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4KコM 団: Crazy Beginnings

Meet Saruko Inoki and she's special and full of surprises not to mention
she's the Brigade President for the 4Kコ Mystery Brigade.

Meet Souko Gonoka, Saruko's friend who sometimes gets Saruko irritated

Meet Michael, a true gentlemen who can stay and watch those two bicker
and fight.

Meet Sohiro, who is a member of the 4Kコ Mystery Brigade and holds a
secret as well...

Meet the 4Kコ Mystery Brigade, a random group created by Saruko, serves
the purpose of investigating phenomena and the unknown,
searching mysteries isn't wrong right?

with the brigade and Junior school life to juggle as well as the
occational love story, who knew one girl could handle life as well
as the supernatural and the members of the brigade.

Well what could possibly happpen when you go searching for mystery?

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[ Download ePub ] [Report This] Published: 03 Feb 2012 Updated: 05 Mar 2012 Webutation