Sisters: A School Story by Cat Lochley
FeatureSummary: Craig is off for his first term at boarding school and he's dreading it. How will he cope in a single sex school, it can't be as bad as he thinks can it? Only time will tell.
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1. Chapter 1 by Cat Lochley

Chapter 1 by Cat Lochley
Author's Notes:
A disk crash killed this story once before and I thought I had lost it for good. By pure chance when I was tidying up some months later I came across 2 folded up sheets of notepaper containing my original draft. I hope you enjoy.

Sisters: A School story


Part 1

Craig lifted his suitcase onto the luggage rack and waved to his mother as the train pulled out of the station. He was on his way to start boarding school. The longest he had been away from his mother before was a weekend but it would probably be six weeks before he saw her again.

At first he concentrated on not crying, being known as a crybaby wasn't a good way to start. He had heard all kinds of stories about the things that went on at boarding schools, some good but most bad, each one convinced him that he wouldn't make a good boarder.

Having suppressed one emotion he tried to take his mind off things by gazing at the wonderful scenery, it worked briefly then the rolling landscape faded just enough for his worries to return.

His sister Heather had been at her boarding school for a year already and she wasn't complaining. She was always talking about her friends and the fun things that they did together. He just wished that things didn't have to change, he was quite happy going to the local junior school and coming home each day. Heather was happy at her boarding school and he was happy at home.

He loved his sister dearly, before she moved schools they were about as close as a brother and sister can get, but when she was away it gave him chances to sneak into her room to play.

He had no idea why he felt this way, he just knew that trying on her clothes and playing with her toys had been the most pleasurable thing that he could have imagined. Each day he had waited for mummy to start dinner so he could spend almost an hour playing girl. The need to cry returned to him, that was all over now, the only time he would be at home she would be there too.

It wouldn't have been so bad if his dad hadn't insisted that Craig attended the same boys' school as he did.

The thought of telling his sister how he felt had never crossed his mind. Instead he had dreamed that he would find a friend who felt the same way as he did. Then they could sneak off and play dolls or house together. Maybe he would get invited to this friend's house and they could both dress in pretty little party dresses with lots of lacy frills, have ribbons tied in their hair, wear frilly anklets and shiny shoes and play sweetly in the garden.

"All change son."

The guard snapped him back to reality, he grabbed his case and bolted through the door, along the platform and over the bridge. He made it to his onward train with only seconds to spare.

Unfortunately his daydreaming had cost him any chance of getting a seat but it was only a couple of stops until he would be getting off so he shouldn't have to stand for too long.

With nothing else to do he gazed around the carriage, there were some adults on board but most of the passengers seemed to be schoolchildren. He tried to find someone who was wearing the same uniform as him, if there were any he couldn't see them. He scanned the carriage one last time and made eye contact with one of a pair of girls halfway down it. He looked away immediately then slowly glanced back, she was still looking at him. He thought she must be around the same age as him, she had a cute face and her eyes radiated friendship. Her companion bore some physical resemblance, maybe they were sisters or cousins but her demeanour was quite different, she seemed very timid, avoiding eye contact and almost relying on the first girl to look after her. If only.

His legs were beginning to feel the effects of standing. They had stopped once but not enough people had got off it to free a seat up for him. The next stop had to be the one he needed but the train seemed to take forever to get there. Just his luck though, when they did arrive he was on the wrong side and had to fight his way across to join the flow of children through the door. He pulled his case out onto the platform and took a deep breath.

All around him were other schoolchildren, it was almost claustrophobic. They left the platform without giving him a second look. He could easily count the number of boys and none of them were in the same uniform as him.

He must have made a mistake, this couldn't be his stop. He was sure he had got the name right, that didn't matter now, the only thing that did was getting back on the train. As he turned around, to his horror, it was already making its way slowly out of the station.

Now totally lost and confused he stood on the platform clutching his case and hoping that everyone else would leave so he could find a sympathetic member of the station staff and explain his predicament.

