shit information. You need to f___ing know their weaknesses and how to f___ing exploit them. You need to f___ing know how to f___ing behave to get things you f___ing need, doing f___ing things the other f___ing people would f___ing like, so they would f___ing reward you with the shit information you need to solve the f___ing puzzle, you know shit stuff like that. If you do a good f___ing job you can control the f___ing people and get them to f___ing talk and tell you the shit you need to know. It's really f___ing cool actually."


"Will you stop being so foul mouthed, I don't appreciate it! What type of character are you playing?"


"Oh, I just take the person they f___ing assign me in the game, you can't choose who you f___ing want to be right off. I'm called Steph, I think that is short for Steven; I put in my name at the beginning and that is what it called me. They spelled it S t e p h. The f___ing program has a few bugs in it though; one time it called me f___ing Stephanie. It called me a f___ing girl's name. Isn't that a f___ing hoot?"


"Steven will you clean up your mouth! I told you I don't want to hear it. Now get upstairs and get cleaned up. Put your dirty stuff downstairs and I'll wash them."


"Ok mom!" he left the kitchen.


I wish he would clean up his vocabulary; it's going to come back and get him someday. I just know it. I went back to getting supper ready, not worrying about what he said about the game. Something wasn't right about what he told me, about his character. Somewhere in the back of my brain I was suppose to say something to him about something, but for the life of me I couldn't come up with it. Ah well, kids now days. I wish I had half the stuff that these kids have now, when I was a young girl. I would have excelled in everything I tried.


Lee arrived home just in time for dinner, which was a surprise. He usually comes home in the late hours of the evening and has to eat alone. The nature of his business makes him drive all over the city, or the state.


"Hi honey. Why don't you get cleaned up, I'll set a place setting for you and we'll be ready to eat." I told him.


Kissing me he said, "Ok, I'll be back shortly." He headed for our bedroom.


Steven returned.


"Sigh, I'm going to have to get some f___ing lingerie, mine all have f___ing holes in them."


"Lingerie? What are you talking about?"


"Oh sorry I meant f___ing boxer shorts. I don't know why I f___ing said that."


"Will you clean up your friggin mouth!?"


"No! It's only words, they're in the dictionary so they're ok to use."


"Not in my house, do you understand?"






"You want me to pick you up some boxer shorts for you when I go out shopping tomorrow?"


"Nah! I'll f___ing do it tomorrow."


"Sighing. You better watch your mouth young man; for dad is home."


"Yea so what!"


I glared at him.


Lee walked in.


"Hey pops."


"Hey son."


We sat down and we all quietly ate our meal.


After the meal, I was surprised to see Steven take his dishes out to the kitchen, rinse them off and put them in the dishwasher. Is he sick?


"Thank you son."


"Your welcome mom." he turned and gave me a hug, "Thanks for the dinner it was delicious."


Wow, that's a first, he hasn't hugged me in years and he actually thanked and complemented me for dinner. Is he sick or something?


With that he walked back out to the living room and started up his X-box again. The music started again, and so did the white noise. I was going to say something, but for some reason it didn't bother me anymore. Lee stayed in the dining room and was reading the newspaper.


I finished up the dishes and I started to feel good.


I walked out to the living room and I saw Steven's character naked again, looking into a closet for something to wear. I was amazed with what Steven chose to wear. It was a beautiful dress and he accessorized perfectly. He got the proper shoes, hose, panties, bra ... everything he chose was perfect. What gives? He shouldn't know how to do that. Where is he getting this knowledge? I wasn't that good when I was his age. I saw his character putting on the clothes like a pro.


When he moved his character over to the makeup table, I saw him select and put on the perfect makeup for the outfit his character was wearing. How is this possible? I looked over at him on the couch and I saw his facial features move like he was actually putting on the makeup as he sat there. I also noticed he wasn't sexually excited this time. I shook my head. I went downstairs to handle the laundry.


I moved the stuff in the washer into the dryer and then loaded up the washer again with his clothes. I picked up the pants he was wearing this afternoon and noticed it wasn't just water that got spilled on his pants, there was smear marks where he must have wiped the wetness off of his pants and realized it was cum stains. What is going on here? Why is there cum all through his pants. Wait a minute, I remember, he was playing the role of a woman giving oral sex to a hunk of a guy. I was getting wet just thinking about that guy on the screen. He was very sexually stimulated lying on the couch. I bet he had an orgasm while his character was giving that guy, on the screen, oral stimulation. He must of thought he was really doing it.


