A World of Elvish Wonder by ElvishWarrior

A story about a less than popular teenage boy who is thrust into a world of magic, mayhem and fantasy creatures. He gets transformed into an elf and dropped into this new world with nothing but his two friends and a new gender to explore. With enough support I am hoping to turn this into a long story with atleast 100,000 words perhaps as many as 300,000 or even more.

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1. Dropped on my bottom by ElvishWarrior

2. A look back.. by ElvishWarrior

3. Exploring by ElvishWarrior

4. A brief history of magic by ElvishWarrior

5. An imaginative victory by ElvishWarrior

Dropped on my bottom by ElvishWarrior
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Exhausted after a long day Eli fell backwards onto his bed and just as his head was about to reach the comfort of his feather pillow...

Plop! As his buttocks hit the ground he felt an inordinate amount of cushioning pondering why he was suddenly sitting in an upright position.

He felt something brush against his cheek, moving his hand towards his cheek he felt something soft and velvety. Pulling on it he felt a sharp pain on his scalp, discovering his short dirty blond hair had become an incredibly long, jet black river that cascaded down to the small of his back. He could not help but absent-mindedly stroking the incredibly soft velvet that was now his hair.

His eyes, and hands, now moved downwards towards two seemingly obscenely large mounds on his chest, he now noticed that a green leather tunic with a built-in corset hugged his new hourglass figure, the tunic was low-cut so he could see most of the ample bosom before his eyes. His now petite hands flew straight to his chest in panic, though his hands could barely cover more than a fraction of each breast, the action still managed to sent a jolt through his entire body.

Eli was momentarily stunned by a stirring in his nether regions, a feeling unlike anything he had ever experienced before. He looked past his bosom to see a pair of slender legs shoved into very tight green leggings, he managed to worm his hand passed the waist of his leggings. At this point he felt another layer consisting of a soft silk fabric, hesitant about what he would find, his hand then continued until he felt a small patch of public hair, it was tightly curled and incredibly soft, nothing like what he had previously had. Determined he continued passed the well maintained patch of hair reaching for what he knew in his heart was not there, but still hoped for. Alas he was not to find it, his member had been below average but it was his none the less, well at least it used to be. His fingers continued and began to teeter along the edge of a warm, increasingly wet chasm that had been left in place of his member, before his fingers could move but a centimeter he felt his legs spasm and his back arch as an utterly feminine moan pushed past his now plump lips. Minutes went by as he slowly moved his fingers back and forth causing a pleasure unmatched by any he had previously felt to gush throughout his entire body, the feeling was so different to anything he had ever felt before, when he had previously pleasured himself the experience had been confined to a small region, but this sent waves of pleasure throughout his entire body, his entire existence, completely immersing him in pleasure. It wasn't surprising that it had taken him this long to realize that he wasn't alone.

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A look back.. by ElvishWarrior
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Eli had not been particularly popular as he only had time only for true friends such as his friends Chris and Lucas, they all looked completely different with Lucas being 5'2", with short curly mouse brown hair, he wasn't particularly intelligent but he loved RPG computer games such as World of Warcraft, a passion Chris and Eli shared too. It was an integral part of their friendship, that and their love for the fantasy world known as middle earth, each knowing almost everything there was to know about each detail of their beloved world. With Chris being a well-built 6'1" one could easily mistake him for a rugby player, he often joked with Lucas suggesting that his parents might have adopted him from a pair of hobbits, whilst Lucas made similar jokes regarding Chris having troll blood.

Eli was average, not just in height and looks but in grades and just about everything else, he was about 5'10", scrawny and a complete virgin, not even having kissed a girl before he was quite inexperienced in the subject. He was great at maths, science and computing but didn't get amazing grades mainly A's and B's, he was really intelligent but never did any revision for his exams and thus his intelligence wasn't reflected.

The average day for Eli consisted of heading off to sixth form, getting through the monotonous day, getting the bus with Chris and Lucas and then immersing himself in what ever game they were playing or film they were watching, at times he felt indistinguishable from his character. Computer games were something he was far from average at, whatever they played he conquered, he played and didn't settle for anything other than being the absolute best. On his crawl to the top his friends were always right behind him, he lead all their quests managing to combine his the skills of his party perfectly into an unstoppable machine leaving his enemies frozen in awe.