At that point he felt someone put their arm around him, it startled him and his case fell to the floor. He wasn't sure whether to pick it up or find out who had touched him so imagine his surprise when he turned to see it was his sister beaming at him.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I've come to meet you", she replied. "We haven't got much time before the next buses leave so come with me."

She hurried along the platform dragging him behind her and pulled him into the Ladies toilet.

"What is going on?" he asked.

"No time for a proper explanation now," she responded. "You're coming to school with me so we need to get you into the right uniform, now hurry up and get out of that one."

With that she pushed him into one of the cubicles.

He was in a bit of a daze as he removed his school cap, grey wool blazer, navy tie, white shirt, shoes and socks. He left his shorts till last and stood there in just his underwear, he'd guessed what was coming next so as soon as his sister gave him a look he shrugged his shoulders and stripped off completely. It had been a few years since he had been naked in her presence but they were in a tight space as well as being in a hurry so it hardly mattered.

He felt familiar sensations as he put on the soft underwear that his sister handed to him, he particularly loved his frillies. She helped him put on the sky blue blouse and royal blue pleated skirt, he managed the knee socks and the shiny shoes himself then slipped the royal blue blazer onto his shoulders while Heather put a straw boater on his head. They bundled all his old clothes into a bag and headed back onto the platform then out to the road.

There weren't too many girls in front of them but another train arrived so they had another 30 giggling, chattering girls in the queue behind them. Craig remained quiet, his sister wondered if it was nerves getting the better of him. He was nervous but it was his first time outside in a skirt and he was loving that.

There were lots and lots of questions that he wanted to ask her but with so many other girls around them he didn't feel that it was safe to do that. He climbed the steps behind his sister and they found seats towards the back. Once everyone was on the bus he leaned over and whispered in his sister's ear "I don't get what's going on!"

"Can't explain now so I'll tell you everything later, just try and play along with whatever I do OK?"

He nodded, he trusted his sister implicitly.

Seeing the serious look on his face she gently pushed the corners of his mouth up with her fingers. "Smile," she said.

They both giggled and he kept that smile on his face as the bus travelled up the windy country road between the high hedges.

He wasn't sure how long it took to get there but when they passed through the ornate iron gates his jaw dropped. The bus trundled up a tree lined avenue and if his mouth wasn't still open his jaw would have dropped again when he got his first glance of the front of the school.

The building which had once been a stately home was very impressive with its sweeping steps leading up to the columned main entrance. He watched the girls from previous bus loads making their way inside.

As they got off their bus each child was given a schedule for the day and assigned a dormitory. The rest of the children were split off into groups to be lead to their rooms, Heather bypassed this and took her brother straight in through the main entrance. He couldn't avoid looking upwards, he had never been in a place like this before. The ceiling was so high and there was wooden panelling everywhere. There were plenty of portraits too, former pupils he wondered.

They went up the main staircase before disappearing off in a side corridor which lead to another staircase just wide enough for the two of them to climb together, there looked to be a dozen doors to choose from along the corridor at the top, Heather knew exactly where to go, she opened one and guided her brother inside.

"Ok, it's safe to talk now," she said.

The first question on his mind was, "Why am I here?"

"You're coming to school with me now." She smiled brightly at him.

"How? Why?"

"Oh come on little brother, do you really think I didn't know what you used to do in my room at home?"

He got scared, "I'm sorry Heather I promise not to do it again".

"Actually I want you to promise that you WILL do it again," she replied.

"You what!" he said.

"I'm not angry, I think it's great to have a brother and a sister in the same package."

"You do?" He was surprised and relieved to hear that.

"Yes, of course." she said and hugged him tightly.

"But how did you manage to get me in here?"

"Well it was Mummy who worked it out first..."

He interrupted, "Mummy knows about it?"