That's what I wanted to talk to him about. I didn't think it was proper for him to be playing this game as a woman. It's too realistic, to real; he doesn't need to know about this at all. Not at his age at least.  I need to get that game off of the machine. For some reason I perceived that game as dangerous.


I finished in the laundry room and headed back upstairs, as I walked into the living room I heard the music and the white noise again. What was I going to say? Darn it, I know I had something to say to someone but I can't, for the life of me, remember what it was all about. Come on Karen think, it was important. Oh yes I remember?


"Steven, do you need me to take you shopping tomorrow?"


"No! I'll be fine mom, I'll drive myself to the mall."


"Oh, ok sweetheart." Looking at the screen, I saw there were six naked men walking in front of Steven's character. I was going to ask what was going on, but knowing the strangeness of things, I guess, I really didn't want to know.


Each one of them looked real. Each one of them sporting a semi hard erection; each one of them was a hunk. Where do they get these models from, they're so awesome. I was getting really turned on and wet watching these guys. I certainly could use one of those hunks to settle my needs for the night, looking over at Lee and then wondering what one of those guys would be like. I mean, it's not everyday you see a Chippendale right in front of you, naked to boot, and ready to have sex with you.


What am I thinking?


I pull myself away from the living room, and head upstairs.


Why do I feel so strange? Why am I so wet? I need to get Lee up here, I want to hold and hug the stuffing's out of him and have him make love to me tonight.


Getting an idea, I decide to spread out my candles around the room and change the sheets on the bed to satin sheets. I walk into the bathroom and decide I should take a bath myself and do so, using some delicious bath oils and bath salts. The scent smelled like Plumeria from the Hawaiian Islands. They are the big yellowish-white flowers that they use to make those very fragrant lei's with. Hmmm delicious, as I submerge myself into the sweet smelling, sensual water. I lie there soaking and realize I needed to shave my legs. After getting that done I really felt good. I decided I would relax for a while and started to dream about having one of those Chippendale types between my legs. I was really getting turned on.


What am I doing? I need to save myself for Lee.


Getting out of the tub I slather on some sweet scented moisturizer, powder my body with a sweet talcum powder, dry and do up my hair, put makeup on, to look sensual and sexy, got my sheerest and shortest nighty on, with their cute sheer thong and my short satin bathrobe, that matches my nighty and sprayed myself with my favorite perfume.


I lit the candles around the room and turned off the lights. The room really looked delicious, I was getting goose bumps just looking at it. I needed to get Lee up here bad, for I was dripping wet down below.


I walked down the stairs hearing the music and white noise from the living room again and when I saw the Television, I saw Steven's character servicing four guys at once. I was drawn to look. I couldn't believe it, I wanted to yell at Steven to turn this smut off, but I couldn't.


I looked over to where Steven was lying. I could see his mouth working like he was servicing someone, he was so sexually excited I thought his pants would break if he got any harder and I noticed he was all wet again, his bottom was raising and falling in time to the girls on the screen and saw his hands working like he was servicing the two guys, just like the girl on the screen.


What is Steven doing?  I was appalled to see my son doing this. I looked back to the TV and the woman was in the throws of a sexual orgasm, she was out of control. At the same time, I saw Steven in the throws of a sexual orgasm and his wet spot was getting bigger and he was starting to moan loudly. I wanted to go to the TV to turn it off, but I couldn't move. I found myself really starting to drip with sexual excitement at watching this.


Something told me to forget what I was looking at and then remembered I was looking for my husband who was downstairs watching TV in the family room.


"Honey, don't you think it would be a good time to come upstairs, hmmmm?" as sensually as sexually as I could. I was so hot; it took everything I had to ask so sweetly. I wanted to run right down to him and rip the clothes off of his body and take him right there."


He looked up, and when he saw me, I saw his pants start to bulge. He had the TV off in a shot, and he turned out all the lights in the family room and about all but dragged me upstairs, totally oblivious of what his son was doing on the couch.


I looked over to where Steven is and I saw he was still dry humping air, moaning loudly, trying to keep from screaming, he was still in the throws of an orgasm. My mind said quietly to him, 'I'll have the real thing in a few moments, eat your heart out Steven.'