He was 17 and hoping to leave for university in a couple of years, he lived with his mother and no father, as his sisters had long since left for university and his father was god knows where, he was essentially alone if his friends weren't with him. His mother never talked about his father, but even though his father had left before he could talk, he could tell for whatever unknown reason that she was still smitten. He had absolutely no idea why she still loved him, he was completely absent, she didn't even receive child support payments. They were by no means poor, but they were not overly wealthy either, his mother had a well-paying job earning about 55k a year, she had to commute quite a distance so they rarely saw each other, she left early in the morning and when she got home she was completely exhausted from dealing with customers so they usually warmed a meal he had prepared earlier, he learned to cook at a young age due to having two vegetarian sisters and with a working mother if he wanted to eat real food he would have to cook it himself. They usually ate quietly, some conversation went on but they didn't have much to talk about, after dinner they both went their separate ways.

Due to his love for gaming he had managed to save up for a powerful gaming computer, it was something he was rather proud of with an Intel i7 core, 4 TB in HDD storage and 512 GB in SSD storage, 16 GB and a powerful graphics card, he was the envy of his friends. He had practically every fantasy movie under the sun as well as a sizable collection of porn saved on the HDD, most of it normal though he did prefer Lesbian porn, he really didn't enjoy watching other men's members. Being an incredibly horny teenager with no hope for a sexual partner, he usually masturbated at least twice a day, usually in the morning, dealing with all the glory of being male. And just before he went to sleep, he was uncircumcised and really didn't see the need for lotion so he just went dry.

Exploring by ElvishWarrior
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Hearing someone behind him breathing, quickly got to his feet and spun around, causing his hair to fly in front of his eyes, he had at one point had fairly long hair, and thus he instinctually brushed it behind his ear, he was surprised at the angular shape of his ears, it was at this point he realised he was an elf! He gasped, his face burning red, as he saw two women standing in front of him, incredibly embarrassed, he noticed one of them had golden blond curls draped down to her mid back, and was quite a bit shorter than him but no less stacked. She also wore a very similar tight dark green tunic, though it went down to her mid thigh, and she appeared not to be wearing any leggings. Her top was very revealing, showing most of the top of her breasts. She looked like a walking wet dream, with deep blue eyes, flawless completely smooth skin, which actually appeared to have a soft golden glow, her legs were completely hairless and displayed for all the world to see. Her hips were large and well rounded, they flowed into a very small waist, a waist seemingly impossible for someone with such accentuated curves to have.

He took notice to the other woman, her features were just as flawless, she was the same height as Eli and closely resembled Tauriel from the Hobbit movie, though her hair was a deeper shade of red, her skin also possessed a soft golden glow, her features were slightly more angled and her breasts seemed to be a size larger and her waist at least an inch thinner as well as her hips being wider and more rounded, her clothing seemed very similar to that of Tauriel too, clothed in a green tunic, with brown leather leggings and shrouded in a green cloak.

Not realising that the looks on the girls faces were not in fact disgust, but pure unadulterated lust,
Eli managed to stammer out the words “I-im sorry.”
Eli was bewildered by the sound of his voice, the melodic tune almost made it seem as though he was singing. The girls realising what they were doing gathered themselves, and attempted to look more civilized, to impress the beautiful girl in front of them, the girls looking down, seemed equally as flabbergasted by their situation as Eli was.

It was a good minute before a noise was made, there were looks of horrors on the blond's and redheads faces, as they poked and prodded themselves hoping it was a dream or hallucination.

“Hello, my name is Eli—zebeth! Elizabeth, but you can call me liz” Almost shouting the correction to his name, not wanting to provoke a witch hunt or to alienate possible friends in this confusing time.

“What is your name?” Eli inquired in his new melodic voice.

“Chris” The redhead answered by instinct, before realising a second later and saying in a panic
“-tal, Krystal is my name” Silently berating herself for choosing a stripper name.

