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1. The Rose Part 3 by Stanman63 [Reviews - 24] (4723 words)





And, like Audrey, I had no ambition to work in a burger joint, I'd
prefer to work as a secretary or receptionist like them. Momma had
worked in Police Headquarters as Dispatcher for the local precinct.
She'd look so perfect in her Police Woman skirt uniform and was in line
for a promotion when she died from complications from pneumonia.


Audrey was sixteen, I was twelve that winter when Momma came down with
it. Like us, she'd taken the shot, but she caught it from the shot, and
the antibiotics didn't because she was allergic to them. Luckily, Audrey
and I take after Daddy and have very resilient constitution, like


I spent most of that morning applying at doctor's and attorney's
offices only to find that I lacked the specialized training, so I
applied at the library. There I found my job.


In school, I frequented the school's and the public library, checking
out the books they had so that buy those series that I loved without
messing up mine. I had my own library of books filled with science
fiction, fantasy, technical manuals, role playing games and movie
tie-ins. I could spend all weekend lost in reading my book, watching one
of the many movies in Daddy's video library, or in a role playing game.


With nothing to lose, I went in, and met Gloria Sanderson, Head Librarian

She was an older black lady with just a hint of gray in her hair and laughter in her eyes.


"Well now, do my eyes deceive me, or do I see my best student Charlie now a pretty young girl?" she smiled.


"You do, Gloria. The old Charlie is gone. Now, I am Carly," I admitted with a sigh.


"Now, no fretting, child! You just sit tell Old Glory about this here change."


I told her about everything that had recently happened, causing her to
start crying. When she was through, she looked at me with sadness in her
once happy eyes.


"Child, you are stronger than any realize. I know, because I am like you."




"Yes, like you, I was born a boy, but I was able to be a girl as I grew up."




"Yes, I had older sister who gave me their old clothing, so all that I needed was more hose and lingerie."


"Your family let you be a girl?"


"Yes, my twin brother Brian always treated like I was his sister, and Daddy was a psychiatrist."


"So, he was able to accept you as a girl."


"Yes, and got me treatment with his friends who said I was a girl, so I got to wear dresses and skits."


"Did anybody find out?"


"No, we had school uniforms in red and blue. We had a selection we
could wear of blazers, blouses, sweaters, skirts, skorts, and socks with
panty, tights and hose optional, as well as dresses. You could mix the
colors around as long as you had the school's emblem displayed. Me, I
carried it on a necklace."


"What about gym?"


"I wore tights with a leotard for cheerleading practice, which was always last period so that we girls could shower at home."


"Oh! So wearing the 'tard and tights kept your bits hidden away. When did you start?


"In the first grade."


"Who knew, other than your parents?"


"Principal Wilda Emerson, Larry Wilcox, and Nurse Jamie Ness."


"And they agreed to let you be a girl?"


"Yes, I was born in California, during the 'Free Love' Era. And they
were believers. When I came along, they had a chance to act on their


"What about going to pee?"


"On every floor, there were Teacher's Lounges that teachers and special
needs students used. Mine was that I was spooked as an infant and
needed privacy."


I sighed, "Too bad you didn't have a bodysuit like I'm wearing."


"True, but I had a gaffe, and before puberty, I had an orchiectomy done
to remove my testicles so that I'd go through a female puberty. At the
same time, I was given hormones to aid in my development."


"Orchiectomy? Gaffe?"


"Yes, in animals, its called 'gelding', in humans, it's used to remove
cancerous testicles. And in the past, boys were castrated so that they'd
keep a girly voice. And a gaffe is a special panty that keeps you
tucked in."




"Yes, there's a cavity down there that your boy bit dropped out of. It
takes a bit to push them back in, but once in, the gaffe keeps it


"Oh! Like my bodysuit does for me. In fact, it's bonded to me so that I am now physically a girl."


"How do you know? Most suits can be taken off."


"Well, I felt it bond to me when I put it on," I giggled.


