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Dental Assistance
By Wholeman
DECLARATION: This story is an original literary work. I wrote a fantasy to stretch my creative muscles and mess with dentists a little. All doctors, scientists, magical entities, victims, antagonists, and Wizards in this work are fictional. Any resemblance to anyone living, dead, or born in the future, is purely coincidental, or possibly intentional, but I promise no one will know the difference.

WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence, swearing, strange ideas, and more explicit sex. These are the kinds of strange things that dribble from my head and I felt others should share in my weirdness. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and especially not smart enough to stop reading should you find yourself becoming offended viewing such a story, don't read it, view it, spindle it or continue!

I hereby grant permission to post this story, make it available for download, or send it to one or more of your kinky friends, as long as I am given credit for it, all copies of this story will include this disclaimer, and that no monetary profit will be made from it without sharing those profits with me. (I'm not greedy, but I did write it.) I reserve the right to ask that it be removed from any specific site for cause.
Chapter 1 - Argh!
By the title of this story alone, you have had to guess that teeth and pain are involved.

After my recent ugly divorce, I was left with most of our shared bills, and almost nothing else, therefore money was super tight. Even though I had medical and dental insurance, I just couldn't afford even the co-pays for seeing doctors or dentists for a few years.

Now that I'm finally starting to get my head above water once again and feel I can afford to see a medical professional, I am highly motivated to go to the dentist first. Yes, I have a whale of a toothache!

After suffering with a toothache all weekend, when Monday came around I checked online for dentists listed in my area, who were listed by my dental plan, and I decided to try for a woman dentist, if I could get one. You see, women have smaller hands than men do, obviously, so I figured that I wouldn't have to jack my jaw down to my knees so the dentist could work in my mouth.

Wouldn't you believe my luck when I found one fairly close to where I live? I dialed the number for Dr. Desiree Traci-Anne Tiedemann, DDS.

"Hello, is this Dr. Tiedemann's office?" I enquired.

"Yes, this is her receptionist, Kori Fawcett, may I help you, please," responded a very cute, very feminine voice.

"You certainly can. My name is Bill, and I need to get in to see a dentist as soon as I can, I'm in a lot of pain," I admitted to her, "I haven't been to a dentist for a few years, and I think I may have an abscessed tooth and it really hurts."

"I think the Doctor has an opening this afternoon... Yes, she had a cancelation. Can you come by at 3:30?" Kori inquired as she checked her appointment book.

"No problem, I'll be there!" I enthusiastically answered relieved that after three days of suffering, the end to my pain was in sight.

"I'll need your full name and the name of your insurance carrier to make the appointment," she asked.

This is the time in my life that I hate the most. My parents named me for my grandfather, William. For most people, that wouldn't be a problem, but for me, with my last name it sure feels like one. I answered, "William Erwin Whacker," and added the name of my insurance carrier.

To my relief, the receptionist either didn't catch the humor most people seemed to find in my name or she held a tight rein on herself, so she replied, "You're all set Mr. Whacker. I'll see you at 3:30."

Unbeknownst to me, shortly after making the appointment, Dr. Tiedemann walked over to Kori and checked the appointment book, "Do we have a new patient Kori?"

"We sure do Dr. Tiedemann, and this one is a dozy! Get this, his name is Will E. Whacker," and she fell into a giggling fit. When she recovered she added, "He's scheduled for 3:30 this afternoon. He thinks that he may have an abscessed tooth."

"Does he really? Well, in that case, I believe that we may have to put in considerable overtime on him," she mused in a slightly guarded way. "Kori, would you please get me Kati Comely on the phone? I think she should hear about this."

"I will right away Dr. Tiedemann. You and she have been hanging around together a lot lately," the receptionist noted.

"We've been best friends for all our lives Kori. We sort of lost track when she married a computer programmer a few years ago," Dr. Tiedemann mused with a smirk on her face that Kori couldn't quite understand.

Sometime later on the phone, Dr. Tiedemann said, "Hello Kati, this is Desiree, I have some news for you."

Kati Comely inquired, "What news is that Desiree?"

"Your ex-husband is coming in to see me this afternoon for some serious dental work. I think this could be a perfect opportunity for you to get back at him," she offered with a twisted smile that Kati couldn't possibly see.

"That asshole doesn't even realize he's going to my lifelong best friend for dental work, because you were overseas during the whole time we were married. What kind of things do you have in mind for him Desiree?" Kati, knowing her friend quite well, asked.

"Well... I could just fix his teeth," she laughed, "But after all the things you told me that he did to you, we could have some payback as well as fix his teeth."

"Could you turn that sissy into a gorgeous, plastic, big breasted slut?" Kati inquired, not really believing it could be done.

"Actually, I have some contacts that could help me do exactly that, if you're up for it," the lovely, busty dentist assured her.

"You are shitting me, aren't you Desiree? You couldn't make him a woman, could you?" Kati asked excitedly, although still not quite believing that it could be done.

"Not in the least bit honey. I could start him on his way today if you'd like," she offered, "I'll explain everything in detail later, all you have to do is give me the go ahead."

"Consider it given honey," Kati agreed.

"You've got it. I'll call you later, good bye," Dr. Tiedemann assured her and then broke the connection. She went to work making the necessary arrangements before Will showed up for his appointment.

I'd been holding my face to an ice pack and taking OTC pain killers all day, so when I showed up for the appointment, my face was swollen, and I was choking back moans to avoid being thought a sissy.

"You must be Bill," Kori greeted me as I entered the office. "I'm Kori, the one you spoke to on the telephone."

"Ah, yes... I am. Is there going to be a lot of paperwork before I go in to see the dentist?" I asked, not wanting to wait much longer.

"Well, you gave me the information on the phone and the doctor had me take care of everything, so you should be all set," she cheerfully informed me as she led me right into the back of the office and into a waiting chair.

"Am I your only patient today?" I asked, somewhat shocked to see no one else in the waiting room or in any of the other chairs being worked on by dental hygienists or the dentist.

"You are our last patient of the day today, and because you are probably going to need the doctor's full attention for the rest of the day, everyone is prepared to give her a hand," Kori perkily dissembled.

'Wow, this dentistry office is really patient oriented,' I thought to myself.

"This is mighty good service, I just hope this office isn't too expensive for me. I don't have a lot of money," I admitted.

"The doctor does this for all of her new patients, especially the ones who have neglected good dentistry for 'a few years'," she giggled as she stated.

I'm sure I blushed when she included that. It's kind of embarrassing when you can't afford to take care of your own needs.

Kori pointed to a specific chair for me to sit in and right after getting into the recliner, Dr. Tiedemann joined me, "Hello Bill, I'm Doctor Tiedemann. What can I do for you today?"

I grit my teeth, sighed down the pain, and I replied, "I'm in a lot of pain. I think this is the tooth," I pointed at the painful site, "that is killing me."

"Well, we can't have that, now can we Bill," she agreed, "Now let's have a look?"

"Oh my," the doctor exclaimed, "We have our work cut out for us! You are certainly right, that tooth is abscessed. I'll have to pull that one out, but before I do that, we're going to take a bunch of X-Rays."

"Could you give me something for the pain?" I asked.

"X-Rays don't hurt, Bill. Oh, you mean for the tooth," she teased, "Well, you will have to be out when I pull the tooth, so I hesitate to give you pain medicine yet..."

"Can't you put me out now?"

"Well, I could but then you won't be conscious to authorize the work I'll need to do," she informed me.

"I'll authorize whatever you think is necessary right now. I trust you doctor," I told her, whatever it took to ease the pain I was feeling.

She promptly produced a form for me to sign, which I did immediately without reading it.

"That should do it," Dr. Tiedemann agreed and then went on to describe what she was doing next, "I need to put an IV into your arm to administer the pain medications and to keep you hydrated while I work." She inserted the needle into my left arm, attached it to a bag of Ringer's Lactate, and then pushed a needle into the injection port.

"This is Sodium Pentothal. You'll be feeling much better almost instantaneously. I'm adding Midazolam to keep you out and so that you won't remember the procedure," Dr. Tiedemann stated as she did so.

I was taken by the blessed state of unconsciousness and completely free from pain!

Chapter 2 - The Procedure
"That takes care of him for now. Now Kimberley, get a panoramic radiograph, a set of full-mouth x-rays, and be sure to include the jawbone," Dr. Tiedemann instructed her Dental technician.

"Kori, we won't need you for the rest of the day, so you can take off and go home after you set up another appointment for Willy here in two days. Just leave the appointment card on the desk and we'll be sure he gets it," Dr. Tiedemann told her.

"Thank you doctor, but if you decide that you need help with him, I'm just around the corner," Kori offered as she departed.

"One of these days, we may have to feel her out to see if she'd be interested in helping with our 'extra-curricular' activities," Kimberly, whispered to the doctor.

"I hired her because she'd been abused by her father and one of her cousins, but I'm not sure if she's the type. She seems almost too eager to be friendly to our male patients. She's not here when our 'special' patients are scheduled. With Willy here being a special emergency, she just may wind up catching on to something, and then we either include her, or deal with her," Dr. Tiedemann stated ominously.

"That would be too bad. She's a really nice kid," Kimberly added.

"It's too damn bad that she has perfect teeth. If I could get her into a chair, we could find out if she's going to be problem, or at least condition her to support us or ignore anything unusual."

"Maybe we can just slip her a Mickey?" Kimberly offered.

"If we have to, we will. I don't like adding to another woman's misery if I don't have to," the doctor sighed.

"Is doctor Heinonen joining us this afternoon? I know she usually joins us on Friday or Saturdays," Kimberly asked.

"I called her a couple hours ago about this..." doctor Tiedemann didn't finish her statement, as both women heard the back door open just then.

Doctor Jucila Heinonen entered the cubical the two conspirators were occupying, "Did I miss anything?"

"Not yet Jucila, we just started on him. Kimberly has done the panoramic radiograph and is partway through the full-mouth set," Dr. Tiedemann updated her.

"Give me a look at the panoramic shot, I want to start comparing it to the ones that I brought with me," Jucila asked, as she placed her laptop onto the countertop.

"Sure, here you go," Kimberly handed the memory stick with the image to her.

Dr. Heinonen began comparing the image with several other ones and after ten minutes she yelped, "I think I have one. Come and have a look Desiree."

"It fits pretty well, but what's the girl this shot came from look like?" the doctor asked.

"There you go, what do you think?"

"She's gorgeous! What does she do for an occupation?"

"She's a stripper, of course. Here's a full body shot of her," Dr. Heinonen offered as she switched images on her laptop.

"Wow, how big are those implants?"

"I think she said 2500cc each."

"That's perfect, use that jaw line," Desiree confirmed.

Dr. Tiedemann went over to the patient and took the printout of an x-ray from Kimberly, "So this is the offending tooth. It appears to have infected the surrounding bone and most of the other teeth as well. Do you concur, doctor Heinonen?"

"In my opinion Dr. Tiedemann, the patient is in dire need of extensive maxillofacial surgery, with the removal of all the teeth," Dr. Heinonen agreed.

"Do you think this patient is a good candidate for dental implants and immediate dentures?" Desiree mockingly enquired.

"I most certainly do Doctor Tiedemann. Do you believe that some dental educational audio tapes should be given the patient to educate him in the ways of feminine oral hygiene?"

"That would be a fine suggestion Doctor Heinonen. Shall we begin to help this needy patient towards proper oral health?" Dr. Tiedemann declared.

"Yes, let's," she agreed, "Put the headphones on him and we'll get to work."

The ladies put the chair into a horizontal position and brought it up to operating table level, then placed greens all over the patient, a gas mask over the nose, and began extracting teeth.

Once all the teeth were removed, they installed eight titanium tapered-thread bone implants with ball attachments, where the dentures would snap on when they were completed.

"Jucila, did you set up the CNC machine to make the temporary dentures that conform to the stripper's teeth?" Desiree asked.

"I started the process right after you agreed with the subject I wanted to use. He's going to have a devastating smile," she replied enthusiastically as she refreshed the patient's drug cocktail.

Impression were taken of the gums and implants so that the denture could be properly located, "Here're the templates for the dentures."

Jucila inserted the impressions into the scanner so that the contour of the gum line could be finished and the snaps to lock them in place could be located. "I'm saving the dimensions so we can make some of your 'special' dentures later."

The doctors swapped positions and now Desiree was assisting Dr. Heinonen.

A bag of whole blood was added to the IV stand and attached to the patient's arm. The incisions are made along the sulcus between gum and cheek mucosa so that the prominent areas of the patient's jaw bone were exposed and Dr. Heinonen began shaping the bone to create a gentler more feminine shaped jaw.

The removed bone was placed into an incubator and painted with a particularly nasty bacterium, which will show severe osteomyelitis, and therefore provides the excuse for the jawbone surgery and the removal of the teeth.

"Kimberly, please administer the anti-androgen, and the estrogens to the testes and breasts of the patient and then prepare the double implantation of the 'Implanon', so that we can leave a long lasting and rather high female hormone level in the patient," Dr. Tiedemann instructed her assistant as she aided Dr. Heinonen.

Kimberly began removing the patient's clothes with a pair of scissors, depositing the bits of cloth onto the floor. When she finally removed the last bits, she exclaimed, "Damn, he sure has a big trouser snake!"

"Wait until we're finished with it today, he'll never guess that he's been effectively neutered," Dr. Heinonen declared with a snort. "How's he doing on the conditioning tapes?"

"He's through with the first four and listening to the fifth. I'm keeping him just below the conscious level so they will be the most effective," Kimberly replied, checking the monitors once again.

She poked the syringe with the drugs into the patient's scrotum and depressed the plunger halfway in, removed it and injected the rest into the other testis. Next, she took a bigger syringe and injected the full amount just under the nipple of the left breast and then another syringe into the right breast. There was so much of the fluid, the nipples puffed up away from the pectoral muscle slightly.

"That should be a good start for our little beauty. Didn't you tell me this one was married to Kati?" Dr. Heinonen inquired.

"He sure was," Dr. Tiedemann confirmed, "the poor guy..."

All the ladies laughed at that.

"Look at it this way, it gives us an excuse to do another 'special', and Kati will even help foot the bill," explained Dr. Tiedemann.

"Doctor, do you want me to do the 'Implanon' or should I get busy with the laser?" Kimberly asked as she checked her equipment.

"Start on the laser hair removal. Remember to make it splotchy. We can't remove all of it without it becoming too suspicious looking. I'll handle the 'Implanon'. I want them right underneath the pectoral muscles, where he can't feel them and they will do the most good," she told her as she positioned the applicator for to insert the contraceptive in a non-manufacturer-approved location.

Once the contraceptive was inserted, the ladies heard the door open once again, "It's only me, Dr. Newman," a sweet voice called.

"Alta, it's good to see you," Dr. Tiedemann announced, "Did you bring it?"

"About a pound of it or so, which should be more than enough," she informed the ladies.

"Go ahead, get to work, we'll still be a while," Jucila told the new doctor.

Dr. Newman pulled out a refrigerated case and injector of her own, "Reverse liposuction, while being only extremely temporary, will give this one a greatly distended penis for long enough so that we have enough tissue to create a truly spectacular vulva when it comes time." She began squirting fat taken from a woman with the same blood type into the patient's penis, greatly increasing its length and girth, until it was rigid like an overstuffed sausage.

"When can I begin working on those lips?" Dr. Newman inquired hungrily.

"I think Kimberly is just about done with his face, and we're finishing up suturing the cheek mucosa and the gums and inserting the drainage tube through the skin to keep the wound dry and help it heal.

Dr. Newman took out her trocar and prepared to insert the 'Verafil' saline lip implants to give the patient extremely soft and plump lips, "Really Willy, your lips are swollen from the invasive surgery and the infection. We're pretty sure the swelling will go down soon..."

The other ladies snickered with her at her jest as she inserted the tethers and began inflating the silicone bladders with saline.

"Wow, would you look at the balloon lips on this one! You've outdone yourself this time Alta," Kimberly praised as she monitored the patient and changed the conditioning audio tapes when they were through.

"Is there anything more we plan on doing for his first visit?" Alta asked as she finished up.

"Nope, this is about all we can get away with until he comes back for his reinforcement. Now we're going to have to transport him to the outpatient overnight wing. He'll need monitoring because of the extensive work we were forced to do, just to save his life," Dr. Tiedemann dissembled.

The ambulance showed up at the door just a few minutes later, "I see you have another one."

"Hi Danica, yes we have another patient who waited way too long to seek proper dental care and we had to do some radical work to save his life," Dr. Tiedemann informed the driver.

"It's always the men who are too stubborn and wait until it nearly kills them. I trust you are remedying that issue?" she added, disclosing that she was a supporter.

"Let's get him transferred to your gurney. Oh, here is the MP3 player with the files I want him listening to on it. Make sure that the speaker pillow is running until we come by and wake him up tomorrow and that you keep him on the standard hypnotics until then," Dr. Tiedemann instructed, as she helped wheel the patient to the awaiting ambulance.

The ambulance driver sped off with the patient with a wave to the doctors and once she checked the patient into the outpatient ward, she placed the player into the pillow and played it quietly, after seeing to it that the floor nurse had the Doctors medication instruction.