"Yes, she could tell that my things had been disturbed. Anyway when she told me about you I thought about my friend Abbie, her brother begged their mummy to let him come here. He wanted it so much that his mummy spoke to the school and after a lot of persuasion they let him. I talked mummy into seeing if you could come too and when they said yes I planned this little surprise for you."

"So that's what all the secret stuff was about?" he said, remembering a few times in the summer when his mother and sister had stopped talking as soon as he entered the room.

"Yes it was so hard to keep it to myself, I wanted to tell you and show you your brand new uniform."

This time he hugged his sister and thanked her, "I didn't think boarding school was for me but with my favourite sister beside me I think this is going to be fun."

"Favourite? Like you have a choice."

"Even if you weren't my only sister you would still be my favourite, I.. love you."

She grinned, "You're a girl now, you don't need to hide your emotions, you can say it how you see it."

"I love my beautiful big sister."

"And I love my adorable little sister."


"Yes you're so cute, especially when you blush."

Right on cue he went very red, Heather just giggled.

"Anyway enough of the gushy stuff for now, I'll give you the tupenny tour of the room.

This is where you will be staying during term time, your bed is over there next to mine," Heather said.

"But what about the other beds?" he asked.

"Silly! other girls will be sleeping in them of course," she replied.

"But I'll be found out," he said, not wanting to be 'exposed' to the whole school.

"Don't worry, all the girls from this room already know about you and they've promised not to tell."

"They have?"

"Yes we are all going to help you and Elisabeth be the best, most girlish girls that you can be," Heather said.

"Who's Elisabeth?"

"He's Abbie's brother."

"He's a boy and he's called Elisabeth?"

"He is now, and you my little sister are now Jacqueline or Jacqui for short. It's spelled with a cq because Mummy didn't want you having a name that looks like a boys name." she said giggling.

"Mummy chose that for me?"

"Yes, she told me that she chose it before you were born, Craig for a boy and Jacqui for a girl. Really we've been using the wrong one all this time," she said, putting an arm around him.

"Ok, time for the rest of the tour. This is where you will store your things, there are some of my old things in there for you, a spare uniform and the rest of your school clothes. Your leotards and your swim things are in this drawer, socks and tights are in the middle drawer and panties are in the top drawer along with your other underwear."

He made a mental note of where all his things would be. He'd never owned girl things before, he just borrowed them, now these were his.

Breaking him out of his little dream his sister continued, "These wardrobes also act a bit like a wall turning the room into little sections and giving us a little bit of privacy."

He thought a little privacy would be handy, he didn't want everyone seeing everything when it was time for him to change.

They walked over towards the big sash windows. "This is the area where we study and play, the door over there is the bathroom."

The table in the middle of the study area was adequate for the 6 girls to do their homework on, to one side of it was an old 2 seat sofa and the other a bookcase with textbooks and stories. There were also a couple of window seats with cushions scattered around on them. He only got as far as the door to the bathroom and glanced inside. It was clinical white, tiled halfway up the wall, as bathrooms go it was functional but it really needed a splash of colour to make it more welcoming.

"I do wish Elisabeth would hurry up and get here, I want the two of you to meet," she said.

They moved back to the beds and sat on them to wait for the others, Jacqui smoothed his skirt under him like he had been doing it all his life and sat with his knees together. Heather was impressed, she had been told that she would need to remind him all the time about how to sit, bend down or act yet he seemed to do it all naturally. There was obviously more to this than just wanting to dress like a girl.

They sat in complete silence for a minute or two waiting expectantly for the other girls to come through the door. Jacqui was the first to speak. "I'm bored already, what do we do around here in the quiet moments?"

"We get to play," she replied.

"What do we play with?"

"Well there are a few board games and things that we can play on the table, if you don't want to do that then there are our dolls."

He gave her a strange look.

"Yes we are allowed dolls. Some of the older girls say that 'Dolls are for babies' I ignore them and so do most of the others, I have no problems playing with mine."

