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Story Notes:

This story is told from the first person point of view of a boy in his late teens, he explains, how as he grew, he was constantly mistook for someone of the opposite gender. He shares with the reader in explicit detail, how he fell in love for the first time and more importantly how he was dressed for the occasion!

Author's Chapter Notes:

I would like to apologize before hand, for any narrative or grammar errors. I have dyslexia, so writing anything is tricky, also I've a very woolly idea about punctuation, chapters and the many other elements necessary to writing a narrative.

Empire Line


Mini Smith

Disclaimer: The original characters and plot of this story are the property of the author. No infringement of pre-existing copyright is intended. This story is copyright (c) 2012 Mini Smith. All rights reserved.

This story contains very explicit descriptions of sexual acts, please do not read unless you are legally able to.

1. Forward:

Lost somewhere within the brown, orange and beige of the early to mid nineteen seventies, I was a mixed up teenage boy, struggling to come to terms with my gender, sexuality and the changes going on in my life. I am Baby, that is of course a nickname, it was given to me by someone I nicknamed Hunk. This shortish story, chronicles the significant moments in my life leading up to my getting that nickname, and the monumental changes that came with it for me after.

2. Growing Up:

What a lovely little girl you have someone says to my mom as we shop, mom coughs, he's a little boy!

A beautiful ice skater gracefully glides across the TV screen, I say to my dad, I want to be like her when I grow up.

A strange dream haunts me, I'm in a ladies clothing shop down our road, wearing female underwear and no one minds!

I'm helping my mom, sitting in the kitchen, back straight, wearing her long brown wig! She brushes it, pulling my head slightly from side to side as she gently yanks out knots and tangles. I feel oddly wonderful as we chat, unaware of anything peculiar about questions like, what would it have been like, if you were a girl!

A large box of old clothes spills out onto summer grass as I play dress up games with friends. I make a grab for the long silky evening gown and strappy stilettos. With feet slipping in oversized heals and dress dragging long trails behind, we run manically about, squealing as little kids do!

At thirteen a well read acquaintance, introduces me to some new words, androgynous, effeminate and camp, he uses them in disparaging terms towards me, but I smile inwardly as they affirm truths about myself I'd no words for!

Some time in the early nineteen seventies. I'm at my aunties council house. I don't like it much, but I never let on. Looking back I'm sure my disdain was obvious, the sallow scruffy tone of her home needled me! I was such a snob then, my farther had instilled irrelevant ideas of station and position! Snobbish ideas that I later realised were ridiculous.

After a year of intense bickering my mother and farther had eventually separated and sold our family home. This led to my mother grudgingly having to take us to live with her parents, until she could get a place of our own. For some reason which eludes me now we stayed at my aunties for a few nights before moving to my grandparents who lived not far away.

That first night at my aunts I was given my elder female cousins nighty to wear for bed. She had a wry grin on her face as she passed it me! We had no clothes with us other than what we wore, so it was deemed I should wear my cousins nighty as I had no pyjamas. I thought it odd but happily took the frilly pale lemon slightly translucent and wonderfully soft nighty. I was beginning to realise I really liked girls things, although I couldn't have explained why!

I didn't consciously think it through but I took any opportunity offered me to wear girls things, with barely disguised glee. So like wearing my mom's wig, I took the offered nighty while feigning reticence until the decision was taken for me and I was ordered to put in on! I giggled with delight as I pulled the nighty over my head, enjoying the feeling as the soft fabric caressed my body as it slipped down to finally swish around my thighs. Strangely I can't remember anyone taking much notice of me wearing the nighty, even when going down to breakfast the following morning still wearing it?

Marc Bolan and then David Bowie are all over the place, on record covers, in magazines and news papers, just everywhere. Their sexual ambiguity and androgynous looks intrigue me and I'm constantly being told off for playing with my mom's makeup, drawing lighting flashes across my face, along with the usual eye makeup and shiny red lipstick! I was also often told off for teetering on my mothers high heals as I mimed to the latest hits of the day while mincing around in front of the television in our new council house.

A sunny day a year or two later in the mid seventies, I'm about sixteen now. I'm beside a rather weak trickling brook in the middle of some scrub land. I spy a line of new council house roofs, off in the distance through the long grass I'm hiding within. The sky is wonderfully blue from horizon to horizon. I'm with a friend! I feel good, wearing the latest fashion which in it's unisex androgynous style makes me feel super cool. Tall platform shoes, extra baggy corduroy trousers, tight tailored shirt with huge collar, eyeliner and touch of mascara finish my look.

My friend is pressed close to me with a grin on his face and his hard on in my hand! I nervously masturbate him! I look down wondrously at my slender fingers wrapped tightly around his hot member, my skin so pale in comparison to his glowing cock. The heat from him is penetrating through my hand and his pre cum trickles from his glistening end. He encourages me to stroke him faster until his heavy breathing quickly becomes a ragged deep sigh. Pearly white semen suddenly shoots out. I find it utterly fascinating as the torrent gushes forth. His face screws up as he grits his teeth, in moments the brief torrent subsides although it still oozes enough to splodge onto my thumb! I lift my hand up, more in shock than anything else to look at the sticky goo sliding down the side of my thumb. He laughs wickedly his face flushed as he catches my hand. Taste it, he says with a naughty confident grin that affects my horny mind. Unfocused desires flow through my innocent immature youthful head. I loose control, lost as I was to erotic ideals I had little power over, so, I do as I'm asked. With my own cheeks flushed and heart pounding ever harder I turn the side of my thumb to my mouth. He grins Cheshire cat like, as my tongue dips into his glistening creamy liquid, it tastes predominately salty!

3. Youth Club

A dark car park after youth club, it's later in the year, probably November and it's cold! Several teenage boys who’s fashion sense is inspired by Glam rock, fool around as they push through the exit doors of our youth club. Ballroom Blitz thrums out briefly into the night, before the doors swing shut. Some continue to sing the lyric in overly camp style, squeaky effeminate voices pitched high, grabbing at each other. Crotches are squeezed and rubbed by overly camp effected youth!

I deliberately let myself be grabbed by one tall lad. He was rough, cocky and cheeky but I find him strangely interesting. He always seems to make a bee line for me whenever we meet at the youth club. We would fool around being cheeky with one another in a familiar but innocent way!

We stopped together outside the youth club door, our warm breath causing wispy trails in the cold night air. The others in our group move off down the street, the bubble of silly chatter and laughing fading into the distance. We look together at there backs as they amble on not noticing we weren’t with them. Suddenly the big lad grabs me, wrapping his huge arms around mine, pinning them against my sides, bear hug style! He laughs like an old film baddie, mock dramatic effect gurgling from his lips! He lifts me up so that just my tiptoes are skimming the floor as he walks us easily into a shadowy corner of the car parks bicycle stand. It's corrugated canopy stops any light from the youth club illuminating the dark recesses.

He holds me tightly, I cant escape! The heat from his body seems to increase as for a moment he looks at me curiously. I look up at him as I wriggle trying uselessly to pull away. Aren’t you goner struggle, he asks with a snigger. I am, I breathed, with exertion, teeth clenched. He knew full well being a lot stronger than I, he could hold me there all day! I decided on a different ploy so I stop wriggling and lean against him suggestively. Then saying in the campiest voice I can muster, which I find easy, as my voice is some what effeminate being pitched much like a girls. I like being in your big strong hunky arms, it's so warm and cosy, then I wink at him.

I'd expected him to throw me off with disgust, but he didn't! He tutted, then said, Baby, did anyone ever tell you how girly you are? Yes, I retort cheekily, with another wink, is that the kinda thing your into? Suddenly he leans down and kisses me roughly on the lips. I'm taken aback for a moment, but quickly respond by pushing my lips harder upon his. Soon our tongues are entwined, we fumble and stumble but continue to kiss for long moments hidden in the shadows. It wasn't the most accomplished kissing ever but it was passionate, new, naughty and different and I just loved the moment!

4. Pub Disco

It's Friday night, I'm in a disco at one of the local pubs, I'm not quite eighteen so shouldn’t really be there! I'm with some friends, we manage to get into the disco after some cheeky banter with the bouncer on the door. Luckily the landlord was away this night so the rules were relaxed and we where allowed in!

The room was packed, a smoky haze hung in the air, disco lights cut through the gloom, flickering bright coloured patterns across the patrons smiling faces. The music was loud, so a nod in the direction of the bar was the only way to communicate, as we nudged and pushed our way through the crowd. A number of records later we managed to squeeze through the crowded to the bar.

Once served, we pushed again through the crowd, ending up beside the flashing lighting rig, adorning the DJ's decks. We dance and grooved to numerous tunes as we fooled about doing the latest dance moves for one another, showing off in that oblivious teenage way. I felt someone tap me on the shoulder, so while still grooving I spun around. A large shadowy figure loomed over me until a disco light briefly illuminated a grinning face. I blinked, it was the lad from the bicycle shed!

After that night we fooled around every now and again, having fun snatching long kisses here and there in the shadows. It never went any further than that and we never let on to our friends what we were up to. We even made up silly nick names for one another, his was Hunk and mine was Baby. I liked him a lot and would day dream about him often. From the start he'd told me he was joining the navy in a couple of months, so I knew we only have a short time together before he'd have to leave. My college graphic art and design course was getting increasingly tougher and a part time job at a local photographers didn't make it any easier to find time for one another. I never thought to deeply about what we'd been up too, or what it meant, I just went with the flow whenever we had a moment alone, letting Hunk lead the way. I was reticent, or possibly to scared to label myself or Hunk, I would tell myself, I was to immature to bother reasoning our actions. I just wanted to have fun with life and to hell with anything else.

I wasn’t ready for how it would effect me when he eventually left, it knocked me sideways and I spent many a night crying myself to sleep. He'd been away in training for almost a year, in that time I'd written to him regularly, inane dull everyday letters which sometimes I'd post to him. Sometimes my emotions would get the better of me, and I'd write complex convoluted letters trying to explain my feelings to him, but I would always rip them up. Now here he was stood before me wearing his navy uniform, looking very cool and hansom. He shouted above the din of the music that he was on leave for a week and this was his first night home. After a difficult few moments trying to shout above the music he nodded to the lounge!

Pushing open the lounge doors the hush hit us, even though the deep thrum of the disco could be heard in the other room, the quiet was almost deafening. A group of regulars were bemoaning how loud the music was and one pompous blue haired old lady looked down her nose at me with disgust as we passed by. I deliberately shimmied past her with a beaming smile, she sneered then croaked, what are you then, a girl or a boy? I just rolled my eyes and walked on ignoring her.

We chose a table at the back of the room, as far away from the oldies as possible. Hunk could tell from the look on my face that I wasn’t happy with the old ladies taunt. He grinned at me saying in a good natured way, Baby, they have a point, look at what your wearing! Eye makeup, silk shirt and baggy trousers that look more like a long skirt! Plus don’t forget the platforms, It's not exactly the macho flat cap style they expect from a young man! I smiled a knowing grin at him and said, so, my cunning plan worked! We laughed and laughed and soon where deep in conversation chatting and fooling around with one another like old times. He bought us drinks from the bar as we joked and reminisced about our misspent time before he joined the Navy. About an hour or so later we decided to go back into the disco.

5. In the Shadows

As we stood to leave the lounge my legs suddenly became very weak and heavy. Wow, I said, woozily, I think I'm drunk! Not having drunk much alcohol before, I didn't realise how it would effect me; Hunk grinned saying, ha, my cunning plan worked too! I smiled back while trying to keep my balance. What cunning plan I asked, my voice becoming increasingly slurred. Hunk leaned down and whispers in my ear, oh Baby, to grab you outside like old times! I giggled and huddled closer into his chest, then said in a theatrical whisper. Hunk, you didn't need to get me drunk, I'd happily let you grab me, then I stumbled into him, my legs wobbling.

Hunk guides me outside, saying, the cool night air will sober you up. I lean against the pub wall while shivering and feeling dizzy. A cars headlights temporarily dazzle me as it pulls out of the car park. Hunk kindly asks if I'm Ok, yeah, I'm Ok, I say in a woozy slur. I go to pat him on the arm but slip and fall against him. Oops, sorry, I say looking up at him. He smiles at me before looking furtively across the car park, making sure no one's around. He grins at me as he snatches a light kiss on my lips. I giggle, thank you, I say as he scoops me up with a strong arm and walks us towards the shadowy pub rear. There is some waste ground behind it which is used for whippet racing at the weekends and the rest of the week by couples making out!