"Carly, be warned, you'll be having your own menses cycle in about a month."


"I know, that's why it's so great having a sister to help me, Daddy and
Gramps when I become 'bitchy' from the monthly blessing that it's given


"Good for you, any questions about me?"


"Do you sing?"


"Yes, I'm a soloist in my Church."


"Me too. Gloria, looking at you, all that I see is a woman. It's hard to believe that you were ever born a boy."


"Thanks, what job are you applying for?"


"Any and all."


"OK, do you have your student I.D.?"


"Yes, but it's as Charlie, Not Carly," I explained.


"Pass it to me.


"Thought so, evidently, somebody has already changed your records to
show that you were born a girl named Charlette LeeAnne, Carly."


"That'd be my Gramps. He knows people who can do that without involving the courts."




"Yes, he knows a judge who can authorise things without leaving a
record. That way, if anybody ever checks me out, all that they'll ever
see is Carly."


"Well, thanks to him, you'll need a new student I.D. and Social Security card. We can take care of the I.D. here, today."




Then I was taken to my new work area behind the Information Desk by
Gloria. The desk encased four computer terminals a printer, a break
room/bathroom for us as well as her office. We walked up too Alfred who
was wearing a crisp white polo shirt and jeans.


"Charlie? Is that you?"


"It's me, Alfred. And my names is Carly, now," I blushed.


He smiled at me, "I'm glad to see you, Carly. Take the desk with your
name on it, put your stuff away, and I'll walk you around and show you
what your duties are."


Gloria left me with Alfred, seeing that he knew me. Me, I followed him
around for the next half an hour, meeting the other employees and
learning my duties. Everyone was delighted to see me and adopted me as
their kid sister, setting me at ease as I was worried about them seeing
me as Charle.


I found out that even as Charlie, they thought that I was a girl and
were glad to see me finally stop wearing baggy shirts that hid my
endowments. When we got back to my desk, Al told me that I was
essentially an on call aide, meaning that I'd be doing the menial tasks
that any librarian had for me to do.


By the end of the workday, I was elated to find that I fit in, and my
family was excited that I was working with Alfred. They knew how much I
cared for him and that I was in love with him, and he with me.


As time went by, I found myself at ease being a girl, enjoying going
out wth Alfred on our dates and with the girls at the library, shopping.
My job kept me busy, and I had the chance to travel all over the
building, meeting people, some of them other kids my age. Then it
happened, my world was shattered by Buck.








I was just about to leave when he and his goons came in to use the
games computer. I had the misfortune to be in charge of the Computer
Section at the time.


He sauntered up, "Hey, gorgeous! Fancy meeting you here," he leered.


"May I help you?"


"Yeah, you can by giving me your number."


"Sir, it is against the rules for me, or any staff member to indulge in
any form of personal activities while working. Now is there anything
that I can help you with as a librarian?"


"OK, OK. I can take a hint. We want to sign up to use the games computers."


I passed the sign up sheet over to him, "Please sign here. Lucky for
you and your friends, the computers are free. You can all get on one."


"Thanks, and sorry for coming on so strong, a pretty girl does that to me."


"Apology accepted."


"Carly, have you ever been to the Boardwalk Fun Center?"


"No, I haven't. Why?"


"Well, if you want to, please come. And here is MY number," he said as
he ppassed me his personal business card, then he and his goons went
over to the game computers.


I was just about to pass out from fright when Gloria led me away into
the staff lounge where I collapsed. She called Alfred who held me as I
relived my nightmare.


As I wept, Al soothed my fears by telling me that he was there for me,
finally ending my inner turmoil as I dreamed of him and me, marrying.
Now I knew my Heart's desire, it was Alfred. Until now, I wasn't
completely sure, but his steadfast love had finally answered my question
about Al.


When I awoke, I found that I was sitting next to A, leaning on him as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder, "Feel better?"


"Yeah, Al. Thanks for being here," I sighed as I sat up.