He still seemed a little unsure about playing with dolls in public.

Heather reached into a wooden box under her own bed and produced two dolls.

"Look I brought Rachel and Sophie with me, which one do you want to play with?"

Both dolls were wearing an exact copy of the girl's uniforms. Jacqui thought that they looked cute then reprimanded himself for thinking such things.

He knew he would end up with a doll one way or another. "Can I have Rachel please?"

As he held her in his arms he thought maybe playing with dolls wasn't so bad after all, it was something he had never dared to do in her room and it wasn't like there was anyone around to see it. At that point two girls burst through the door dragging their bags behind them.

"Abbie you're back! Elisabeth!!"

Heather ran across the room and hugged her best friend then gave Elisabeth a quick hug before taking her hand and leading her across the room.

"Elisabeth, this is my little sister Jacqui."

Elisabeth curtseyed, "Pleased to meet you."

Jacqui was still getting used to being someone's little sister so it took a soft nudge from Heather to get her to rise from the bed and curtsey back.

"I see someone needs to be taught the details of being a girl." said Elisabeth.

Heather whispered, "Maybe not as much as we originally thought." to Abbie.

"Is that your doll?" Elisabeth asked pointing at Rachel who was now sitting on the bed.

"Well no, not really, she's Heather's..."

Heather interrupted, "We share our dolls, toys and even our clothes. Today Rachel is Jacqui's and Sophie is mine."

"I love my dolls, I couldn't bear to be without them," said Elisabeth.

"Why don't you show them sis?" said Abbie.

Elisabeth sat down on the bed and opened one of her bags.

"This is Emily and she's my favourite, we have lots of outfits that match. If I had know how you had dressed your dolls I would have put her in her school uniform too."

She handed the doll round and went back into the bag, she pulled a doll outfit out and handed it to Jacqui. He held it for her then realised that she expected him to put it on Emily. It didn't take him long to work out how to unfasten the dress that she was already wearing but once he'd done that she was soon dressed in her royal blue bib skirt and sky blue blouse and her shoes were changed to shiny blue mary-janes.

With her blazer and straw boater in place she matched the two dolls and four girls in the room. Jacqui went to hand her back to Elisabeth but she gestured to put her next to Rachel and Sophie.

"This is Samantha-Jane and she's a Victorian dolly, all her outfits are from that time."

"This is Penny, she used to be Abbie's but she doesn't want to play with baby dolls anymore so I get a chance to change her and feed her."

The others smiled, especially when Elisabeth produced a bottle and started to feed her doll. Jacqui was watching intently.

"I think someone else would like a turn," Abbie stated.

"Would you?" Elisabeth asked.

"Yes, I mean no, maybe later," he stuttered then blushed.

"That's fine," Elisabeth responded. "You'll have plenty of chances to play mummy by the end of term."

He didn't get a chance to reply to that because the door flew open and the girls who would be using the last two beds came in dragging their bags in with them.

"Izzy, Lucy, I thought you would never get here," Heather cried.

"Yes it was one of those journeys," both girls replied.

If there was any doubt in Jacqui's mind that they were twins it was gone when they spoke in unison.

They threw their things down on the empty beds and turned to look at the two girls they didn't know.

"You must be Elisabeth," said one twin.

"And you must be Jacqui," said the other.

"How did you guess that?" Jacqui asked.

"You look enough like your sisters for us to tell," one girl replied.
"Plus we've already seen a picture of Elisabeth," the other added.

They then decided to introduce themselves properly. "We're the Green twins," they said.

"I'm Isobel but I only answer to Izzy."

"And I'm Lucinda but call me Lucy."

"Hi Lucy," said Jacqui to the girl that had introduced herself as Izzy.

"No, that's Lucy," she protested.

"It looks like someone has figured you two out already," Abbie said.

"Ok ok, you're right," the real Lucy replied. "We like to play jokes when we make new friends."

"We're never mean or cruel about it though," Izzy added.