We settle upon a tree in the shadows, I lean against it's cold trunk, Hunk presses himself tightly up against me, holding me firmly in place. We look at each other for a moment in the gloom before eagerly kissing again. His kisses weren’t like those we'd had before, he was far more self assured, confident and passionate. Within a few minutes of intense lustful kissing, we'd both become hot and horny! I could feel his huge bulge pressing into me as we kissed and was very impressed with how large he felt! As we kissed ever more passionately he slowly started to guide my hand towards his enlarged member. I let myself be guided and delight in his taking control. Soon I'm touching where he wants, I begin tracing the shape of his huge length through the thick fabric of his trousers with the tips of my fingers. I’m so excited I could hardly breathe as I caress him, thoughts popped into my mind, the only other cock I'd ever touched, seemed small in comparison to his and I didn't even consider my own insignificant little member!

He began to slowly unzip himself while we continued kissing each others faces off. With his guidance I slipped my hand into his fly, then beneath the elastic of his boxers waistband. Brushing over his bushy pubes, then on towards his thick veined hard cock. I wrapped my chilly fingers around his hot manhood, feeling the heat warming my fingers as I levered his almost unbending member up between his fly. We stop kissing for a moment as we both looked down, he smiles saying, what do you think! I say wondrously, with shortening breath and slight slur that I think it's glorious. He smiles then whispers, give me a blow job! I giggle nervously shocked at his audacity and my eyes widen involuntarily. I've never done anything like that before, I slur, breathlessly. Well now's your chance, he says with a cheeky grin. I giggle to myself as I nervously and unsteadily lean forward towards his hot member. His manhood is so hot in my hand my fingers are warmed through, as is the rest of me! I bend forward with a squiffy wobble to take a better look at his wondrous cock but the alcohol affects my balance and I slip, falling unsteadily to my knees in the long grass covering the base of the tree.

Luckily holding onto his manhood allows me to steady myself and when I look up from my unsteady descent I see I'm kneeling in the perfect position! Looking straight at me is his glorious throbbing end. His musky pleasant aroma fills the air around me and I notice he leaks a steady stream of clear pre cum. I smile up at him from my semi kneeling position saying, oops. I feel fuzzy, excited and sexy as I repositioned my fingers around him. He grins back at me as I began to masturbate him in long slow deliberate drawn out lengths. I squeeze tightly as I work along his shaft my thumb and fore finger only just touching. It seems to me as I stroke him he gets even bigger! After a few minutes I'd become so enthralled and excited a whirling storm of erotic feelings surge through my mind as I lift myself up on to my knees and caress his hard shaft with both my hands. His shaft is sandwiched between my palms as I play with him. My hole being is fixated upon his hard member as I tilt my head forwards to kiss the head of his sexy swollen end. My heart is beating hugely in my chest as I taste his moist pre cum upon my lips, which I lick at testily. The aroma and taste is smoothly wonderful and I began to kiss him impatiently all over his bulbous swollen gland.

Slowly and gently I skim the taught skin with my kisses, I hear him groan, one of those, I'm in ecstasy type groans. I smile then begin to explore his engorged member further with my tongue, swirling it around, licking and probing his huge bell shaped end. I spend a long time licking and kissing along the crevice that runs beneath the ridge of his swollen helmet. Getting to know him in intimate detail delights me and I have feelings welling within me I never knew I could feel. My heart is pounding in my chest with an excitement I'd never experienced before. Feelings wash over me that were so new I had no words to explain them. I'd never gone this far with anyone before and I was absolutely loving it.

After a few minutes of licking and kissing his swollen engorged helmet I began to explore his hot shaft further with my tongue. My saliva lubricating the taught skin as it passes over his length from tip to base. As I kiss and nibble along his length I delight in the hard shafts contours, relief and thick protruding veins and then smooth skin. I sit back a moment at his request while he pulls his trousers and boxes further down over his taught thighs. Shifting closer I lean under his testicles to carefully kiss, lick and suck them, paying much delicate attention to each. His breathing changes and he exhales deeply, small groans escape his lips and hang in the air as I go. I realise it's time to actually suck his cock. So I move back up his hard shaft, nibbling, licking and kissing him as I go.

At his now sticky saliva covered bulbous end, I make the classic O shape with my lips. The contrast between the softness of my lips and his incredibly hard cock were not lost on me as he slipped between them. The engorged head of his manhood is huge and hard as I suck moistly upon him. I opened wider to take more of him into my mouth. I find I need to lift myself up further stretching my thighs to get a better position and angle so that I can push him further into the back of my mouth. I enjoy his hard maleness as I suck him, getting ever wetter with my saliva washing over his swollen member. Each time he goes a little further into my mouth. At times I gasp for air, but I'm so excited I can't stop. After a time he groans and I feel his thigh mussels tighten, he grabs the back of my head with both hands, entwining his strong fingers in my hair. Pulling me firmly forward he begins to buck into my mouth with short controlled thrusts. I choke a little a first, as for a moment his hard cock is pushed deep into my mouth.

My face was rhythmically pressed tightly against his thick pubic hair and flat warm stomach. I feel his cock slide ever deeper into my now wet sloppy mouth. I try to relax as he bucks into my face, his rising excitement makes it a little uncomfortable for me as he goes ever further into the back of my throat. With difficulty I learn to control my gagging response as he enters deeper into my mouth and instead of just hanging on, I guide him as he takes my mouth. I'm so consumed and lost in the moment giving him pleasure letting him have my mouth, that it almost came as a surprise when I feel the beginnings of an orgasm rising within myself. I loose control as I feel a pulsing between my own thighs. All I wanted at that moment was to give myself to him for his pleasure, to let him do what ever he wanted with me; After a few moments more his rhythm slows and I gasp for air between the moments he pulls his cock out of my mouth and before he pushes it firmly back again. Finally he gasps and groans his teeth clenched, Baby, I'm coming, I'm coming. I manage a breathy, cum in my mouth, please. Between his final thrusts, he pulls out just long enough for his cum to splash into my ready open mouth.

Huge globs of his semen gushed forth, I gulp and swallow, wanting so much to revel in the moment and feelings that rushed through my mind as I taste his wonderful maleness. While rolling my tongue through his thick liquid splashing inside my mouth, some of his creamy cum escapes onto my cheek and chin, making my already sticky wet face, even more messy. He tastes so different from the last time I'd tasted semen, I liked his a lot more and licked my lips as I finished the last of it off. He looks down at me with a huge satisfied grin. Just then I clench my thighs tightly together as my own thundering orgasm began. I let out a small squealing sigh, Hunk, I heard myself plead, as waves of ecstasy crash through and over me; I feel a sticky wetness seeping from my own little hard cock. The shock of having an orgasm without touching myself was something I never even knew was possible and I was some what bewildered and dazed by my orgasms ferocity. Some immeasurable time later I flopped backwards onto my heals as a huge sense of well being washes over my whole being. Trance like I use my fore finger to wipe his hot cum from my sticky face. I licked it all up while absent mindedly smiling to myself! Hunk watches me while still grinning then asks, Baby, you Ok? I beam an unsteady squiffy smile back at him saying, oh yess Hunk!

6. Arrangements

Back in a shadowy part of the pub car park feeling light headed, not quite believing what I'd just done, during our passionate moment, we arrange to spend as much time together as we can in the week to come. Loving disco, Hunk suggested several night clubs he knows which will be open throughout the week. With a still squiffy head I tell Hunk I only just managed to get into the pub, so doubt I'll get into a night club! He scratches his chin for a moment then says, you know the old folks who gave you a hard time tonight. Yes, I say wearily. Well that's given me an idea, maybe he asks tentatively, you could dress like a girl, I mean properly, you know all the skirts, blouses and makeup “n” stuff? He continues to ponder speaking his thoughts aloud, I don’t think anyone could tell the difference, especially not some hairy arsed bouncer on a night club door!

Even though I was some what inebriated, I only need to think for the merest of moments before agreeing. Just being with Hunk made me feel all fluffy, light and ever so girly, so the chance to play this game, was a no-brainer, for me to agree too. I animatedly explain with an occasional slur and hiccup, I'd been fooling around with my mom's things for ages, her shoes and makeup, all in the name of fashion of course! Hunk stifled a laugh, then saying with a titter, I’d have bet good money you'd be doing that! I slap him on the arm, as he titters more while trying to say sorry. But, I explain, none of her dresses, skirts or underwear fitted me, she's quite a few sizes bigger. Plus, I ask, how will I be able to get changed and put makeup on? Hunk nods his head sagely, scratches his chin then grins happily, saying, it's no problem, I know exactly what we can do. Oh that’s great, I say, with questioning furrows creasing my squiffy brow. He smiles at me like I'm a small child, then explains his plan.

First things first, he begins, I never told you before but I live with my dad, there’s just the two of us at home. A question popped into my mind and slurred straight out my mouth before I could stop myself. Oh, I say, what happened to your mom? And to make sure I put my foot right in it, I say, I couldn’t live without my mom, even though she drives me up the wall. He rolls his eyes saying, the same thing happened to her as happened to your dad, she left. He showed no emotion and repeated, she just left, when I was starting secondary school. Anyway, he said, that’s not the point, he took my hand in his and begins to stroke my fingers absent mindedly. My dad, he starts again, is a long distant lorry driver. Oh, I say, not sure what he means. Well, he continues, tomorrow he's off to Europe on a long haul and he's not coming back until next Thursday. The penny finally drops and I giggle, so he goes on, you could get dressed at mine, you could even stay over. I'd love that, I gush leaning into him, his body heat and smile warm me all over. I shake my head after a moment to clear my thoughts. His gaze dazzles me as I say with an involuntary hiccup, I'd have to ask my mom, she's quite protective of me you know. He nods resignedly, I guessed as much, I'd be the same with you as well! I smiled a wicked little grin up at him as he rolls his eyes. The next thing I was going to say, he said, before you kept interrupting me, was I've saved up a bit of dosh while in training. So I'll buy you some outfits, he winks at me with a big grin. I blink at him, you will, I ask in astonishment, he nods still grinning. We arrange to meet to go shopping in my dinner hour from work the next day, a Saturday.

7. Saturday Job

Six o’clock Saturday morning, I groan painfully with a small but insistent headache bothering me as my alarm wakes me from a sexy dream. I'd decided for a couple of reasons to get up an hour early. The first was to avoid my mom moaning about the way I was dressed and the second so that I could spend longer choosing my outfit for work! After a hot cup of tea and a headache tablet I began. I wanted to look particularly androgynous for my shopping trip with Hunk, so everything I chose to wear was either unisex or just plain girly! I wore a tightly tailored pale pink, paisley patterned shirt with long collars and billowing sleeves. Dark purple high waisted baggy trousers, with pleats at the waist band, they gave a vague impression my hips flared out from my small waist. They were also nice and tight over my pert bum and so baggy in the leg they looked more like culottes than trousers!

I intended wearing my usual platforms to work but had the idea I'd “borrow” my mom's fashionable platform sandals, to make my outfit look more convincingly girl like! The cork finished wedge healed sandals with thin tan straps were very cool. I was a bit shocked when my mom bought them as she never went for anything so fashionable usually. I'd sneakily worn them on more than a few occasions around the house, so knew I could walk in them without problem. A moment of guilty nervousness washed over me as I popped them into my large college satchel bag!

My mind quickly raced on to other thoughts, as my ideas became more elaborate, to enhance my girly look further, while wearing mom's shoes. I decided to paint my toenails bright red after noticing a bottle of nail varnish on the side while pouring out my cup of tea. I spent precious minutes I didn't really have to spare in the bathroom crouched over my knees carefully applying the varnish to my toenails. It was tricky, but amazingly I did it with out making a mess! While wobbling about on my heals, holding my toes up, off the bathroom carpet waiting for the varnish to dry, I wondered whether I should do my finger nails too, but knew I just didn't have time. I decided to pocket the varnish and apply it later, some how!

Make up filled my mind next, I thought if I'm going to wear nail varnish, I might as well go the whole hog and do my face too. My mom had gotten use to me wearing eyeliner and mascara. It's the fashion, I would whine, when she gave me grief over wearing it! So it wasn't unusual for me to be looking through her makeup, which I'd rifle through relieving her of items I hoped she wouldn't notice missing. One of my mom's friend worked as an Avon makeup representative and was always giving her end of line items. My mother would thank her graciously but never use any! I had built up quite a good selection of makeup from my forays into her makeup bag. It included a creamy pan-stick foundation, which luckily matched my skin colour perfectly, an old pressed powder compact with dusty mirror, blusher and eye shadow pallets plus a couple of lipsticks in different shades of red. Along with my eyeliner and mascara, I had pretty much all I needed. I also knew enough to take some moisturiser, applicators, brushes and sponges. I quietly scooted upstairs to gather my makeup and other items from there secret hiding place, at the back of my lowest bedside cabinet draw. My mom snored loudly as I padded past her door to my room. My makeup was unceremoniously rolled up in a plastic super market bag, with a load of felt tip pens, a simple but great disguise I thought! I tipped them out onto my bed spread and quickly picked out just the makeup, dropping each item into a fresh plastic carrier bag. I checked caps and lids as I went, having already experienced leakages, then rolled up the carrier and placed it beside mom's platforms in my bag!