Heads turned towards the blonde, who was a bit too preoccupied with her situation to realise what was happening.

Krystal reiterated the question “Excuse me, what is your name?” she said in an equally lovely but less melodic voice.

The blond, removing her hands from her breasts said “Lucas.”, Not thinking to create an alias, this sparked a realisation in Chris and Eli's minds almost simultaneously saying “Chris!? Luke?!” and “Eli?! Luke?!” respectively.

“What the hell happened to us?” Chris said in a voice that would have been a panicked tone, but now sounded more seductive and sultry.

“I have absolutely no idea, but I think we have been transformed into elves” Eli practically sang
“No Shit” Responded Chris in an increasingly agitated voice.

Eli annoyed by Chris' brash tone turned away, and saw a plume of smoke rising high into the sky,
“Look over there, let's head that way we might find some answers.” Eli said trying to get control of his melodic voice.

“Fine, but we need to choose names, if someone sees you calling me Chris they might get suspicious, and Krystal sounds like a stripper name.” Chris said.

“You look a lot like Tauriel from The Hobbit, why don't you go by that name?” Eli inquired.

“That is a brilliant idea! You could go by Arwen? She is really hot, no where near as hot as you, but you do look alike.” The newly christened Tauriel said.

“I could go by liz as well, but if you are going by Tauriel, I may as well keep up the elven theme. Arwen it is!” Exclaimed Arwen.

Looking to Lucas who still looked completely befuddled trying to grasp what was happening Arwen softly said “Lucas, what are you going to call yourself? How about Galadriel?”

Lucas seemed complicit, not really able to make any decisions in his current state of mind, but Tauriel objected, “No, that name is far too royal for us to keep any semblance of stealth when we meet people, how about Eowyn?”

“Yes, I think that will do nicely.” Agreed Arwen.

Arwen realised Eowyn was still attempting to process the situation so she linked arms with Eowyn and lead her from the grassy plain, that they had appeared in. towards the plume of smoke not far into a near by forest. It was Noon when they had first appeared, the sun high in the sky, it was a good hours walk before they reached a meandering river, it was a small river which had a well built stone bridge to allow passage over it.

Noticing for the first time the absence of any fatigue from the walk Arwen said “Well I guess we have inherited the elves stamina! I wonder what else we have gotten?”, wanting to test out any more abilities she may have acquired, she ran straight forwards, at a speed that would have left any human runner in the dust, towards a large tree that the path curved around, before she reached the tree whilst running at full speed, she jumped a good 30 feet in to the air and landed on a relatively low thick branch, the tight corset both pushing at her stomach and holding her breasts in place was unable to hold back the large wobble of the twin melons that now resided on her chest, it was fairly disconcerting for her, but it didn't destabilise her.

“It would appear as though we have acquired both the elves athletic strength and balance.” Arwen said happily whilst jumping down from the branch and gracefully landing on her feet, kneeling slightly to cushion the fall.

Touching her toes with no effort she exclaimed “Oh, and their flexibility! I am going to have a lot of fun.”, not realising how naughty her new voice made it sound.

Tauriel was fairly surprised at how well her friend was adapting to her new body, Eowyn had managed to finally grasp the situation and said “Honestly I prefer the name Arya to Eowyn, I would prefer you call me that.”
Smiling that her friend had come to, Arwen said “I think we need to leave the trail we have been following to get to the fire”, Tauriel agreed and thus they stepped off of the path, and after a five minute walk they entered a secluded clearing, with two fairly small shelters opposite each other one being larger than the other. There was also a pile of firewood to the north of the clearing, and a smouldering fire pit in the centre.

Arwen entered the larger tent, in which there was a large slept in make shift bed, with thick blankets and two pillows, as well as two well made tanned leather backpacks, at opposite sides of the entrance of the tent, the back packs were obviously not made of modern materials or technology, but were expertly hand crafted, with intricate gold patterns sewn into the straps, opening one of the fairly large back packs she discovered it contained more than met the eye, some form of magic had been cast upon it as it was significantly larger on the inside, containing several changes of outfit, nightwear, a bread like substance wrapped in large leaves and a few pairs of incredibly tantalising lingerie, removing a few items of clothing from the back, Arwen found them to be a perfect tailored fit.