Chapter 3 - Awakening
I swam up from a floating cloud of hypnotic medications to gaze into the eyes of my dentist. However, I seemed to be in a hospital bed now and different room than the one I fell asleep in.

I tried to speak, but as I began to try, Dr. Tiedemann informed me, "Don't try to talk just yet. You've gone through some extensive dental work. I know that you are confused and concerned right now, but don't worry, you are safe and healthy once again."

"Uh...?" I grunted.

"When I examined the x-rays I found some shadows on your jawbone, as well as black streaks coming up the roots of virtually all of your teeth. As I removed the most obviously abscessed tooth, puss shot from the root of the tooth and out of the socket. I investigated the surrounding jawbone and discovered extensive and severe osteomyelitis, which is to say an infection of the bone," she paused to catch her breath.

"I felt that I should call in a specialist, Dr. Heinonen, who is a maxillofacial surgeon for a determination of how extensive the infection was and help determine a course of treatment. She did a quick exploration and we determined that your teeth had been invaded by this infection from the root up and would all soon require removal, therefore we removed all of your teeth, shaved your mandible, or lower jawbone and some of your maxilla, or your upper jawbone to remove the most damaged areas. There's nothing to worry about now, as we used strong antibiotics before suturing the area between the cheek mucosa and the gums," Dr. Tiedemann sipped her coffee before continuing.

"We inserted eight dental implants into the mandible and maxilla, and prepared a temporary denture to affix to the implants which will give you very normal looking and feeling teeth, until the permanent denture can be finished," she smiled reassuringly at me and grabbed my hand.

"Everything will be very swollen for now and you're going to have to take special care of things for a while. Now to explain where you are, after everything we had to do yesterday, you experienced a lot of trauma and we felt it best to keep you sedated overnight in the outpatient wing at the hospital. You're going to have to take plenty of pain medications for the next few days and keep the drainage tube that is sticking through under your jaw clear to let any fluid buildup leak out and help speed healing," she explained.

"I'll bet you want to get home and rest, so if you'll put on a robe, I'll drop you off at your home, as I'm headed that way anyway and you didn't put anyone on your forms as a contact person. You probably don't need another ambulance ride just now and they won't release you to a cab," I'll go arrange to check you out and we can chat more on your way home," the doctor told me as she stood and exited the room.

I went to slide out of the bed still fuzzy minded and woozy, and quickly felt my aching balls and my enormously distended penis underneath the open backed gown they had stuffed me into. Embarrassed and not wanting anyone to discover my extended meat, I grabbed the robe they had left hanging in the room for me, although for some reason the fact that they were pink with little flowers all over them didn't seem to bother me.

Moments later, the doctor rejoined me in the room, but she seemed to be surprised by something between my legs. She reached down, grasped the hem of my gown, and lifted it, gasping in shock, "Goodness, it seems you have had a minor reaction to the anesthesia."

She grasped my member, then took her other hand, and palpated my testes, "Your testes seem okay, but this is severely swollen. That is unless you tell me this is how it always looks?"

I shook my head no, so she went on, "I'll take a look at this tomorrow when you come in for your next appointment. If the swelling doesn't go down, we may have to re-evaluate the medications you are taking. It's not painful, is it?"

I didn't want to tell her that having her, grope me like this was causing me to become sexually excited in addition to the swelling, and that was rather uncomfortable, so I just shook my head no.

She released my manhood, I was able to calm down, and things went back to normal.

"Well, if you start having stabbing pains down there, call my emergency number. Now, shall we go?" she asked, taking my hand and beginning to walk me towards the door.

The doctor opened the door and had me sit in the wheelchair that waited, and the attendant that was to push me. I had to wait until she brought her car around before the attendant would wheel me out and help me into the passenger seat.

Once the doctor was on the road she started explaining more to me, "Now Bill, you are going to have a very swollen face for about a week, so don't let that worry you. Additionally, once the swelling goes down, the shape of your face is going to be a little different than it was before. You were extremely lucky though, yesterday before we finished on you, a friend of mine stopped into the office, as we were supposed to be going out for dinner, and she helped with the re-shaping of your face. She's an extremely skilled plastic surgeon. You may find that you're much better looking than you were before," she giggled at her own jest.

I smiled trustingly back at her.

"You're doing very well at keeping your speaking to a minimum. It's probably best for now. Here are your pain medications. Take two of them every four hours like clockwork and you will stay pain free. These are your antibiotics. Take one of those every four hours with the pain medications. This is a gauze pad like the one taped to your chin, which you should change when you take your medicine. If you see any green puss oozing from the drain, call me immediately. I want you to keep an ice pack on your jaw to keep the swelling down. It should shrink your swollen lips and the different pain medication will most likely bring the swelling in your penis under control," she winked at me when she said that last remark.

As yet, I hadn't seen my face and with all the talk about swelling, I flipped down the vanity mirror in the visor in front of me, "My god!" I managed to blurt out when I saw how huge my lips were and how black and blue my face was!

"I know you look like hell right now, but believe me, once the bruising goes away, you'll look just fine," she assured me with her hand on my forearm.

I had my hands up, feeling my overblown lips and noticing the blotchy absence of hair growing out of my face. I pointed to one of the patches where my beard no longer seemed to grow and grunted.

"Oh, you're wondering about why your beard isn't growing out of some places on your face. Sometimes the surgical trauma stunts the hair growth for a while. It usually starts growing again within a couple weeks. I wish I could have that happen on my legs. It would be a blessing not to have to shave for a while," she remarked.

I thought, 'You know, that's right, shaving my swollen cheeks right now would be a pain.' I nodded my head in agreement.

"We're here, Bill. There is one final thing of which I need to remind you. You have an appointment at 3:30 tomorrow at my office. Considering that you won't be able to drive yourself, I've asked my receptionist, Kori, to come and pick you up. You may wind up being at the office for two or three hours, so don't be surprised if you get home after dark, or wake up in Kori's car on the way home," Dr. Tiedemann informed me as she helped me from her car and into my house.

"Thnk woo," I told her as she helped me to my sofa and saw to it that I had a bottle of water and my drugs close at hand.

After the doctor left, I wound up with the Shopping Channel on as I slipped in an out of unconsciousness.

Chapter 4 - Pickup
I took my drugs on time but was only slightly startled when Kori knocked on my door.

I stumbled up from the sofa, and opened the front door to a perky Kori who was eager to help me to her car. She even buckled my seatbelt for me. I didn't even realize that I was still wearing the hospital gown and robe.

"There you are Mr. Whacker, all buckled in and ready to go. You sure had me worried after I heard about your close call yesterday. I'm just glad you're okay," she babbled as she drove me to the clinic. "It's a good thing for you that Dr. Tiedemann is such a good dentist and that her friends dropped into the office early. They showed me the bone they had to remove. It sure was gross."

I tuned her out and just relaxed back into my drug induced haze.

Kori helped me from her car into the clinic and straight back into an awaiting chair, where I met Kimberly who gave me a pillow for my head and reclined me, "Well, it's good to see you doing so well Mr. Whacker. You gave us a pretty good scare last time, but I'm sure you'll do lots better today."

"Thanks," I told her with a bit of a lisp and lots of extra saliva.

Kimberly immediately put the Nitrous mask over my nose saying, "Breathe deeply through your nose please. Mr. Whacker, did you notice any discharges from your drain when you replaced your gauze?"

I shook my head no.

"That may not be good. Dr. Tiedemann, Mr. Whacker claims he didn't notice any discharges when he changed his gauze," she repeated from somewhere above my head.

"That's not good. Mr. Whacker, we're going to have to do some things that could be quite painful, therefore we're going to have to put you out. Is that all right with you?" Dr. Tiedemann asked.

I nodded my head.

Kimberly started the IV again and Dr. Tiedemann shut out my lights.

Chapter 5 - Here We Go Again
"Cherry, would you go and get the green surgical towels please. Kori, you can head home now. I'll take Mr. Whacker home when we've finished. He's on my way anyway," Dr. Tiedemann assured her.

"I feel like I abandoned poor Mr. Whacker the other day. Maybe I'll just hang around...," she offered.

"Actually, I'd prefer if you went home. You won't be able to do anything for him and I even have Cherry working with me tonight. Besides, if you go home and get some rest, you can be our back up if we become worn out," the doctor teased her.

"Well... I suppose you're right. Just remember, I'm right around the corner if you need me," she reminded the doctor, and then picked up her purse and left.

"Like, what is a receptionist going to do to help us?" Cherry mocked as she placed the headphones onto the patient and began playing the hypnotic conditioning messages.

"She could help you and Kimberly with laser hair removal," the doctor informed her, "It's not as if you're doing any dental work tonight. Of course, I don't think I would trust her with anti-androgen injections or the fat injections either for that matter," the doctor offered.

"Would you trust me?" Newman asked as she wandered in.

"Alta, I didn't hear you come in," Dr. Tiedemann cooed as she hugged her friend.

"I slipped in as Kori left," she explained, "Do you want me to start enlarging your stud muffin?"

"Go ahead and start, but before you get started, why don't you inject the anti-androgens?" she asked.

"Sure, have your assistants pulled a blood sample yet?"

"I did, just before giving him the IV," Kimberly interjected.

"Good, I'll take that with me and check his hormone levels tomorrow," Dr. Newman replied as she readied the syringe with the anti-androgens. Once it was filled, she injected both testes as before and palpated them both saying, "He's becoming soft and losing form definition. I say he'll be neutered by tomorrow. He'll also be hung like a buffalo within half an hour."

Dr. Newman set up her equipment and began injecting more fat into the patient's penis until he was sporting a giant erection.

"That just looks painful!" Cherry remarked with a giggle.

"It will relax by the time we have finished with some of the other work, but he'll still look as if he's hiding, a salami in his pants," she assured Cherry, who was busily lasing hair follicles.

Everyone heard the back door open and the cheerful, "Hi everyone, I'm here. Is our newest project ready for his new implants?" Jucila announced as she hurried into the office and began scrubbing up.

"Come on in Jucila," Dr. Tiedemann coaxed, "We've just gotten started. We'll open up the wound between the gum and the cheek mucosa and give you access to the cheek bones and nose. It's just too bad he waited as long as he did. We wouldn't have to reshape the cheek bones and take out so much cartilage, thereby necessitating the rhinoplasty if the infection hadn't spread farther than we had assumed."

Dr. Tiedemann began pulling the upper lip up and away from the nose and cheek bones.

"I'll start shaving the bones to fit the implants," Dr. Newman started, while they heard Dr. Heinonen entering.

"I'm sorry that I was late! But at least there's plenty of work left I hope," Jucila asked.

"We haven't gotten far dear, so don't you worry, there's still plenty of fun to come! You're just in time to help Alta with his nose. You did bring the images we need to work from I hope?" Desiree asked while retracting the lip so that Jucila had better access.

"I've got his silicone implants right here," Alta proclaimed, holding up a sterile bag with them inside.

"Great, I'll take a break and you give him those high sexy cheeks, he's always wanted," Jucila teased as she backed away from the patient and Alta slipped in to replace her.

Alta inserted the silicone implants into the patient's cheeks and fixed them in place, then she asked, "Does anyone mind if I start work on the Rhinoplasty?"

We've already opened up the skin over the nose, so you should be good to go now," Desiree told her while assisting her to access the area.

Alta shaved the cartilage down, reshaped the nose to a vastly diminished size, and then began reducing the nose bone to match. When she was finished, the patient's proboscis resembled the one the image of the stripper had.

"Man, when he heals up, he's going to be gorgeous!" Cherry remarked, almost enviously.

"We need to get started on the arthroscopic work on his stomach," Dr. Tiedemann announced to her team.

Kimberly was ready with the greens for surgical draping and Chloraprep™ for disinfecting the skin prior to making the incision. She scrubbed out the patient's navel and an area ten inches around it.

"Now for some liposuction to slim up our patient, a quick stomach staple, and then we place the breast implants for future augmentation," Dr. Newman narrated as she began making the incision inside the navel. "I'll pull out as much fat as I can around the waist first and then I'll have an easier time getting to the patient's stomach."

"I assume we'll be doing the Tummy Tuck on one of his subsequent visits?" Dr. Heinonen verified, while handing the ultrasonic Cannula to Alta.

"Since we're not just trying to slim him up, but we're also trying to change his shape, that's a no brainer. I just hope the Cross-dressing programming will have taken hold enough so that he won't notice that he's wearing a girdle," she snickered, as she sucked blobs of fat from around the patient's middle and sides.

"How do you plan on hiding that trouser sausage?" Kimberly snorted.

"We'll clip a hole to pass it through for now. I shouldn't be a problem for him, just as long as he's wearing a loose skirt... say something soft with pleats?" Alta theorized.

"Say, maybe, Cashmere?" offered Cherry.

"I was going to say silk, myself," Desiree concluded.

"Ooh, I just love how silk feels on my thighs!" Kimberly cooed in agreement.

"Just imagine how he'll feel with that trouser snake bouncing around between his girdle and silk skirt!" Desiree stated with a wink.

"He'll be at half-mast for days!" Cherry giggled.

When Dr. Newman had finished pulling out all the fat she could, she began laparoscopic surgery, getting access to the patient's stomach, by inflating the stomach area with Carbon Dioxide gas through a trocar. "Has anyone come up with his stripper name yet?"

"That was a no-brainer, Alta. What do you think of 'Willamina Juana Whacker'? It can be shortened to 'Willie Whacker' when she's working. We really didn't have to change a thing," Desiree determined.

"So she'll need a hell of a big rack to whack Willies with," Kimberly concluded.

"You're always looking for reasons to give then huge boobs," accused Cherry.

"Why not, they're always looking for reasons for us to get them!"

"If you really want some fake boobies Kimberly, I'd be more than happy to make it happen for you," offered Dr. Heinonen

"No thank you, I don't want to become a walking pair, of boobs," Kimberly decided.

"Oh, I wasn't offering to do Cherry too," the doctor teased.

It took a moment for Kimberly to catch on, but she finally laughed at the joke.

After she had completed the vertical banded gastroplasty, Alta turned the work over to Jucila.

Dr. Heinonen began inserting the deflated breast implants via the Transumbilical Breast Augmentation method, also known as TUBA. The obturator was inserted and created a tunnel under the skin up into the breast crease and she dissected the loose connective tissue plane under the chest muscle. Jucila inserted the endoscope to confirm the correct plane of dissection, and then she rolled the implant sizer into a taco shape and inserted it up the tunnel into the pocket she'd created. The sizer was barely inflated to make room for the deflated adjustable implant, which was placed in its proper position and the sizing tube was left just inside the navel.

When both sides were in place and the tubes were sealed off, the patient's navel was sutured with dissolvable stitches and a compression bandage was put into place.

By this time it was getting late, so when a knock was heard from the front door, the ladies started.

"Oh, my... that must be Danica!" Dr. Tiedemann remarked as she went to let the ambulance driver in.

"Am I early?" she asked.

"Actually, we have just finished and we could use your help getting the patient back to the hospital for recovery," the doctor informed her.

"I had a feeling that you'd need me about now," she affirmed. "Cherry's getting better at guesstimating how long your sessions will take."

"By the way, I've been meaning to ask you, if you have any new candidates for our little reorganization business?" Dr. Tiedemann asked as she led Danica to the patient.

"Well... there is this ex-boyfriend that keeps bothering me. I have a restraining order against him, but he just doesn't seem to catch on," she mused, "I mean, he's not a bad guy. He just doesn't seem to be able to let go."

"Do you happen to know who is doing his dental work now?"

"No, but I can get you a copy of the restraining order. That has most of the information that I know about him on it," Danica offered.

"That should be sufficient. I'll put Cherry on finding out what we need and we'll put him next on our to-do-list," the doctor decided. "Do you have any specific lifestyle you'd like for him?"

"Well... I think he'd make a terrific Dental Assistant," she snickered.

"I think there's an opening for one in Vancouver BC, Canada. Would that be to your liking?"

"That's perfect! Could you set him up with a long-time friend who comes to visit once in a while? Just so I could check up and see how she's doing?" the ambulance driver asked as she helped move the patient onto the gurney.

"Oh... that's a little unusual, but I think we can do it. How submissive would you like your friend to be?" Desiree inquired with a slightly off-color smile.

"You mean you could make him into a submissive lesbian?" she asked while pondering the possibilities.

"Sure, that's no trouble. On the other hand, we could set her up as bi-sexual or even heterosexual with an occasional specific single lesbian lover. Or if you're just looking for a slut to go man hunting with, that's doable too," the doctor offered, while moving the patients IV to the gurney.

"How about a combination of the last two, if I feel like visiting and having a little girl on girl, she'll be up for that, but if I feel like cruising, we wind up with studs to pass the time with?" Danica contemplated, "However, when I'm not visiting, I want her to be a slutty man-toy after working hours. Can we do that?"

"Were you expecting any income from her?"

"No, that wouldn't be right," the driver, decided as she slid the patient into the back of the vehicle.

"I'll meet up with you tomorrow around noon before I pick up my patient and we can hammer out the specifics," Dr. Tiedemann agreed, offering her hand to shake.