Next I needed to do my hair, which was shoulder length, in a sort of shaggy page boy style, it was the nineteen seventies after all! I'd experimented with my mom's large roll brush, hairspray and hair dryer when alone. I'd found that with just a small alteration to my hair style, i.e. curl out instead of under, made it look much more feminine, Farrah Fawcett style! With practice I found I could easily make big soft curls around my fringe and throughout the ends of my hair, which made it look quite pretty. So this is exactly what I did, the only problem was I didn't want to wake my mom, so I went back down to the kitchen to use the hair dryer sparingly! It took a little longer than I anticipated, but I felt the result was worth it! I smiled at my reflection in the small kitchen mirror as without any makeup on I already looked pretty much like a girl! Finally I applied my eyeliner and rolled a little mascara through my lashes, then quickly gathered my coat and bag before quietly slipping out to work.

Travelling to work on the bus, I try to plan out how I'm going to do my full makeup. I considered I might be able to gradually put it on between helping customers? The photographer was usually out back in the studio, which left me alone in the shop front. Also knowing a lot of customers mistook me for a girl, I hoped they wouldn't take much notice of me when my face was fully made up? These thoughts revolved slowly through my mind, chasing one another until my bus broke hard, juddering abruptly at my stop, waking me from my reverie.

As I tapped on the photography shop door the photographer opened it hastily and was a little breathless as he told me a wedding photo shoot had been suddenly dropped on him, so I would have to look after the shop for the day. You'll be fine, he said I've made a list of people to call for portraiture collections, do the film processing orders, keep the customers happy, oh and try to sell those picture frames and albums we have on offer! I smiled to myself, how lucky was I! Ok, I said brightly, that’s no problem, It'll be easy. The photographer smiled at me while picking up his camera bags and as he went to leave, said, your looking different today, have you changed your hair? Oh yes, I said, what do you think? Well, he said, thoughtfully, it looks lovely, but I think the customers will have an even harder job deciding what gender you are! Oh, I said, as I combed my fingers through my soft wavy curls, do you think it's to much? No, said the photographer, your just being fashionable, I'm still young enough myself, to appreciate that, then he smiled good naturedly. I smiled back, thanks, I said, then before thinking it through, I blurted out, I'm meeting a friend dinner time, I jumped within myself after saying this as a thought struck me, what if he insists I should not leave the shop! That will be Ok, wont it, I asked testily? Yes, said the photographer, just make sure to lock up properly, I smiled at him, I will, don't worry.

8. Make Up, Dress Up

After he'd left I still had almost half an hour before the shop needed to open, so I decided to make a start. First taking mom's platform sandals from my bag, I place them on the floor and kick off my shoes and socks. Then I stepped eagerly into the platforms, loving the feel of the soft insole pressing against the arch of my foot. Slipping each foot beneath the thin straps, I begin to feel excited. The contrast between my painted toenails, soft pale skin and the thin tan straps looked really cool. I pull up the hem on my trousers to see better and wriggled my toes in glee. Crouching down I straighten up the straps, my ankles wobble cutely as I bend making me smile while doing up the ankle buckle. I sashayed up and down behind the counter swinging my hips, a little giggle escaping my lips. The hem of my baggy trousers swishes around my ankles, the higher heal making me that bit taller. My feet seemed smaller too, making me feel even sexier. Looking down at my nude feet and polished toenails peeping out beneath the hem of my trousers, makes me smile to myself. I mince up and down behind the counter feeling excited and very naughty.

Once I'd settled down from my shoe fetish, I dragged the one and only stool from the shop front through the hall to the photography studio out back. After positioning it in front of a large mirror, at the back of the studio, I scoot back into the shop to collect my makeup. I hitch myself up onto the stool, wiggling my bum into a comfortable position and cross my legs, completely unconsciously in a girly fashion! I took a final satisfied look at mom's shoes, rotating my ankle.

Getting to work with my makeup, I empty it all into my lap then holding my fringe back, I smile to myself as I dab large spots of the pan stick foundation onto my face. It makes me look like I've a contagious disease! My forehead, under eyes, cheeks, chin and neck are all spotty before I've finished. Next I carefully use my finger tips to blend it evenly over my face and neck. After a few moments I have an even pale pink complexion, although I look some what washed out! I then pat on some powder from the compact to fix the foundation in place. Next I begin applying eye shadow, the best bit! I start with a dusty grey on my eyelids, blending it into a pale grey, which in turn fades into a sparkly white below my eyebrow. I worked hard to make them look like the models I saw in magazines, although I was careful not to go over the top for day wear. Once I had finished the eye shadow, I went over my eye liner and mascara again, making it thicker than usual. After some deliberation, I chose the darker red lipstick of the two I had with me; Carefully following the line of my lips, I drew on the silky smooth lipstick. I loved the smell and taste of lipstick, so couldn't stop pouting to myself in the mirror while joyously applying it. Finally I brushed on some blusher, pouting again to define my cheek bone area.

Just as I had finished doing my makeup and while admiring my handy work, I heard the ding dong of the shops door bell. A jolt of nervous adrenaline shot through me, as I jumped and almost fell from the stool. Feeling some what hyper after the shot of adrenaline, I quickly plonked my makeup onto a near by shelf then zipped through the hall, to peep carefully around the door frame into the shop front. The post man was bending down, trying clumsily to push a large brown envelope through the awkwardly positioned letterbox, at the bottom of the glass door. I relaxed as I realised the postman wasn't our usual one, so knew he wouldn't recognise me; Just then, he looked up and caught sight of me, he waved with a smile. I scooted over to undo the door latch, morning, he said as he stood up breathlessly to pass me the squashed wrinkled letter. I took it from him some what nervously and with a faltering smile squeakily mumbled, your new, aren't you. Oh yes, he said still breathless, I'm only doing this round for today. That's a shame, I replied quietly with a weak smile, he nodded with a grin then turned to go on his way with a cheeky wink my way.

I smiled to myself as I went back into the shop noticing my reflection in one of the glass cabinets as I passed by. I could see that I would pass easily for a girl in the face but my figure was a problem as I had of course a flat chest! I needed to do something about my lack of bust. Luckily I recalled the photographer had been doing some catalogue product images for a swim wear company a few weeks back. The swim wear company had left a box full of swim suits and bikinis behind. I popped the letter down on the counter and went back into the studio. I remembered seeing a large cardboard box, with a sticker on it's side of the company’s logo. It was hid amongst the photography studios paraphernalia, lighting rigs, soft boxes and backdrops obscured it from view. The photographer had used a female manikin to display the costumes on, while shooting the pictures. It now stood in one dark corner of the studio with some lighting stands for company. A large chiffon scarf was draped over the curvaceous form, causing the material to flow over it in that wonderfully female way. I smiled at it as I lifted the large card board box from behind it. I quickly pulled open the flaps and started to look through the costumes. There were lots of really fashionable designs, but I needed something that looked more like a bra and knickers and less like a swimming costume! Luckily after some digging I found a bikini set!

The bikini was made of a strong white nylon material, the top and matching bottoms were quite skimpy in design but they looked almost perfect! I held the bikini atop my chest were I imagined a bust would be, while looking in the large studio mirror. I turned this way then that, trying to judge if it would work. It definitely looked about right, so I slipped off my shirt and undid the clasp on the bikini top then unceremoniously pulled it on. It was tricky doing the clasp back up, but I managed it with a little struggle. Looking back at my reflection, I straighten the straps while noticing the sad looking bikini cups, laying flat and deflated against my chest! With a dissatisfied grumpy humph, I went to get some tissues from a work top on the other side of the studio. As I reached for them, I notice on a nearby shelving rack a number of bean bags. I remember the photographer showing me how he used them to support his cameras when he was taking low level shots. I sorted through the sandy coloured different sizes until finding two about the same size as a tennis ball. I quickly slipped them into the bikini cups, then squeezed and kneaded them into shape. They made useful, but small breast shape forms. I also found that their weight was about right, as I swung my new breasts from side to side, in naughty girl fashion! Looking back into the mirror while still smoothing my new bust into place I felt they looked pretty convincing, not big, but enough to make a convincing breast shape.

Although content with the bikini top, I felt it would be nice to complete the outfit, so I quickly stepped dubiously out of mom's platform sandals, my trousers and underwear. Catching a glimpse of my smooth pale naked body in the mirror caused me a moment of discomfort, being this naked at work is not good! I hurriedly stepped into the small bikini briefs and wriggle them quickly up over my soft pert bum. I found the strong nylon to be good enough to allow me to tuck my own bits beneath myself, thus hiding them away! This was an added bonus I wasn't expecting as I checked myself in the mirror. I smiled to myself as I posed, hands on hips pleased with what I saw. Ok, I didn't exactly have a girls figure but mine was ambiguous enough. I was slim and slender and without that hard edged knobbly roughness most my male friends had. My skin was smooth and soft and I'd hardly any body hair and never needed to shave. My shoulders and chest were narrow and my hips had a small but definite flare, plus I had a cute round bottom, even if I do say so myself. According to my mom, my legs were too nice for a boy as I had long well shaped thighs and calves for my short height. With a slightly conceited smile, I put my trousers and shoes back on and hid my own under garments in the bottom of my bag. Looking back at myself in the mirror, I loved the two little mounds, I now had on my chest, stretching my shirt convincingly, the fake bust looked lovely in profile reflected in the mirror! Plus the lack of any bulges in my crotch area only added to making me looking more feminine. With my makeup and hair done, I looked like a typical mid 1970's girl and couldn't wait to meet up with Hunk dinner time!

Back in the shop I open up five minutes late! I turn the sign on the door to “Open”. and noticed an old lady waiting impatiently outside! I quickly open the door for her with a smile, your late she said grumpily as she barged past me! Sorry, I said nervously. I suddenly become hyper aware of myself and how I looked and how I was presenting. It all becomes to much as rush of anxiety about how I could be so stupid and silly washed through my mind! I felt giddy, faint and slightly sick. My legs also felt weak as they began to buckle. I caught onto the counter just in time to stop myself from falling. The old lady looked at me with a curious arched brow, are you all right she asked, a slight hint of irritation in her voice. I just nodded weakly, a huge frog now jammed firmly in my throat, sorry, I eventually squeak. I'm not feeling to well. You young girls should take better care of yourselves the old lady said exasperatedly. I smiled weakly, sorry, I said again. She told me her name and that she's come to collect her sons portraiture photos. As quickly as I could with a light head and swimming vision, I sort through the return photos draw, finding the photos for her in moments. She paid me for them and then with a curt smile she was gone!

Phew, I said, aloud to myself, regaining my composure as I begin to settle down. She didn't seem to notice I was anything other than what I appeared to be, a girl! The rest of the morning went quickly as I served several customers without incident, I began to feel comfortable as no one seemed to notice that I was anything other than the girl shop assistant I appeared to be. I even had time between customers to apply the nail varnish I'd pocketed earlier, so now they matched my toes! Ten minutes before my dinner break, a tall athletic man in a smart suit came in. He was probably in his mid twenties, about the same age as the photographer. Hello he said cheerfully as he came in. Hi, I said back with a smile, can I help you. I hope so, he began, I need a large good quality leather bound photo album. Oh, I said brightly, we have some on offer, he smiled at me as I took him over to the shelving with them on. I discuss the merits of a few of the albums with him, until I realise he's standing right behind me; I feel a warm hand, rest on one of the cheeks of my bottom! He squeezes me firmly, I freeze, cold fear clutched at me for a moment.

I wasn't sure if it was my reaction, freezing, or his sudden realisation at what he'd done. But he blustered, oh I am sorry, and he snatched his hand away. I slowly turned around to face him, he backed away. I'm really really sorry, he said again. I just couldn't help myself, your bum, it's so cute, he said with an ineffectual half smile. I reached out for the telephone besides me; His eyebrows raised and hovered nervously upon his furrowed brow. Please don't call anyone, he pleaded. I continued to stare at him and began to feel angry, more out of shock than anything else. A look of disgust clouds my face and after a moment I calmly say, buy the most expensive album we have, then leave! I will, I will, your so right, he said quickly, as he opens his wallet and dropped a number of ten pound notes onto the counter. I slip our best album into a bag and passed it to him. He smiled weakly then quickly scooted out the door! Phew, I hear myself say aloud for the second time that morning, I realised looking like a girl I'll suffer some of the problems they have to endure everyday! After a few deep breaths calming myself, I picked up the notes and counted them! He'd dropped forty pounds! The album was only twenty! I worried briefly about what I should do with the other twenty, until I think, it was my bottom he squeezed, so I guess I should have it. I smiled wickedly to myself as I pop the notes it into my pocket.