I ran after my husband who got ready in record time, saw how the room looked, saw the grin widen on his face and saw the bulge grow even more. He took me into his arms and kissed me and rubbed my beautiful behind. He was turning me on so bad; I had to have him NOW!


I won't go into all of the details, safe, as it is to say, we went at it like bunnies all night long, we were both insatiable. I never had sex like that before with my husband. I hope it won't be the last either. We did almost everything we could think of; well I'm sure we missed a lot. We finally fell asleep about four AM, totally exhausted.


I was the first to wake. I had to go potty bad, so I disentangled myself from my husband and ran for the bathroom. I was absolutely sore down there; I could taste some of the results in my mouth from last night. WOW! What happened to us last night? That was some of the best sex we have shared since we got married.


I started to think about what happened yesterday and it all came back to me. Oh yes, Steven and that stupid game. I need to definitely have a talk with him. What did he think he was doing last night making like he was that girl on the screen, doing those guys? That is so sick!


I then remembered my last thought when I came up the stairs. 'I'll have the real thing in a few moments, eat your heart out Steven.'


Why did I think that? Shaking my head wondering what is going on? I found and put my nighty back on and the panties, then donning my bathrobe I quietly went downstairs to start the coffee. I heard the music and white noise again. Don't tell me Steven fell asleep on the couch. I looked over at the couch and sure enough there he was sleeping like a baby with a smile on his face. I looked over at the TV and I saw a girl sleeping in the midst of all the guys she had taken on, she had the same satisfied smile on her face, as Steven did on the couch. I went over and turned off the TV. I noticed Steven really made a mess of his pants. There was a very strong odor of sex and cum in the room. I didn't know what to think of it all.


I woke him up and told him, "Go upstairs, clean yourself up and go to bed."


He stretched and slowly opened his eyes and smiled at me and said, "Ok mother. I will."


I watched him get up and walk upstairs. If I didn't know better, I would of thought he was a girl. I could swear he was moving like a girl. He was gliding as he walked, and his bums were wiggling back and forth as he took his steps. His arms were dangling like a girl would carry herself and swaying them, like he had to miss oversize hips. He gracefully climbed the stairs to the bathroom.


Looking back at the couch, I noticed he managed to make a mess on the cushions. ARGHHH! I better get the cleaner and clean that up before it is totally dry and ruins the cushions.


After cleaning it up, I decided I really do need to talk with him. He is acting really strange. Did he call me MOTHER? He hasn't called me mother since he was really young. Something is definitely wrong here.


I decided I wanted to reward my husband for last night. I made a full breakfast for the two of us and then took it upstairs to our bedroom. What a mess we made last night. Clothes strewn everywhere the bedding was all over the place, and there laid my husband with a contented smile on his face, sleeping. He looked so angelic just sleeping like that, I hated to wake him.


Putting the breakfast on the end table by the bed, I woke sleeping beauty.


He grinned at me and said, "Wow! Was it a dream, or was last night real?"


Smiling at him, "Oh it was definitely real. My body definitely knows we exercised last night."


He reached for me and pulled me into him and gave me a delicious hug and a good morning kiss.


"Here honey, I made us some breakfast."


"Well, let me go to the bathroom first and let me wash up, I'll be right back." He jumped out of the bed and ran into the bathroom.


I just giggled at how fast he got up out of bed. He usually takes forever to get out of bed. If I could survive the sexual abuse, I wouldn't mind doing what we did last night all the time. But I'm sure my body won't be up for it. Oh well, better enjoy those times when we can.


We finished eating breakfast and getting dressed. Both of us cleaned up the bedroom, and then went down to the kitchen.


Lee asked, "Were we that insatiable, that the stench of sex went all through the house?" Commenting about what Steven had done last night.


I fibbed a little and said, "Yes I guess so."


He went and got a can of air freshener and sprayed the living room, dining room and kitchen area to get the smell covered up.


I didn't want to tell him what Steven was up to last night. I didn't want his mood to be broken.


Lee came over to me and asked, "Do you think it would be alright if I go out with the boys and play some golf?"


Thinking it over, maybe that's a good idea. That would allow me to talk with Steven, with out Lee being here. I need to know what is going on with him.


"Sure dear. You worked hard, you deserve some time for yourself."