All the backpacks contained similar items each tailored to the exact body measurements of each member of the group, from the locations of the backpacks they deduced the smaller shelter belonged to Arya, whilst the larger was shared by Arwen and Tauriel.

Heading out of the tent the trio realised that it was getting dark, so decided to try and get the fire relit, after a few unsuccessful attempts, Arwen suggested that they step back from the fire pit, once everyone was at a safe distance Arwen uttered the elvish word for fire “Uruloki” and a roaring fire burst forth from the unit logs where Arwen had been focused. The sun crept over the mountains in the distance, leaving a faint orange glow around the glistening peaks. The fire had been lit just in time, as the last light of the sun faded to mark the beginning of night. The heat from the fire had calmed the trio who were now sitting cross legged around the fire.
“Wow! How did you know that you could do that?” Arya asked, whilst Tauriel still looked surprised.
“I don't know, I had a hunch. I don't think we are in our world, I think we are in middle earth, where magic exists, and elves are very powerful spell-casters.” Arwen replied.

The night went on, they talked about everything, ranging from theories as to how they got there, they were atheists, but theories ranged from a god wanting them to fulfill a purpose, to virtual reality or alternate universes. They also talked about magic and decided that they would practice tomorrow to test the limits of their abilities. As the fire grew dim and began to wither they decided to return to their tents to get a good nights rest.

They headed to their respective tents, Arwen found a night gown in her bag, it was a very deep black, it was silk and felt expensive and was very soft to the touch, The corset built into her tunic hadn't really been pushing her stomach in, as her figure was perfect, so she undid the lace on the side which allowed her enough room to remove the tunic over her breast, and then head. She discovered that the tunic had been all that was holding her breasts in place, a discovery that made her feel very exposed in front of her old friend, next was her shoes, they were made of a tough leather on the outside, which she was sure was enchanted due to the lack of marks on it and a very malleable leather on the inner sole, to keep her feet comfortable on long walks, and also provide the flexibility needed to run at high speeds and balance on her tip toes, having to bend over to remove them, she wished she had removed them before her tunic as her breasts were jiggling with every slight movement. Having removed her shoes, the next thing to do was remove her leggings, they buttoned at the front, she had to remove the first two buttons before she was able to slide her slender legs out of her tight, but very comfortable leggings. She looked downwards at the silk undergarments she now war, looking at the undeniably flat area that had once been a bulge, she sighed wondering if she would ever see it again. 

She felt her nipples stiffen, almost tripling in length, she realised she was standing there with no top on, subject to the elements, she pulled the silk night gown over her head, she then had to remove all of her long main of hair from the inside of the night gown, the night gown reached down to mid thigh, the constant brushing of the soft silk fabric against her thigh made her feel aroused, slightly wet, a completely alien feeling, so she removed her underwear not wanting to dirty them, the silk felt nice brushing against her ankle as she removed it, it was as if her entire body was capable of sexually arousing her at the slightest brush. She neatly folded her clothes, bending over to put them in a her back pack, her chest sprung forwards as she bend over, due to her gown having no support.

She stood up, breasts bouncing to see Tauriel staring open mouthed at Arwens ordeal, obviously highly aroused, 'I guess our sexuality hasn't changed' thought Arwen, Who then gestured for Tauriel to undress, the night gown Tauriel had found in her bag was a deep shade of red, of the same design as Arwen's. Tauriel began to undress, having observed Arwen's ordeal, was smart enough to remove her shoes first, and then began to remove the tunic, she hadn't undone the corset enough so when she pulled it over her head, it rubbed roughly against her nipples causing a loud moan to escape her lips, slightly embarrassed she stood there, nipples hardening and not due to the cold, she pulled her night gown over her head, but Arwen could still see the shape of her hard nipples through the thin fabric. Tauriel then began to remove her leggings, in the same manner as Arwen though due to her slightly smaller hips, she only needed to remove the top button. Once her leggings were gone, the gown's soft fabric brushed against her thighs, she then removed her underwear for most likely the same reason as Arwen. Tauriel too neatly put her items away, something neither of them would have done previously.