"Al, dear, she was a quaking in her shoes after those hoodlums spoke to her! THEY are the reason that she lost it! she fumed.


Al looked me, "Buck was here," he stated.


"Yes, but he still sees me as a girl. Hasn't discovered that I was Charlie," I explained.


"Did he threaten you?"


"No, but he DID invite me to the Boardwalk Fun Center."


Gloria looked pensive, "Who is this bum that Carly should be fearing him?"


"He and his buddies are the ones who attacked me," I shuddered.


She grinned, big time, "Honey child, don't you fret none! I've got
family and friends who own the Boardwalk Cafe. Let me call them so that
they can help," she offered.


"What can they do?"


"There's a theater there with EVERYTHING needed for an actor or actress
to portray any character, and everything needed to record anything said
or done," she smirked.


Al grinned evilly, "That gives me an idea. Gloria, could you arrange for me to meet your friends?"


"Consider it done! Now, why don't you escort young Carly home?"















I was called into Gloria's office the next day where I saw her, Gramps
and an elderly gentleman who looked like Perry Mason, but with the
physique of Rocky waiting for me.


"Come in, Honeychild, we've got some papers for you to sign for you to
all legal," she told me as she led me over to her desk where I was given
a soda.


"But I thought that Gramps had taken care of that," I fretted.


"Carly, I DID arrange for your new identity, but you need to sign a few papers for it to be legal," informed Gramps.


The stranger stepped forward, "My name is Bart Matthews, your
grandfather's friend and Judge in Brighton city. When you sign the
papers, you will OFFICIALLY be Carly in the eyes of the Government."


I signed several papers that had Daddy's and Gramps names on them as
well as Gloria's and the Judge's, now I was Carly. After I finished
signing, I was handed my new State Driver's Permit, Library I.D. Card
and altered Birth Certificate.


The Judge left us so that we could talk about my new identity. I found
out that Dady had chosen to use the photo from Momma's old Student I.D.
from her high school day. Looking at it, you couldn't tell that I'd not
taken the picture. Luckily, my I.D, had my stats.


Grandpa kept staring at Gloria, and she was smiling back. It had been a
long time since Grandpa had shown any interest in a woman other than
Grandma, and she had been gone almost two years now. It was time for him
to find someone and now it seemed that he'd found one thanks to me.


The next day I saw them leave the building, laughing and smiling at
each other like old friends. I'd have to tell Audrey and Daddy about
this so that we could in our way encourage their romance. The fact that
Gloria was black would never stop us from welcoming her into the family.
I was planning on telling them when I got a surprise. When I walked in
the house after work, I saw Al, Audrey, her friend, Julie, Daddy, and
someone I didn't know.


She was an oriental beauty with raven hair, wearing a golden skirt suit
with tan hose and low heels, "Carly, I am Detective Marcia Lee from the
Sex Crimes department. Please explain to me what happened to you in
your own words ans why you need to do something about it."


"Sure, but where's Gramps?"


"He's off with Bart Matthews, fishing," supplied Daddy.


Marcia and I went outside and sat on the swing and I told her about the
rape and everything that'd happened recently, "I don't blame you for
wanting to get even! But you're wrong about Buck being outside of the


"Then why does he keep getting away with it?"


"His family may be able to silence any investigation with their money,
but that was before I was transferred, here. I serve the People, NOT
some fat cat with money."


"OK, I'm ready to do what I can, Marcia."


She smiled at me, "Good, so am I."








I was given the day off, so Marcia, Audrey and I went back to Audrey's
cabin to get readyso that Gramps and Gloria could spend time getting to
know each other in the house. She was living in an efficiency apartment,
having sold her home to pay for her husband's medical bills and
funeral. Her husband, Fred died from complications from the flu due to
sickle cell anemia.


She was lucky in that they had the apartment willed to them from his
parents. Her Church helped her to sell the furniture, except for those
that she moved into the apartment. Now it looked as if she just might be
moving in with Gramps, which we liked.