Amongst the twins bags were instrument cases that they put safely away while the others dealt with everything else. It was a good job they did as it wasn't long before a bell rang.

"What is that for," Elisabeth asked.

"Assembly," four of the girls replied. "It's the first of the new term so Miss Perkins will be reminding us what she expects of us this year."

They joined the lines of girls filing their way down the stairs and into the main hall.

Once the room was full a woman dressed in a skirt suit took her place at the lectern and addressed the room.

"Good afternoon girls, welcome back to all our returning pupils. To any new girls I say welcome to your first term at Hartington Academy, I am your headmistress, Miss Perkins. Hopefully by the time you leave it will be a part of you rather than just a school that you attended."

"The school is built on three pillars, honesty, loyalty and respect and we expect you show these qualities. Be honest to yourself and the school. Be loyal to those around you. Respect your teachers and yourselves. Do these things and you will be proud to be Hartington girls."

She carried on speaking for some minutes, going over the routine business of the new school term. She ended by asking all the new girls and their big sisters to stay.

"Does ever new girl have a sister here already?" Jacqui asked as the other girls left the hall.

"No," Heather replied. "Every new girl gets an older girl to help her adjust to life here, if they have a big sister then thats usually who they get but it could be anyone."

It was a much smaller group that now sat in the hall, and a very different woman who stood before them. She looked much younger and in contrast to Miss Perkins' suit she wore a fluffy sweater, a-line skirt and boots.

"Um good afternoon girls," she said. "In a minute Miss Perkins will see each of you but there are a few things I'd like to say first."

"I'm Miss Foley and I'm the head of your year and it's my job to tell you about some of the er.. fun things that go on here. We don't want you getting bored or homesick sooo each afternoon we run clubs and societies. This term we have Pony club, craft club, drama club, the orchestra, the choir, gym club, ballet, book club and lastly brownies. If you're interested in any of those you can speak to me or one of your school sisters and we will sign you up."

Jacqui's eyes lit up at the mention of ballet, he had been so envious when his sister had started her class. When she had started boarding school and he had gone into her room the ballet outfit had been one of the first things that he had looked for.

"One final thing," Miss Foley continued. "If this is um your first time away from home it's only natural for you to feel a little homesick. You need to talk to your roommates, your big sisters and if you really neeed to you can speak to me. We've all been through it and we can help you. Now if you'll all wait quietly in here the secretary will call you in to see Miss Perkins."

Jacqui turned to Heather and said, "Did you feel homesick when you first came here?"

"I did for the first week but I made friends quickly," she replied.

"Didn't you miss me at all?" he asked.

"I did a little bit," she answered. "Did you miss me?"

"Yes I did, but if you hadn't gone away I couldn't have played in your room," he replied.

"You could have just asked," she said. "At least you won't have to worry about homesickness Ii'l sis. I'll be here to make everything better."

She grabbed him in a tight hug.

"Geddof," he cried.

"That wasn't very ladylike," she responded as she let go.

"Neither was cutting off my air supply," he said.

"Can I try again?"

"Please, apart from the breathing bit it felt really nice."

Heather gave her brother a better hug now and he hugged back just as hard. They stayed like that until she realised she could hear a soft sobbing sound and it was coming from Jacqui.

"What's up?" she asked.

"When was the last time we hugged like this?" he said.

"A loooong time ago," she said while trying to remember just how long it had been.

"I've missed out on so much," he said sadly.

"We've got plenty of time to make up for it," Heather said.

A couple of girls passed by having just been called to the office. "Someone is homesick already," they remarked.

Jacqui was about to respond until Heather put her finger over his lips.

"They don't need to know." Was all that she said.

Elisabeth handed him a clean lacy hankie to dry his eyes.

The hall gradually emptied until it was just the four of them waiting for their turn.

"Who do you think will go first, us or you?" Elisabeth asked.

