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The UK in the mid nineteen seventies, the white heat of change is a decade old. Caught between the old and  new moralities of the period, a boy in his late teens with the nickname of “baby”, lives out a long desired fantasy with a hansom “hunk” of a friend, and changes his life forever.

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Published: 05 Mar 2012 Updated: 05 Mar 2012
Story Notes:

This story is told from the first person point of view of a boy in his late teens, he explains, how as he grew, he was constantly mistook for someone of the opposite gender. He shares with the reader in explicit detail, how he fell in love for the first time and more importantly how he was dressed for the occasion!

1. Chapter 1 by Mini Smith [Reviews - 2] (23306 words)

I would like to apologize before hand, for any narrative or grammar errors. I have dyslexia, so writing anything is tricky, also I've a very woolly idea about punctuation, chapters and the many other elements necessary to writing a narrative.

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