9. Shopping

On my way to meet Hunk, I caught little glints of my reflection in shop windows as I walk briskly up the busy high street. I felt pretty confident I looked good enough to pass as a girl, so relaxed even more into my roll as I walk by smiling. The weather was bright and seemed quite warm for the time of year so I decided not to wear my coat. I felt it spoilt my look anyway, being a typical boy's Wrangler style jacket! I quickly regretted it though, as I started to shiver, my shirt alone not being enough to keep me warm . As I passed by a small fashion boutique tucked incongruously between other more mundane shops, I notice a bright sale sign. The sign sat atop a woman’s calve length tweed wrap coat with dark brown fur collar. More importantly, I notice the price, fifteen pounds! The twenty pounds in my pocket suddenly started to burn a hole, as I was reminded with a shiver that I should have worn my coat! I scooted into the shop making a beeline for the rack with sale coats on. I quickly flick through them until I found a size I thought would fit. Dropping my bag at my feet, I shrugged my arms hastily into the sleeves, only to realise It was to big! My body temperature raised with the excitement and exertion as I pull my arms free to get the next size down. I spun around to look in the mirror behind me and smiled, the coat made me look even narrower, the tailored higher waist and midi length, slimmed my figure even more. I loop over the belt and poof up the collar while making the decision that this is the coat for me; The only cloud on the horizon was how would I get it past my mom, I decide I'd worry about that later. Instead of taking the coat off I paid the assistant at the counter saying, I'll keep it on. She nodded with a smile, taking my offered two ten pound notes. With a cha ching of the till she gave me a fiver change and in mere moments I was back outside amongst the milling crowds, Saturday shopping.

Hunk was waiting for me at the bus stop we'd arranged to meet at, he was wearing a black leather bomber jacket, dark trousers and white shirt. Wow, I thought, he looks fashionably cool and gorgeous! His legs were crossed in an easy laid back way as he leaned against the bus stop, whistling a tuneless little ditty to himself. He was oblivious to me as I walked up and stood besides him. I realised almost immediately that he thought I was just another passenger waiting for the bus! For a laugh, I stand next to him pretending to queue. Almost a full minute passes as he resolutely refuses to notice me! Eventually I cough, he looks down at me blankly, then slowly his brow furrows questioningly. It's me, I mouth theatrically with beaming confident smile. Oh my god Baby, he exclaims, as he quickly shrugs himself erect from his leaning position. I would’ve never guessed it was you in a million years, he says with a small laugh and broad appreciative smile. You look bloody gorgeous, he said taking a long look up and down at me; Then he tilted his head quizzically to one side and with a broad cheeky nod to my chest, asked, were did you get those. Oh these, I said with a smile curling my lips, these, I informed him are my little sandbag bust! He tittered at this shaking his head, well you look positively gorgeous anyway. Thanks, I said primly, I did work hard to pull it off. I can see that, he said, as a bright naughty smile spreads across his face. I'd like to grab you now, he gestures with curled fingers in a groping fashion, his voice full of innuendo. He paused letting his wicked thoughts hang in the air. The memory of the idiot who grabbed me not minutes before flash across my mind. There's a time and place for such things, I said primly, now is not it! He raised a questioning eye brow, so he laughed, you'd like me to grab you later then? Oh yess please, I gushed with a giggle.

Can I hold your hand he asks me tentatively as we move off towards the shops. No one will think anything of it, we'll just look like boyfriend and girlfriend out shopping. I nodded nervously as he reached out for my hand, and we move off for the shops. My hand felt small tucked away inside his much larger warmer hand. I loved the feeling of him holding my hand and smiled broadly as I sashayed besides him. I guided us to a nearby market hall I knew. It will have all the items I'll need and the prices are cheap, I said to Hunk with enthusiastic glee. We stopped just before the entrance to the market, I looked up at Hunk and asked delicately, how much do you want to spend? Oh don’t worry about that, just get what ever you want, he said. Are you sure, I ask nervously? He leaned in close to my ear and whispered, after what you did for me last night Baby, I'd be happy to give you anything you want! I giggled saying, your so wicked. He winked at me, then we briskly walked into the market hall.

We wonder through the cramped busy stalls, the hub·bub almost chaotic as we squeezed through the throngs of busy shoppers. I was looking this way, then that, for stalls that sold fashionable female clothing, almost to the point of becoming dizzy. After a few minutes walking between the long rows of colourful trestles we come upon a stall that looked perfect. The clothes were all the latest styles plus the prices displayed were very good. I could see also they had a changing area with large mirror besides it at the rear of the stall. I smiled at Hunk, as I began to look at tops, skirts and dresses. They were all pretty, sexy and perfect, I was dizzy with ideas for outfits looking at them all. But I had limited time, so I quickly chose a couple of empire line style dresses. I liked the folk styles and wrap dresses but felt the empire line style would disguise my rather slim straight figure. One of the dresses I chose was chocolate brown in colour, made of a thin soft nylon material with deep rounded square neckline, flared sleeves and midi length skirt. The other was a deep purple colour made of velveteen. Again it had a deep rounded square neckline but was more mini in length with the same sleeve design as the other. They both had tight bodices with skirts that flared out from below the bust line. The chocolate brown one had a ruched wrap over bust while the purple one was more tailored, they were both very lovely. I looked at Hunk who smiled back with a nod of the head, indicating he approved of my choices. Turning back to the stall I slipped between the tables to stand before the large mirror at the back. There were two other girls there looking at themselves in the large mirror. I smiled at them as I took the only free space left before the mirror. I positioned the chocolate brown midi dress in front of me resting it above myself as if I wore it. I tried to visualise myself wearing it as I turned this way then that. It looked good I thought noting how feminine and pretty it was. Upon looking back at Hunk for his opinion, he nodded a confirming smile to me; I did the same with the purple dress and felt the same about it, although I was unsure about the length, as it seemed quite short, being well above the knee! I was sure, I could pull it of though, as I recalled my mom saying many times my legs were to nice and smooth to be a boys!

As I switched from one dress to the another looking in the mirror the stall owner appeared beside me; She was grinning at me in a slightly unnerving way, there lovely, she says in a slight cockney drool. I smiled back at her saying, thanks. Do you want to try them on she asked with a nod towards the changing cubicle? I would loved to, I said, though I just don't have the time, so declined her offer. It occurred to me to ask though, If I have them now and they don't fit properly will I be able to exchange them later? I'm sorry, she said in her cockney drawl, I can't my dear, we've had some girls trying to con us, they'd buy an outfit, wear it out then try to exchange it for a new one! I nod my understanding, saying, I'd better try them on then, and move to open the curtain on the cubicle. A shrill, get out, was shouted from within the cubicle as I went to open it. Oh I’m so sorry, I called to the girl inside, I thought the cubicle was empty. I turned to give the stall holder the dresses back wishing to get away quickly, I was so embarrassed. The stall holder places a hand on my arm with a slight grin curling her lips, it's alright love, that happens all the time, don't worry about it. I can see your trust worthy so If they don't fit I'll exchange them but I can't give a refund, is that Ok? I nodded, saying I'm pretty sure they will fit me, I had a good sense for clothes sizes, most times, so was confident they'd be fine.

Hunk happily paid the the nine pounds fifty for the two dresses and we left the stall with a smile to the owner. I clutched my large paper carry bag with my two dresses in tightly, as we began again to saunter through the aisles. After a time I pause by an underwear stall. I knew underwear was the one thing that could disguise my figure better than any other item of clothing. Although standing there I was some what dazed by the huge amount of lingerie on display and a little reticent to reach out and touch any of it. The tall skinny lady working the stall smiled at me from between the explosion of bras, knickers and corsets. Can I help she asked with a broad smile. Yes, I said, as I leaned across the stall towards her to privately say, I need something that will give my figure a bit of shape, I gesture down towards my rather slim featureless figure. She nods and gestures for me to stand back a little. I do as she asked realising she was estimating my size. Mm, she pondered, you do have quite a slim straight figure don't you. I blush at this, suddenly worried she's caught me out! She smiled at me making a one sign with her forefinger while saying, shan’t be a second. She quickly bent down beneath her stall and we heard the sounds of boxes and plastic bags being opened and closed before she popped back up, I think these will do what you want, she says, with a reassuring friendly smile.

Laying three items of serious looking underwear in front of me she explained, their cinchers, or under bust corsets, one hundred percent rubber and boned for support. They wrap around your waist and midriff, cinching it in, creating a much slimmer waist! The stall holder smiled at my bewildered expression, quickly realising I needed a better explanation. She looked at me, and said, watch, she then demonstrates with a smooth efficient movement as she wrapped the cincher around her midriff. With her chin craned on her chest, she spoke in a some what muffled voice. You start with the top eyelet, hooking it first then working your way down. Oh I see, I giggled with a coy grin as she placed the cincher back with the others. I looked at the garments spread before me, pursing my lips and stroking my chin. The colour of two of them reminded me of pale pink sticking plasters, plus they looked boringly utilitarian. The last one however was black with lace strategically sown around the hems and seams. I pointed it out to Hunk, he very briefly looked with a smirk and a nod. I realise he feels uncomfortable and grin at the stall holder, she rolls her eyes. How much is this one, I ask, pointing to the black one, five pounds, the stall holder says quickly. Mm, I need a bra and knickers too, could you do a deal? She smiled her agreement with a nod, then showed me some bra and knicker sets, all of which were my size she assured. I choose a pretty chiffon black lacy set with little pink bows sown between the bra cups and on the front of the knickers. I also picked out four pairs of every day white knickers, each pair having some different pretty flowery detail sown upon them. We agree a price for them all and Hunk paid without a moments hesitation. Just as we were about to leave, the stall owner motioned for me to come closer, she whispered, I've slipped some falsies in with your underwear, I know how hard it can be when nature doesn’t provide what you'd like! I stare at her wide eyed and puzzled, she motions down to her own bust, falsies, she whispered! Thank you, I whispered back, that’s really nice of you. We then said our goodbyes and left. When we were clear of the stall, I look into my bag of new underwear, for the falsies, not being entirely sure what they were. I found them quickly in the bottom of my bag laying like two chicken fillets, wrapped in a clear resealable plastic bag. I nodded to myself, understanding instantly what they were used for.

With thirty minutes of my dinner break gone, I turned to Hunk and said, I still need to get some shoes and tights. He looked over my shoulder squinting into the distance, then nodded to a stall tucked away in the corner of the large market hall, they have some nice shoes, he said. I beamed a bright smile back at him, thanks, I said graciously touching his arm, gratitude and other less well defined emotions bubble butterfly like in my tummy for him. We walk quickly to the stall were I spotted a pair of platforms I adored almost immediately. They had pride of place upon a towering collection of glossy black shoe boxes, crafted into a display stand. The deep platform sole and tall heal were made of one piece of dark teak coloured wood which was contoured and sculptured to perfection. A latices work of neutral coloured leather straps adorned the upper with each terminating on the sides of the platforms sole, to be held in place by tooled metal studs. I reach out for them mesmerised by their beauty, they typified all that a fashionable pair of mid 1970's platforms should. They balanced perfectly on the eye, each line and curve in harmony with the other.

I gushed on about how cool they were to Hunk, he smiled at me with a slight look of baffled amusement, but nodded his agreement anyway. Try them on, he said, I'd been so lost in the moment coveting the shoes that I completely forgot about seeing if they looked any good on my feet! I smiled up at him and with a titter under my breath said, yes of course. I Leaned across the shoe stalls trestle, to try to attract the attention of the Jamaican stall holder with a wave, but he was finishing a sale with a couple of giggling girls. He smiled back at me from across the other side of the stall and mouthed, I'll be with you in a second. In a moment his bright smile was cast upon me and his silky smooth patter was spilling forth. Hi gorgeous, what can I do for you today, he asked in an anglicised Jamaican accent, oblivious to Hunk standing besides me; I blushed as a cough escapes Hunks stern but smiling lips. Hunk gestured towards the shoe balancing in my hand, could you help, the “gorgeous young lady”, he said, with finding the correct shoe size, please. The Jamaican stall holder smiled calmly at Hunk, then said, sure thing buddy. In a moment I was passed the correct size so I delicately lifted my ankle to the side and bent a little to undo the buckle of one of mom’s platforms. A few seconds later I was looking in the low angled mirror, placed before the stall at my beautifully adorned foot. I lifted the hem of my trousers above my ankle to view my foot as I turned the shoe first one way then another, appraising the gorgeously tall platform. I fell in love with how they looked, and knew, I just had to have them. There perfect I gushed again to Hunk, can I have these please, I asked him excitedly, he smiled at me saying, sure. The shoes were expensive at twelve pounds fifty, but Hunk didn't flinch and paid without a word.