Danica took the doctor's hand, shook it, and then drew her into a hug, saying, "You know, I think this is one of the nicest things anyone has done for me, and it solves a couple problems. I get this stalker out of my hair with a clean conscience and he gets a new, more loving life out of the deal"

"Well, I can't promise anything yet, but I think we'll be able to handle this one. I like to take care of my people, so next time you have a problem like this, come to me right away. I don't want my friends dealing with troubles that we're all set up to handle, okay?" Desiree scolded the larger woman, while still in her embrace.

"It wasn't that huge a problem, but I like the way you plan to solve it," Danica decided, pulling back from the doctor and winking. Danica slipped into the driver's seat of the ambulance and sped off with the patient secured in the back, on her way to the hospital.

The remaining ladies all wished each other a good night and made their own ways home, with the exception of Cherry and Kimberly, who both paid a visit to the patients home, knowing he would be out of commission until the next day.

Chapter 6 - Awake Again
"Relax Bill, let yourself come around slowly," Dr. Tiedemann softly told me as I tried to open my eyes.

When I tried to ask if she was done with my teeth, it only came out as a gurgle.

"Well, as you've noticed, you are unable to speak for now. When we checked your upper jaw and discovered more infected bone, we were forced to go in and remove more bone. However, don't worry you'll look like new, maybe even better, as my friend Dr. Heinonen was visiting again and she took over the plastic surgery portion. As I told you, she's really gifted," the doctor told me, squeezing my hand for assurance. "You can go home now. We just had to have you observed overnight to make sure there were no further complications. You also have another appointment at the dental clinic the day after tomorrow. We were not quite able to do the dental work you needed since we were busy eradicating the life threatening infection."

I clasped my hands together in front of me to show her that I was grateful.

"Oh, you're quite welcome Bill," she assured me, "I'll even be taking you home again on my way back to the office. I'll let you get ready to go and meet you in the hallway in say... ten minutes?"

I nodded my agreement.

Once she was gone, I struggled to get myself upright, adjusted my girdle for more comfort, and then slipped on my pink bathrobe, the one with the pink feather trim. After making sure my huge cock was out of sight, I stood near the doorway waiting for the doctor to return.

A few minutes later, she returned with the orderly and a wheelchair. I was again seated and wheeled to await the doctor as she drove up and helped me climb into her car.

Once we made it to my house the doctor helped me inside, "You're home again Billie. Can I help you get comfortable?"

I nodded.

She helped me to my bedroom and I opened my closet to take out my favorite black silk skirt and a white silk camisole. Once I had slipped on the pair, I felt a whole lot more human, even though the silk camisole was teasing my nipples something fierce!

"I'll bet that feels better," Dr. Tiedemann agreed as she helped me to the sofa, "Now don't forget to play your DVDs from time to time and I'll see you in a couple of days."

I waved goodbye to her as she slipped out my front door and my attention was immediately glued to the television and the DVDs she'd left playing for me. I think that Dr. Tiedemann must be the best Dentist that there ever was!

Chapter 7 - Third Time's a Charm
The days went by in a total blur and I was soon getting ready to go back to the dental clinic, taping down my huge cock and slipping into my lavender silk skirt, with the pink camisole top and a pair of white nylons strapped to the garters dangling from my girdle.

I couldn't help but rub my highly stimulated nipples through my camisole. I noticed that they had been becoming more and more swollen in the last couple of day, but they were really stimulating the hell out of me. Even the swish of my skirt against my thighs was turning me on, causing my huge cock to try and strain against the tape that held it in place.

Kimberly knocked on my door and when I answered she complimented me on my attire, "My, aren't you looking sexy in that skirt!"

I blushed and said, "Thank you. You're dressed nicely too."

"We'd better get moving. The doctor and her team should be almost set up by now," she urged as I grabbed my purse to leave.

We slipped into her car and quickly arrived at the clinic, "We made it. Are you nervous about your appointment?"

"Oh no, Doctor Tiedemann has been so wonderful and conscientious about my care that I'm perfectly willing to trust whatever she thinks that I need to have done," I replied with a grin. "I know that she has probably saved my life."

"She is making sure that you will be healthy and happy," Cherry assured me.

For some reason that made me feel all warm inside.

There didn't seem to be any other patients at the dental clinic today, even though for once I was there early in the day, "Where is everyone today?"

"We reserve Saturday and Sunday for special patients who need urgent care. There won't be another patient arriving for hours, so the doctor can concentrate on you," she answered cheerily.

Cherry ushered me into the back right away and straight into the chair. "Just lay back, relax, and breathe deeply," she told me as she placed the Nitrous Oxide mask on my face.

I was getting all fuzzy when Doctor Tiedemann came in and cooed, "How are you doing today Bill?"

"Well, my camisole is driving my nipples wild and this silk skirt has been making it difficult to walk today, but other than that, I've been feeling terrific," I answered, a little surprised at my own painfully honest reply.

"Some of the things I have planned to do on you today might be a bit painful. Would you care for the sodium pentothal again?" she asked with a reassuring smile.

"Yes, please, I feel like such a sissy, but I just hate pain in my mouth," I agreed with a blush.

"That's quite alright, we love sissies here. In fact we prefer them to a bunch of macho bluster," she confirmed with a squeeze of my hand.

Right about then, Kimberly inserted the IV into my arm, taping it in place.

"I wish I could enjoy being a sissy this much all of the time..." I commented as the drugs took effect.

Even though I wouldn't actually remember hearing it, Dr. Tiedemann replied, "Don't you worry sweetie, you will!"

Chapter 8 - Chesty No Nutty
"Start the programming tapes and prepare him for today's surgery," she instructed her aides. "By the way, which one of you two plan to be her roommate?"

"Oh, I want this one," Kimberly spoke up quickly, "He's going to be delicious!"

"I sort of had a feeling you'd want this one, especially because of the size of breasts we have planned for him," the doctor tittered.

"I love seeing them struggle getting into those huge brassieres!" she snickered. "That and how sincerely proud they become of their new assets!"

"Well, he'll have plenty to be proud of when we're finished," Dr. Newman interjected as she entered the room.

"Would you care to begin the inflation, Doctor Newman?" Dr. Tiedemann asked.

"I would be overjoyed, Doctor Tiedemann!" Alta answered with a grin.

While the doctors were bantering back and forth, Kimberly and Cherry were busy undressing the patient, removing his dressings, and disinfecting him around the belly button.

Alta reopened the wound in the patient's belly button and accessed the filler tubes for the implants that they had installed days before, "We must, we must, we must, we must increase his bust!" she chanted as she injected the contents of the 1,000cc syringe. Taking up another syringe, she filled the other implant, stretching the patient's nipples to nearly three inches in diameter.

"Oh my god, those are huge!" Kimberly drooled.

"Don't worry Kimberly, there's more to come. Give the patient's skin some time to recover and then we can go bigger," Alta assured the salivating girl.

"Shit, he's already a G-cup!" she remarked.

"Yes, but that's still not as big as the stripper that he'll be replacing," Alta rationalized.

"Fuck, talk about too much of a good thing," Cherry exclaimed, "He'll be falling onto his face all of the time!"

"That's not possible," Alta assured the girls. "When I'm done, he might fall onto his boobs, but his face will be quite distant from the floor!"

"I stand corrected," confirmed Cherry as she gave the patient's new breasts a fleeting caress.

"Just get busy removing all the hair from his body, everywhere but on top of his head," Doctor Heinonen instructed as she entered the room. "Is everybody ready for the orchiectomy, or should I start with more fat injection?"

"Are you really going to stretch that monster even bigger?" Kimberly asked nearly swooning.

"Orchiectomy it is then," she decided, "Make sure he's prepped while I scrub up."

"Does that mean you're not going to plump him?" Cherry pouted.

"No, it means that if I remove his nards, I'll be able to plump him even more," Doctor Heinonen informed them almost condescendingly.

"Has a penis ever exploded from this?" Kimberly asked innocently.

"Well, if it does, we'll have to perform an emergency SRS. We'll be inverting it anyway and I want this one to appear to have been well fucked when she's done," Alta declared with a sardonic grin.

"If that thing were hard, all he'd have to do is ram it in any one of us and we'd appear well fucked!" Cherry exclaimed with her hands guarding the very place to which she referred.

"Don't worry, before we invert it, I'll have a mold made of it. Would you care for a copy?" Alta giggled.

"I bet you have quite a collection by now, Doctor Newman," Kimberly remarked as she removed the last of the hair from around the patient's genitals.

"It's not the size of the collection, it's what you do with it that counts," Dr. Tiedemann chided good naturedly as she set up the liposuction equipment.

"And who you do it to," Alta added while winking at the two dental assistants as she worked.

"You're not sticking that in me!" Desiree enthusiastically exclaimed shaking her head.

"I think if Ron Jeremy was at the urinal next to our girl here, he'd blush," Cherry stated as she removed the hair from the patient's chest and stomach.

The sound of meatballs plopping into an empty metal bowl was heard during the pause. "Plop, plop, here's where the testosterone... stops," Alta recited as though giving a reading of a poem.

"Well, there's no going back now," Dr. Tiedemann, declared. "You've glued the edges of the incision together perfectly Alta. I doubt he'll have any scaring at all."

"Especially since, I've injected the site with 'Avotermin'. There should be virtually no scaring at all," Dr. Newman agreed, "I've had great luck with it, even though it's still technically in clinical trials."

"You are so thoughtful! I bet she'll be unable to tell her own vagina is woman-made," Cherry joked, as she finished the hair on the patients stomach and moved down to his legs.

Kimberly stopped in her work and held both hands up saying, "I'm out of room to work for the time being. Should I start on tattooing her makeup on now?"

"That's a good idea. Do you think you can finish the eyeliner and eye-shadow by the time that we're done with the Lipo-augmentation?" Dr. Newman asked

"I think I can manage that. How heavy do you want it?" she asked.

"You see the photos of our model stripper hanging on the cabinets?" Dr. Tiedemann asked pointing to the stripper, draped on a dancing pole, "Just like that, only heavier and sluttier. I want her to appear as a stripper when she wakes up in the morning, until she passes out well-fucked at night!"

"Damn, you're making me so hot. I can't wait to get her home," Kimberly remarked, licking her lips.

"I'll bet you plan on dressing her in a see-through Teddie as soon as she gets there, don't you?" Cherry chided.

"No, I certainly do not," Kimberly, denied emphatically, "I plan on dressing her in a nightie with a see-through top and an opaque bottom... at least until after she has that fire hose removed."

"I can go along with that reasoning, especially as big as Dr. Newman has stretched it," Cherry decided.

"It isn't even getting up the way it did the first time. This time it's just big and droopy," Kimberly observed as she finished drawing makeup on the patient. "What do you ladies think? Is this good enough to tattoo now?"

"I realize that you have to make it brighter than it will appear after the tattooing, so, with that in mind, yes it's perfect," Dr. Tiedemann decided, "Go ahead and make it permanent."

The buzzing of the tattoo needle soon filled the room as Kimberly embedded the ink into the patient's skin.

Dr. Newman was steadily injecting fat into the patient's overblown penis, increasing its girth even further. After working at it for quite some time, Alta had the patient's member enlarged to a diameter of nearly four inches and a length of 15 inches.

"Damn, that's a cock that would make a stallion proud," Jucila, exclaimed with her hand against her chest and eyes wide in admiration.

"Aren't you glad that he can't use this weapon in you?" Desiree taunted, trying to entice her stare away from the aforementioned trouser snake.

"I'd be so bowlegged that I would walk like a Sumo wrestler, all of the time," she gasped, with her hand to her breast.

"You mean, more bowlegged," Cherry teased.

"Now girls, don't fight or you might both wind up flat chested and sporting your own cocks," threatened Dr. Tiedemann as she inspected the tattooing.

Chapter 9 - Roommates
Hours later, when everyone had finished her task, Kimberly helped Danica cart the unconscious patient into his house and deposit him onto the sofa, "Are you going to hang around a while and help me dress our princess?"

"Sure, what did you have in mind?" Danica asked as she positioned the I.V. stand.

"There's a sweet little harem number that should hide her birth defect and display her best attributes. First let's get her headphones on her and keep the conditioning tapes working their magic," Kimberly suggested as she pulled out the DVD player.

"I'll grab her nightie," Danica offered as she headed into the patient's bedroom. She quickly found it and returned to help Kimberly remove the flowery pink hospital gown that the patient was sent home wearing and slip the nightie on.

Once the patient was resting comfortably with medications dripping into her arm and subliminal programming tapes reshaping her mind, the two ladies moved into the kitchen and made a pot of tea to share.

"What's next for our patient?" Danica asked.

"Mostly she just needs to heal and spend time with me. I'll be her best girl friend and mentor while the programming settles in," Kimberly informed her. "I'll help her to get back into shape for pole dancing and encourage her to be promiscuous."

"Will that be what happens to Woody?" Danica asked.

"I'm afraid that the only woody our princess here is ever going to have again is someone else's," Kimberly replied.

"No, I mean my ex-boyfriend, Woody. Doctor Tiedemann told me that she's arranging to have him added to your program," Danica told her with a grin.

"Oh, I haven't been told what they plan with him yet. They'll have to wait until we have an opening. I think we have one other patient who is about to graduate, so it won't be long," Kimberly assured her.

"How does the doctor get her patients to be horny all of the time?" Danica wondered.

"I don't know the specifics but, she makes the patient's new pussy drool constantly by resecting a portion of their bowel and adding it to the inside end of their new vagina and increasing the vein size that supplies her new clitoris, making it stay almost totally erect all of the time," Kimberly informed her.

"Damn, that makes me horny just thinking of what it must do to them!" Danica stated as she squirmed in the chair where she was seated.

"Not all of the patients get that extreme a transformation, only the ones that the client specifies that they want the patient to be a complete slut. If you told Dr. Tiedemann, that you wanted your ex-boyfriend to be extremely sexually promiscuous, would that be, done to him. If you just want them to be a girl with an elevated libido, he'd just get enlarged arteries to supply his clit, but they wouldn't bypass the normal ability of the patient to control their arousal," Kimberly stated.

"Oh, I arranged for him to become a Dental Assistant in Canada. I want to go visit her once in a while to see how she is doing and to go out trolling for studs with her," Danica giggled.

"In that case, you'd better train for it. Some of our new girls wind up marathon fuckers," Kimberly warned with a grin. "Once they wear out one guy, they head right back out for another. Sometimes they wear out five or six guys a night!"

"They can't be much help at the Dentist office the next day!" Danica envisioned.

"Weekdays they are conditioned to a maximum of three a night. Friday and Saturday night it's every bitch for herself!"

"They're happy living like that? Don't they wind up being treated like shit by some of the guys they pick up?" Danica wondered. "What if some asshole, abuses her?"

"Working closely with her Dentist, she's required to inform on predators. If the guys are just looking to get their end off, if they need to spend time with a beautiful nymphomaniac, or even if they are looking for a long term relationship, they're plenty safe with our girls. They'll quickly find out that there is no way that they would survive a long term relationship with her and wander off or they'll leave in the morning with a shit-eating-grin and a fond memory. The only guy who needs fear one of our girls is the predators, and they'll soon find themselves sitting to pee for the rest of their lives," Kimberly finished with a somber expression.

"You know, that actually makes me feel better about Woody," Danica surmised, "He'll have a full filling life and be providing a community service at the same time, making dating safer for naturally born girls."

"I'm glad that I could provide you with more information," Kimberly replied as she finished her tea.

"I'd better be going. They'll be expecting me back at work soon," Danica stood up hugging Kimberly.

"I'll see you soon. I'll still be working at the clinic. I can dope up Willamina for the time that I'm not here and have one of the other girls check on him from time to time, not to mention that the house has been wired with webcams and audio pickups, and burglar alarms so that she is safe and we can look in on her," she said as she walked Danica to the door.

After Danica left, Kimberly made herself at home in the bedroom on the King sized, pink ruffled, canopy bed.

Chapter 10 - Girl Friends
"Good morning sleepyhead," Kimberly told me as I awakened. "No, you don't have to get up. I know that you're confused right now. You were given pain killers after your breast augmentation surgery yesterday, so you'll be pretty stoned for the next few days. They came out beautifully too! Here, let's take a look at your new girls!" Kimberly untied the top of my nightie and pulled it down over the iron maiden bra that ensconced my new, bigger girls.

"Oh... I was hoping that they'd be bigger..." I bemoaned the size of my view.

Kimberly chuckled, "This is only stage one sister. The doc says that she can pump them up more on your next visit. You're only sporting a 36 H cup bra right now. They are soft, firm, and tightly packed right now," she claimed, stroking my girls and making me shudder like a penguin at the South Pole.

"I'll give you just one week to stop doing that..." I threatened, enjoying the pleasant feeling that for now was overriding the pain.

"Well, enough of that for now, let's get you comfortable," Kimberly announced as she fluffed the pillow on the sofa, turned the TV on, placed the head phones on my head, and injected the drugs into my IV.

As the drugs enclosed me in their warn shroud, I started watching a show on the current styles that Victoria's Secret is offering. The lingerie was so hot my clit was becoming painfully erect and uncomfortable, which was increasing the pain in my crotch.

"Man, my pussy is sore. Did the doctor have his way with me while they were inserting the implants?" I giggled.

"You know very well that the pain in your crotch is from that growth you will have removed next week, so try to relax and get some tube time in while I straighten up the house."