We spent the rest of the day getting me ready for my encounter with Buck.

I wore tan hose with red lingerie and a red dress with a mid thigh hem and slits on the sides and black strappy sandals.


My hair was coiffed into a mass of red curls, cascading down my back
and my nails were given a clear lacquer. Standing in front of the
mirror, I knew that he'd fall for my ploy.


We headed for the Boardwalk Fun Center where we saw Buck and his goons
all decked out in jeans and polo shirts, "Well, Carly, you are HOT!" he


"Thanks, but I'm here with Audrey and Marcia."


His friends eyed them and whistled, "I se that they like what they see," I giggled.


"Carly, are gonna let them get away with that?" asked Macia who was wearing a denim mini skirt and a polo shirt.


"Yeah! we are NOT here to be ogled by creeps!" declared Audrey who was wearing shorts and a polo shirt.


They looked dejected, "We can't help it if we think that you three ladies are pretty, can we?" he whined.


I smiled, "No, but w do ask you to be gents and treat as like ladies," I offered.


We went inside and we were treated to a lunch and we danced with them,
careful to not let them spike our drinks. It was after that that we
sprung our surprise.


"We need to leave, soon."


"Why? I thought that you ladies were having a good time."


"Oh, we are. But we need to get ready for a party, tonight."


"Can we come?"


"I don't know. It's an all girl slumber party."


"Well, do you girls need anybody to guard you?"


"We might, but Daddy hires a company that caters our parties and provides our security."


"What if we agree to do it for free?"


I told him how to get to the Church where the slumber party was being
held and where he'd meet Daddy who'd agreed to let them volunteer their
services. The Church had agreed to let us rent the fellowship hall and
invite the girls in the youth department. But for them, it was a trap.
They would be drugged with truth serum. While under its influence, would
tell all about their exploits and why they were never prosecuted.


They were drooling as we left them and returned home. They'd taken the
bait, now it depended upon the Police to have the sodium pentathol and
somebody instructed in how to use it. I knew that Buck and company would
be there.








Well, they showed up the next night, wearing matching jeans and a black
'SECURITY' shirt and passed out the refreshments, hoping to be able to
score with all of us after spiking our food and drink, but with Daddy's
'EMPTY POCKETS' order, they couldn't succeed. When he told them that it
was to protect the girls, they knew that their schemes were known.


As the night went on, we girls got into our sleepwear consisting of
shirts and shorts, or underoos, no revealing lingerie tonight for us to
display our bodies for the 'boys' benefit.


They so wanted to join us that they asked Daddy about it, "Well, this
is a girls only party, but if you want to dress as a gir and join them,
you can," he smirked.


"But we don't have anything to wear!" Buck exclaimed which broke us up.


"That's what we girls say a lot of the time. Are you sure that you're NOT girls?" I asked.


They blushed and slunk away, in defeat.


"WAIT! there's a prop department here with costumes. I'm sure that we can find something for you, there," promised Audrey.


"But that'd mean dressing like a girl!" he protested.


"Up to you," retorted Marcia.


After a quick debate, they agreed to become girls. Under expert
instructions, the boys were given a makeover that made them look like
girls. It was while their nails were being done that sodium pentathol
was administered in their drink.


They confessed everything that they'd done over the last four years and
why they were never prosecuted. Buck's family owned the bank and
threatened to foreclose on any outstanding loans. After the confession,
they were made to look like girls and were rudely awakened by the Police
for fraud and lewd behavior. Best of all, with their taped confession,
the Police were able stop his families crimes and we girls had a most
wonderful party








I got a surprise the next day. Uncle Jack joined th family as my
Beloved Unca. When he read about what had happened, he knew that I was
Carly, and saw that he'd been wrong about me.


I was out walking when he came up, "Carly, may your uncle ask for forgiveness?"