Brimming with excitement, and other equally scintillating feelings, rushing steam train like through my weak at the knees mind, we moved on with our shopping trip. Hunk looked at me with mild amusement as we walked through the stalls, you look like the cat who got all the cream, he said with a grin. I nearly skipped with joy as I said, you don’t know how long I've dreamed of owning my very own girl things. I must have fantasised about it one way or another since I was eight! Oh I see, said Hunk, that's a long time to wish for something. It is, I agreed, but now it's all coming true, I wonder if I'm not just day dreaming again. Hunk pinched my upper arm through my coat, ouch, I cried. He laughed, saying, nope your not dreaming. Thank you for making that clear, I said with a grimace as I rubbed my arm, he hadn't pinched me hard, but I pretended it was, I liked the idea of him thinking I was delicate!

What do you want to get next Hunk asked, well, I said hopefully with a little half smile, knowing Hunk had spent quite a bit already, I need tights and maybe some costume jewellery. Hunk nodded distractedly, then raised an eyebrow, look at that stall he said pointing behind me; I turned around to see a stall selling sexy baby doll nighties. They were mostly very short, frilly and see through with skimpy matching knickers. I turned back to Hunk, wide eyed, you like them I asked with a frown. Yes of course, don't you? Well, yes, I said, but before I could finish Hunk interrupted me saying, can I get you a set, he grinned, you know, for if you stop over. You'll need something to wear in bed, I blinked at him. I mean, he carried on, if you want to carry on with dressing up that is, which I hope you do, he finished with an awkward half grin. I smiled up at him and touched his arm, you know I might be falling in love with you, I said softly. He laughed, come on, he said, as he dragged me to the stall. A few minutes later I had a candy pink baby doll nighty tucked amongst the other bags we carried. I giggled as we walked away from the stall, Hunk cocked his head at me questioningly, I smiled up at him, I can't see us doing much sleeping if I'm dressed in that nighty, I said with a naughty grin. Yeah, he said with an equally broad naughty smile, he then squeezed my bum through my coat which made me jump and giggle.

In the last ten minutes of my dinner break I used the fiver I had in change from buying my coat, to buy three pairs of fine denier high quality tights, two in flesh tone and a third pair in black. Hunk also bought me some cheap gold plated costume jewellery, which consisted of two pairs of delicate clip on earrings, an impossibly thin gold chain necklace with heart shaped locket, several sparkly bangles and four dress rings. I was careful when choosing each item, making sure that although they were cheap, they didn't look rubbish.

As we were about to leave the market hall, I noticed a stall selling domestic cleaning products, cosmetics and even pharmacy items like headache tablets. But it wasn’t these that took my interest. I'd noticed a small tray with tubes of K-Y jelly, I knew from my mothers occasional use of this product that it was a water soluble personal lubricant, a wicked thought popped into my mind. At some point I wanted to give Hunk a really good time and knew I'd need something like this to help me; I'd never actually done the kind of thing, I wanted to give Hunk, but I'd read enough to know a lubricant was important! I smiled up at Hunk asking him if he could hold the bags for a moment while I got some headache tablets from the stall. He looked a little concerned, are you alright he asked. Yes, I replied, I'm fine, there for mom, she asked me to get her some while I was at work today. Oh, Ok, he said satisfied I was alright, I'll be right back, I said as I squeezed my way through the hordes of people before the stall. I managed to flag a sales assistant quickly and she served me with a knowing smile as she slipped the K-Y jelly into a brown paper bag. I smiled back cheekily as I paid and pocketed the bag in one of the large front pockets of my new coat, how useful they were, I thought, as I turned back to find Hunk.

I awkwardly fought with the photography shop door key, carrier bags and Hunk trying to tickle me while unlocking the door. We stumbled into the empty shop with bags rustling together, me giggling and Hunk tittering. I quickly lock the door behind us and turned around to Hunk. He smiled at me in a charming cheeky way, I suddenly felt a huge need to embrace him so drop my bags and fell into his arms. Looking up into his eyes our lips touched, they felt cold for a brief moment before we press then together hard, we kiss passionately for a long moment. Breathlessly we parted, he looked at me with a look I couldn’t quite figure, I better get back to work, I whispered, Hunk nodded, then said, I better take your things back to mine then? Yeah, I said, then added, could you take my coat too. Hunk nodded again, yes of course. As I removed my coat, I remembered to late what I had in my pocket, so I tried to wriggle it out without Hunk seeing, unfortunately the tube of K-Y jelly slid free and fell with a dull thud on the floor. Mortified, I saw Hunk bend to pick it up, here you are, he said cheerfully, as he passed me the tube without looking at it. Just as I was about to grasp it from him, he turned the tube over! He seemed to freeze for the briefest of moments and his eyes widen, as he realises what it was. A huge silly grin spreads across his face as he looked down at me; I wanted it to be a surprise, I stuttered in a weak little voice while looking up at him. Well it's certainly that, Hunk replied with an even bigger grin than before, a very nice surprise indeed. I was wondering how to broach this subject with you, now you've answered my question without me asking a word. Hunk pulled me tightly into his chest, wrapping his arms around me, so, he said, with a faint air of smugness, you want to use the K-Y jelly for what exactly? Well, I said lingering on the word, you know, I want you to have a good time with me; A good time, he repeated, barely suppressing his ever increasing smile. Then with a squint and turn of the head, he asked, what type of good time? I huffed and rolled my eyes theatrically, you know exactly what type of good time I mean. Yes your right, Hunk said triumphantly, but I want to hear you say it to me, his voice had a naughty sexy edge to it that I found irresistible. Well, I breathed smiling to myself as I resigned myself to his request, I want you too, I paused the words almost to big to say, the pressure behind them building like water pushing before a dam about to burst. I want you to fuck me of course, I gushed in a whisper, I want you to have a good time with me; He beamed an impossibly huge smile at me, my confidence shot through the roof, so I repeated, I want you to fuck my soft, cute round pert little ass off. Is that what you wanted to hear, I finally asked him sweetly, with a tilt of the head and cocked brow? Yes thanks, he replied cockily, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear, and then we kissed, passionately. After we'd finished kissing, Hunk gathered my things together, including my coat. He had a silly grin upon his face, I watched him intently while he carefully folded my coat, he looked at me as he placed it in the bag with my dresses. The Navy taught me relentlessly how to fold bloody uniforms, now I cant stop folding stuff, he said with a huff! With a giggle, I kissed him, then he turned to leave, but stopped, just as he opened the door. Oh I forgot to give you this, he said, as he passed me a slip of paper, it's my phone number, call me later when your home, so we can make plans, oh and see if your mom will let you stay out, for once!

10. My Cousin

I went back to work giddy with excitement, thinking about the wonderful girly things I would be able to play with soon, and all the naughty things, I'd do with Hunk. Before that though I needed to open the shop for business again. I went back into the studio and quickly removed my girly disguise, it had been fun wearing it all morning but I needed to change before the photographer returned. Even without the help of the bikini, makeup and my mom's shoes, I still looked androgynous to the point of being pretty. I smiled a little smugly at myself in the mirror as I used moisturiser to cleanse my face and complete the transformation back to my usual look. I then put everything back in it's correct place, the bikini back in the box, my makeup and mom’s shoes back in my bag and myself back as I was that morning. Then I went into the shop front to turn the sign on the door to “Open”. As I reached for the open sign I noticed with a shock, my nails, and realised I needed to remove the bright red varnish from them before any customers came in; I quickly rummaged around in my bag for the varnish remover, but I knew I wouldn't find it, as I'd forgot to bring any! Bloody hell, I sighed, what am I going to do now? While I puzzled over what to do, the shop door bell ding donged, sharply.

My head snapped around to the opening door and at the same time my heart rate increased with deep bouncing thuds. With rising fear I looked up to see my elder female cousin slide in around the door, like some feline on the prowl. She smiled at me as she came in; She was four years my senior and had enjoyed teasing me on and off for years about how effeminate and androgynous I was. Although since becoming an adult she'd become a little more mature and had stopped. In fact we'd become very close, I'd been there for her after one particular boyfriend she was mad about had cheated on her. We lay on her bed and I cuddled her and stroked her hair while she wept and mumbled what a pig he was. It was the first time I could remember anyone trusting me enough to help them with there emotional problems. Even though I was completely inexperienced with matters of the heart, I listened to her and was supportive. I felt quite proud of myself that I could sympathise and even better give her some advice. It didn't matter that she had teased me a lot when I was younger, I still cared for her and I looked up to her, in fact she was one of the coolest people I knew and I was pleased that I managed to persuade her to dump her bum of a boyfriend. After that we became much closer and she began to understand my problems and was there for me when I was low. We'd been on a number of shopping trips together and had a good time with one another, although I'd never spoke about my desires and wants to her explicitly, I think she knew me well enough.

Hi, I said, with a relived but weak smile, my cousin screwed up her nose, knowing me as she did, she knew right away I was in trouble. What have you done now, she inquired with a tilt of her head. I held up my bright red nails, and with a weak whimper said, I was playing about with some nail varnish dinner time and I forgot I needed remover! A loud laughed exploded from her and she tittered, you idiot. I'll go and get you some nail varnish remover from the chemist a few doors down, but you'll have to pay for it, I'm broke as usual! I nodded resignedly, I still had a little change left from the mornings capers so with a weak grin I dropped it into her open hand. She rolled her eyes and with a broad smile said, that'll do, she passed her bags to me and left.

A few minutes later she returned with a bag of cotton wool and a small bottle of varnish remover. Tutting, she motioned for me to lift my hand to her, and taking hold of a fingerer at a time, she proficiently removed the varnish. I smiled at her when she'd done, thanks, I said as I gave her a little peck on the cheek. She rolled her eyes yet again, never mind, she said, it's all Ok now, isn’t it? Yes, I replied, my cousin smiled coyly at me then said, I have some news for you, I've got a new boyfriend and were going away for a dirty weekend! I cocked a brow at her and said, your sure you know what your doing, he's not married or anything is he? I don’t care, he's gorgeous and I want him, she gushed! I giggled your terrible, my cousin giggled along with me, making us sound like cackling hens as we nudged each other laughing.

So, she asked surreptitiously, I can tell you have something going on too, are you going to tell me, or have I got to start pulling out those nails of yours! I smiled back naughtily, oh yes, I said, I have something very naughty going on indeed! She cocked a brow at me in interest, oh yes, explain, she demanded sternly. I thought what the hell, she's a big girl and she definitely knows more about life than me; So I decided there and then, to tell her everything, I quickly summarised all about Hunk, what I'd been up to with him, and what had happened that day, and what I wanted to do in the following week. Her face was a picture as she stared at me with her mouth a gape, bloody hell she exclaimed, I always knew you were girly but this is, she paused stumbling for words, this is bloody amazing. I smiled saying excitedly, yeah I know, it is, isn’t it. I was quite sure my cousin wouldn't judge me, or be morally shocked or anything, as I knew she had a modern view of life. And as she went on to say, it was almost to be expected of me, she winked at me when saying this, so she didn't see anything wrong with what I'd been up to, as long as I was discrete. Just like she was being discrete with her boyfriend, she reminded me; I never needed to asked her to keep it to herself because I knew she'd realise that was a given. We excitedly chatted on about the ins and outs of my brief moments with Hunk and about my dressing up for him. We agreed we'd have to go for a long shopping trip together soon, where she would choose an outfit for me; I smiled at my cousin as a huge sense of complete happiness fell over me;

My cousin suddenly said, hey, I have something here you might like, she picked up her carrier bags and popped them on the counter. A girl I work with, she explained, is pregnant, so she can't fit in her old clothes, she gave them to me to see if I wanted any of them. There quite new and fashionable but aren’t my size. My rather shapely figure doesn’t suit her style, she said a little to proudly, with a giggle. So maybe you could see if there’s anything you'd like amongst them. I beamed from ear to ear, as I looked into the bags, that's marvellous, I said, knowing that should I be able to spend any time with Hunk, in the day that is, I didn't have anything to wear. I looked into the first of the large colourful carrier bags, underwear scrunched up into a tight ball of lace and straps lay atop, neatly folded skirts and blouses. My cousin laughed, hay, could I pick something for you, she asked. Yeah, I said, that'd be great. We then spent the next several minutes giggling as my cousin held up a number of tops, skirts and underwear against me, finally she said, these will look good on you, try them on! I cant, I said, disquieted by the idea. Ignoring my procrastinations, she draped a couple of skirts, tops and underwear over my arm, she pointed towards the studio, go, she said firmly. I looked at her knowing I'd never win against her greater will, so I asked weakly, what am I supposed to do with these. I lifted up the bra and knickers, your suppose to wear them, my cousin overly mouthed, Ideally with some padding in the bar, can you find some tissues she asked with mock patronising tone, raised eye brow and a cheeky tilt of the head. What if a customer comes in, I asked. Oh don't worry about them she said, I'll hold the fort while you change. Before doing as my cousin commanded, I slipped my mom's platforms out from my bag, I then smiled weakly back at my cousin, who rushed me on, with a flick of the back of her hand and a roll of her eyes.

