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Story Notes:

This story is intended for open-minded, adult audiences only and deals with adult, highly sexual, and magically fictional concepts. If your age, opinions, location, and/or general attitude prevent you from legally enjoying such stories, do not read on!!

This story has been posted with the author's consent to TGFiction.Net (I know this, because I, the author, am the one typing this). Any redistribution, reprinting, reproducing, reposting, or otherwise thieving this intellectual property without the author's consent is strictly prohibited. If you would like to legally repost this on a free website, please feel free to contact the author and she most likely will be happy to oblige.

Thank you, and on with the story! I hope you enjoy!


I have always loved my wife, Stacey. We were always each others' best friend enjoying much of the same past times: hiking, biking, movies, computers, house renovating, each other, even some mild sexual kinks. Some would say we were the perfect couple, always laughing with and loving on each other. But there is always something in every couple that seems to not quite fit, keeping anyone just shy of perfect; that's just life.

We had two obvious such somethings. One minor; one not so. The first was my incessant desire (possibly even need) to try to display my lovely wife; some friends even called it "voyeuristic exhibitionism." Would my wife win a modeling career? Probably not, but her 6' blonde frame was exquisite none the less and I was proud of her for it. However, her modest upbringing prevented her from wearing clothes that were too provocative in public and her poor ratio of petite feet to her wondrous height prevented her from comfortably wearing heals for any duration. I was generously rewarded with many of these divine gifts in the privacy of our dwelling, but she was not keen on wearing them in public. While a nagging desire in the back of my mind to share her view and watch the envy of those around me as she strutted on my arm, it was nothing that could not be overcome or pushed aside. That's just life.

This flippant and fickle desire was nothing compared to our other issue. We had been married for four years and been without birth control for even longer, but had yet to produce offspring despite our very active bedroom lifestyle. Many doctors were puzzled and my wife & I both endured a barrage of medicines with no results. While still in our twenties we wanted to begin a family life now, but the powers that be seemed to just not be working in our favor. Just a cruel part of life.

Chapter End Notes:

This is my first story, and I'm afraid I lost inspiration for several years.  However, I think this lull overall and TGFiction.Net's new birth has kind of inspired me.  i hope to have more soon, but the first 6 chapters will be posted as well.

Let me know what you think so far. I know it may seem a little formulaic, but I'm trying to put my own little twist into classic storyline. Hope you enjoy!

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