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The Empress Sword by Paulette Jaxton Rated: Younger Audiences (Age 5+) (K) starhalf-star [Reviews - 31]

The Empress Sword

The lands west of the Eastern Ridge have been divided into four warring kingdoms for as long as men can remember. Every thousand years they put aside their petty squabbles and disputes to face a far more perilous danger. Kings and armies fall as the great dragons awaken to descend upon them and all is laid to ruin.
So it was in my time, but I took it upon myself to change the way of things. For I am Empress Afanasia of Kafu. Armed with my magical sword, Kai, I concurred the dragons and with their help brought the Four Kingdoms together in peace and prosperity.
Now it is one thousand years later and a dragon is once again laying waste to the Kingdom of Caledon. I await a young maiden, who will journey into the mountains, take up my sword and rule as I once ruled. There’s just one problem…
“It is I, Prince Aster of Caledon. I come seeking the great sword of power that once belonged to the Empress of the Eastern Mountains!”
This could be more complicated than I thought.
The Empress Sword is a fantasy novel by Paulette Jaxton. Subscribe to the audio experience
If you want to rule my empire, young man, you’d better be prepared to wear the tiara.

Recommended by: Sasha Nexus
Recommender's comments:


The Empress Sword is a podcast novel by Paulette Jaxton so the easiest way to listen to it is to use the link on her webpage to subscribe for free via itunes if you want the full version along with comments before the story and "Dragon Chat" for feedback after the story or the Podioboods subscription which includes only the story.   It's a full audio drama featuring music sound effects and each cast member has their own voice.   

It's a story about Aster, a prince and sole heir to throne of Caladon, who overhears his father King Cosmos talking with his sorcerer, Mandoline of "The Empress Sword" as the only hope to end the 10 year long reign of destruction of Mandrake the Dragon.  Aster finds "The Empress Sword" which selects him as a worthy wielder except one thing which Kai fixes making Aster a "Former Boy" and also becomes oriental as well. Adopting the identity of Astrid, this transboy finds that girls in olden times really were treated differently. Aster clings to the hope that the transformation is only an illusion that the ghost of Empress Afonasia can remove once he defeats the Dragon and returns The Empress Sword, Kai to her.   Aster gathers a family of choice, since the journey and 'illusion' make him only recognizable as Astrid.

At this writing 13 Episodes of a projected 18 have been released with each episode containing 2 chapters of the novel.  We won't find out until near the end if Aster is stuck as Astrid (which is why that keyword was not initially attached to this.)  Even if Aster returns to boyhood in the end (and that is now my personal guess as to what will occur), I feel that the excellence of this story is worth it in the end.   Changing back will reunite a boy with his parents and spending this adventure as a "former boy" will make Aster a very wise ruler when he becomes King of Caladon.   

Please listen to the wonderful story of "The Empress Sword"


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Age Group: Teenager 13-18
Categories: Deals, Bets or Dares, Magical Transformations, Medieval Times, Sweet and Sentimental
Genre: Science Fiction
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Three Cases and a Wedding by Julie O Rated: Teen Audiences (Age 13+) (T) starstarhalf-star [Reviews - 14]
Summary: Feature

Three Cases and a Wedding
(An Iona Beddau Adventure)
Julie O

Edited By Robert Arnold

(This story includes characters from The Turbulence Series, Wild Card, Targets, Twins, and the Julieverse)

Iona Beddau finds she has to balance her upcoming marriage and her new job in magical law enforcement. Thankfully she has plenty of help from her friends and family.

Recommended by: Kirstyn Amanda Fox
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Age Group: Adult 26-55, College Age 19-26
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The Picture by Heidi Rated: Younger Audiences (Age 5+) (K) [Reviews - 22]
Summary: What makes the picture so special for Henry, what hidden meanings does it hold?
Recommended by: Cat Lochley
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Categories: Fiction
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Age Group: Not Applicable
Categories: Sweet and Sentimental
Genre: Drama
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