Once in the studio I placed all the clothes on a work top and quickly took off my things, except for my under pants of course. On the top of the pile was an unremarkable white bra, folded together with a pair of rather ordinary knickers. They were obviously worn but perfectly serviceable. I decided not to bother wearing the knickers just yet, so quickly scooted my arms through the bra straps, doing up the hook and eyelets with my usual awkward grace. I then packed out the bra cups with the little sandbags I'd used before, then squeezed and moulded them into a semblance of the shape I needed again. Grabbing the first top that came to hand, I pulled it on without much elegance. The soft white fluffy wool three quarter sleeves top clung to me like someone caressing me softly. I smiled to myself as I began to feel rather naughty. Next I unzipped and stepped into an A line mini skirt, with a diagonal baby blue and white check pattern. The two items went together well, my cousin had a good eye for style. The checked mini skirt was quite short being a few inches above my knees. I swivelled it around to my side, so that I could pull up the zipper, then I spun it back so the zip ran parallel with my spine.

Standing on my tip toes, I examined myself in the mirror, the skirt seemed to fit me really well. My legs looked all pink and naked and a perfect contrast to the baby blue colour in the skirt. I knew from my studies as an art student that the female form being proportioned differently, the waist was higher because of the deeper pelvis, so I deliberately positioned the skirt higher than I would my trousers above my small waist. The skirts A line shape flare out from this position over my pert bottom, giving the vague impression I'd hips! I straightened the cute tops sleeves pulling them up to show the soft pale pink skin of my forearms and wrists. I wrinkled my nose in delight as I quickly stepped back into my mom’s shoes and bent down to straighten the straps. The mini skirt wafted up a little, with my sudden downwards movement and a cool breeze tickled my thighs as I did up the ankle straps.

Standing back up, I looked again in the mirror to study my reflection. The view that greeted me of my long soft naked pink legs, baby blue mini skirt and soft white fluffy top, caused my heart to skip a beat. I turned my toes in, naughty little girl style for a giggle, fluffed up my hair and checked my eyeliner in the mirror. I wiggled my hips, then sexily sashayed confidently back into the shop front. My cousin did a wolf whistle as I came in, cute, she said, very cute. She grasped each of my hands in hers and held them apart as she examined me up and down. You look young fresh and lovely, then she noticed my little bust and with a smile curling her lips she reached out to cup one. I giggled saying, there sandbags, the photographer uses them sometimes for his work. She nodded, then said with a chuckle, they look bloody convincing, I like how they stretch your top. She then went on to say, god if you had been born a girl you would've been stunning. I understood her sentiment and knew she wasn’t being cruel, but I suddenly felt overwhelmingly sad. Oh I'm sorry, she said, on seeing my face drop, I didn't mean to make you sad. It's alright, I said, I'm just being silly, I'll be fine. I sniffed back a tear, as I rushed into the studio to change back into my own things, tears clouded my vision as the words my cousin had said released a cascaded of unresolved emotions within me;

My cousin came into the studio just as I finished getting dressed, look, she said, I know those other things will be fine, so keep them. I shook my head, I don’t think it's such a good idea, a tear slid wetly down my cheek, I mean what’s the point, I'm not a girl. I'm a weird freak, I said exasperated and wretched, I began to cry. Your not a freak, my cousin insisted kindly, as she cuddled me into her, your lovely and very cute. And your certainly not the first boy I've known who likes to dress up, although your the first I've known to carry it off so well. I smiled at her weakly, listen, she said, as she cupped my cheeks in her palms, and looked directly into my eyes. We can't help who we are. I can't help being me and you can't help being you. We are, who we are, with all our faults, and weird little foibles. So its pointless being sad, about something that you can't change. You could try of course, but you'll just make yourself miserable. Do you understand, she asked kindly, I nodded with a sniff, yes I understand, but it's so difficult sometimes. I know, my cousin said, but it's hard for everyone, I mean take your friend, Hunk for example, look at the risks he's taking, if the Navy found out he'd be court marshalled, or something! But he knows what he wants, so he just gets on with it, that’s what you've got to do, sod them all, just do your thing, your way. I smiled at her, she made absolute sense, I just wished I could be as clever as her about such things. The shop door bell ding donged then, it seemed loud and somehow impatient, as it brought the humdrum of reality back into focus. With a tilt of my head, I beamed a kind smile at my cousin while squeezing her hand, then whispered, I'll be fine now I promise. To alleviate some of the tension within me, I rotated each of my shoulders in turn and jiggled my arms before putting on a brave face and scooting out. While I was serving the customer, my cousin folded the clothes into a neat pile, she even remembered to put in the little sandbags, placing them besides my mom's shoes, ready for me to pop into my bag. On coming back into the shop front she said a happy farewell, with a knowing private wink to me, then she slipped out, cat like for her dirty weekend, with her probably married boyfriend!

11. Job Offer

Thankfully the afternoon went quickly, I put the things away my cousin had left for me into my bag, closing it so no one could see inside. At four thirty the photographer returned looking happy with himself. He explained he'd had a good day, getting all the shots he'd wanted for the wedding album, which was quite high profile for him and would pay well. He asked me how I'd done with the shop, I told him we had done well, I taken several bookings for portraiture, sold lots of picture frames and albums of the ones on offer and generally we'd had a good day too. He smiled gratefully, thanks for holding the fort today, I'll make sure I pop something extra in your wage packet. I smiled at him embarrassed, my cheeks glowing pink, I'd already had a fantastic day so to get this extra praise was to much! No you don’t have to do that, I said, I was just doing my job, he smiled saying, I appreciate it and wont forget it. By the way have you decided what your doing when you finish college yet, because if you want a full time job with me, it's yours. Really, I said in surprise, yes, he said, something transpired today that will interest you. He shrugged his shoulders saying, I'm not sure how, but I've managed against all odds to get a rolling contract to shoot a fashion catalogue for a big store in London. It occurred to me that with your art and design background and interest in fashion you'd be the perfect assistant!

To say I was in seventh heaven would have been an under statement and I accepted the photographers offer immediately. At five, I excitedly grabbed my coat and rather full bag, said a gracious thanks again to the photographer and left to catch my bus home. I couldn't wait to tell my mom about my good news, although I was distracted by the thought that I wanted to stay a few days with Hunk but couldn't think of any excuse to tell my mom. On the bus journey home, I thought and thought, but nothing would come to me; I was getting frustrated and the excitement I'd felt half an hour before was waning fast. I opened the front door feeling quite low by the time I got home, I wanted to be with Hunk, I thought petulantly, but there was just no way to explain that to mom. I knew she would kick up a huge fuss if I just wanted to disappear for three or four days!

12. Mom

It was getting dark by the time I got home, so I never saw the small suitcase, almost perfectly positioned to trip me up, as I stepped through the door into our shadowy hallway! I almost dropped my own bag, as I stumbled forwards over it. My mom called me from upstairs, is that you? Yes, I replied, with a questioning frown at the suitcase. I put my bag and coat away in the hallway cupboard, making sure I tucked my bag out of site, amongst the excess of old coats, hats and scarves. I then called up stairs, what's the suitcase doing here? My mom called back, slightly breathlessly, oh, it's rather sudden but I'm going to stay with your aunty up in Sheffield, for a week. Your uncle is in hospital and your aunt needs me to look after her dogs, while she visits him. I blinked away a small hopeful tear welling in between my lashes. Is he alright, I called to her as I walked up the stairs. Oh yes, it's his old war wound, there going to operate, finally, hopefully it'll sort him out, but I doubt it! My mom’s opinion of my uncle wasn't high, to say the least.

As I entered my mothers room, she comically sat atop another larger suitcase upon her bed. It bucked and wobbled precariously while her bed springs creaked as she tried to squash the lid down. The whole assembly jigged and bobbed dangerously while she exhaled exhausted sighs. Stifling a smirk, I ran quickly across to help her shut the latches, then steadied her as she huffed and puffed her way down from her teetering perch. I have some good news to tell you, I said, she gave me a look with a turn of her head, you do? She had that look on her face of not quite believing me, one of her favourite looks towards me of late! Yeah, I said exasperated with the look, the photographer has offered me a full time job, as his assistant. She threw her arms dramatically in the air, shouting hooray, then she beamed a huge smile and hugged me tightly. That's marvellous she gushed enthusiastically. Just then there was a toot from a car horn outside. Oh that'll be the taxi mom said, I shook my head bewildered, your going right away I asked? Yes, she said, I am sorry dear, it's all a bit of a rush I know, but you'll be fine. I know you can look after yourself, your certainly old enough. You will be fine, she queried nervously, wont you? Oh yes, I said quickly, trying to hide my surprise at this sudden turn of events. I couldn't quite believe my mother was prepared to leave me on my own. I'll be fine, I said, I haven’t much on at college this coming week, so I'll probably just have some friends around. My mother looked at me sternly and almost but not quite began to wag a finger at me; She quickly clenched her fingers into a tight fist hiding the wagging finger away. I don't wont you having any wild parties, she managed to say calmly. Oh, I said in mock surprise, I thought I'd just have one or two? My mother nudged me with an elbow as she realised I was teasing her.

As I helped mom carry her bags out to the waiting taxi, she suddenly stopped and caught my free hand. You know your aunty thinks it will do me good, to spend some time at hers. She thinks I over compensate for the fact your father never bothers to see you; Apparently, according to her, I fuss over you far to much because of it. I thought to myself, I agree with my aunt, but I would never say it to my mom, so instead said, what does she know, she's just jealous! My mom hugged and kissed me as if we were parting forever, before climbing into the taxi. I could feel a certain tension, and atmosphere in the air as my mother seemed to dither, almost reticent to leave. She entwined her fingers within mine in the open taxi window, fussing as she recounted a long list of things I was to do, and another list of things she'd left for me, finally she ended with, I'll phone you everyday. I nodded a kind appreciative smile back, telling her, I love you loads, and don't worry I'll be fine, honest. The fat taxi driver had been stowing mom's cases in the boot all this time, he then ambled uncomfortably into his seat before slamming his door shut with a loud clunk. I stood back as he revved hard on the accelerator causing a grey cloud of smoke to chuff swirling from the exhaust pipe. With a small bouncing judder the taxi lurched forward into motion, my mother turned around to wave to me through the back window. I waved back to her smiling and at the same time fought a little battle within myself to stop jumping into the air with a whoop of joy. I couldn't quite believe she was going, as I watched them dwindle into the distance. As I walked back into the house, I couldn't shake the feeling, something profound had just happened, something possibly life changing!

13. Tension

It was difficult to resist phoning Hunk immediately, but not having had anything to eat all day, I quickly made myself a salad sandwich and big glass of cold milk. Once I'd nibbled and drank a little, I went and sat on the telephone bench, in our now very dark hallway, the darkness was calming so I left the light off as I dug out the piece of paper Hunk had given me earlier with his phone number. Squinting at the barely visible numbers I nervously I dialled, a gruff heavy voice answered the phone! Hello, it bellowed. Hi, I said suddenly feeling small and timid. Hello, he said back melodiously, can you speak up love, I'm a bit deaf. Sorry, I said, weakly, a feeling of stupidity suddenly gripped me as my mind went blank, making it impossible for me to talk further. On impulse and to save myself making things more complicated, I quickly put the handset into it's rest. Feelings of frustration washed over me, as I sat in the dark quietly cursing, my mind tumultuously turning thoughts over of the day. I marvelled how exciting it had been one minute and bloody frustrating the next! Just then the phone rang making me jump, I snatched the receiver up and said testily, hello. Hi, it's me, Hunk said, in a hushed tone, sorry I missed your call, but my dad got there first! I smiled to myself, it's Ok, I said, I kind of got stuck when he answered and didn't know what to say. Hunk tittered, yeah he has that effect on people. I giggled too, as nervous energy washed away, now that I was talking to Hunk.