They didn't have to wait long for the answer, the school secretary came into the hall and to their surprise asked both sets of siblings to follow her across to the headmistress's room.

"Girls, come in, come in," Miss Perkins said cheerily.

"Heather and Abigail, good to see you back, I trust you both had a good summer holiday."

"Yes Miss Perkins," both girls said, giving a little curtsey as they spoke.

"Now I can guess who is who but I'd like each of our new girls to tell me themselves," Miss Perkins said.

"I'm Abbie's sister Elisabeth, Elisabeth Howard and I want to thank you for letting me come to your school."

"How sweet, you're most welcome my dear." She turned to Jacqui and asked, "and what about you?"

"I'm Jacqui Walsh and I still can't believe that I'm here."

"Ah yes, you had a little surprise didn't you."

Jacqui nodded.

"I hope it was a nice surprise and that it's the first of many."

"Yes miss," Jacqui replied.

"Now then, up to this point we have been an all-girls' preparatory school, I opened up my school to the two of you after your parents convinced me this was the best place for you to be schooled. My school has a reputation and a tradition to keep, boyish behaviour will not be accepted here. Your sisters' job is to make sure that you are girlish in everything you do, as long as you are you will be treated like any other girl here, is that clear?" Miss Perkins said.

They all replied, "Yes miss."

"Abigail and Heather if you could wait outside I just need to have a few words with your sisters," Miss Perkins said.

Once they had left Miss Perkins got Elisabeth and Jacqui to come closer.

"Girls, only seven people in the school know your little secret. Myself, Miss Foley and Matron are the only members of staff, your sisters and the two Green girls are the only pupils."

She looked them in the eye before continuing, "In your time here you will make many new friend, some you might even want to share your secret. I want both of you to promise me that if you want to tell someone you will come to me or Miss Foley first, even if your sisters think it is ok." Then added, "this is to protect you."

The girls looked at each other, it wasn't something they had even thought about.

"Jacqueline, I have something else for your protection."

She leaned across the desk and handed a small bundle to her.

"What is it?" Jacqui asked.

"It's a gaff," Miss Perkins replied. "Actors use them to hide certain things on their body. In your case it will mean that no one in the school will be able to tell the difference."

Jacqui looked confused.

"Elisabeth I know you wear one, when you return to your room can you show Jacqueline how to use it?"

"Yes miss."

"Good girl. Now you may leave and find something to do until dinner. If you have any concerns about anything at all then speak to Miss Foley or to me."

They gave a little curtsey and let themselves out of the office where they found their sisters waiting for them. They wanted to know what had been said to them but Elisabeth and Jacqui said as little as they could get away with.

When they got back to the room they interrupted the twins who had been having a music practise while they waited for their friends to return. They started to ask what had kept them so long but they got no answer from Elisabeth. She was too busy dragging Jacqui towards the bathroom.

She resisted at first but Elisabeth reminded her what Miss Perkins had asked a few minutes ago so she followed her in.

"Is this about the gaff thingy?" Jacqui asked.

"Yes, the sooner you start wearing it the sooner you can do just about anything," Elisabeth replied.

She then got her new friend to take her skirt and panties off and showed her how to wear the gaff. Jacqui couldn't get over the way it looked and felt.

"I think we should show your sister," Elisabeth suggested.

Jacqui walked out of the bathroom with nothing on her lower half, her panties were in her hand and her skirt was folded neatly over her arm.

Heather reacted immediately.

"You can't walk around with nothing on, you will give the game away," she said.

"But there's nothing to see," Elisabeth responded.

Heather took a second look and behind her Abbie started to giggle.

"What's happened to them?" she said.

"They've disappeared," Jacqui replied.

"How?" Heather asked, refusing to believe her own eyes.

"It's called a gaff, it squishes those bits up," Abbie said. "Elisabeth has worn one for a while."

"Oh lets see," Heather said.

"Do I have to," Elisabeth asked. "It's bad enough having the wrong bits without everyone wanting to see."