He put a big smile on his face and he gave me a big kiss and said, "You are the greatest, with out a doubt. Take care Hun, I'll see you later." dashing out the door.


I started to clean up around the kitchen and thought about what had happened in such a short time.


A little while later the kitchen door opened and there stood Steven. "Good morning mother, did you sleep well last night? I know I did." Sighing.


Looking over to him he looked totally different. It took me a while to figure out what was different about him. He had shaved off his goatee, plus all of his body hair, from what I can see, and neatly combed his hair, although it looked a bit on the effeminate side. He was wearing a clean shirt and a neat pair of slacks and clean white socks, with decent trainers. Is this my son, he looks so ... girlish?


"Steven? What happened to you?"


"What do you mean mother? Nothing happened to me. Do I look alright?"


He was talking rather softly and sort of, I don't know how you would call it, cute maybe? He almost sounded like a girl. What is this ‘MOTHER' kick he is on? He hasn't called me that in ages and now he is calling me that all the time.


"Ah ... yes you do actually, you look great. Ah ... what did you do to your hair?"


"What do you mean, mother? I did nothing to my hair." Looking at me a bit confused.


"Well your style is a little bit ah ... ah ... fem ... ah never mind. It's ok."


"Can I help you clean up in here? It looks like you could use some help mother."


"Ah ... sure. Grab a dish towel and dry the dishes after I'm done washing them."


He did what I asked without complaint; he even put the dishes away, once they were dry.


"Anything else I can do mother?"


"Sure, you can help me clean up the house." Not looking a gift horse in the mouth. He is definitely sick. I think I should take him to see a doctor. "You feeling alright dear?"


"Sure I'm feeling alright, why do you ask?"


"Oh nothing."


"Where do you want me to start first?"


"How about doing your upstairs bathroom?"


"I already cleaned that. It was really dirty and gross, what a pigsty."


"You did?" Not believing him, I ran upstairs to check. Sure enough, the bathroom was spotless. I never saw it this clean, especially when one of my boys decides to clean it. "You did an excellent job dear, wow, am I ever proud of you."


I turned to look at him and he looked so proud of himself.


"How about doing your bedroom then?"


"Already taken care of."


"What? You cleaned up your room? This I've got to see."


Going to his bedroom I opened it up and I couldn't believe it. It was absolutely spotless. I even opened his closets and they too were spotless and organized. I noticed a lot of his clothes were missing.


"What did you do with most of your clothes dear?"


"Some of the clothes had holes in them and were worn out so badly, I threw them away."


"Halleluiah!" I've been trying to get my son to throw out all of his ratty clothes for months, now all of sudden he does it, without me saying a thing. Should I complain? This is too strange. "Um ... not that I'm complaining mind, but what made you change your mind about the clothes?"


"Oh it is so out of style. It is time to update my wardrobe mother. I mean it doesn't look good wearing all that old stuff, it was so last year."


What, my son is becoming a fashion critic? "What about your boxer shorts? You didn't have all that many."


"Eww those gross things? I threw them all away."


"If you threw them all away, then what is it you're wearing under your slacks?"


"Nothing at the moment. I want to go shopping for a new wardrobe. I need some new lingerie."




"Well you know under things. Come on mother you know what I mean."


"Oh, of course dear." Thinking NOT! "You want me to go along with you?"


"No mother, I want to do it by myself today. I'm twenty three and old enough to choose my own clothes and lingerie."


There is that word again, lingerie. Should I be worried? I mean here we are having a discussion about shopping and he isn't running and screaming to get away from me. He is also using feminine words to identify boxers, as ... ah ... lingerie? His voice sounds funny too, almost like a girls voice. He is also using exaggerated hand movements that look very feminine, while he is talking. If I didn't know him, I would be worried. He actually looks quite butch, he could pass for a girl, kind of, a very butch girl. What am I thinking, as I shake my head to clear my thoughts.


"Son what is the matter with you? You are definitely acting strange."


"I am? I don't feel strange. I feel great, I feel better than I have in years. I finally feel alive. Is that so wrong mother? Should I not feel happy?"


It just dawned on me; in all this time he had not used one swear word. Usually he would have reached his quota in the first sentence.


"Well, ok son. Why don't you straighten up the living room, I am sure it needs it, after last night." He just looked at me and blushed.