I had already gone into reverse blink mode by then, and was soon buzzing along barely conscious, watching my programming.

A short while later, Kimberly came back with a tray covered in makeup, "I thought that you'd be feeling naked without some of your cosmetics, so I'm going to do your face for you since you're too stoned. Is that alright with you?"

"Oh, you're such a dear!" I told her, "I'm so lucky to have a friend like you."

"Just so long as you keep letting me mooch your leftovers girlfriend, taking care of you is in my best interest," she assured me.

I giggled in response, "I can set you up with my plastic surgeon. A pair of H cups on you and I'll be taking your leftovers."

"It will take more than huge boobs for me to take front position away from you, sweetie," she told me as she began painting Mascara onto my eyelashes.

"Now you're just flattering me," I accused, "The only thing that brings all those hounds after me is my boobs. You're prettier than I am. Men can't even tell you what color my eyes are, even after they've fucked my brains out for hours."

"Oh shit, what color are your eyes?" she teased.

"You know very well that they're green," I countered.

"Well, only because I helped coordinate your makeup, but that's the only reason that I took them from your boobies long enough to find out," Kimberly teased.

"See even you love to look at a great pair of jugs!" I accused, "So why are you so reluctant to get a pair for yourself?"

"Because if I got a pair for myself, I'd have to quit my job," she logically explained.

"They would get in the way of being a dental assistant?"

"Hell no, I'd be staring at my own boobs so much I'd get fired!"

I started giggling so much, it made me hurt in many places at once.

"Calm down honey, nothing good can come of you busting lose your stitches. Just lay back and relax while I slip some more meds to you," Kimberly insisted as she injected the IV still in my arm.

"It was worth the pain. That was so funny! You would wind up being your own peeping Tom," I laughed, although less enthusiastically than before, while demonstrating how it would look by pulling my top out and peeping down at my boobs. It didn't take long before I was zoned out and watching the boob tube.

Kimberly positioned me on the sofa and wrapped a comforter around me, giving my girls a gentle pat, just so she could hear me moan.

I didn't come out of my warm haze until the next morning.

When I began to come around, Kimberly was there, "Are you ready for me to change your bandages?"

"Sure, as long as you plan to be gentle," I agreed.

"You're such a sissy," Kimberly declared, "You know that I have a bottle of Vasocaine spray to numb the area while I work. You won't feel a thing." She became busy changing the dressing at my navel and then began working near my crotch.

"Why do I have bandages down there?" I asked dreamily.

"You're having your period...?" she answered with a questioning lilt to her voice.

"Oh, gosh... I forgot. I'm so stoned I didn't even remember that it's that time of the month," I mumbled, "I'm so lucky to have a friend like you to take care of me."

"That's alright hon. You have such light periods, it's not nearly the chore that my own is," Kimberly assured me.

"Now to check your drains and see how your plastic surgery is healing," she cautioned me as she removed the bandages on my face. "Oh, those are looking just great. You're going to be just stunning when this heals."

"I'm already pretty stunned! Whoa, I can't wait until I'm not so stoned that I can appreciate my new look," I mumbled as my eyes kept glazing over.

"Well you just lay back and enjoy being pampered. We have a long run yet to go until you're back to work," Kimberly cooed stroking my hair. "You still have a dental appointment on Saturday, before you're on the last leg of healing."

"I can't wait..." I mumbled as Kimberly injected more drugs into my IV.

Chapter 11 - Major Changes
Saturday morning rolled around quickly for me and Kimberly was enthusiastically getting me ready, "Your new dentures are all ready for fitting! Just looking at them makes me so wet I have to take some personal time in the ladies room!"

"Just my luck to, have a roommate with a tooth fetish!"

"You just wait these custom dentures that you specified are so naughty! I can't wait to see you perform while you're wearing them," she gushed as she strained to pull my tube top over my boobies.

"They're just dentures honey," I said trying to calm her.

"You... you don't remember your special orders, do you?" Kimberly stated, knowing that I had no way to remember something that had never happened.

"All I remember is the doctor telling me that I needed to come in and have my permanent dentures fitted to my implants," I recalled, vaguely.

"Well... it's a little better than that, but I'll wait and let Dr. Tiedemann show them to you," she giggled, as she fluffed my new girls.

"That feels so good, now that I'm healing," I moaned.

"I can't wait until you're better, girlfriend. We are just going to knock all the men dead," Kimberly announced as she zipped the tight black mini-skirt up my side. "I need to get to work and you need to get to your appointment, so sashay your amazing ass out to my car and let's make all the men drool between here and the office."

Jiggling my ass and tits into the dental office, I stopped at the counter and told the receptionist, "Hi, Willamina to see Dr. Tiedemann."

"I'm so happy to see you again Willie," Cherry cooed. "Go right on back. Dr. Tiedemann is expecting you."

I perambulated to the station where I was normally seen.

"It's lovely to see you again Willie," Dr. Tiedemann told me, while giving me a big hug.

"You're the dentist with the most, Dr. Tiedemann," I hugged her back.

"I wouldn't say that sweetie. My rack isn't even in the same zip code," she retorted.

I giggled, blushed, and told her, "I meant heart."

"I didn't mean to make you blush hon. I'm just enamored with your lovely girls," she admitted, gently placing her hands to the outside of them.

"Ooh, be careful hon. they might go off," I swooned.

"Well, in that case, sit your delicious ass down into my chair and let's see your teeth," she instructed, holding my hand to stabilize me as I sat. She reached into my mouth, unlatched my dentures, and removed them.

"These are some nasty dentures you wanted sweetie, but I had them made just the way you wanted them, all three sets," the doctor stated, "The girls have been giggling and envious of these all week. Some of them were even discussing getting their own implants, so they could get some just like these."

The doctor opened up a blue case that held my new teeth, pulled them out, and slipped them into my mouth, "Okay bite down."

I heard the metal studs click into place and she took out what looked like a garage door opener and clicked the button. I felt a clunk inside my mouth.

"Now, try to open your mouth," she asked.

I couldn't open my jaw at all. It was as if my teeth were superglued together.

"You have noticed that your lips don't quite meet any longer?" she asked.

I nodded my head.

"Watch this," she giggled as she poked a finger between my lips.

I felt my big swollen lips part slightly, and my front teeth fold into my mouth.

Dr. Tiedemann held up a mirror so that I could see the big round hole left where my teeth folded into the sides of my mouth and clicked into place, leaving a huge round opening, surrounded by my overstuffed lips.

"Oh, wait... yes, Kimberly brought in a prop so that you can see how well these work with a realistic model," she turned around briefly, and turned back grasping a big flesh colored anatomically correct dildo, and then stuffed it into my mouth, through the open gap in my teeth.

My lips were stretched around the dildo in a very arousing manor and I moaned as I watched her fuck my face with it.

"God, this is making me so hot," the doctor told me while she fanned herself with her other hand. "Have you had enough, or do you want me to do this for a while longer?"

I shook my head no.

"No you haven't had enough, or no you don't want me to stop?"

I shook my head no even more vigorously.

"Okay, spoil sport," she, slid the penis from my lips and re-clicked the remote, releasing the lock in my teeth and allowing me to open my jaw back up.

"Now let's try the next pair," she turned around again and grabbed another box and told me, "Open wide and look over at Kimberly."

I did as she instructed.

Dr. Tiedemann slipped the next set into my face, although the first thing I noticed was a penis sized object slipping into my throat. She finally got it far enough in clipped the lowers into place, "Close please," she said and then clicked another remote and once again I felt the clunk inside my mouth indicating that the dentures were solidly installed.

When the doctor held up the mirror again, all I could see was a huge grin, that I couldn't stop making, because the dentures held my mouth just right.

"You could ride a float with these and wave like a princess! No one would know that you have a big penis hanging down your throat," she snickered.

I heard Kimberly clap her hands and giggle with her.

She released the locks, carefully slid the dildo out of my neck, and then slipped in the last pair, "Close again, please."

I closed and heard the familiar locks clink into place.

When she held up the mirror, I saw a big clear tube attached to a nipple, which was permanently installed in the middle of my teeth, which attached on the other end to a heavy rubber condom, "Sorry, we don't have anything that fits this end," she held up the rubber, "but we did collect a snack for you." The doctor poured a milky white fluid into the cup, "Bon appétit!"

I tasted the salty jizzum as it flowed through my mouth, coating every surface.

"Nightie night sweetie," Kimberly told me as she placed the Nitrous Oxide mask over my face.

Moments later, my lights when out, with the taste of sperm on my tongue.

The whole team gathered into the room once again. Head phones were slipped over the patient's ears and a droning voice repeated, "You love the taste of sperm. You crave the warm salty taste. It makes you orgasm when you realize how much pleasure you have given some man." Over and over, the voice repeated its litany.

"Alright, where's Danica?" Dr. Tiedemann asked.

Danica burst into the room, out of breath, "Sorry I'm late but the last customer took longer than we expected."

Everyone helped Danica load the patient up into the ambulance and then everyone who couldn't fit into the ambulance with Danica, piled into Dr. Newman's SUV. They all met up at the hospital, in a pre-prepared operating theater, with the patient as center attraction.

"Alright, I'll do the main event," Alta declared, "Jucila, I want you to handle the implant enlargement, and Desiree, why don't you work on enlarging those big, cock sucking lips some more."

"I'd love to, darling," Desiree agreed.

Jucila jumped up and down, clapping her hands and squealing, "Oh goody!"

"I want everyone to meet my gas passer, Doctor Gaby Amber Furz. Gaby, this is Doctor Desiree Tiedemann, Doctor Jucila Heinonen, Doctor Alta Newman, Nurse Kimberley Samuels, and Nurse Cherry Hacker," she told the assembled group.

"Welcome to our little group Gaby," Desiree greeted, "Your occupation is rather funny, given you last name."

"Yah, it's kind of ironic, eh?" Gaby replied, shaking everyone's hands.

"Get to work ladies. This theater is ours for only a short time," Alta urged, "We've got half a mile of penis to invert!"

Kimberly undressed the patient quickly and with ease, but once the overstuffed trouser snake was exposed, Gaby exclaimed, "Holy shit, that's a fucking huge cock!"

Luckily, the patient was already deeply asleep with her sperm load teeth inserted. Gaby only had to plug the patient's nose and attach a new hose to the hose connection in her teeth, after administering a general anesthetic in the patient's IV.

Alta quickly opened up the patient's crotch with a scalpel and began making the new opening between her legs, where she could shorten and relocate the urethra, remove the glans, and invert the monster that dangled there.

Jucila began forcing 2,000cc of more silicon into each expandable breast implant, leaving the patient with almost ridiculously huge breasts, while Desiree started to insert another set of 'Verafil' saline lip implants, leaving the patient with comically huge lips to go with her tits.

Once Alta finished adding a long section of cadaver bowel to the reconfigured penis, she began to insert the huge cavity into the core of the patient, "Desiree, when I finish down here, would you do the honors of inserting an extra-large set of 'Verafil' saline lip implants into our girl’s crotch? We want her to look as natural as possible, and a huge set of labia will leave her with a camel toe, no matter what she's wearing."

I think her pussy is bigger than her pelvic girdle," Gaby declared with wide round eyes.

"Well, for now it is. Once she has healed, we'll start inserting inflatables and leave then inside her for prolonged periods. That should widen her hips and give her plenty of pleasure while she's at it," Alta informed her.

"With her looks and body, she'll have men flocking to her to fuck her, but once they get in, they'll never be back! She'll have to remain a lesbian fuck toy with occasional lip service to the dangly crotch crowd," Desiree agreed.

"Won't she walk funny?" Gaby asked.

"Sure, but most people will take it for an exaggerated feminine wiggle," Jucila added, "With that face and those boobs, she'll be assumed to be a total slut."

"Cherry, would you prep the patient's heels, please?" Alta asked as she finished gluing the skin around the patient's newly installed vagina.

Cherry scrubbed the back of the patient's legs from heel to calf with antiseptic and began drawing lines for the incisions.

As Alta began to slice a small cut in the patient's calf, Desiree began inserting an extra-large pair of 'Verafil' saline lip implants into the area just transformed by Alta, giving the patient a swollen looking set of labia, with the inner lips dangling slightly through.

"Ooh, those are beautiful Desiree! Kati Comely will love the photos of this we send to her," Kimberly gushed.

"She'll think his life is totally ruined after we show her," Desiree laughed.

Gaby developed a puzzled look on her face, "Aren't we doing this to punish this guy?"

All of the other women broke up laughing.

When Desiree finally composed herself she answered, "In one way, maybe, but for the most part, we're doing this to help this poor guy get out a his dead-end life, get away from his bitch of an ex-wife, and to provide another one of our customers and sexy lesbian toy to work with!"

"I thought that you were friends with Katie?" Cherry asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"I may be friends with her, but that doesn't mean that I don't know that she was a total bitch to her ex-husband. She was looking for any way, she could ruin his life, and I just gave her an easy way to do it. She's paying for this and the only thing she wants in return is to see him all bimbofied and stripping at a local men's establishment," Desiree admitted, "As she sure will, however she'll love doing it and then going home to a really lovely woman who will love her and treat her like a Princess."

"Well, that makes me feel better about what we're doing," Gaby informed the ladies.

"Yes, and without all that testosterone poisoning, she'll be much sweeter and enjoy sex a whole lot more," Desiree affirmed.

"Do you think he deserves this?" Gaby asked.

"Not in the least, but ridding the world of another male and replacing him with a distraction that will keep the hounds away from the rest of us is always a worthwhile effort," Dr. Tiedemann admitted. "He was living a life he hated anyway. Now he'll be a happier, more fun-loving girl, who will find sex with men unfulfilling. She'll still be attracted to men, but no man will have a cock big enough to satisfy her. She'll be hotter than molten lava after stripping for hours though, and her girlfriend will be ready to meet her needs, when she gets home."

"So, who will be this girl friend?" Gaby innocently asked.

"Why, Kimberly will be, of course!" answered Dr. Tiedemann.

Kimberly blushed up a storm and added, "I've always wanted my own big breasted lesbian love slave. I've been begging Dr. Tiedemann for months to give me one of our subjects and she finally put together the right deal. Kati Comely just wanted to punish her ex-husband and leave him trapped as a big breasted slut. This way, she gets what she wants and I get what I want. Even if his conditioning wears off, I'll treat her so good that she'd beg to stay the way she is!"

"Where the hell are you going to find something big enough to satisfy her?" Gaby asked, holding one hand to her chest.

Cherry giggled, "Kimberly has toys so big that she's, never thought of using them, she just brings them out for parties to scare the other girls! Do you still have that giant one that fits on your Sybian?"

"The one that looks like a jiggling coffee can with a glans on top? Yes, I still have that one. I think that will be Willie's favorite within a month," Kimberly replied, fanning herself with a free hand.

"Is all of this talk, getting you wet hon." asked Desiree.

"It's not just the talk. It's the look of the size vagina this slut's sporting and the swollen vulva attached," blushed Kimberly.

"Is everyone about finished here?" Dr. Newman asked.

"I've stapled the Achilles tendon back upon itself with a titanium band on both legs, so she won't be wearing anything except sky scraper heels from now on. I'd say she's ready for her final recuperation. Will someone transfer her to a gurney and wheel her into recovery? I think we all could use a cup of tea," Dr. Tiedemann declared as she removed her surgical gloves and mask.

The whole entourage washed up, changed into civilian clothes, and reassembled in the cafeteria. After chatting for half an hour or so, everyone left with the exception of Kimberly.

Kimberly went to the room that Willamina had been assigned, snuggled down into the easy chair next to her bed, and began her vigil.

Chapter 12 - The New Body
"Where am I," I asked as I swam up from the bliss of slumber.

"You're in the hospital," Kimberly answered from my bedside.

"What happened, did I get hit by a bus or something?"

Kimberly giggled and replied, "No, silly, you just had your implants enlarged and a little minor surgery to fix your small birth defect."

"Oh, so I'll be recuperating for a while yet. I sure hope that I have enough money saved up to be out of work this long," I blearily remarked.

"Don't you worry your slutty little head about it sweetie, I've got you covered," Kimberly assured me with a kiss to my forehead.

A couple days later and still heavily sedated they released me from the hospital and I went home to spend two weeks stoned, listening to the hypnotic tapes and nearly bed ridden.

I began my convalescence on the third weed with short trips to the bathroom, kitchen, and the living room, always wearing my pink, Plexiglas, high-heeled, fuzzy slippers, as I cannot seem to walk flat footed anymore.

I keep putting on an exaggerated wiggle of my butt and bouncing the giant girls riding my chest as I moved around, even though I was wearing a sexy brassiere for support. I would even go so far as to say I was flouncing about. (Even though, I couldn't move very fast or steadily.)

Kimberly was fitting me with a corset to support my back and help with the weight of my new big girls. She delighted in playing with my nipples whenever she could and even though I was heavily drugged, I thoroughly enjoyed the sensations.

By the end of the month, I was pretty much feeling human again and the bruises on my face had gone away, leaving me with the face of a total hottie and the body of a boob queen! I soon discovered that my nipples had been stretched to almost five inches in diameter and were nearly always erect with one half inch around nubs sticking three eights of an inch out! I was afraid to hang my chest near the mirror when I put my makeup on, as the points might cut the glass.