As we chatted quietly, I told him about my mom rushing off to help my aunty. So, I whispered excitedly, I can come and stop with you now, if you still want me to? Of course I want you to stop with me, he said, I'm bloody over joyed, in fact I'm ecstatic. I smiled to myself as he said this and giggled softly, oh good. I then went on to tell him about seeing my cousin and how I'd chatted with her about us; Unfortunately I'd not thought through the implications of talking to her and could tell instantly Hunk was unhappy with me; Realising I'd made a mistake, I tried to explain myself, saying, I just needed to tell someone about us, I was so excited. I know, Hunk said snappily, his voice had an edge to it, and sounded so different from the way it had moments before. I could tell he was trying hard to sound calm, but the tension between us was palpable, as he said, you must understand, we have to be very careful, we have to keep everything we do secret. I found myself nodding agreement, even though he couldn't see me, then I quickly said, I wouldn't want to jeopardise him or our friendship. There was a choke in my voice as I reassure him, I hadn't actually told my cousin his name, plus I said, my cousin and I we're very close. The quavering choke hindered me as I stumbled on with my voice rising in pitch, I could feel in moments I'd be crying. Thick knots of tension rolled over in my tummy, washing sick waves through me, as I went on saying, I trusted my cousin with my life and knew she'd never say anything to anyone about us.

The tension in his voice calmed, he breathed a deep sigh, Ok, I can see I don’t have anything to worry about, but can we agree not to talk to anyone about us again? His voice dropped back into it's usual, quietly cheeky self, as he naughtily asked, what did your cousin think about us; The question snapped me back from my own emotional precipice and my shoulders which had gathered up with tension now relaxed. I told him with a tension releasing giggle, she was amazed, but had been expecting me to tell her something like this for ages. He laughed a quite titter, saying, he agreed with her. With a humph and roll of my eyes, I told him about the clothes she'd given me, so now I said excitedly, I'd have something to wear in the daytime. In the daytime, he queried? Oh yes, I said, I'd forgot to tell you, I don’t have much on at college so you really do have me for the next few days, minimum! He tittered at me as I said this, so I asked him what was funny? Oh, it's just the way you said I could “have you”. I giggled at the double meaning, saying, your wicked. We arranged for Hunk to collect me at seven thirty, then we'd go to his. I asked him if he could bring my new coat along, he asked cheekily, what's it worth. I told him to expect to meet the gorgeous person he'd met dinnertime, who in all probability, would look even sexier! He tittered again at this, saying, Ok, that sounds like a good deal. I giggled, blowing him a kiss, and whispered a light cheery, bye bye.

At seven thirty on the dot, Hunk pressed our door bell, I rushed to let him in with a beaming smile. I'd spent the past two hours getting ready, having had a long perfumed soak in the bath. I then lingered excitedly over the ritual of applying my makeup, doing my hair and getting dressed. Enjoying every moment, as I rarely had the freedom to play to this extent. I'd chosen to wear, what I'd tried on before for my cousin, but of course this time I'd put on the knickers as well as the bra. Once I'd dressed, I spent rather to long looking in the mirror, twisting and turning. Looking at myself from every angle, within my thin wardrobe mirror. My makeup and hair looked the best I'd ever managed, my face was bright and clear, and my hair looked soft and glossy, with wavy curls throughout the ends. I wiggled my cute little sandbag bust back and forth, beneath the white soft fluffy wool top, and cooed over the way my mini skirt hung over my pert bottom when turning to look from behind. The way the rear hem hung out from the backs of my thighs causing shadows upon them. I loved how long my legs looked in mom's tall platform wedges, how my calves and thighs stretched taught and smooth and how pink and naked they felt. I was also curiously thrilled by how vulnerable I felt, knowing that all I had protecting me from the elements was a short mini skirt and thin soft cotton knickers just beneath. I'd whiled away the past half hour fussing over my outfit, smoothing the soft fluffy wool top over my little mounds, pulling my sleeves into just the correct place on my forearms. I repeatedly checked my skirt making sure it was in just the right position after doing up the buckles on my mom's platforms. As a final touch, I dabbed a little of mom's Avon Roses perfume behind my ears and on my wrists, the fragrance was lovely, and added that extra something to my disguise.

The front door had barely shut, when Hunk pulled me into his arms, we kissed deeply. My heart was thudding like a drum in my chest as he consumed me with his kisses. I felt so keyed up having had such a good time getting ready before he'd arrived. Butterfly’s danced there fluttering jig in my tummy as the prospect of Hunk seeing had drew closer. I could barely contain my need to show off how I looked to him. We were kissing so passionately I began to feel dizzy, the hall felt like it had lilted forty five degrees. I drew in a deep breath as we parted, I felt I was about to swoon. Hunk smiled a bright cheeky grin as he realised his effect upon me; He seemed to bristle with pride, his kissing prowess smugly etched upon his grinning face, I nudged him with a cheeky sideways look.

Glancing in the hallway mirror, I checked my lipstick with an index finger, it had faded some what with the exercise my lips had just had. I smiled inwardly at the reason, then looking up I caught a brief glimpse of Hunk pulling the back of his hand across his mouth, wiping away the remnants of my lipstick. I smiled up at him as I bent to retrieve my lipstick from my bag, would you like to try some, I asked parting my lips suggestively into an O shape before applying the lipstick sensuously over my top lip, slowly tracing the lip line, until pulling it back across my bottom lip. I lingered on the action, enjoying every moment, until doing a final pouting kiss. I kept glancing at Hunk as he followed my every move, his gaze seemed rapt, a smile curling the corner of his lips until we smiled brightly at one another. No thanks, he said I'll leave the girly stuff to you, you do it so well. He ran a lingering look over me, he whistled a low appreciative, wert whirl. In return I did the same back to him. He cuddled me in close and tight with a strong arm and said, you look cute Baby. I looked up into his twinkling eyes, and said coyly, you don't look half bad yourself Hunk. Get your things together he said, my dads left for work now, so we can fool around for a couple of hours before going out. I beamed at him saying, ooh, that’s sounds lovely, I was hoping we could, I'm dying to try on all the wonderful things we got earlier. Hunk nodded with a titter, I though you'd want to do that. I rolled my eyes and said cheerfully, I've packed everything I need already. Hunk nodded as he passed me my coat I'd asked him to bring along. I quickly shrugged my arms into it pulling it together with a minimal movement before flopping the tie belt into a loose knot. I fluffed up the collar around my neck as I took a final look into the hallway mirror then grabbed my bag. In moments the cool evening air was swishing around my naked legs and thighs as we walked to Hunks.

14. Hunks Place

The walk to Hunks was a thrill for me as I hung on to his arm, sashaying brightly along besides him swinging my bag. It was the very first time I'd ever dressed up in girls things to the extent I had, and the very first time I'd gone outside dressed with such conviction. A well of feelings bubbled inside me, my mind and tummy were jangling with excitement, as every rustle and fold of the fabric of the clothing I wore, intensely amplified my emotions. Huge gushes of emotion flooded through me, and I felt I would either burst into laughter or cry out with joy any second. I barely held myself in check as we chatted about this and that as we walked along. I giggled at Hunks silly jokes and nudge him from time to time, as he tried to pinch my bottom and make me squeal. After about fifteen minutes we arrived as his house, It was the same design as all the other council houses in our area. The dull designs were imparted with the occasional flourish, although it was obvious they were built for a low price, and were just plain cheap.

The interior of Hunks home was decorated in the previous decades furnishing fashions, it looked tidy but unloved. I hardly had time to notice as Hunk grabbed me tightly around my waist and spun me to face him. He planted a huge kiss upon my lips, we snogged for a long time, wet squelching sounds escaped our mouths as our tongues entwined and our lips moved in new rhythms. He pulled me closer, then with a titter reached down and scooped me up into the air. I breathed in deeply with a giggle as his arms tighten around the back of my thighs, under my bottom. I giggled again looking down on him from my raised position, and wriggled in his strong arms saying, what are you doing. He lifted his face up to mine, and skimmed a light kiss across my lips before tittering again. He trudged us up stairs, carrying the weight of us both with ease, I looked on helplessly giggling. His eyes twinkled with wicked intent as he pushed open his bedroom door and flicked on the light.

My eyes were suddenly dazzled by a group of spot lights on the ceiling, they were pointing in different directions, one of which was pointing straight at me; I blinked, oops, Hunk said, as he turned us away. My eyes widened as I took in his room, it was the largest bedroom of the three in his house, I knew this because it was the same as my mom's. Deep cream pile carpet covered the floor, the walls and ceiling were painted in a dark purple colour, Athena posters liberally covered them. Hunk lowered me down with a mirthful smile as he watched me carefully. I looked about, what do you think, he asked. I was stumped for an answer, his room was an unexpected surprise, adjustable cream coloured shelving and bracket system, made from aluminium dominated the wall to the right of Hunks bedroom door, It ran the entire length, and looked very cool. A sophisticated music center was arranged with tall speakers either side in the center of the shelving. Either side of the music center, spread out neatly across each of the shelves, were square black boxes, with record albums and singles. Some had cassette tapes with very precisely written spines and then there where groups of books with fancy bookends and quite a few models of ships. Opposite the shelving was a large double bed, a quilted bed cover in cream lay over it, the window wall directly in front of us had dark purple curtains that hung from floor to ceiling. Directly behind the door were two sliding wardrobe doors, painted cream to match the carpet, one had a large mirror attached to it. One of the sliding doors was half way open, and I could see my dresses hanging on a rail inside, I smiled at Hunk. It's so bloody cool, I said with a gushing enthusiastic smile, but how come your dad doesn’t have the largest room? When my mom left, Hunk said, dad couldn't sleep in here, so we swapped. You wouldn't know it from the rest of the house, but my dad is a keen DIY enthusiast, so he helped me decorate my room once I was earning my own money.

Dropping my bag besides the wardrobe I slid back the half open door, my two dresses hung silently on thin wire coat hangers, they were hooked over a long chrome clothes rail, running the width of the wardrobe. They were separated from Hunks things by a small gap, I smiled at him as I reached into them, the feeling of the soft fabric beneath my thumb and forefinger thrilled and excited me; The idea that in a short time I would be able to try them on filled me with fluttering expectant sensations. I then noticed my candy pink baby doll nighty further along, slightly obscured behind the dresses, they were all hung above a narrow draw unit, which had the black glossy shoe box with my platforms sandals in, a smiled crept across my lips upon seeing the box. A small length of black ribbon bra strap hung limply out over the top draw front. I pulled the draw open to see my underwear, neatly folded with my tights, cincher and the tube of K-Y gel! I looked up quickly at Hunk upon noticing it, he smiled at me coyly, a cheeky flick of his eyebrows flashed upwards on his forehead, and he tilted upwards on the balls of his feet. I smiled at the cheeky child like response, several layers of anticipation hung in the air, emanating from each of us.

I guess you'll want to try everything on, Hunk asked. I smiled at him weakly, yes please, I said, with what I hoped was a cute tilt of the head and kind smile. He smiled back, that's Ok, I'll leave you alone for a while. He drew the curtains then clicked a switch on his music center, the Temptations My Girl drifted softly out of the speakers, I beamed a smile at him as I wondered if he'd planed to play that track, then I noticed he'd turned the radio on. He kissed me lightly on the neck as he passed by and said, I'll get us some drinks ready, do you want a beer, or I have a bottle of Martini. I don’t think I really like beer, I said quickly, a smile curled the corner of his mouth as he nodded, Ok, Martini it is then, call me when your ready.

I empted Hunks wardrobe of everything we'd bought, laying out my clothes and underwear on his bed in the order I wanted to try them on. I paused for a moment after picking up the K-Y jell, I'd busily been picking up and placing things and almost forgotten it. It loomed large and naughtily in my hand, taking my attention. With a wry smile I placed it on one of Hunks shelves, putting aside any thoughts of how I was going to use it! I carried on placing my clothes and skipped a little dance clenching my fingers together before me, as joyous feelings ran throughout my entire body, I was hardly able to contain myself. I stripped off the clothes my cousin had given me and folded them on the other side of Hunks bed. Standing completely naked in Hunks bedroom made bits of me twitch! I giggled as I first put on the black chiffon bra and matching knickers, I packed out the cups with the falsies and was amazed at how much better they looked, being the correct shape and size for the bra cups. I stood for a long moment twirling my hips too and fro in the mirror, enjoying myself, lost in the soft sexy moment of clinging straps and lace. I loved the little indentations the straps made into the skin of my shoulders and the arch shapes the lace panels of the knickers made over my bum.

