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Zuflucht (Sanctuary in German) by Story by Julie Christine, Translations by Saphira Rated: Mature Audiences - Explicit (Age 18+) (MA) starstarhalf-star [Reviews - 22]

This story deeply touched me when I read it a many months ago. I asked JulieChristine for permission to translate it into german, which she kindly enough granted me. You may like or not like that story, so feel free to comment.

Saphira Leonie Gardner



Diese Geschichte ist genau das, eine Geschichte, aber dennoch sollte sie sehr ernst genommen werden. Diese Geschichte wurde inspiriert von Vorfällen in meinem eigenen und den Leben von anderen, die ich kenne. Alle Charaktere in dieser Geschichte sind vollständig erfunden, genau wie die Vorfälle die hier beschrieben werden.

Copyright 2002 by JulieChristine

Recommended by: Kirstyn Amanda Fox
Recommender's comments:


I know that I have said this to you several times in private, but I think it's time I found the courage to post this in public. When you first asked me if you could translate this story, I was ecstatic and speechless. But when I saw it here, with the wonderful English intro, I cried. No sounds, No Sobs, Just TEARS. To know that you cared that much about this story, and the message is tries to convey, will always bring warmth to my heart and a feeling that I've at least accomplished one something worthwhile.

Thank you again dear friend for all your effort. While I can't understand more than a few words of German, I have been able to use Google Translate to discover that you DEFINITELY manage to put the full emotion into the story. Remember, it takes a lot of HARD work, to do a simple translation. And even MORE to make it mean something.

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Age Group: Teenager 13-18
Categories: Bizarre Body Modifications, Caught with Consequences, Crossdressing/TV
Genre: Drama
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