They both approached the bed, only to see lumps in the bed, which upon pulling the blankets back were revealed to be, a two finely made leaf-bladed Elvish swords, two unstrung bows and two quivers of 24 iron tipped goose feather arrows, there were intricate patterns crafted into the hilts of the swords, along with two sizeable gems, one a diamond and the other a ruby.

A quick check under the pillows revealed two expertly made daggers, seemingly made by the same smith who made the swords, they moved all the weapons other than the daggers off the bed and crawled under the blankets, they now both discovered that with such large chests, it was very uncomfortable to lie on their backs, as the huge weight spread out causing difficulty to breathe, so they both rolled onto their sides, their faces were inches apart, whilst their breasts were almost touching, with each breath their breasts grazed each other, the slight touch caused unimaginable desires to swell within both Arwen and Tauriel their nipples hardening and stabbing deeper into each other with each breath, and with each centimetre they moved closer together, Tauriel felt a hand on her thigh, slowly moving upwards slowly cupping and caressing her soft, delicate cheek, Tauriel mimicked Arwen's actions, slowly caressing her thigh moving up towards her, firm bottom, that was as much muscle as it was fat. At this point they were both practically dripping with pent up sexual excitement, and a word had not yet been said but Arwen knew what she had to do. She dove on top of Tauriel, pushing her onto her back, with her deep red hair sprawled everywhere, their lips met and Arwen's tongue penetrated deep into Tauriel's mouth, pulling out of the kiss to whisper in Tauriel's ear "nírë", both of their gowns were sliced open and dropped to the ground, leaving Arwen and Tauriel completely naked, the kiss continued, the passion was unrivaled by anything either of them had previously felt. Arwen used her knees to pin Tauriel's arms to the bed, trapped under Arwen, Tauriel was helpless when Arwen swung her arm back, and began to slowly caress Tauriel's clitoris, whilst Arwen's tongue found Tauriel's unimaginably stiff nipple slowly teasing her in clockwise circles whilst teasing Tauriel's clitoris with similar motions with her hand. Slowly bringing her to the edge of orgasm at which point everything seemed to happen, Tauriel freed her hand and shoved her fingers deep into Arwen who at this point was so ready she came instantly, spasming, her lips clasped around Tauriel's nipple and pushing her fingers deep into Tauriel, causing simultaneous orgasm. The experience had completely overwhelmed any idea of consciousness left in them, they were in complete bliss as Arwen fell back onto her pillow and they both drifted into a very deep sleep.

A brief history of magic by ElvishWarrior
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Arwen awoke, she withdrew her hand, that had somehow found Tauriel's chest during the night, Tauriel was fast asleep, sprawled over the entire bed, her soft red hair seemingly endless, her delicate breasts rising and falling with each breath, freeing herself of the distraction, Arwen realised what a mess they had made last night, and whispered the elvish world for reverse “nuquerna”, the gowns were stitched back together, though still strewn across the floor.

Arwen, pulling the gown over her head, decided to clean off at the river, it was about a five minute walk, but she managed it in under a minute running at a fair speed, the river was completely translucent, the bottom of the river was entirely visible. After removing her gown, she dived into the water the ripples flowing up the river before diminishing into the current. Arwen begun to rub down her nether regions, as that was the reason she had come to the river, she was still sticky from the previous night. After having cleaned off, she remained in the river, as the weight on her chest felt almost entirely negated by the water.

It suddenly came to her, the fact that she had never seen her new face, gasping as she looked into the water, she had angled features, that were still incredibly soft, along with a, set of emerald green eyes, her skin was fair, but nonetheless shared the faint golden glow that the trio shared, overall she looked a lot like Arwen, but was to Arwen as Arwen was to Gimli, there was an aura of royalty around her, that coupled with her looks would have put any mortal royalty to shame.