After he finished cleaning the living and the family rooms, he finally told me, "Mother, I need to go shopping for a bit. I need to get a few things, is that alright?"


"Certainly dear, you did a fantastic job." Looking around the room. "How would you like it if I take you out to lunch before you go shopping? My treat?"


"That would be great mother. I would love that very much."


My son and I went to a little restaurant that just recently opened. I figured it would be great time to check it out.


"How many?" The hostess asked.


"Two please." I said.


"Smoking or non?"


"Non-smoking please."


"Very good. Please follow me ladies."


Ladies? Why did she say ladies? She thinks my son is a girl. Ah well what does she know, shaking my head.


She seated us at a table and gave us our menus.


"Here you go ma'am, and here is your menu Miss. Your waitress will be with you shortly."


There she goes again, what made her think my son is a girl?


"Um ... thank you." Not correcting her.


I noticed that Steven made no move to correct her, which in itself is strange also. He has a smile on his face, like he liked being referred to as Miss.


"Are you ok Steven? You don't seem to be angry?"


"Why should I be angry mom?"


"Ah ... well I mean ... oh never mind." I didn't want to spoil the mood, if he doesn't even realize what happened.


The waitress came over a few minutes later, while we were looking at the menus.


"Good afternoon ladies. My name is Trish. What can I get you ladies to drink?"


What is going on here? Now the waitress thinks my son is my daughter.


"Could I have a sweetened Iced Tea please?" My son asked.


"Certainly Miss, and for you ma'am?"


"Could I have the same?"


"I'll be back shortly with your drinks, and I will also bring you some water and then take your orders."


She left us, and my son actually seemed to be happy.


"Steven, aren't you going to say something?"


"Say what mother? By the way, can I ask you a favor?"


"Ah ... ok?"


"Could you please stop calling me Steven, call me Steph?"


"Why should I do that?"


"Well it is my name mother, why wouldn't you want to call me that? I mean after all you and dad named me Stephanie?"




Just then the waitress showed up again with our drinks.


"Here you go ladies your drinks. Are you ready to order?"


I was so flustered; I didn't know what to say.


"Yes, could I have the chicken salad please?"


"Certainly Miss, and you ma'am?"


"Oh ... ah ... the same please?"


"Very good, two chicken salads coming right up."


With that she left.


I wanted to ask Steph some questions, but I couldn't think what it was.


"So ... ah ... Steph, what are you going to shop for, when you go shopping?"


"Well, I definitely need lingerie, maybe some slacks, and a few blouses, some trouser socks, and maybe some panty hose. I may look for some skirts and dresses too. Oh and some new shoes, all of my flats seem so masculine; I don't know what I was thinking when I purchased them."


"Oh, ok. Are you sure you don't want me to come along?"


"No mother, I will be fine."


Something was very strange about this conversation, but I couldn't reason out why.


Our food came and we enjoyed our lunch together.


We finished eating our lunch and I couldn't remember having such a wonderful time with my son. We never talked like we did today. I hope I have more days like this with him.


Something in the back of my mind was screaming something was wrong, but for the life of me I had no clue what it was. It was so nice to share lunch with my son Steph. He really is a nice boy.


" Steph, here take my credit card with you, but don't go to wild with it, just buy the necessary items for now. I will go with you to get the larger clothing items you'll need, to replace that wardrobe you got rid of, later, ok?"


"Ok mother."


He put a smile on his face as he left to go shopping. This is so strange. Here is a child I would have had to drag, kicking and screaming, to do any type of shopping and now he is going by himself and he is happy about it? What is happening with him?


Later that evening, my son returned from his shopping trip. He really seemed to be pleased with himself. He looked different somehow, but I couldn't put my finger on it.


"How did the shopping go, Steph?"


"Oh it was just fantastic mother, I got some really cute stuff." He was carrying several packages in his arms and ran upstairs to his room.


‘Really CUTE stuff?' I thought. What is going on with him? What did he buy?


I was just about to go up to his room to find out what this was all about, when he gracefully came down the steps saying, "I have to get some more packages out of the trunk of the car."


What did he do? Did he buy out an entire store? I didn't have a chance to take a good look at him, since he rushed by.