My boobs stick out so far that it's hard to get close enough to the mirror to do my eye makeup as it is, without knocking down all the soap and knick knacks on the sink. (This was a frustration which Kimberly found endlessly entertaining.)

Kimberly also seem to delight in the size of my hips and ass, since I found that it was nearly impossible for her to keep her hands off of them. Not to mention she was rubbing my pussy more often than I was. You'd think she'd never seen one.

I mean, I can understand it with my boobies, few women get to see or fondle them this size. If they do, it's always, "Poor girl!"

Bleah, if they knew how much boobs like these, cost they'd hush up and catch onto what they're worth!

Guys will pay four times as much to drool on these tits and will offer me anything I want, just to let them touch them! If I moan just a little, they're almost tripping over their own tongues to give me more.

To maximize my earning potential, I began to start to train seriously with my pole dancing and Kimberly was an incredible help with that. I just did what made her drool and forget all about whatever she was doing. She'd come over and begin to dance along with me and we'd finally wind up in bead playing with each other's boobs. (No my bandages weren't completely ready to remove, everything hadn't, fully healed, let alone being ready for getting fucked by a strap-on.)

Kimberly had removed my catheter about a week ago and I don't know why, but for some reason it has been feeling strange when I sit to pee. It's almost as if it's a new thing to me. I have to remind myself to wipe before getting up, and when I do wipe, it feels really odd down there.

When I mentioned that to Kimberly she just replied, "It's probably because your birth defect was excised that it feels funny down there. You're a lot smoother and sexier looking there, and now I'm so glad you lasered off your pussy hair."

"Well, you haven't let me see it since the surgery, so I wouldn't know yet. Sure I can pee, but the bandages still hide a lot of it," I complained. "When you're down there changing the bandage, my boobs are in the way and I can't see a thing."

"Ooh, when you say it that way, you make me so wet!" Kimberly squirmed and giggled.

"So what's with having to use the dilators on me all the time? I mean, they hurt like hell the first few times you used them on me. The dilators didn't feel so much as, if I was having sex, they were just uncomfortable. I'm thankful that you used plenty of KY-Jelly and were very gentle when you inserted it. Although now it's beginning to feel more pleasant, it's still not what I'd call a 'sexual' feeling," I admitted to her.

"We'll just have to use a bigger one then, I guess," she laughed with an evil grin.

"Hell it feels like the one you're using now is the size of a coke can!" I exclaimed.

"It is, so I'll use the one that's the size of a wine bottle," Kimberly threatened.

"You'll make me whimper..." I informed her.

"Oh, you'll start to love it in no time honey, just like before the surgery," Kimberly assured me.

"Sure, but it's hard to remember that right now when everything feels so numb," I explained, "It's almost like I'm not used to having a vagina."

Kimberly guffawed loudly and replied, "If you hadn't, what have you been letting all those hot guys fuck all these years?"

"Jealousy rears its ugly head," I remarked accusatorily.

"Well, at least I get to have your cast-offs," she sighed.

I knew that I had her on the ropes, so I pressed on, "You know you like sex with girls more than with men."

"I especially like sex with a girl who has got huge hooters!" Kimberly giggled, grabbing one if my tightly packed orbs.

"I rest my case," I finished.

"That's good. Set your bra down over there, so I can play with these beauties!" Kimberly teased.

"Knock it off," I warned her, "You know that I have to get dressed and get to my OBGYN appointment!"

"I know," she demurred, "I'm the one who has to drive you there. Make sure you put on clean panties."

"I think I'll wear a latex thong, just to see the look on her face!" I enthused.

"I'm glad that I'll be there to see that!" Kimberly tweaked her own nipples in excitement, as she left the room.

I dressed, but wore a sexy little, black, high-cut, lacy panty from Victoria's Secret. My new custom made black satin 36 MM-cup bra covered part of my boobs. A pair of black pantyhose with a lacy black slip underneath a Black leather mini-skirt, topped off with a white silk blouse, designed to show of ample cleavage completed my ensemble.

The Fuck-Me black pumps with the stiletto heels made my legs look delicious, add some dangly earrings and a whiff of perfume and I was ready to visit the doctor. (Well, after I put on my face of course.)

Kimberly helped me to the car and in no time, we were at the hospital. "Hi, I'm Willamina W. Whacker, here to see Dr. Alta Mi Newman," I told the receptionist.

"Have a seat Ms. Whacker. We'll call you when the doctor is ready to see you," she informed me with her plastic smile.

We two girls sat and rifled through the fashion magazines and giggled together, while we waited.

"The doctor will see you now Ms. Whacker," the nurse declared as she opened the door to the examination rooms.

We sauntered on back together, even though the nurse gave us a rather queer look.

When the nurse started to say something, Dr. Newman interrupted with, "It's alright nurse. They're a couple."

The nurse's eyes grew round with shock and then disgust, but we just tittered at her as dismissal. We looked into each other's eyes and I knew she wanted to gross the bitch out by swapping spit, but Dr. Newman could read us too and interjected, "I know what you're thinking girls, and you can wait until you get into the exam room before you try it."

"Spoil sport," Kimberly accused.

"I'm just trying to avoid Nurse Cratchet turning me in to the Hospital board on a 'Morals' beef," Dr. Newman, groused, "The woman is so uptight she couldn't get a pencil into herself!"

Okay, we'll be nice," Kimberly, agreed.

"Now if you'd please remove your clothing and put on this gown," the doctor ordered as she handed me a pink gown with tiny ducks all over it.

I quickly flipped off my blouse and bra, and then went for the leather mini-skirt and slip. The pantyhose took a little longer so I was just slipping off my thong when the doctor popped back into the exam room.

"Oops, I'm a little early," the doctor exclaimed, averting her eyes.

"Don't fret doc, I make my living taking my clothes off. I love it when people stare at my hot body," I told her, "So if you want me to forego the gown I have no problem with it."

"Well, that will make the exam easier, as long as you don't mind me drooling with envy a little," she teased back. "I'll need to palpate your breasts for pre-cancer screening. Watch me and do this yourself every month. What you're looking for isn't so much lumps or pain. You're looking for changes from the last time you did it."

"Damn doc, this could take a while with my girls. It's kind of turning me on," I admitted.

"It's okay to be turned on, it's just not okay to do anything about it with your doctor," she warned me.

When she finished, I was positively drooling down my thighs.

"Well, I can see we won't need much KY jelly to fit the speculum into you for your pap smear," the doctor laughed when she saw the mess oozing down my legs.

"You're just a big tease doctor. All grope and no action," I accused, as I lay down on the exam table and placed my feet in the stirrups.

"Oh, my god, I... I have to get another tool. I'll be right back," she exclaimed as she sprinted from the room.

"What, did her speculum break?" I asked Kimberly.

"No, but I think she went for a different size," giggled Kimberly.

"Oh stop your teasing," I accused.

The doctor ducked back in right then holding a speculum and declared, "Got it, we can do go ahead now. I had to get a bigger one."

"I told you!" Kimberly gleefully exclaimed.

I couldn't do anything but blush and lay there while the doctor inserted the speculum into my vagina. She did it gently and professionally, but once it was seated, she pulled open the handle and I felt instantly full down there.

"Goodness, everything is looking good down here. Oh, wait... I think I see headlights...," the doctor told me. "I'm just kidding. I'm taking a swab now and we'll be done here in a moment. I almost forgot. I'll need a urine sample when we're done here as well."

After I had dressed once again, she handed me a sample container, which she had written my name and information on and pointed down the hall to the restroom, "There's a poster on the wall with the procedure if you need a reminder of how to do it."

I took the cup, entered the room, locked the door, and dropped my pantyhose around my ankles, slipped my panties down, and deposited my big jiggly butt onto the toilet seat, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember how I was supposed to take the sample. It felt as if this was the first time I'd ever done this.

I sort of remembered standing and just putting the cup in the stream until it was filled enough, but that couldn't be. Maybe I had helped some guy get his sample. Sure, that must be it. I'm like that, I love helping guys, especially when it has anything to do with their penis!

I looked over the poster and discovered that I need to get up and prepare things. After washing my hands I grabbed one of the urine sample kits, I set aside the little glass tube, wondering what that was for, opened up the wipes and the placed both the open sample cup and the wipes where I could reach them from the toilet and shuffled back an sat down. (I still had my pantyhose and panties around my ankles.)

Taking the wipes, I followed procedure and spread my legs apart, used two fingers on one hand to spread open my labia, wipe from front to back of my inner labial folds in one stroke, toss that wipe in the trash, and then used the second wipe to clean in the middle over the opening to my urethra. I had to pee just a little bit, pinch it off, and then hold the cup down below me, hoping my aim was accurate and then peed all over my hand until I got the cup in the right position. Once there was enough in the cup, I pinched it off again, pulled the cup forward, let go of my pussy lips and used that hand to grab some toilet paper to dry my other hand off so that I didn't drip pee all over my clothes and the floor when I placed the cup back on the counter. It's lucky for me that I don't have any pussy hair, because then you have to worry about contaminating the sample if one should fall into it.

Finally, I was able to relax and let go into the toilet and heard the familiar hiss of my feminine discharge. I wiped everything down below well and waddled over to the sink to wash off my yucky pee covered hands. I couldn't even stand to pull up my pantyhose or panties until I'd washed my hands.

I was finally able to yank up my Victoria's Secret panties and secured them to my flat crotch, although I had the compunction to use my finger to slip the middle of them into my chubby labia, because I just think it looks so sexy, even if it isn't very comfortable. I proceeded to sit down again, gather the legs of my pantyhose, and pull them one by one up my legs until I could pull the panty up tightly against my crotch and secure the top around my extra-wide hips. Of course, I again used my finger to imbed them between my labia, giving me the appearance of being split like a camel's toe.

Any guys seeing that would know how a woman is built between her legs! Without any pussy hair, my split was deliciously outlined there, every detail in stark definition. I'm such an exhibitionist!

Once my skirt was in place, I'd checked everything, and I had freshened, my makeup, I exited the toilet to meet back up with Kimberly.

"Are you all done with the urine sample?" she asked with a devilish smile.

"Maybe you should have cum with me and given me a hand," I suggested.

"That would have had nurse Cratchet's panties in a bunch!" she surmised, "Speaking of nurses, the Doc. needs one more sample. 'Dey need yo blood'," she finished in a fake Transylvanian accent.

A cute pixie of a nurse had me sit with my arm out while she put some of my blood into a Vacutainer and Dr. Newman told me, "I'll have the blood-work done and call you with the results next week. As far as your ability to return to work, in my opinion you should be healthy enough to start dancing again, but avoid sexual intercourse for at least another week. Oral sex will have to suffice until then."

"Shoot doc, I wanted to get her sweet ass on my machine tonight," Kimberly pouted.

"You'll just have to settle for being a cunning linguist for at least a week," Dr. Newman cautioned seriously, though with humor.

"Great, I can get back to work!" I enthused, "I bet there are plenty of guys who are going through, Willie withdrawal!"

"I've had the same problem myself at times," Dr. Newman admitted.

Kimberly got a fit of laughing so hard she could barely breathe.

Finally, I slapped my forehead and said, "Oh, now I get it."

The Pixie nurse tittered with her hand over her mouth.

Chapter 13 - Job Interview
Kimberly and I finally left the clinic and swung by the club, 'Tops-N-Tails' on the way home.

We entered through the 'employees' entrance and went straight for the manager's office.

"Marietta, Willamina, has gotten her doctor's permission to return to work, so how soon can you use her?" Kimberly asked the manager.

The manager looked me up and down, almost as if she'd never seen me before, "Okay Willie, let's get a look at the upgrades, strip."

I didn't hesitate at all. I quickly removed all of my clothes and stood before her au natural.

She began a thorough examination with a running commentary, "The scaring from the facial surgery is almost unnoticeable, very fine work. The tattooing is top rate, I may have to have my makeup tattooed on by whomever you had do your work, although yours is a little heavier than I'd want, but the work is divine. Oh, and you sweet dear, you actually had all the hair below your head completely depilated, didn't you?"

I nodded my affirmation.

She continued, "Oh how delicious, you have none of the typical scaring other girls who have had breast enhancement do. How did they manage that?"

"The doctor did them arthroscopically, through my navel. You get no nipple scars and no armpit scars that way," I informed her.

"Sweet, you'll have to tell me who did the work, so I can recommend them to the other dancers," the boss suggested as she moved on down my body, "Nice pouty labia. Oh my, you had all the hair on your legs depilated as well, didn't you? Shoot that, would be a giant time saver for me. Oh and you don't have any cottage cheese on your big jiggly butt or thighs, that is so tasty! You've definitely gone for all the upgrades, sweetheart," she appeared to make a decision, "Be here and ready for the stage at six. Oh, by the way, what size bra do you wear now, so that I can add it to your announcement?"

"Well the actual bra size is a 36 MM-cup, but in men's magazine jargon that would be a 54 MM-cup, as I measure 54" at the nipple," I answered, jiggling my girls with my hands.

"Would you look at how big those nipple scrunch up! You look like you're sporting a pair of thumbs on the end of your boobs," Marietta exclaimed, almost drooling.

"Do you think they will get me more tips?" I giggled.

Marietta went to her desk, opened a drawer, and pulled out a five dollar bill, "Well, if you'll pull up your panties, let me be the first."

When I'd slipped up my panties, she flipped the five into the side, "That should get your motor primed for you return engagement. I hope this doesn't go to your head and make you plan on going off as a headliner, at least not right away, because I could use the increased business your yummy ass is going to bring in, Willie."

"Oh, I wouldn't think of leaving you in the lurch Ms. Akkermans. Your support and encouragement mean the world to me," I gave her a friendly hug.

"Careful, I might lose my professional detachment," she warned. "I may have been a stripper myself for a number of years, but I'm not completely dispassionate."

"You'll just have to arrange with Kimberly to come over for an extended meal, once the doctor says that it's okay."

Marietta blushed and answered, "That's an offer that you can take to the bank sweetie! I promise that you'll at least learn something new!"

Kimberly giggled and added, "We'll see you the week after next on Sunday at 8:00."

"I don't usually fraternize with my employees, but in this case it's a date," she decided.

That had me positively drooling in my panties. Now I really regret that I didn't have a pad on, because I may never get the cum-stain out of them.

"Well, I'd better get this filly back home before she breaks out of the corral, so to speak," Kimberly snickered as she took my arm.

I planted a quick lip-lock on Marietta before Kimberly could drag me away, eliciting a, "Oh wow!" from her.

Chapter 14 - Work, Work, Work
Kimberly and I spent hours going through my stage costumes, picking out what I should wear for tonight's debut. It did puzzle me slightly that they all looked brand new, but I let it pass as unimportant and selected a pink liquid-metal mini-skirt and halter-top combination. I decided on a pink satin bra and panty set that were just plain sexy.

"You're going to have all the men's drowning in their own saliva. They're going to want to give you all their money and then beg to fuck you until they can't stand up. Well, they'll say until you can't stand up, but we both know you can fuck six of them unconscious and beg for another volunteer!"

"Stop talking like that, I'm on my fourth pair of panties today, and I can't get my brains fucked out for another week! I could use some relief, because after getting naked several times tonight, I'm going to be begging for it," I admonished, rubbing my flat crotch.

"Once you get back to earning, we're going to have to buy you more panties, and I know how you hate shopping for panties," Kimberly decided. "Well it's time for you to gather your stuff and I'll take you to the club."

"Are you coming back here after you drop me off, or are you planning to hang around and watch?" I asked her.

"Oh, I'll watch a while," she confirmed, "I may go home after a while, but I'll be there to pick you up after work."

We left shortly thereafter and quickly made our way to 'Tops-N-Tails'. I slipped into the dressing room with my costume and started putting it on, just like all the other girls. I was somewhat surprised that none of the other dancers spoke to me at all, they all seemed to be chatty enough with each other, but to me they seemed rather distant.

When I finally got my stage makeup the way I wanted it, I strolled out to the backstage area and mentioned it to Kimberly, "I'm a little shocked that none of the girls would talk to me while I got ready."

"Don't worry. They're either envious of your assets or jealous of your semi-star ranking," she answered, seeming somewhat evasive.

"But I would think that at least one or two of them were old friends from before I went in for my enhancements," I pouted sadly.

"Well, don't fret about it, I'm sure that after tonight the ice will break, and all the girls will want to be your friend," Kimberly stated with a calculated look in her eyes. "Excuse me for a bit, honey. I want to have a talk with Marietta."

I stood around watching the first couple of warm up dancers wiggle about on stage with butterflies in my tummy, nervously awaiting my turn.

"Marietta...?" Kimberly called as she walked into the boss's office.

"Yes, Kimberly," she replied from her desk.

"I hate to complain, but didn't you brief the other dancers that their 'old friend', Willie would be dancing tonight and to treat her like a sister?" Kimberly queried, "I'm paying quite a bit to get her onto that stage and start her on her life as a stripper. She's supposed to think that she's been doing this for some time and apparently the other dancers gave her the cold shoulder in the dressing room just now."

"Those ungrateful bitches," Marietta steamed, "They were told, and now I'm going to have to give specific instructions to each one, after I dock some pay, of course. I'm going to set her up with a couple best buddies right now!"