Wanting to explore her new body, she ran her hand over every curve, every soft delicate patch of skin, each area was as sensual as the last, even the feel of her soft hand running up her golden arm brought a shiver to her spine. Her hand managed to find her way to her breast, teasing each nipple, she could almost bring herself to orgasm without even touching her clitoris, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to, her left hand still caressing her nipples, whilst the other worked its way passed her soft hips, to the perfect petals she now possessed, teasing them for minutes, but what seemed like hours before finally pushing in, and discovering a whole new world of wonder. A scream pushed passed her lips, one that could not have come from any male, it was distinctly female, and definitely not of fear. The pleasure in her melodic scream, would have made any man fall victim to his carnal desires. It wasn't until now that she realised, that a young boy, no older than 17 had been watching her from the bridge, he was blatantly in a bit of distress from the fairly large erection he was sporting.

A cheeky thought raced through Arwen's mind, climbing out of the river in a seductive manner, she walked towards him, hips swaying from side to side, her dark hair glistening in the golden morning sun, her completely bare breasts bouncing with each stride, he was completely hypnotised by her unparalleled beauty that he had no reaction for what happened next, her hands rested on his bottom, with her thumbs tucked into his waistband, whilst she deeply kissed him, she was so caught up in the moment she didn't think about what she was doing, how insane it would have seemed, her hands moving down to his knees, and his trousers following suit. His member now standing a tall, proud 7 inches, poked her in the face as she got down on her knees, wrapping her lips around the rock hard object in front of her, she begun to bob her head back and forth, the boy who was completely unprepared and inexperienced this field, began to slowly massage her nipple, whilst using his other had to guide her head onto his member. She was using her tongue in ways unimaginable to the boy, somehow managing to completely overcome her gag reflex, taking in the entire 7 inches repeatedly, it wasn't long before the boy climaxed, his fingers pinching hard on her nipple whilst his hot liquid sprayed deep into her throat, the feeling of his hot liquid in her throat combined with the intense pain and pleasure from her nipple, pushed her over the edge leaving her gasping on the ground.

After a few seconds, she realised what she had just done, she dove back into the water and swam under the bridge, leaving him stood there, with a confused, blissful smile on is face with his member wet, and softening.

Completely panicked as to what she had done, Arwen cleaned herself up whilst underwater, she felt completely betrayed by her body, it was if once she was the slightest bit aroused, her body took over entirely, leaving her completely helpless, and her body's sexuality was quite different to that of her old one, it was completely bisexual, before this instance the penis of another man would have brought nothing but a sick feeling to her stomach. Swimming over to her gown, she cast a spell to dry herself off she dressed, and ran faster than she ever had before, nimbly dodging trees in her path to attempt to escape what she had just done. The sheer speed at which she was running caused her silky, jet black hair to trail almost a metre behind her.

Entering the clearing she heard grunting and moaning coming from her shelter, two distinctly different voices, attempting to forget the ordeal that she had just endured, she entered Arya's shelter, finding a similar looking backpack, and a sword of an identical, but oddly there was no bow, or quiver but a very large tome, Arwen now curious picked up the tome, finding it to be significantly heavier than one would have expected, even with her new-found strength it made her arms ache, it was far too heavy for any mortal man to carry. She returned it to the ground, opening it she discovered that the tome had two sections, one in an elven script and the other in the tongue of man, she previously had memorised all of the language published by Tolkein, but it was hardly a complete language so her knowledge of the full language had its limits but identifying a few words she deduced that the halves contained identical information, glad as it would make the information easier to process, as well as giving her the chance to learn more of her favourite language. After about half an hour the noises from the opposite shelter picked up tempo, until they became almost soundless screams of pleasure, until they suddenly stopped, knowing she would probably see them naked, she stood up and stuck her head through the opening of her shelter, the inside of the shelter smelled thickly of sweat, and lust, seeing Tauriel modestly wrapped in her blanket, the blanket reaching just above her chest. Whilst Arya was, bent over on all fours, trying to control her heavy breathing, her perfectly rounded, flawless bottom, pointed straight into the air with her legs spread out, just so you could see the delicate flower that resided between her legs, still dripping from what had just gone on. The sight had already begun to make Arwen moist, slowly getting more aroused, she stepped inside the shelter, before recoiling, her mind retaking control of her body, remembering what had happened earlier she stepped outside the shelter before calling in “Hey guys! You might want to clean yourselves off down by the river, but watch out for travellers.”
Not wanting to get their clothes dirty, they both took off town the path towards the river, completely naked, clothing in a bundle under their arms.