He came back in with his arms laden with more stuff. He did this three times. Oh my God, wait until his father sees the bill for all of this. I was curious what all he got. I finally got to his room and looked at all the things spread out over his bed. I was shocked to say the least. These were all girls' things. Panties in one pile, 'BRAs' in another. BRAs! What is he doing buying bras? What is going on here? Blouses in another pile, dress slacks in another and short, shorts in another, some skirts in one and several pairs of heeled pumps and some flats sitting on the floor. I noticed he already hung up some dresses in his closet. Some of dresses were really cute. Very tasteful for a girl his age, but certainly not for him.


I turned to confront him, when I noticed he was wearing a bra under his shirt and noticed he had his hair done, and makeup put on his face. I noticed he got his ears pierced, and was wearing pretty diamond earring studs, in his ears. Matter of fact, he definitely looked more like a girl then he did when he left this morning.


"Son, we need to talk."


"What's wrong mother?" Steven looked hurt.


"Ah ... you don't find this a bit strange?"


"What's strange mother?"


"Ah ... all these clothes? Whom did you buy them for?"


"What do you mean who did I buy them for? They are my clothes. What's wrong with you mother? Why would you think they were strange? You acting just like some of the sales people I met today. They were acting very strange too."


"Steven, you bought girl clothes, you're a boy."


"I'm not a boy, I'm a girl mother, what's wrong with you and please don't call me Steven, that is not my name, you and daddy named me Stephanie remember? You call me Steph for short."




This brought me up short. What is going on here? My son tells me he is not my son, that he always was my daughter? Something is definitely not right here. That's what I wanted to talk about with him at lunch.


"Hey mother how do you like this dress I bought today? Isn't it the most precious dress, I just love the color and the fit. When I saw it I had to try it on and when I saw myself in it, I just couldn't pass it up. What do you think?"


"Ah, yes dear, it is very lovely. Ah ... look dear; I need to go sit down for a bit. I'm not feeling so well."


"Ok mommy, I'll finish putting my clothes away, freshen up, come down and help you make dinner."


This is getting too much for me. He is going to come down and help me make dinner? I think I better get Steven to a doctor.


"Ah, ok dear, you do that."


I went down the stairs and noticed Steven had turned on his X-box and the same white noise and music was coming from the TV. As I finally finished coming down the stairs, I didn't feel as faint as when I was up in her room. Her dad is going to have a fit, with her buying all those outfits. She will definitely look lovely in that dress though. I wish she would've invited me to go along shopping with her today. It's a mothers right to help her daughter pick out new outfits. I sure hope she puts her stuff away fast and get herself down here to help me. Her father is going to be home soon and if dinner is not on the table, he will really throw a fit, especially when he finds out she spent so much money on herself today. I better make his favorite meal. Those men have no idea how much work we women go through to look so nice. She sure had a cute pixy hairstyle. I wish her hair was a little longer, it would look so much better, and she wouldn't look so tomboyish.


I was peeling the potatoes when she arrived in the kitchen and I saw she had changed into a cute blouse and skirt outfit, with nylons and cute matching, 2 inch, pumps that just looked so darling. She had redone her makeup and looked like a beautiful princess. I smelled her delicious perfume. I saw she had gotten acrylic nails this afternoon, and they were quite lovely.


"Wow, look at you Stephanie, you look gorgeous. What's the occasion?"


"I don't know mommy, I just felt like it was a nice thing to do for a change. Do you like my outfit?"


"It's quite lovely dear. You have very good taste in clothing. I'm sure your dad will love it. I'm sure you will knock his eyes out with that lovely outfit. Which probably is a good thing tonight, seeing how you spent so much money on yourself." We both giggled at that.


"Honey why don't you clean the vegetables, and I'll get the porterhouse steak going on the grill. I think we better cook your dad's favorite meal, don't you think? I mean you spent so much on yourself today, I'm sure he won't be happy, but I know he loves his daughter and can't deny her anything. You really know how to work your father."


"Oh mother! You know I don't work daddy. I know he loves me. He is just such a smoothie. I can see why you married him. I hope someday when I find my man, he will be just like him."


We both giggled at that and went to work.


I was working the steaks outside on the grill, I had this funny feeling something wasn't right, I just couldn't put my finger on it. I looked through the window and could see my daughter cleaning and getting the veggies ready for cooking. I am so happy I had a daughter. The boys are fine, but it is nothing like having a beautiful daughter to help around the house. I am very proud of her. She will make a fine wife for some lucky man, one of these days.