Marietta stormed out of her office and into the dressing room, "Betty, get your ass over here, right now!"

Betty looked somewhat shocked, but lazily got up, to speak with Marietta, "What do you want?"

"You and the other dancers have just earned a $100.00 each docking of your pay. You were told how to act with the new girl, and from what I hear, she was treated as if she was a stranger. You missy, are going to be Willie's best friend who missed her dearly while she was out getting bigger implants," Marietta informed the girl who seemed to be barely paying attention.

"Hey, you pay me to be a stripper, not to be an actress. Why should I bother to go out of my way to do anything, other than take my clothes off and be, groped by a bunch of mouth breathing guys?" she answered snootily.

"Well, for number one, you are paid very well here and received a bonus last week. Said bonus was for the acting you were to do today, although it was not specifically told to you that's what it was for, you were briefed at that time on how to treat the new girl. For number two, you would not be treated nearly as well at any other exotic dancing spot in this area and still make the kind of money you do here. For number three, if you do not do as I tell you, not only will you be looking for work elsewhere, but I have friends who just might like to kidnap you and leave you with some reprogramming and a set of boobs you can't lift by yourself," the boss threatened, "Do you hear me slut?"

"Yah right, go ahead and fire me. I'll have a job at 'Kandy Kat' before I have my costumes packed," Betty declared, turning her back on the boss.

"I own the 'Kandy Kat' and two of the other clubs in town, so I don't think you will be getting a job," Marietta smugly informed the girl, "Moreover, since you have decided to take this attitude, you're fired. I'll look you up in a couple months. I may have an opening for a freak show."

Betty snorted her disdain and started packing her things.

Marietta gave Dr. Tiedemann's number a ring, "Hello, Desiree? Yes, I have a little problem child who will need some adjustments. Her name is Betty Busty, and well... she just doesn't quite live up to her name. She's also has a rather unpleasant personality that needs to be submissive and obedient. The worst thing is that she refuses to treat Willie as her friend, even after you paid her to do it." Marietta finished by giving the doctor Betty's home address.

Marietta turned back to Betty and told her, "You can go home now, and don't worry about getting a job right away. Something's already been worked out for you."

Marietta walked across the room and said, "Jodie, as I was just telling Betty..."

Jodie was as white as a sheet, having overheard the discussion with Betty, "Oh, sure Marietta, my best friend Willie who just had her boobs enhanced, how could I forget her? She's a terrific girl, friendly, sweet, and so giving. I can't wait to go out for breakfast with her and talk about shopping and boyfriends!"

"Why Jodie, I'm so glad to see that you're on board with our needs. I'm sure that your longtime friend Willie will so delight to get reacquainted with you. I hear that she'll do anything for a friend, and if you swing that way, she'll eat you until you'd rather be tongue fucked than get a real thick cock rammed into you. You needn't go that far. But she'd give you the cups off her bra if you'd let her," Marietta told the pretty stripper with a hug. "I'm even going over to her place next Sunday for a pussy waxing myself."

"I won't have to... uh, 'do-her' though, will I?" Jodie Juggs asked tentatively.

"Oh, no, she'll gladly eat out a straight girl and she'll even offer to let you tie her up and sit her on a fucking machine if it makes you happy. She's so nice if you ask her for money, she'll give you what she can and still let you abuse her," Marietta assured her, "She's most likely the nicest girl you've ever met. She's not catty, she won't stab you in the back, and she won't speak badly about you behind your back. If you hurt her, she'll just cry and think it's her fault or that she probably deserved it."

"She sounds like a puppy," Jodie surmised, "Can we just put a leash on her and keep her in the corner?"

"Willie belongs to someone else. She's watched almost all of the time, even in this dressing room. If you treat her poorly, I shudder to think what the consequences to you might be. Although in a couple months, you could ask Betty if it would be worth it..."

"What, me treat my long time best friend Willie poorly? Not this girl, no, way," Jodie was shaking her head. "When can I talk with my girlfriend Willie next? I can hardly wait," she asked with a sarcastic smirk.

"She's right outside the dressing room, waiting for her turn onstage. Go and make her feel like one of the girls, and by the way, pass the word around to the other dancers. I'm sure you can motivate them," Marietta's eyes bored smoking holes into Jodie, making sure the girl knew it wasn't a request.

Betty had all her things packed and she grabbed the first load to take it out to her car, but she didn't quite make it. She found herself being stuffed into an ambulance as she felt the sting of a needle in her butt. She wouldn't awaken completely for weeks while headphones droned on about how submissive and sweet she was, and how much she loved, and how hot it made her, having someone help her to pick up her immense boobs.

Chapter 15 - Stage Show
Out behind the stage I felt someone pet my big jiggly butt and purr, "Willie, I didn't see you in the dressing room! I'm so happy to see you back girlfriend! I guess I was stressing over finally booting my boyfriend out of my apartment," Jody said until I had turned enough to face her.

She looked up into my eyes and pulled my face to hers for a long and sexy kiss, "Damn, I've missed you." She hugged me tightly while I grinned and hugged her back.

"I was beginning to think everybody hated me," I admitted, "So, how do you like my new girls?"

"Well... I love them and I hate them," she said with a grin, "I love how delicious they look, and I hate how much they're going to earn you in tips!"

"You know me, if you ever need more tip, just ask. You won't even have to dance to get it," I promised. "I'm more interested in seeing if I can actually make one of those guys drown in his, own saliva."

Jodie's laugh wasn't in the least put on. She thought to herself, 'Maybe I'll actually like having Willie for a friend.'

"Hey, would you like to feel them? It's okay, I'm not scheduled for the stage for a little while yet," I offered, hefting up the girls for her. "I've got 2500ccs in each one."

"Okay, let's see if they're too big for me to lug around," she agreed and held both of them up with her dainty little hands. "It's a good thing you're wearing your bra-top or my hands would be lost in them."

"Don't worry, I know a native guide that could help you find them," I reassured her.

Jodie started a giggling fit again, "You're funny! I'm glad you're back! Hey, do you want to go out for breakfast after work, I mean with me and some of the other girls?"

"That would make me as happy as a stripper swimming in money!" I squealed, jumping up and down slightly, watching her eyes bounce with my titties.

"Holy shit, those are hypnotic!" Jodie stated, shaking her head as if to clear it, "Hey, I have to round up some of the Udder-girls and tell them about breakfast with our long lost sister. You just stay in the queue for the stage and we can chat after your set."

Jodie went around and brought the other girls up to speed on the goings on. A couple of the girls weren't too anxious to play along, until Jodie told them about Betty. (She didn't know that Betty was already on her way to being a sex toy yet.) She told them that they already would each owe Marietta $100 and it would only get worse from there if they didn't live up to their contract.

Even before I could take the stage, Terry Tush came clacking up to me and threw herself around my neck, "Willie! You're back!" She kissed my cheek and hugged me even more.

I recognized her as one of the first girls to perform on stage that night.

"I'm sorry that I didn't gush all over you when you came in tonight, I thought that you were a feature dancer coming in to take all the tips from the regular girls! I guess I can't make fun of the boys that can't tell me what color my eyes are anymore. All I could see was your girls!" Terry declared, as she cupped her hands around outside them. "Shoot, you're going to have to watch out for narrow doors with these beauties!"

"Yes, and short bald men too," I agreed.

She looked puzzled so I explained, "When I look down, I won't be able to tell which are my boobs and which is his head."

"Oh... that's silly," she said, "Maybe we can make you a special bra for that."

"That's so hot! I bet I could charge guys by the minute to wear that with my boobs on either side of their head. We'll have to set up some kind of scuba arrangement so they can breathe. I could wear it around the club and charge them for digital pictures of themselves wearing it with me," I went on. "Am I going to have to share the proceeds with you as co-inventor or are you going to make one for yourself?"

"I want to see how well yours works first. My boobs are big, but not as big as a man's head is," she decided. "Wow, you're back and you haven't even been on stage yet and you've invented another way to make money! I'm going to have to follow you around closely just to catch the cash that falls at your feet."

"Oops, that's my stage call!" I spun around and hustled up to the stage.

Marietta was up on stage holding a microphone and announced, "Tonight I want everyone to give a warm welcome back to 'Tops-N-Tails' very own, Willie Juana Whacker!"

My music started up and I strutted out on stage as if I owned the place and started into my routine. I tripped on out to the rousing applause of the guys in the audience and toured the stage in time to the music. I looked over my shoulder back at the crowd, and unfastened my bra top and flung it towards the back of the stage. I turned toward the pole and slinked up and down it, dividing my girls with the pole, and sliding the center of my bra up and down.

I toured the stage once again, and stopped at the same place as before and looked back over my shoulder once again. This time the bra clasp was opened, I spun around to center stage, holding the cups to my chest with my arms, and then took my arms away. I knew my big girls wouldn't let the bra just flutter to the floor, so I bounced up and down to the music until the bra finally worked its way off and clattered to the stage amidst a cacophony of cheers and whistles.

This time when I pranced to the pole and split the girls around it, I used it to press one and then the other far to one side and make it jiggle at the drooling men.

It was time to parade my tits around the stage although slower as I danced with my mini-skirted hip, closer to the men, so that they could stuff money into it. Once I was positively molten hot, I escaped to center stage and dropped the mini-skirt in a pile of liquid metal and bills.

I could feel the material of my thong, soaking wet between my thighs, riding up into my womanly crack, as I danced to the throng of men. Sometimes I'd shake my boobies in a guy’s face and he'd start stuffing my thong, sometimes I'd back my soaking vulva onto his nose and he'd relinquish his cash to my thong, other times I'd squat and thrust my vulva at his face while peering between my tits at him to free up his monetary appreciation, but any which way I did it, it caused rivulets of girl cum to ooze down my thighs.

As my grand finally, I made the pole slide my thong to the side of my leg, leaving my hot vulva exposed and made the same stage trip as I had the last time, and painted faces with my sauce, which earned me even more bills stuffed in my thong, but when a guy's nose bumped into my clit at one point, I gushed girl juice all over his face when I orgasmed.

Jodie had to come on stage and help me stand up and take a bow, and also support my wobbly legs as I left the stage, "Jeeze, was it good for you too girl?"

"Oh yah, now all I need is a good hot cock to smoke!" I admitted.

Jodie rounded all the cash up that had been tossed at me and had been tucked into my thong and remarked, "Fuck, you've got almost $400 dollars here!"

"Isn't this just the best job ever?" I squealed taking the proffered money from her, and trying to still, bask in the afterglow of a tremendous orgasm.

"Damn, I don't think I've ever seen one of the other girls cum on stage!" Jodie admitted wide eyed, "Do you think that's why you made so much money?"

"Sure, showing your audience how much you appreciate their attention and how much you love doing what you do for them will always make you a crowd pleaser. So many of the other girls go on stage and act indifferent, or as if what they're doing is only because they have to," I answered her with a hug. (Okay, so I needed a little closeness.)

Terry bounced her way over to me and squealed, "Oh my god, you're such a slut! Those guys will eat the dressing room door off to get a piece of you! I bet you made a fortune out there!"

Jodie looked at her and whispered, "Over four hundred for a single dance!"

"Well, I can see that we're all going to have to raise our skill level, or you're going to have to buy breakfast all of the time!" Terry giggled, "Oh my god, I'm still tingling after watching you!"

Barbie Bunns joined us and stated, "Did you hear those guys out there bidding on the t-shirt that guy was wearing when you washed him down with cunt juice? He's already been offered $200 bucks for it! Crap, if I had known anything soaked in girl cum was valuable, I'd have been selling panties, teddies, baby dolls and all sorts of things that I've ruined and had to throw away!"

The commotion stage-side was beginning to die down as the next dancer was announced and she took the stage, "I'm please to bring you... Marylou Mountains!" (She only had foot hills, but she's gorgeous.)

Marylou at first appeared somewhat disassociated with what she was doing and the crowd mirrored her disinterest, but when she finally started groping herself and hungrily looking into the spectator's eyes, she began to be adorned with a fair amount of green.

Jodie noticed and remarked, "Holy shit, even Marylou is getting into it! She's always been like she danced in her own world before tonight."

Marietta joined our little group, "I'm so glad you've reacquainted yourself with your friends Willie, and may I also add that you got me hotter than the surface of the sun when you were dancing! I was almost fingering myself in public watching you! When you came on that patron's head, I didn't know what to think until I saw money flying like confetti!"

"Have you seen how Marylou has stepped up to the challenge yet, Marietta," Jodie asked her.

"I don't know what you caught while you were off honey, but I sure hope that it's contagious! I haven't seen a performance like that in quite a while. Maybe Jodie and you could work up a quick fake lesbian make-out routine. I bet Jodie would love to get some of the cash that will be just dripping off of you Willie," Marietta coaxed, looking Jodie in the eye with a smile, but eyes that said, 'you'd better do this.'

"God, I'd be so honored to be on stage with Willie, if it's okay with you honey," she agreed, looking at me with hope in her eyes.

"I'm game. I do lesbian pretty well, I think," I agreed, but with eagerness to get my hands on the delectable Jodie.

"Okay Willie, but be gentle with Jodie. She's a virgin to lesbian games," Marietta snickered, with her inside knowledge.

Chapter 16 - Double Your Fun
I took Jodie's hand and we went into one of the banquet room so we could work together. I put on a song with a haunting melody and we choreographed a quick routine, "Now you know that this is just the outline of what we're going to do. We'll be adding things to make the guys hotter as we dance, so just watch me and go with the flow and you should go home with plenty of extra 'bling' tonight."

"Wow, you're so good at this," she complimented me.

"Actually, Kimberly, my significant other, usually does all the choreography, but I think I've picked up a few things from her," I hugged her because she looked like she needed some reassurance.

"Let's go out and tell Marietta that we're ready," I told her and led her by the hand.

It wasn't long after that, Marietta had introduced us, and we were on stage, her in her innocent baby blue frilly costume and me in a scarlet red metallic mono sheath dress. I circled around her, letting my hands stroke her gently and then I planted a big kiss on her, while holding her, laid over onto my knee.

When we'd rehearsed it, it was fake and closed mouth. This time I speared her moist mouth with the light pink, over glossed lips, with my tongue and investigated all corners of her hot sanctuary. At first she was shocked by this, but knowing she was on stage, she went with it.

I watched her nipples come into stark definition and finally stood her back upright, where she fanned herself as if trying to cool down, and squeezed her legs together as we practiced.

I strutted out near the men beside the stage and let them fill the two garters I was wearing with cash, and listened to their encouragements of my seduction.

It was time to go back and make my conquest hot with all the money I had in my garters, so I took the cash and rubbed her hot body up and down with it, removed her baby blue glitter top and stuffed cash into and back out of her bra, eliciting moans of excitement.

Stripping off my scarlet sheath, left me in a scarlet demi-bra and thong set that was sizzling hot, so after laying the cash down with my dress, I searched out the perimeters of the stage for even more, this time having my garters and thong stuffed full, as by now the guys knew that I was going to use it to make Jodie hot.

Prancing back to my little hottie, I gathered some of the money in my hand and slipped it into her panties, my hand flat against her tummy and rubbing up and down. She mewed like a kitten and squirmed in delight while the crowd roared their approval.

Leaving the money against her hot twat, I slipped my hand out of her panties and I used my thumbs to hook her mid-thigh, length skirt and drag it down to her ankles. Gracefully flowing, my hands lightly against her sides as I stood up, had her lean back against me, while kissing tenderly.

I unclipped her bra and began rubbing it off of her with cash in my hands. I worked her breasts until her nipples appeared diamond hard and she was moaning loudly enough the guys in the audience could easily hear her. I stuffed all of the cash that was readily available into her thong and down between her leg, smearing the money with her love juices. When I noticed her knees get weak, I left the huge bulge of cash and helped her to a seated position of the stage floor.

It was time to gather more ammunition, so I pranced over to the men drooling on the stage, and let them refill my garters while I rubbed my split in their faces and jiggled my boobs loose from my bra so I could slap the men in the face with them, earning even more loot with which to dazzle my beauty.

By the time, I was, almost ready to orgasm, I dragged my overheated ass over to Jodie and began my final assault. I rolled up a wad of the bills until it was about an inch and a half thick and pretended to give it a blowjob. I heard plenty of jeers from the audience.

Dancing over to Jodie, I started to tit fuck her with the rolled money, while I used my other hand to twiddle one of her nipples, kissing the side of her face and chest.

Jodie wasn't a good enough actress to fool the guys into thinking she was sexually stimulated, so I poured on the coals and worked her body like a virtuoso. Within seconds, she couldn't tell you if she was on stage or in her bedroom having sex.

I slipped the roll underneath her thong and rubbed he clit with it, while holding the thong aside and letting the crowd of men see me slip the roll of money between her labia. I could tell her eyes were rolled up inside her head and her hands were ineffectually trying to make me hotter.

When she screamed, the crowd went dead silent for an instant, and then the roar of the cheer went up when they realized that Jodie was quivering in the aftermath of her orgasm, kissing me frantically and panting like a dog.

I went around the stage bending over and picking up money, and even having more stuffed into my off center thong as I went. Guys were offering to buy the roll of money that I'd used on Jodie, some offered double whatever the wad was worth in denomination. I counted it out at $200 and the bidding quickly hit $500, so I traded the wet bills for a roll of crisp ones.