"No," said Abbie, standing up for her sister.

"Can I swim in it?" Jacqui asked, tactfully changing the subject.

Elisabeth nodded so Jacqui got her swimsuit out and pulled it on to her bottom half before shedding her blouse and vest, slipping her arms through and covering the rest of her torso in royal blue fabric.

"Oh Jacqui, you look just right," Heather cooed. The others agreed.

"Why don't you try your ballet outfit, I'll put mine on too and give you your first lesson," Heather suggested.

Jacqui didn't need asking twice, she was out of her swimsuit in a flash and hastily trying to pull a pair of pale blue tights on. Abbie and Elisabeth had to calm her down and show her how to do it properly. With her blue leotard and dance skirt going on next all she needed was her ballet slippers.

At that moment a bell sounded.

"Crumbs, it's dinner time already."

"We can't go like this," Heather said.

There wasn't time to change back so the girls put their skirts and blouses on over the top of their ballet clothes. The tights still showed below their skirts but it was the first day of school, if it did get spotted they would be let off.

The assembly hall was now set out as a dining room, they found a table with enough empty seats and took their places at it. Last year Heather always had good words to say about the food, Jacqui still wasn't convinced, her experience of school food was that it was tough or thick or hard or yuck in some other way.

When the meal was placed in front of her it looked edible so after a couple of prods with her fork she actually took a bite. It tasted like food too! Maybe all school food isn't the same.

When they had finished their meal Jacqui asked, "What happens now?"

"First we go back and change out of our uniforms," Heather replied.

"And then?"

"Then we get free time," said Abbie.

So they returned to their room and changed into their own clothes. Heather wouldn't give Jacqui a chance to choose her own clothes, picked out a pleated skirt and a brightly coloured top for her to wear.

"Time to show you what goes on after hours," Heather said to her sister and to Elisabeth.

After hours in a school full of young girls is totally different to after hours anywhere else. In the time before they went to bed they could do something quietly in the library or play games and chat in the assembly hall. Abbie also mentioned having a sleepover in their room when the nights got longer. Tonight they just wandered around the parts of the school that hadn't been secured for the night.

When bedtime did arrive everyone returned to their rooms. There was no way she was admitting it but Jacqui was ready for bed, today had been a long day filled with surprises.

Heather laid some things out on Jacqui's bed.

"Is that what I get to sleep in?" she asked.

Heather just nodded.

Jacqui couldn't wait to try it on, her skirt ended up on the floor and her top was on the end of the bed as she rushed to change.

When she had finished she turned to her sister and said, "How do I look?"

Quietly Heather replied, "Ridiculous."

Jacqui heard that and her face fell.

"That's a bit harsh," Lucy said and everyone else agreed.

"No it's ok," Jacqui replied. "This was Heather's old babydoll and the first time she wore it that was exactly what I said. I'm sorry sis, I didn't mean it."

Heather put an arm round her little sister's shoulder and said, "I know now that you didn't mean it, you were jealous weren't you."

"Yes, you looked really cute," she replied. "I didn't think I could say that to you so I said something mean instead."

"Are you two friends again?" Izzy asked.

They both laughed, they had never stayed annoyed at each other for long.

"Do you have the hat thingy?" Jacqui inquired.

"If you mean the mob cap it's right here," Heather said and passed it to her then started to change too.

She put it straight on and asked, "Do I look any cuter?"

Heather was almost done changing when she commented, "Sis you are the princess of cute, in fact we both are."

Both girls were in matching baby dolls now.

Abbie grabbed a camera from her bed.
"Say cheese," she said as she captured the two of them hugging.

It had been a long and surprising day for Jacqui, she was now so tired that she climbed straight into bed. Heather perched next to her and handed her Rachel to say goodnight to..

"I love you sis, even more than before, I feel so close to you now."

"Shhh," Heather said and kissed her little sister goodnight before sleep claimed her.

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