I finished up the steaks and came back in and saw my daughter had finished prepping the vegetables, and had them on to steam. As I heard the white noise and the music again, my worries about something being wrong disappeared.


"Stephanie, why don't you put the good china out on the dining room table for this evening. I'll finish up in here. When you're finish, let's surprise your dad, on how you look. When your dad comes home, I want you stay out of sight for a while. Let him get comfortable, and then I'll bring the food in and put it on the table for the meal. When everything is ready, I want you to make a grand entrance and then we'll surprise him with how beautiful you look, how does that sound?"


"That sounds like a plan mother. I can't wait to surprise daddy. He has just got to love my outfit."


"Oh, he is a male, I'm sure he will love it," as we giggled.


We heard Lee open the garage door and park the car.


"Ok honey, shoo, go to your room or something, but stay out of sight until we are ready for you."


"Ok mother, I'll go to my room and make sure I look ok and freshen up."


"That's my girl." I gently swatted her behind as she gracefully walked up the stairs, giggling.


"Hi honey! You won't believe what happened today, I got a hole in one and blew everyone away."


"That's nice honey." Giving him a kiss. "Why don't you go upstairs and get a shower and get dressed for dinner?"


"Why should I change for dinner?"


"Because I said so. Do I need any other reasons?"


"No dear."


The white noise and music was still playing on the TV and I had no desire to turn it off.


"Nice background music dear, it is so calming." Lee said.


"Yes it is, isn't it?"


"I'll be back shortly. Nice perfume by the way, I love the scent."


A short time later he came back wearing a nice comfortable hunky looking outfit. He looked sexy and delicious. I wanted to take him to our bedroom and ravage him right now, but knew I couldn't do that, until later.


"Why don't you sit down Hun, and I'll bring dinner out."


"Were is Steven? Isn't he joining us?"


"Steven? Who is Steven? Don't you mean Stephanie?"


"Huh? Stephanie? Who is Stephanie?"


"Well duh, she is your only daughter? Are you getting senile?"


"Oh ... ok. Right. Ah ... I must've forgot."


"How could you forget your daughter? Some days I wonder about you."


He shook his head like there was something wrong.


"Are you ok? You look funny. Is something wrong?"


"No ... ah ... nothing is wrong. I just feel like something is not right, but I can't put my finger on it."


"Right. I had the same feeling all day. It must be something in the air."


Just then Stephanie showed up.


"Hi daddy, hi mommy. How do you like my outfit, Daddy?" while she twirled around for him.


"Wow, look at you princess, you're gorgeous."


She ran to her father and gave him a hug and a kiss on the lips.


"Thank you daddy, you made me so happy."


"To what do I owe this special occasion? Having my favorite daughter being all dressed up for dinner?"


I stated, "Well, Stephanie must have had a revelation today. She cleaned up the whole house, including her room. She got rid of all her ratty clothes, for a change and decided to buy some new fashionable clothes, to get rid of that haggard look she used to have."


"Well, I must say, it looks good on her. Did I hear you say NEW clothes? Um ... I hate to ask, but what is this new look costing me?" looking into Steph's eyes.


"Oh daddy, a girl has to do, what a girl has to do. Don't you love me?"


"Oh I love you a whole lot. Now I'm getting worried? Did you buy out all the stores?"


"Oh daddy, just a few. But I left some clothes for others to wear." Giggling.


"Sit down Stephanie, so we can start eating."


"Ok mommy."


After eating a delightful meal, Lee was much more receptive to what all happened today. The music was still playing in the background and the confusion Lee and I were both feeling earlier just evaporated. Stephanie and myself cleaned up the dishes and the kitchen.


"Mother would you mind if I played some more of my game please?"


"Sure dear, go ahead. I want to have a talk with your father anyway."




She gave me a kiss and hug, then turned and went to the living room to play her cute game. I hope she doesn't get any sexy ideas with all those hunks in the game.


I went downstairs into the family room to talk with Lee.


"So dear, you're not too upset with her buying a new wardrobe are you? I mean she has needed that like forever."


"No, I'm not upset. I know she needed it. I am finally glad to see her so happy and outgoing. She has been in the dumps forever. She is really turning into a very cute young lady. I'm afraid we better keep an eye on her, or some young man will steal her away from us."