By that time, Jodie was starting to come back to herself and she realized she was still on stage, "Wha... where the hell..."

I helped her to stand on her wobbly legs and we made our way back stage.

"You little bitch! You made me cum in front of all those..." Jodie's rant stopped as splayed the money out in front of her, "How fucking much money did we make?"

"About a grand," I told her with a grin.

"Fuck, if I knew guys would pay that much to watch me orgasm, I'd have laid down on stage and fucked myself silly with a dildo!" Jodie yelled, "Shit that's what I make on a really big night! I've only danced twice tonight, no lap dances, no blowjobs, and nothing else and I'm already ahead of my best night! I am so glad you're my friend Willie." She shakily put me in her tightest bear hug, laying her face across my breasts.

Marietta was watching like a proud mother hen, while most of the other dancers were out waiting tables and doing lap dances. The place was SRO and nobody appeared to be planning on leaving, so her profit margin was climbing by the moment.

"After you two stars have had a chance to catch your breath, how about going out and working the floor for a while. I think your fans would love to talk to you up close and personally. I'll make sure Bruno is keeping his eye on you so you don't wind up with any overly excited drunks getting out of hand," Marietta offered, "Of course you two love birds could just lay around until your next performance. You've made more than enough money for the house tonight, everything else is gravy, but as you well know it is another opportunity for making money."

"Shit, I just came like a whore out in front of everybody and she wants me to go and mingle?" Jodie asked me still stunned.

"What better time to mingle? Those guys will treat you like a China doll. They were just happy to be here when a stunning dish like you reached nirvana. Each and every one of them was fantasizing that he, was me, and he had a fraction of my ability to bring you to bliss," I told her, still holding her tenderly.

"You're pulling my leg!" Jodie accused.

"Men are not all that complicated honey. Some are just takers, but most of them dream of being terrific lovers. If any of them take home some the techniques, they see in here, all of our sisters should thank us dearly. Even if their husbands and lovers come to get their motors going here, they get the benefits of them fantasizing that they're fucking us. Those that do stray with one of us their wives get to learn their husbands are players and they are playing with someone who doesn't want to keep their man, all we want is their cash," I rationalized to her.

"You wouldn't want to keep any of them?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Nope, men are for strictly rental, Kimberly, and I are an item. She can fuck me into mindless oblivion and I'll come back for more," I told her, "We do have plenty of friendly visitors, male and female who visit our bed, well at least when the doctor say I can again."

"Sex is just like a friendly kiss for you, isn't it?" she looked into my eyes deeply.

"Why shouldn't it be? Sex has very little to do with love in my mind," I told her. "Feeling guilty about having sex is something I won't ever have. Being betrayed by a lover, yes that's still possible."

"Wow, I never thought about it that way. Does this mean that were casual acquaintances, really good friends, or just co-workers?" Jodie asked, looking up into my eyes from our cuddle.

"We're Bosom Buddies, how does that sound to you," I offered with a smile.

"Well, we're a little one sided on the bosom part, but I'll take it," she smiled back, "Does this get me invited to the really good orgies? On the other hand, maybe at least more, good, one on one, cuddling with you?"

"Kimberly loves to share me, and at least when someone else is involved it gives her time to rest up between love making sessions," I admitted, "I'm kind of a nymphomaniac," I blushed bright red.

"Is it contagious?"

"No one's complained yet. Well except for those who are too tired to keep up," I confessed, "Oh, and a few guys who have little dicks too."

Jodie started giggling at that last remark, "The patient asks the doctor, 'Doctor, doctor, is there a cure for LDS?' He answers with the question, 'What's LDS?' The patient replies, 'I was told I have Little Dick Syndrome'. So Willie, what would the doctor recommend?"

"I don't know," I admitted, "I sure hope there's a cure because I have found so many cases of it."

"You're kidding?" she questioned, hoping that I was.

"Oh, no I'm not kidding at all! I get dates with guys who are eight or nine inches long and sometimes down to six inches long and most of them aren't any bigger around than an inch and a half to two inches! I can barely feel them inside me. I need to find a bigger, class of men to satisfy me," I summarized, "The ones I wind up with almost all of them have LDS."

"Um... Willie, you do know the average size of a penis is six inches long, don't you?" Jodie asked, wide eyed and uncertain.

"It is?" I asked back, "Well, they should fix that!"

"Do you mean to tell me that you need a guy with a cock that's ten inches long and over two inches in diameter before you can have good sex with him?" she looked astonished as she asked.

"I'd say that would be the low end, sure," I figured.

"Have you been having sex with horses or something?"

I laughed, "Certainly I have not. Kimberly has dildos and toys that are really big though."

"She's stretched you so big that having lesbian sex with her is the only way you can be satisfied," Jodie figured, and then laughed, "God, I wonder if there's an echo in your pussy."

"Very funny..." I said, "You can find out at the next orgy... if you're brave enough to cum."

"I wouldn't miss it. It's already making me wet thinking about watching you being fucked senseless by a huge dildo," she cooed at me as she finished slipping on her thong and bra top.

I had the appropriate parts of my costume in place and asked her, "Are you ready to mingle with the unwashed by my side, my little squirt?" I giggled at my tease, to show her it wasn't meant to be mean.

"Are you planning to sniff out the guys who we marked so you and see if you can find one who doesn't have LDS?" she teased back with a wink.

"Well, not tonight, that's for sure," I informed her, "I'm still healing up from my last surgery, and the doctor won't release my vagina for another week."

"Are you screwing the doctor as payment?" she asked innocently.

"No... it's a medi..." I started to reply.

"Got you," she smiled, "I know you're still healing up."

"Come on minx, we have some cocks to stiffen," I told her, taking her hand and leading her out into the throng of drunken, horny men.

We mingled, rubbed up against the men, had money stuffed in our bras and panties and generally had a grand time teasing the guys.

Chapter 17 - Planning the Show
When it was time to prepare ourselves for the next stage appearance, Jodie and I met in the dressing room.

"Jesus, you weren't kidding, those guys were asking me if I really orgasmed on stage and when I admitted that I had, they went nuts. Some of them told me that they had planned on going home earlier, but they just had to stay and watch us when we go back on stage. They told me that they hoped you could make me a quivering pile of female flesh again," she laughed, holding her hand over her left chest, as if trying to catch her breath.

"See, you're a star now. Maybe we, should change your stage-name? What do you think?" I asked her.

"What, are you planning on...?" she asked suspiciously.

"How about we call you, Jodie Cumshugely?" I offered with a smile.

"Why not just Jodie Gasm?" she offered back.

"That's a good one! It's short and to the point," I agreed.

"You're not planning on making me squirt again, are you? I'm not sure that I'll be able to walk off stage after another orgasm like the last one! Hell, you're going to turn me into a sex pet if you keep that up!" she complained.

I could see in her eyes that she'd really love being made to get off on stage again, but she was hesitant to, so obviously, give up her self-control, "Do you think that people with feel that you're 'easy' if you orgasm on stage again?"

"I'm beginning to think I'm easy!" she admitted, looking at her nicely manicured hands.

"We could send you out to dance with one of the other girls first, to see how far they can get you. That will at least prove that it takes a virtuoso to play that hot body of yours," I offered.

"Yah and if say... Barbie, take me out there and I squirt all over the crowd, I'll be doomed! Everyone will know I can be stroked into a pile of whimpering helpless female flesh at the drop of a hat and I'll wind up with every guy around taking advantage of me. I couldn't live as a fuck toy. Hell, maybe nymphomania is contagious, what have you done to me," she moaned.

"First off, Barbie Bottoms, while stunningly gorgeous, hasn't the skills to make you forget that you're on stage and about to have an out of control orgasm. In addition, believe me that you are not a nymphomaniac. I haven't seen you attend one of our meetings, so you'll have to add your name to the waiting list if you want membership. Besides, you didn't finger yourself once while we were mingling with the guys," I told her as I hugged her close to me.

"No, I would never..." she started and then it occurred to her, "Hey, did you finger yourself while we were out there?"

"I did it half a dozen times! Why do you think those guys were sucking my fingers while they were stuffing my cleavage?"

"I just thought they were kinky. Some guys get off on hand and some get off on feet," Jodie tried to rationalize.

"All of them get off on pussy," I told her with a wink.

"I hope you don't wind up with an infection," she worried.

"I had a bottle of hand sanitizer that I used after each finger suck, so I won't be worried about catching anything. I'm just glad they were behaving themselves and keeping their hands from slipping into me. Maybe I can make them all use the sanitizer before letting them grope me. Do you think they would?"

"I think that they'd dip their hands in battery acid to get a feel of those boobs!" she surmised and groped my girls, herself.

"So, speaking of our next performance, do you want to switch it up and make me squirt on the customers this time, or can I just do you once again?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh god, to cum or not to cum, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the eyes of horny men to gush myself or cause the gush of another. To have the crowd shake their turgid spears at us, or to have them cream their jeans uncomfortably. Which my fair lady, is the path to riches?" Jodie asked with her Shakespearian act on.

"Noble schnoble, how do you want to go home, with money stuffed panties or with money stuffed panties covered in jizzum?"

"Are you planning on handing out condoms and having a contest? The used condom with the biggest load turned-in wins. They can watch and if there's an accident in their Jockeys, we'll judge them for size?" she figured, literally.

"I think the club's lawyer would become catatonic if we tried to run that little game by her," I laughed. "Lawyers are so uptight!"

"I bet by next week they'll insist the front row crowd needs to wear safety glasses or face shields, so they can't catch anything from one of us," I guessed, "In case you start increasing the range of your discharge. So far you can barely hit them on the chest."

"Well, I don't have anything to give them. I assume that you don't either?" she timidly asked.

"I had a complete workup done in the hospital. They found no nasty viruses, flora, or fauna in their tests," I confirmed for her.

"We can go on safari later to confirm that, but for now, do you want to toss a coin to decide who cums over the crowd?" she suggested.

I flipped the coin into the air and said, "Call it."

"Heads," she determined, and so it was.

By closing, we had earned a wad of cash big enough to choke whale and Jodie could barely stand on her own.

"I sure hope my new boyfriend isn't horny when I get home," she groused.

"I thought you booted your boyfriend out of your apartment today?" I asked, surprised.

"Yah, but that was only to make room for this stud I've been shagging," she blushed.

"So why would you hope he isn't horny? You could just hop aboard and use him up quickly enough, couldn't you?" I pointed out innocently.

"I can barely walk. I don't have enough energy to ride that stallion," she admitted, leaning heavily against me.

"Oh, alright, I'll fuck him for you, but it will have to be anal," I offered.

"Her eyes flew open at that and she quickly replied, "I'm not letting him within a quarter mile of you! By the time you finished with him he wouldn't be able to get it up again for a month!"

"Okay, have it your way, go home, lay down with your legs spread, and command him to take you. You can make him do all of the work and just exercise your vaginal muscles," I offered as an alternative to her riding the wild pony.

"Jeeze, now you're making me horny again!" she complained as she lightly punched me in the hip, "At this rate, I won't need an aerobics class. I'll need a case of Geritol!"

"Alright, hand me your cell-phone," I insisted. Once I had it in my long pink fingernail enhanced hand I opened her contacts list and added my name and number to it, saying, "If you have and trouble handling him, give me a call, and if I'm not an option, I promise to hunt down a willing hottie to finish the job for you."

She punched my hip again, "You slut! Thanks for your concern though. Who knows, his birthday is in a few months, maybe I'll have you over and we can rock his world."

"Aren't you worried that I'll steal him away from you?"

"Fuck no, we both know he wouldn't be able to keep up with you, and you prefer girls to guys. He'd just be happy to get wildly fucked by two girls at a time. After we finish him off and he's sporting an unresponsive limp noodle, you and I could go at each other while he watches longingly," she plotted with a grin, and then she realized, "Holy shit, I'm wet and quivering again!"

"Yes and your vulva, is swollen with desire, while your vagina pulses with yearning," I teased.

"You are evil, woman. I'm going home now," she smiled, "Can I drop you off?"

"Yes please," I agreed, "If I tried to walk home, it would take me a couple days."

"How far away do you live," she asked, wide eyed.

"I live about quarter of a mile away from here."

"You move really well in those skyscraper heels you're wearing, it couldn't take you more than half an hour to walk home," she figured.

"Yes, but I'd have to stop every 25 feet or so to wildly fuck anyone I came across," I giggled in reply.

I made it home quickly French kissed Jodie's panties off before telling her good night and licking Kimberly to Nirvana, before finally losing consciousness.

For the rest of the week, I danced at the club every night, often bringing other dancers into the act, much to Jodie's disappointment. Marylou Mountains turned out to be dancing in her own world when onstage with me, as she used to be when dancing alone, but this time she was fantasizing about being wildly fucked by a big breasted lesbian, and she cared not, where it was happening.

Some of the girls were complaining that their boyfriends were becoming worried when they came home too tired to satisfy them.

Saturday, the club had a line outside a half block long waiting to get in. Face shields were issued to all of the men standing closest to the stage, to 'save' them from 'accidental contact' with 'bodily fluids'. Marietta began selling T-Shirts that said, 'I was soaked from Tops-N-Tails'. It had the Bar's logo and some 'fake' cum stains on the front. She had one that made me laugh when I was it that said, 'Tops-N-Tails Lover's Training Academy'. That shirt had the logo as well and also sported a sexy pair of lips with a long tongue hanging out, curled up into a lick. Another favorite of mine was a t-shirt with a big pair of foam boobs glued to the front and words above them saying , 'These Are Just To Tide Me Over Until I Get Back To Tops-N-Tails!' with a pair of hands air brushed on the bottom of the boobs, holding them up. (They used me for the mold to make the boobies!)

You wouldn't believe how many of those t-shirts I had to sign. Of course, I wound up signing lots of the other t-shirts and plenty of the clothes that were being worn into the bar by the patrons.

Every day I handed my earnings over to Kimberly, who took care of paying all our bills and she gave me an allowance to spend on slutty clothes and lingerie. Boy is that girl good at finding clothes that would make a whore blush!

Chapter 19 - Orgy
On Sunday, the bar isn't exactly closed, but there's no dancing and the waitresses have to wear way too many clothes to make me comfortable, so Sundays, I stayed home and pestered Kimberly for sex.

Unbeknownst to me, Kimberly had been busy while I spent so many days bringing home the cheese. However, I'll tell you more about that later.

I spent the day, cleaning the place and making a variety of snacks for the impending party. Jell-O-shots, poured into a Boobie Ice Cube tray, some in a pecker tray, and a nude-lady ice cube tray. I made a Boobie cake, DD size, with a delicious cream frosting and filling. I poured water into a boobie Ice sculpture mold and placed it into the freezer. (I used brown food coloring for the erect nipples, waited until those froze, then poured pink colored water for the areolas and had those freeze, before finally adding a little clear water above to seal the colors so I could add the rest of the clear water to get the full boobie sculpture finished.)

I got busy making vagina shaped lollipops, but Kimberly insisted that they taste like candy, even though, I wanted pussy flavored ones.

I put out the boobie cow creamer, with the hanging breasts underneath and in front of the cow, and the coffee cups with the big tits molded on both sides. (Those are Kimberly's favorite mugs.)

It took a while, but I was able to convince Kimberly to let me go to Victoria's Secret to buy three dozen sexy panties to place on all of the sofas, chairs, and stools in the house. (I planned to make anybody sitting on them, wear them.) I hope someone brings at least one guy... giggles.

I was hoping to do the same thing with bras, but nobody makes a real, 'one-size-fits-all' boobie locker. I had to settle for silk camisoles, which I covertly hung behind the seating. I figured that the uniform of the day would be sexy lingerie, deliciously teasing sexual organs, erections for everyone.

I placed a case of pink shavers in the bathroom and a box of shaving cream cans right next to them and for those who wanted to be even smoother, I put the large economy size 'Nair for Sensitive Areas'. Even though I didn't have to shave, I wanted to encourage as many smooth pussies and cocks as I could. (Don't you just love watching a smooth vulva straining around a foreign object? Not to mention how delicious it feels on your tongue to slide around those smooth labia! Don't you just hate getting a hair caught in your throat?)

I put out a basket of flavored douches, douche bags, and enema bags.

All the beds in the house have rubber sheets with satin sheets overtop of them. I put out the wading pool in the playroom and filled it with baby oil two inches deep, hung the swing up and put towels around everywhere in the house. (Especially near the doorways from tile floor areas that lead into wall to wall carpeted areas.)

I was just finishing up with frosting the cake when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," Kimberly announced, "Shouldn't you be getting dressed for the party?"

"I am dressed for the part. You're the one who is out of uniform," I declared, holding up a camisole and panty set.

"Oh, is that what you were planning?" Kimberly giggled, "What a great idea. I'll slip my uniform on right after I let the first guest in."

Kimberly opened the front door and squealed, "It's so nice of you to come, Doctor Tiedemann!"

"It's Desiree when I'm at an orgy, Ms. Samuels," Dr. Tiedemann informed her.

"Well, with the party that Willie has set up, it will be desire," Kimberly laughed, "She's laid out camisoles and panty sets for everyone. Come on, she's practically drooling on the carpet, she's so anxious to see the guests dressed to please."