Flopping down on to Hunks bed I sorted out my tights, unravelled one of the flesh tone pairs, then as elegantly as possible, slid them up my legs, over my bottom and up to my waist. I didn't like having to wear the tights over my nice black lace chiffon knickers, but it had to be so, until I could get some stockings! The sheer nylon clung to my legs making them feel very sensitive, I could feel little wafts of cool air around them, which I'd not noticed before. Once I’d smoothed out any wrinkles and folds, I got out my platforms, a glorious moment of excitement thrilled me as I slipped my feet into them. I delighted again in there slick cool design as I bent to do them up.

When I'd had my fill, ogling my sexy underwear, sheer tight clad legs and funky platform endowed feet, I gingerly picked up the cincher. I did exactly the same thing as the market stall holder had showed me; I took a deep breath, pulled the cincher around my midriff and began hooking the hooks into the eyelets from top to bottom. With a rather loud exhale, I turned to view myself in the mirror, bloody hell I thought, I go in at the waist, at last! I danced around brightly, pushing my hips out in over exaggerated manner. The cincher didn't restrict my movements to much, and what it did restrict, felt kind of sexy, I wondered with a giggle, if I was into bondage?

I'd already decided which dress I wanted to try on first, having worn a mini skirt for the last couple of hours without feeling uncomfortable. We'd passed quite a few people on the way back to Hunks, and not one person had said anything, or made any disparaging comment. I felt sure I could get away with showing my legs off, so with a cheeky grin picked up the deep purple velveteen mini dress. I unzipped it and carefully stepped each of my legs through the opening, then shimmied it up so that I could slip my arms through the sleeves. Once I'd tugged the neck line and shoulders into the right place, I reached behind my back to pull up the zip. Luckily I was quite flexible and for once my limp wrists were an asset, as I was easily able to first pull the zipper up to between my shoulder blades, then reaching over my shoulder, I pulled it up to stop at the back of my neck.

I spent a good amount of time before the mirror, turning in every direction I could, looking at my dress. The empire line design was a good choice, I decided, with my waist now pulled in by a couple of inches. The dress seemed to emphasise my slim figure even more, making me look positivity petite. The deep rounded square neckline exposed the pink smooth skin of my chest and the three quarter sleeves swished about my forearms as did the dresses skirt, as it flared out from under my bust. The space around my thighs, and bottom where the hem of my dress hung a few inches above my knees, felt palpably exposed, in a wonderfully naughty way. My platforms lattice work of neutral coloured leather straps looked really cool against my pink clad sheer nylon covered legs, showing of my dimpled knees was a lot of fun too.

I was almost ready to call down to Hunk, I just wanted to put on some of the costume jewellery we'd bought before hand. I clipped on a pair of the delicate gold earrings, then I deftly pulled the thin gold chain necklace around my slender neck. The heart shaped locket hung a little above the neck line of my dress, between the vague cleavage formed by my bra. I next shared out the bangles between my wrists, sliding them deftly over my wrists into place. I did the same with the rings upon my fingers. The deep purple mini dress and gold jewellery went together well, the outfit looked expensive especially when taking my platforms into consideration. With a final look in the mirror, I did little wiggling dance to what's going on by Marvin Gaye coming from the radio before skipping out onto the landing to call Hunk.

Hunk came into the hall and paused at the bottom of the stairs, he looked up at me, he'd taken off his shirt, so was naked from the waist up, he looked smooth and well muscled and he had two drinks in his hands. A look of appreciation and carnal lust flashed across his face, I was gratified by both emotions and reached out a hand to him with a coy smile. He walked slowly up the stairs fixing me with an intense look. I licked at my lips, my mouth suddenly dry as I watched him intently walk up the stairs. His gorgeous physique and mussels glistened as the hall light above played over his skin highlighting it as he came towards me; As he came to stand besides me my stomach was a flutter with a thousand butterflies tickling it and my heart rate had increased ten fold. You look stunning he breathed, as he passed me a glass. We moved back into his room, he motioned for me to give him a twirl as he sat on the edge of his bed. I gladly danced around to the Chi-Lites, “Have you seen her” tinkling from the radio, he smiled widely at me, as I grooved to the rhythm of the tune. You look so cool, he said, honestly no one would ever guess your not a girl. I smiled and bent to kiss him on his lips, he pulled me towards him and sat me on his knee. I giggled as we started to kiss again with far more vigour, the motion of our lips some how in sync with the tunes as we played together our lips and tongues dancing around one another. I reached an arm around his broad shoulders and as the tips of my fingerers skimmed across his skin a thrill shot through me, and a little twitch tickled in the pit of my tummy and groin! He pulled me in tighter around the waist, I rested my other hand testily on his smooth chest, the tips of my fingers playing little smoothing patterns over it.

I felt his warm hand upon my knee, his fingers made delicate circular shapes as he stroked, then he moved gradually around to my inner thigh, the soft flesh tingled at his touch. We continued to kiss passionately, our lips and tongues working hard upon each other, raising a torrent of passion within me as I felt his fingers move ever further along the inside of my thigh towards my chiffon and tights covered little member. It twitched to the sexy rhythms going on, Hunk gently pushed my legs apart so that my crotch suddenly felt exposed to cool air, then he slid his hand up beneath the skirt of my dress and cupped my groin in his large hand. He pulled away from me for a moment as he looked down, a puzzled look on his face. I realised he wondered were my little member was, I whispered, I tuck it between my legs, so it looks a bit like a girls. He nodded a smile as he began to rub his palm between my legs and over my hardening member. It strained and the thin fabric of my knickers and tights and I gasped a little squealing sigh as he worked upon me. We began to kiss again while he probed, stroked and rubbed me between my legs. I became very aroused as he explored me and was quivering with excitement as emotions and feeling crashing sexily through me. I couldn’t help but gasp and sigh deeply with the intensity and rhythm of Hunks motions upon my groin. After a time he stopped and whispered, take your tights and knickers off. I'd always had a problem with being undressed in front of others and the thought had crossed my mind when thinking about being with Hunk. But when it came to it I just stood up stepped out of my platforms and slipped of my tights and knickers without a moments thought .

As I slipped off my tights and knickers, Hunk carefully put my things, that had been lying on the bed back into his sliding wardrobe. I stood waiting for him to turn around, thrilling to the feel of the hem of my dress touching my bouncing member, which poked out towards it. He turned back to me and motioned for me to sit on the bed, which I did. He knelt before me and started to kiss me again. I reached out to touch his chest again but he stopped me asking me to lay backwards. I did as I was asked, Hunk parted my knees and moved closer, leaning over me; I'd never felt so open and vulnerable being completely naked from the waist down. He started to kiss the insides of my thighs, the soft flesh set electric thrills shooting through me as each kiss touched. He moved closer towards my hard little cock, I strained to watch lifting my head up, but he motioned for me to lay back down, which I did with a gasp as he reached my member. He took me entirely into his warm wet mouth, the sensation was unlike anything I'd ever felt, I gripped on to the bed covers as the intensity of sensation gripped me in an erotic fervor. It took away my breath, leaving me a gasping wreck, my heart beat so loudly I could hear it clearly above the music. His gentle sucking soon had me grinding my hips into his mouth, he slowed as he gently cupped my buttocks and began to kneed them in his strong hands. I felt close to orgasm, and could hear myself saying his name in gasping rhythm as I got closer.

He paused, kneeling back on his haunches, I looked at him, his face was wet and sticky, he grinned a satisfied smile back at me as he leant across to the shelf I'd put the K-Y jell on. I smiled a breathless smile at him as he slowly unscrewed the top, you better take of your dress he said, as he squeezed out a large blob of jell onto his index and middle finger. I sat up and unzipped my dress then scooted my bum up so that I could pull it over my head. I placed it on the other side of the bed out if the way. He looked at me, all I had on now was my bra and makeup! Part your legs, he whispered breathlessly, I did. He put a hand under my bottom and moved me forwards a little over the edge of the bed. With one hand he wrapped his strong fingers around my twitching little member and began to masturbate me slowly. I gasped, little breathy cries as he started this and worked my hips into his hand. While he drew his fingers back and forth along my short shaft he positioned his jell covered fingers between my parted buttocks and gently smeared it over my anus. He worked his index finger into me slowly with circular motions, until he began to apply pressure upon my anus, which quickly gave into his penetrating finger, and stretched around it tightly. I gasped yet again as he slipped inside me, Hunk rested his index finger there, letting me get use to the feeling of it. After a time he'd slowly pull out, then pushed back, simulating the bucking motion he'd soon be doing into me; I smiled to myself a silly grin, engrossed as I was in all the sensations my meagre mind could hardly cope with.

When Hunk could freely push his index finger in and out of me without my clenching tightly upon him, he began to use his index and middle fingers. This did begin to sting for a moment but he applied more jell and in no time he was penetrating my hole, with no problem. All this time he'd continued to work my cock with his free hand, and I was getting very close to orgasm, I whispered breathlessly as much to him, so he stopped masturbating me and just fingered my tight little hole instead. I lay on my back with my hips pushing to meet his passionate fingers as he worked back and forth into me, an erotic tickling sensation began to build deep inside me, I found myself breathlessly saying, I think I'm ready for you. Hunk paused, he'd been stroking my tummy while he'd fingered me and occasionally masturbating my cock. Are you sure he asked, do you really want me to fuck you? Oh yes please, I almost cried, he smiled as he stood and stepped out of his remaining clothes. Naked he looked magnificent, his muscular body continued down his thighs and calves. But what took my breath away was his cock, although I'd already given him a blow job and felt every inch of him, I'd not seen him clearly because it was so dark. Now he stood proud and very large before me, he smiled at me as he knelt between my open legs. I'll go really slow he said, as I raised my legs up, so as to lift my anus to his cock. He rested the tip of his engorged members head on it, he teased me at first holding his cock making circular motions over my anus. I felt wet and sticky, covered as I was with K-Y jell, Hunk pushed a little into my anus which parted easily having been already worked loose by his fingers. He pushed again, I felt myself part as his head slipped into me, he felt so hard and nothing like his fingers.

I felt myself open up ever wider as he penetrated further inside my anus, my sphincter stretched a cold stinging sensation briefly bit into me but within moments it was gone. In seconds I felt him slip inside me right up to his balls. He held me tightly around the waist as he gently started to buck into my stretched hole, he started slowly at first but after a few minutes he was like a raging torrent of force, throwing me about like a rag doll as he fucked into me; He lifted me up easily, his strength was such that I was no great weight for him to lift. He pulled his huge cock out of me for a moment as he turned me around and bent me over before he slipped back into me from behind. He seemed so driven by passion that I was barely able to keep up with him. For several minutes he rammed into me, I clenched my teeth together as each buck came thundering in, making me shudder under it's force. I began to feel a little sore as his huge cock spread me wide, I gasped his name, Hunk, Hunk, I was close to orgasm. Not only was he fucking me but he also continued to play with my little bouncing member, I was on the edge, shuddering with sensation and completely breathless. Suddenly he almost growled, as he bucked into me one final time, then he came, a huge gushing orgasm, which brought on mine. We collapsed onto the bed wet, exhausted and covered in semen, but incredibly happy. I rolled over to face him and we embraced and kissed for a long time.

After we'd got our breaths back, Hunk said he was sorry for getting so carried away. I told him I didn't mind and that what little pain I did feel had made me feel more sexy and outrageously happy with myself than anything ever had. He smiled at me, as I lay in his arms, and I found myself saying, I loved him very much. It came out spontaneously, I guess because I just felt so emotional after making out in such an intense way. Hunk looked at me curiously, I quickly bit my lip and said I was sorry, and not to take any notice. He shook his head, saying, something so serous shouldn't be forgotten as if it's nothing, I nodded agreement. So do you love me, he asked, I did a little nod while still biting my lip. I see he said softly, well that's lucky, because I love you too! We kissed happily and passionately for a long time.

In the following five days I continued to play the part Hunk had asked of me, dressing every day in the clothes we'd bought together, and the things my cousin had given me; I wore makeup everyday and did my hair. At night, we danced at the discotheques Hunk took us too, and we did naughty things on the way back home! I wore the baby doll nighty Hunk had insisted we buy, which had exactly the effect I knew it would! All in all, I had a fantastic time living out a long dreamed of fantasy with Hunk. When it came time for me to leave it was hard for both of us, and I cried a lot, not only because I wouldn't see Hunk until his next leave, but also because I would have to go back to my usual self, in effect I would be missing two things I'd come to love dearly. Hunk and I went on to have quite a long relationship and quite a few more adventures together, before we parted in the early nineteen eighties.

The end, Baby...

Chapter End Notes:

I hope to continue writing stories about the exploits of my sexy main character, and other stories I have clunking around in my head.

The End. (Complete)
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