I was amazed to see him looking contrite! his entire demeanor had
change from that of an arrogant asshole to that of a loving uncle. Here
was the uncle that Audrey and I wanted. Now it was in my power to accept
or reject him.


"Uncle Jack, why should I? You've treated me like dirt for years because you saw me as a sissy. What's changed?"


By this time, we were back on the front porch, sitting on the swing
with us in full view of the family in the yard. But I was not frightened
at all. Here I was in a skirted swimsuit and sandals sitting by a man
in walking shorts and a football jersey. I had to know his thoughts.


"Carly, I was best friends with that Buck Randall's father, Jason, and
his Grandfather, Dwight. They taught me how to be the total asshole that
I was, even to the point of hurting a girl like you and refusing to
listen to reason," he sighed.


I patted his hand, "We know, Unca Jack, but why now?"


He looked me in the eye, "Because you've proven to me that I was
totally wrong about you when you overcame what those boys had done to
you. In fact, you inspired me to do something."




"Yes, I've sold my business and am going to find the girl that I hurt."


"Unca Jack, welcome to the family."


We had a warm reunion where the old arguments were buried and a new
love was forged. Before he left, Unca Jack presented me with an article
from the newspaper about the arrest of Buck and his friends. I was not


When I went to Church the next day, Al was there with everybody. The
boys and men in suits, the girls and women in dresses. Al was kneeling
with a red rose in his hand, and singing The Rose.


Some say love it is a river

That drowns the tender reed.

Some say love it is a razor

That leaves your soul to bleed.

Some say love it is a hunger

An endless, aching need

I say love it is a flower

And you its only seed.

It’s the heart afraid of breaking

That never learns to dance.

It’s the dream afraid of waking

That never takes the chance.

It’s the one who won’t be taken

Who cannot seem to give

And the soul afraid of dying

That never learns to live.

And the night has been too lonely

And the road has been too long.

And you think that love is only

For the lucky and the strong.

Just remember in the winter

Far beneath the bitter snow

Lies the seed that with the sun’s love,

In the spring,

Becomes a ROSE


He handed me the rose.


"Carly, YOU have come through a most bitter of Winter and have
blossomed in a Spring of new Hope. And like the mythical Phoenix, you
have arisen from the ashes of your old life. Best of all, you have
righted a most terrible wrong and ended an Evil that had terrorized the
city for years as well as healing a rift within your family."


I was openly crying during the song because Daddy and Gramps had
accompanied him on their guitars and Audrey on her keyboard while the
other harmonized.


"Yes, I feel as if I have been reborn. Ready for my new Life. Hw can I ever thank everybody for their Gift of love?"


Al produced a golden ring "Will you marry me?"


I looked at him in wonder, "I thought that you were saving for college! How can you afford this?"


"Carly are you worried about money?"


"No, Al," I sighed. I don't want for you to shortchange your future for me."


He smiled, "This was my Grandma's wedding ring. As the eldest child, it
is mine to pass on to my bride. Daddy gave it to Momma, now I am giving
it to you."


"Yes, I'll mary you."


Then to my astonishment he sang Lady to me.








Lady, I'm your knight in shining armor and I love you

You have made me what I am and I am yours

My love, there's so many ways I want to say I love you

Let me hold you in my arms forever more

You have gone and made me such a fool

I'm so lost in your love

And oh, we belong together

Won't you believe in my song?

Lady, for so many years I thought I'd never find you

You have come into my life and made me whole

Forever let me wake to see you each and every morning

Let me hear you whisper softly in my ear

In my eyes I see no one else but you

There's no other love like our love

And yes, oh yes, I'll always want you near me

I've waited for you for so long

Lady, your love's the only love I need

And beside me is where I want you to be

'Cause, my love, there's somethin' I want you to know

You're the love of my life, you're my lady!








We were married that summer and moved into Gramps house and Gramps
moved in with Gloria in a common law marriage. Audrey went on to become a
doctor, Daddy became the Police Chief and Uncle Jack found and married
his first love.