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stories/222/images/SLC_Title.jpg by Penny Reed Cardon


After years of struggling with his feelings little Matthias discovers, with some loving guidance, why he hates wearing jeans.


The beginning was a beautiful time, filled with mystery and discovery.
If we are lucky, someone will discover that we are struggling
who will lovingly help and guide us as we grow.

Parent Series: None
Categories: Fiction
Characters: None
Age Group: Adult to Pre-Teen AR
Categories: Sweet and Sentimental
Genre: Drama
Keywords: None
Story Universe: S.P.A. Schools
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Stories: 1
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Never pick up a hitchhiker on Halloween, unless you're prepared to face the consequences.


Last year things went horribly wrong. After all, Halloween is a bad night to hang around the cemetery. You'd think after sixty-three years she'd get the message.


 Have you heard the expression, "Third time's a Charm"? So has Mary -- the problem is that it's not always the charm you want!

Parent Series: None
Categories: Fiction
Characters: None
Age Group: Adult 26-55, Adult to College Age AR
Categories: Age Progression, Age Regression, Cultural Change, Female to Male Transformations, Magical Transformations, Mind Transfer/Mind Possession, Seasonal, Sweet and Sentimental
Genre: Historical, Horror, Mystery
Keywords: Very High Heels
Story Universe: None
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Stories: 2
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