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Author's Chapter Notes:
Humanity's first encounter with the universal ecosystem is an unknowing scientist in a space capsule traversing the Earth's exosphere. What is instinct, what is will, and what is destiny?
In her space capsule a short-haired scientist in her sporty black underwear floats in a comfortable, almost fetal position. A computer screen notifies her of an incoming meteor shower. Among the space dust are oddly shaped rocks with curvaceous patterns. Most of them enter the Earth’s atmosphere, but one of them senses her biological presence. It shoots out yellow tendrils and clings to the surface. The organic mucus creates a sticky bond and digs through the metallic plating. It pierces the inside of the capsule and reaches out with two red vertical tentacle eyes, lurking between pipes and machinery. The exonaut yawns and closes her eyes, floating in the center of the room.
After watching and waiting patiently, the creature silently introduces more of its tentacles. They array around her like an open hand, slowly closing in like a cage. She begins to opens her eyes, looking around confused and dazed.
The thin wet tentacles swiftly tighten all around her body. She lets out a gasp, wide-eyed. “Huh!?” She struggles but it's holding her so tight she can't reach with her hands to pull it off. It begins pulling her toward Its point of origin. Her front pressing against the wall, she still tries to break free. Suddenly, it breaks free from the wall and the main body emerges from the hole. It expanded instantly with each inch it exited, revealing a semi-opaque sack filling up with more yellow tentacles. Within the sack, it formed a brain made out of bundled tentacles!
It leaves its shell behind outside, sealing the hole. The inertia of her resisting and it releasing itself forces them both away from the wall. The brain part of the creature connecting all the tentacles rubs against her whole body, searching. It leaves smelly, thick, clear liquid wherever it touches. “Mmm!” She closed her eyes and mouth as it pressed against her face in a brushing motion. She tried to grab it, but in response it extended her arms over her head. “Ahhhhh!” She yelled with surprise. It snakes downward, caressing her neck. She bends her head down and raises her shoulders to try and block it. It then moves down into the open part of her sports top and between her cleavage. “Ahhhh!” She looks down as this gross thing thoroughly gropes her breasts. A few times it wraps completely around and tugs outward. “Ahhhng!" She moans with her tongue out and tears of overwhelming pleasure beading out of her eyes. She postures her chest out, breathing heavily. In response it tugged on her even more. “Ohhhh!” Now drool was also being carried away in the air. Her sweat mixes with the alien goo slathering over her.
It pokes out the bottom of her top and runs between the grooves of her tummy muscles. She twists her waist around in all directions. “Mmmmmm….!” It reaches around to the small of her back and suddenly shoves itself down her butt crack. “Ohhhh!” Her eyebrows furrowed in surprise. This mass the size of a fist squirmed around, pulling the fabric of her tight sports shorts. It ran over her left butt cheek and emerged from the bottom of her shorts. “Uhhhn!” It looks around, orientating itself. It then rose back up to look at her pussy. As she shifts around, it tracks her pelvis. It approaches the top of her shorts and thrusts against the edge with burrowing motion. Back and forth, it tries to slip under the fabric. She looks down, trying to shift her hips to keep it away from the two gaps her muscles make with the tight cloth. It finds a way in, and rushes to her pussy. “Ohhhh!” She yells in fear. The alien being stretches her shorts the closer it gets to her pussy. She struggles more than before, shaking her head back and forth with her eyes closed tight, “No! No! No! No! Noooo!” It lodges itself between her soft pussy and her tight polyester shorts stained with mucus. She could feel it release tentacles from the tip to feel around her pussy lips. Without wasting time, they open her up and smoothly flow into her, emptying the sack which stayed outside of her body. “Ohhhh!” She couldn't believe her first time was with an alien creature. They slip into her vagina, swimming across her g-spot. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh!” One of them poked into her urethra and bladed, making her grit her teeth. There is immense pressure against her clit as the sack emptied its contents into her. “Ugh…” She lost most of her strength at this point. She slowly kicks her legs back and forth as it reaches higher and higher in her most private area. It starts easing its grip on her arms and legs, but when she tries to take advantage of this to grab the sack, it stretched her out again. “Ahhhhhh!” She came instantly, unprepared to spread her legs and give it more room to enter. Her hot cum flings out and wets the advanced machinery around her. She hears the tentacles inside the sack unraveling to meet the others inside her. She felt a tentacle pierce her cervix and the rest blossom in her womb. She gapes for a long time without making a sound. The reality of the situation only now fully sinks in. It relaxes its grip on her extremities again, and this time she does not fight back. It felt her relax, and moves more gently in return. It feels around and fills up her womb, but it continues to enter. More and more tentacles pack into her uterus until the sack is empty. “Ahhhhh!” She felt very content. Could this be a maternal instinct she wondered? It seemed to have compacted most of its mass beyond belief. Her belly was inflated a little bit. She then felt a sensation she couldn't figure out. The tips of the tentacles with were feeling her seemed to have stopped and merged with her placenta, spreading on a microscopic level throughout. “Huh?” What is going on? What else could it possible do? She felt the tentacles snaking up into her from her womb and into her belly, then her chest cavity. “Ahh!” It was traveling through her uterus and entering her upper body. It made her arch her spine back and forth, reaching higher and higher. It networked to the inside of her arms, her neck, even within her breasts. The tips release even smaller tendrils which root their way under her skin and between her muscles, finding their way to her brain. “Ahhhhn! Nooo!”
Suddenly the remaining tentacles release her all at once and begin quickly pulling themselves into her vag with lightning speed, weaving in and around her underwear backtracking from their devious paths. It makes a loud wet streaking noise and tickles terribly, making her squirt a second time. She yelled and winced, not mentally prepared. “Ahhhh!” She grabbed some of them as they wiggled violently and wicked mucus on her face and the walls. “Ahhh!” She let go of the one in her right hand and it swiftly vanished from sight. Her body moved in sync with the alien inside her. With her empty hand she tried to grab one on her upper thigh. It was so strong and deep, she could feel it run the length of her torso. All around her tentacles were flailing and converging into her core. She felt the pressure building back up in her tummy like before. “Ahhhahah! Ahhhh!” More tears beaded up between her eyelashes. The last tentacles slipped past her grasp with a wet slurp. The ends of the tentacles splashed and squirmed completely within her pussy. She quickly opened her shorts with her left hand and reached down with her right, trying to grab the last ends of any tentacle with her fingers. “Ahhhh!” She was terrified of the immediate future. She could feel them with the tips of her fingers, too deep and slippery to get a grip. They retreat further up, completely past her cervix. “Mmmmmm...! Ahhhhh!” Tears of insane joy and fear trickled away from her eyes. She could feel it fill her body from womb to brain, even her thighs. It wasn't done shifting around into a comfortable position throughout her body. Unable to keep it still, she closed her eyes as she tried her best to keep it under control. Its writhing forced her to gracefully dance like a candle flame.
She only let out small sighs now, feeling a gradual loss of muscular control to this being. She didn't even have enough strength to wipe the drool from her mouth. The only thing left was her sense of sight, touch and pleasure. It continues mixing her insides as she stares blankly at the wall in front of her, floating prestinely.
After laying motionless for a while, she opens her eyes, but, it wasn't her anymore. Two vertical glowing red dots within her right eye pupil beam with intense life. She takes in deep breathes with a blissful face. “I, am, her!” Breathing like she has been born again, she brings her right hand to her face and looks in delight, moving the ticklish fingers against each other. Mucus clings between them. “I am aware! I can speak! I am alive! I can feel! I am…” She paused, opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out. She closed her lips around her tongue and licked her lips.
“What... am I?”
Chapter End Notes:
Disclaimer: The original characters and plot of this story are the property of the author. No infringement of pre-existing copyright is intended. This story is copyright (c) 2015 Intorsus Volo. All rights reserved.
To be continued... (Incomplete)
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