I snuggled up to my husband and said, "You mean like what you did to me?"


He chuckled and gave me a hug and a kiss, with a look of lust in his eyes.


"You think it is to early to go to bed?" moving my eyebrows up and down, with lust definitely on my mind.


"Ah ... err ... well, I did have a rather long day. Yes, I think bed is just the answer."


We made our way upstairs and I happened to look over to were Stephanie was laying. I noticed that her character was servicing another gentleman. I could see she was in the throws of an orgasm. I let her be.


I hugged my sweetheart, and said, "Let's hurry." Thinking, ‘I've got the real thing Steph, you really need to get out and meet other people.'


We made love to each other like there was no tomorrow; we went at it for hours. I don't know what came over us, but I'm not complaining, mind. Again we fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning. We were both insatiable.


I woke up before six in the morning for a nature call. I went to the bathroom and heard the game still playing. I went downstairs and saw that Stephanie was asleep on the couch again. I went over and woke her up.


There was a definite smell of sex in the air. I sure hope she didn't ruin her skirt. I will have to clean the couch again. I need to tell her to wear a sanitary napkin, or a tampon, and put a plastic sheet down on the couch, if she insists on doing this every time she plays that cute game. Somehow, I knew I had the game to thank for giving me my daughter, so I'm more than happy to let her play it.


"Come on dear, it is six in the morning, you need to get to bed."


"Hmmmm, morning mother. I had the most delicious dream. I met this hunk of a guy and we had sex with each other and he proposed to me. We were going to get married and he loved me very much. He wanted me to have our children. He was so handsome and strong. His muscles just rippled over his chest. His arm muscles were hard as a rock. He was so beautiful, I just wanted to eat him up." As she sighed, showing her dreamy eyes. "You think I will ever meet anyone like that?"


"I thought you wanted a man like your father? He is not so well built, but he knows how to keep his wife and family satisfied. He really is a surprise actually. After the last two nights, he is definitely a keeper in my eyes."


"Yes, I wouldn't mind having a man like daddy too. You are so lucky mommy, daddy is such a hunk."


"Yes baby, that he definitely is. Well, go upstairs, get changed and cleaned up, so you can have a few hours of good sleep."


"Ok mommy." She gave me a huge hug, and kissed me then said, "You are the greatest mother."


I ended up getting tears in my eyes. I really got choked up, I couldn't say anything and just hugged her tighter.


She went upstairs and I cleaned up the stain on the couch again and sprayed the room with a fragrance to cover up the musky sex smell. I need to watch out for her, I certainly don't want her turning into a slut, or a sex slave, for someone without her consent. She is getting very active. I was never as active as she seems to be, when I was her age.


I walked up the stairs and I saw her coming out of the bathroom wearing a very cute, short, blue, baby doll nighty and a pair of matching thong panties. She was a knockout. I wish I looked like her when I was her age.


"Goodnight mother."


"Goodnight sweetheart." Giving each other a hug.


I climbed back into bed with my hubby, and spooned with him. Falling asleep with a smile on my face.


The alarm went off at seven for my husband, so he could go to work. He was really dragging this morning, I almost felt sorry for him. So I got up and fixed breakfast for my sweetheart. He smiled at me when he finished in the bathroom, got dressed and came to eat breakfast.


"I hate to eat and run dear, but I'll be late if I don't." He got up and kissed me and ran out the door for his car.


I sat there thinking about last night and what happened yesterday. What a day that was. I wonder what my daughter is going to do today? I wonder if she wouldn't mind going shopping with her dear old mom? I guess I'll ask her when she awakes.


Later that day my daughter finally made an appearance. "Mom, do you like the music from that game I have been playing?"


"Yes I do baby, why do you ask?"


"I was thinking of making a copy of it and sending it to William and Kevin. You think they might like it?"


"Oh, I think they will. That's a good idea, is it hard to copy?"


"Not at all. The game already has the option button to make a copy of the sound track and they encourage you to do so, and to play it often, for some reason. I find the music addictive. I like it."


"Hmm, so do I. If you get it copied we can mail it to your brothers when we go out today, is that fine with you sweetheart?"


"Sure mother, but why are we going out?"


"Why, to shop of course, is there any other reason you could think of?"


"Not a one mother, not a one." We both giggled madly.


The End.


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The End. (Complete)
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