"She's really getting into her role as a super-slut, isn't she?" Desiree whispered.

"You're not fooling. She's nearly fucked all the strippers at the bar blind or cross-eyed," Kimberly whispered back, "She has everyone's libido cranked way up. I think a couple of the girls are becoming total nymphomaniacs."

"That's all before her new cunt has been available for use," Desire mused, "After tonight, she'll be even more insatiable."

The doorbell rang again and it was my turn to yell, "I'll get it! You two go slip on something slinky!"

Desiree snagged a bright yellow set, snickered at Kimberly's choice of the teal and remarked, "Do we strip right here or is there somewhere special to dress?"

"Use the bathroom," I squeaked over my shoulder as I opened the door.

"Oh my god…!" Jodie Gasm's boyfriend announced, before I could greet them.

"Shit, Teddy, you'd think that you've never seen a big breasted stripper wearing a camisole and panties before!" Jodie accused.

"So you've decided to risk him, after all, eh Jodie," I declared with a wink.

"I thought he'd be better behaved than this. I promised that he'd have the sexual experience of his life, so I had him pick up some Viagra from his doctor. He kept telling me that he could keep up without it," she told me. She turned toward Teddy and asked, "Well, what do you think now honey? Remember, she's just the one who answers the door."

I thought he was going to faint for a minute, but he quickly regained his masculine bravado and crowed, "I still don't think I'll need it."

"Hell, Teddy, you can barely keep up with me. Willie would eat you alive and leave your desiccated remains behind as a warning to other males who dared challenger her," Jodie told him with a smirk.

"I promise that he'll go with a smile on his face though," I tittered, winking at Jodie.

"You can close your mouth now Teddy," Jodie told him.

"Well, come on in you two and pick out your uniform. Every seat has one on it, unless it's already been appropriated by another guest," I informed them as I ushered them into the house, "You may note that male uniforms are not available, but for the purposes of this evening's orgy, males are to be dressed in panties and camisoles. Shaving is optional but appreciated. Razors and Nair are available in the bathroom."

"Ooh, Teddy, you'll look great in this," Jodie exclaimed, holding up a pink satin number with white lace all over.

"As long as you're inside it, I agree," he determined, grabbing a black silk set, "These are more my style."

"Excellent selection, Teddy, that set is far and away the most expensive, I've lain out," I admitted, "I almost wore that set myself."

"If I saw you wearing this, I'd be drooling like a Saint Bernard in a butcher shop!" Teddy exclaimed.

"Luckily, we have lobster bibs in the kitchen if it becomes a problem," I assured him. I led the pair to the bathroom where Kimberly was busily shaving all of Desiree's pubic hair off.

"I have door duty right now, so I'll leave the two of you to your dressing and depilation," I waved as I returned to the front room and awaited the next guest.

By the time, I neared the front door I was greeted by the familiar ring, simply grabbed the handle, and opened it saying, "Welcome to the party."

"You're looking hot and ready, if I may say so," Marietta Akkermans cooed.

"I'm straining at my camisole to get at your sweaty, orgasmically, over-stimulated body, Ms. Akkermans," I winked.

"Crap, I wanted to get your motor running, but my nipples just ripped through my bra," a highly flushed Marietta answered.

"It's a good thing for you that we've provided a slinky costume like mine for all of the guests," I told her while beckoning for her to follow me. "Select whatever, tickles your fancy and you can dress in either the bathroom or one of the bedrooms. I've lain out razors and Nair for the smoothly inclined to use in the bathroom. You can consider it foreplay."

"You're expecting everyone to shave?" she asked.

"It's not required, but shaved genitals invite warm squiggly tongues to test the softness within, and without," I told her breathily, while petting her pussy.

"Damn, I've ruined these panties anyway, I might as well go hairless," she acquiesced.

"There're flavored douches setting out as well," I whispered in her ear.

"I'm going to have to join the squirt team at the club! I may have retired from exotic dancing, but just to have you make me cum like a wanton slut in front of a crowd of horny guys may be worth a cum back!" she panted, nuzzling against me.

"Oh, I'd like that. You could fuck me silly with a double dildo while I control a butterfly strapped to your clit."

"I surrender," she gasped, rubbing her nipples, just as the doorbell rang once again.

"Don't lose that thought," I encouraged, patting her plump bottom, "I've got other sluts to add to the orgy."

Alta, Jucila, Cherry, and Gaby were all waiting at the door, "You ladies are all, way over dressed."

Cherry started disrobing right outside the front door, "That's simple to fix!"

"You might want to come inside where it's warmer," I invited, "But for your enthusiasm, you get to pick out your uniform first! Camisoles and panties are placed around the room for your uniforms and you can change wherever you feel comfortable. There are goodies in the bathroom to help you feel fresher."

The doorbell once again beckoned and I let Marylou and Barbie in with a squeal and hug for each of them, "I'm so glad that you could make it." I squished boobs with Marylou and rubbed butts with Barbie. "At least we have four of the dancers present to go along with the physicians, dentists, and management types. I see it as our duty to make the professional types wish they were exotic dancers too. What do you girls say?"

Marylou laughed and answered, "I plan on making men seem like a hollow experience after tonight."

"Well on that note, Jodie brought Teddy with her tonight. I give him maybe an hour before we've left him behind, a hollow shell of a man," I predicted.

"Heck, Willie, you don't have to fuck the poor man to death," Barbie snickered.

"Nah, he's got LDS. I figure a blow job and a good tittie fuck and he'll be done," I planned, while rubbing Barbie's firm buns.

"Well, if it's anything like what you do to me at the club, he won't be amorous for days after that!" Barbie cooed, circling her index finger around my labia.

"Come on and get in here before I finger fuck you into a quivering, squirting mass of female flesh, right here on the front porch!" I threatened.

After setting the ladies up with uniforms and personal hygiene, I went around and made sure everything was ready for our guests, when Kimberly and Jodie trotted Teddy out to the living room.

I grabbed a tray of candy and set on the coffee table in front of the three bathroom escapees.

"He struggled mightily, but we finally got him shaved and in panties," Jodie informed me, "We had to promise him that he could fondle your big girls, so that he'd let us shave him."

"Oh, well you should have said something. My nipples have been aching for saliva for hours," I replied as I struggled to get a nipple out of my camisole.

"Erk!" was the only thing Teddy could manage to say as I presented a nipple to him. He made no move to attach himself to my nipple however, until Jodie grabbed my other boob and showed him what to do.

"You've sucked boobs before Teddy. This is the same as any other boob, it's just bigger," Jodie giggled around a mouthful.

He finally came out of his catatonia and latched on, but he still seemed afraid to touch me, "You can stroke and grope my boobs at the same time you know. More than a mouthful isn't a waste if you know how to handle the excess."

Teddy looked over at Jodie and remarked, "You get paid to do this at the club?"

"She not only gets paid to do that down at my club, but she's become so good at it, we had to change her stage name to 'Jodie Gasm'," Marietta informed him as she entered the room. "Kimberly informed me that cherry is your favorite flavor, so I took a few extra minutes to prepare a hairless-treat for you, Willie. I found some cherry flavored lip balm in my purse and coated my nipples and lips as well."

"It looks like Willie is going to be the centerpiece of the orgy, so I'd like to propose that we retire to bedroom number two, the one with the rubber sheets under satin, and place her in a position that everyone can have a share," Kimberly advised.

That's when I found myself lifted skyward and bodily repositioned onto the aforementioned bed. It didn't take long for the rest of the gang to figure out where the party was.

I soon discovered Teddy's prick presented for my ministering. Jodie had pre-lubricated him so I started him out with fucking my titties, but his LDS only allowed him into the jiggly canyon. His glans never reappeared out of my cleavage. I tried rooting about for him but before I could grab him, I felt him spurt his load, "Aw... you didn't wait for me."

Teddy slumped over to my side saying, "That was fantastic!"

Jodie winked at me saying, "Was it good for you?"

"I was hoping for a little 'Dick in mouth' action," I pouted.

Jodie replied, "Well that's all you would have gotten. He'll be sleepy now."

"Hey, cut me some slack. When she was rooting around for my cock, the sensations she set up in her boobs were unreal!"

"Well, you just lay back and recover, and when you're ready, we can do it again, but only if Jodie gets to use a strap-on on you," I assured him, with a pat on his thigh.

"That's not going to happen," he replied with certainty.

"I'm going to let her use one on me..." I teased.

Kimberly jumped up, pulled out a drawer full of sex toys, selected a complicated strap-on harness, affixed a pair of dildos in the crotch, and then presented it to Jodie, "Step on up sweetie and I'll help you fit it."

Jodie giggled and bounced over to Kimberly where she found herself stuffed full of dildos heavily coated with KY-Jelly, and soon after had a large penis shaped dildo jutting from her crotch, "Oh my, I seem to be sporting a Woody!"

Kimberly grasped the protruding member and began wiggling it, which caused the dildos inside Jodie to respond, eliciting a loud, "Ooh, that feels so good!"

"That harness allows you to fuck yourself as well as Willie," Kimberly remarked. "If you clench your butt or pussy muscles, it changes how the dildos work inside you."

"Give her the latex panties that snug the strap-on tightly to her!" I recommended, reaching towards Desiree for a quick grope.

Desiree positioned herself for easier access and began stroking one of my girls.

Jody decided that it was time to exercise her newly developed pussy eating skills on my vulnerable body and soon had me screaming through a mind-blowing, vulva-gushing, thigh-quivering orgasm! It was on now. It seems that I am to be the orgasm bunny for tonight's festivities.

I however continued to concentrate on Desiree's womanhood. I wrote dirty words around her clit, and inside her vagina, I drove my whole hand, fucking her with my arm while working her clit like a $1,000.00 dollar whore!

"Oh, my dear, god!" she screamed through her first of many orgasms.

Kimberly whispered to Desiree, "You've created a monster. You just wait until I bring her dentures out for her."

"Don't bother me right now Kimberly, can't you see I'm being fist fucked to within an inch of my life!"

That's when Jodie decided to stuff me with cock, only the strap-on she was sporting was quite easily slipped inside me, "Holy shit, can you even feel this thing inside you?"

"Yes but, could you, at least use two fingers?" I asked.

"It's not my finger, it's a full size human replica dildo," Jody answered.

"Oh, one copied from a guy with LDS, you mean," I assumed.

"Here, use this one Jody," Kimberly offered, handing her a dildo which was almost as big around as a two liter soda bottle is.

"Oh, my..." Jody expounded, "That's going to fit her?"

"You bet," Kimberly replied with a twisted smile, "good luck finding a male with those dimensions!"

"Hell, I won't even be able to find a Stallion with those dimensions!" Jody laughed.

"It's a good thing that she can suck bed sheets up any guy's ass, because fucking her is going to be completely unrewarding!" Desiree claimed.

"If I was a guy sporting a cock this big, every time I got a woody, I'd faint from lack of blood to the brain!" Jody giggled as she slathered 'KY Jelly for Her' onto the member protruding from her crotch.

Kimberly wasn't commenting, as she was busy sucking on my nipples and diddling my cunt.

Jody easily slid her monster dildo inside me, making my tummy bulge out and revealing its outline.

"Ooh, now you're talking! Fuck me big boy! Make me feel like a horny slut!" I cooed.

“I’ll make you feel like a horny Mare who’s being bred!” Jody exclaimed as she rammed me full of dildo!

“Holy shit, you’re stuffing her full of almost 18 inches of rubber cock that’s almost four inches in diameter!” Teddy exclaimed as he watched.

“Is that penis envy I hear?” I snickered.

“I think that your new dentures would be useful right about now…” Desiree decided.

Moments later I found myself with my jaws locked open with a circular hole between my lips inviting a ridged penis in.

“Okay Teddy, you’re up!” Jody announced, “If you ejaculate prematurely this time, I swear that the girls and I will make you one of us!”

Teddy almost shot his wad right then and there, but he held on until after he inserted it down my un-resisting throat, “Oh my god, those over-inflated lips feel impossibly good!”

I barely took note of his penis in my mouth as the girls fucked me with the biggest strap-on I’ve ever had shoved into my pussy!

The doorbell rang and more people joined the party, however the center of the orgy always seemed to be me!

After two or three hours, the doorbell rang and I heard a loud argument coming from the front door, “I know that he lives here and I want to see him NOW!”

I was really confused, because there were no males who live here.

I heard someone shove her way into the bedroom with us and I couldn’t make any coherent noises.

“Okay, where is Bill Whacker?” Kori demanded as she shoved her way in.

“There is no Bill Whacker here,” Desiree informed her. “What the hell are you doing here, Kori?”

“I’ve been investigating a feminization ring for over a year now and it appears that I have cornered the ring leaders!” Kori espoused.

“It would appear that you are in very deep trouble if that is the case, unless you thought ahead to bring plenty of backup!” Desiree informed her.

“Of course I brought back up!” she replied uncertainty.

“If you had brought back up, we’d be hearing the front door being bashed in right now!” Desiree informed her. “I believe that pussy addiction will be the only way we can redeem you,” Desiree decided as she shoved a fully loaded syringe of sodium pentothal into Kori’s butt.

“I believe that Kori needs to take a licking!” Kimberly determined.

Kori was disrobed and her nether regions were placed upon my face.

“Kori really needs to take a licking, Willie. You should see just how many times that you can make her cum!” Kimberly advised me.

After I made Kori scream through half a dozen massive orgasms, the other girls place headphones onto her head and they placed her upon a Sybian which was designed to have her strapped to it. Kori would ride that monster until she’d accepted the programming which told her that we were lesbian lovers for many years and that she was the submissive partner in our three-way relationship.

After hours of orgasms and programming, Kimberly, Kori, and I were put to bed.

Chapter 20 – Kori
“Willie, I have to tell you that I’ve accepted a position in Canada,” Kori informed me as we awakened.

After noting that I had my regular teeth in, I replied, “This is awfully sudden!”

“Well, I discovered a dental laboratory in Canada that needs me desperately. I couldn’t tell them that I was unavailable,” she admitted.

“I’ll miss you terribly,” I admitted.

“Don’t worry, Willie, my friends will see to it that you’re all right,” Kori assured me.

“What friends are those?” I asked, rolling over to face her, avoiding pinning her to the mattress with one of my boobs.

“Why, the friends that I brought with me, just outside the front door,” she answered prettily.

Just as she said that, the front door exploded in shards of splinted wood!

“Everyone down! Hit the floor!” the invading men shouted.

“What the fuck…” I exclaimed as I leapt from the bed naked with boobs flopping hither and yaw!

One of the invading men stopped dead in his tracks, mouth open, eyes wide, and staring directly at my jiggling girls!

“Christ, Bob, get a grip, they’re only boobs!” a female member of the entry team exclaimed, snapping him out of his stunned inspection. Although he would unfailingly glance my way whenever he felt that the woman wasn’t watching him.

“Your hypnotic conditioning of me was anticipated. I was pre-conditioned to resist anything you ladies would do to me,” Kori informed my friends.

Kori turned to me and said, “Willie, I’m so sorry that I wasn’t in time to prevent what was done to you!”

“What do you mean, Kori? Dr. Tiedemann just cured my dental diseases and gave me some new false teeth,” I informed her. “She’s been an angel of mercy to me.”

“Actually, she stole your gender and forced you to become an exotic dancer. She removed your male parts and substituted female ones. She’s ruined your life and all because your ex-wife told her to,” Kori admonished.

“But… but… I’m so much happier than I’ve ever been before,” I stammered.

“We did it to make him happy!” Dr. Tiedemann interjected as the men handcuffed her. “That bitch he was married to would have continued to try and ruin his life if we hadn’t saved him!”

“You’ve made him suck cocks and have lesbian sex on stage,” Kori retorted as she snuggled up to me.

“But I like doing it and it makes me feel so good,” I argued.

“Kori, we’re going to have one hell of a time prosecuting this, if she doesn’t want to press charges,” one of the invaders informed her.

“You’ll just have to place your faith in our deprogrammers, Verne,” Kori replied as she took my hand and helped me to don a brassiere.

“Willie, you’re in protective custody. You must come with me. I have some doctors who want to talk with you,” Kori stated as she helped me finish dressing, “That is if I can find one that can stop drooling on you long enough to do his job.”

After the arrests and counseling sessions, it would take years before the case could be brought to court, but that was another story entirely.

The End

Doctor Alta Mi Newman
Alyssa Cratchet
Barbie Bunns
Betty Bustly
Cherry Jackquelin Hacker
Danica Daring Racine
Dr. Desiree Traci-Anne Tiedemann AKA: Dr. Desiree TA Tiedemann
Dr. Gaby Amber Furz
Jodie Gasm
Jodie Juggs
Doctor Jucila Heinonen
Kati Klara Comely
Kimberley Joanne Samuels
Kori Aurora Fawcett
Marietta Breanne Akkermans
Marylou Mountains
Tanya Tatas
Teddy Joe Sparks
Terry Tush
Willamina Juana Whacker
William Erwin Whacker AKA: Will E. Whacker
Woodie Klits Ardiddle
Woodrow Peck Ardiddle
Dental Assistance (Version 1.0)
By Wholeman
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