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I’m Just a guy who likes Magical and Science Fiction transformation stories. Years ago, when I discovered the Internet, I found the now defunct Transformation Ring, which led me to the Transformation Story Archive and Fictionmania. I’d read Transgender transformation stories before, but I hadn’t ever seen so many, I found that I really liked that transformation story niche.

My pen name is from Thorne Smith’s novel, Turnabout. It was the first TG story I had read.

I’ve written a few stories, posted them at Fictionmania and received a lot of positive feedback. I guess I’ll post them here now.

Mr. Ram

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Stories by Mr Ram
BathGirl! by Mr Ram Rated: Younger Audiences (Age 5+) (K) starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 3]
Summary: This story happened by accident. It started when Ellie
Dauber misspelled 'BatGirl' as 'BathGirl' in a note
she wrote on the TG Fiction list. Steve Zink called
her on it, but said, "What a concept!". For some weird
reason, the idea of a superhero named BathGirl
inspired me, I wrote a reply, describing what BathGirl
would look like. Steve, made the mistake of
encouraging me.
I wrote a short piece about BathGirl capturing a cat
burglar, it is included in this story. There was no TG
aspect to it and I got some good natured complaints
from the list. I wrote a short paragraph that made it
a TG story, it is included also.  
Ellie also posted a note pointing out the absence of
TG content and said that I had forgotten:

"BathGirl's teen side kick, when he says the magic
word, "SHAZAMPOO", young Dick Batson is transformed
into the spandex clad beauty Rubber Ducky."

Then Steve said that he would like to see an origin
story, I was on a roll, so I wrote it.

Here are all the parts put together into one not so
long story.

Thanks again to Ellie Dauber and Steve Zink for the

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[ Download ePub ] [Report This] Published: 10 Jan 2009 Updated: 10 Jan 2009 Webutation