Glad that she was able to resist the temptation of Arya's naked behind, she returned to Arya's shelter to retrieve the tome, which she brought outside to read by the fire pit, the fire pit had no fire in it as it was late morn, but she felt as though she needed some fresh air, studying the book she determined that it contained a complete history of the realm, which she now knew was middle earth, though with one quite large difference, the very essence of magic its self, it would appear that a select few humans and dwarves were capable of manipulating the universe to their will, though every elf is able to do so, changing things from an atomic level to the size of a house, though the feats they were able to accomplish were limited, both by their knowledge of the high elven tongue, and the amount of energy they were able to pour into the spell. The basic laws of physics were the name, energy could not be created or destroyed, so propelling oneself forward one hundred feet with magic would require the same amount of energy as walking to the same destination. Testing herself, she propelled herself a hundred meters into the air, the wind flew fiercely through her hair, forcing it in every direction, as she begun to fall she used more magic to slow herself down as to finish with a graceful landing, it was as if hair fell exactly back into place, after the huge jump it should have been a complete mess, but it seemed as if it had been carefully brushed, but moments ago. She felt slightly tired after the amount of magic she just used, that amount of magic would have left a man or dwarf unable to move, gasping for breath. But elves were not so fragile, due to their enhanced physical form they could perform very strong feats of magic, without giving it a second thought.
The rules for the magic of the five wizards however, seemed completely different, their magic did not drain their body of energy, but their soul, there souls were that of maiar, seemingly endless power resided in their souls, if every man, elf and dwarf were to pool their entire reserves of energy for a thousand years, it would not come close to the amount of power a wizard possessed. 

Though a wizard is a beacon of good shining throughout the world, they can only offer council, until a power unstoppable by any method of man, dwarf or elf, arose at which point their awe worthy power would be revealed.

An imaginative victory by ElvishWarrior
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Arya entered the clearing, dressed in naught but her pink night gown, Tauriel not far behind a smile on their faces, a bounce in their step and a jiggle in their unsupported, but no less shapely breasts, it was remarkable how perky their breasts were for such enormous things, this was undoubtedly something that would not occur on earth.

Realising it was almost noon and she too was still wearing her night gown Arwen announced she was going to change, retiring to her shelter, she looked inside her bag, browsing through the selection of clothes in her backpack, she came across a rather large, dark sapphire blue - black evening gown, an oddity in her mostly green wardrobe, running her fingers across it, a longing struck her heart, and she knew what she was going to do. Finding an emerald green, over bust corset and a pair of matching pants, whilst slipping on the undergarments, she wondered why she felt so strongly about this dress, promptly discarding the thought when she felt the tight pressure of the silk against her perky butt, her attention now unequivocally on the corset, this one tightened at the front, wrapping it round herself, she begun re-threading the expertly woven lace, the obviously tailored corset fit snugly into place, the corset pushing her breasts up making them seem even bigger, her attention now fixed upon the dress, biting her lip, she slowly moved her hand towards it, her chest visibly rising and falling with each breath, the moment had come, pulling the dress over her head, and letting it drop down her arms, and perfectly sculpted body, the dress gracefully landed, almost perfectly positioned, the gown was strapless, though it had no hope of falling down. The dress perfectly moulded to her flawless bosom, the edge of the dress starting in the centre of her breasts, went up and curved round, showing a tasteful amount of her bosom, before retreating onto her back, travelling down it, before reaching a V, at her lower back, just above her perfect, pert buttocks, the dress would have revealed a lot of her back, but her long river of raven hair obscured the view. The front of her dress, pulled in from her breasts, to fit snugly around her firm, fat-less stomach, only to flare out and darken, to tightly hold her wide hips, the dress then pulled back in, lightening only to flare out, with layer after black-trimmed layer, the dress finishing but a centimetre off the floor, had a large slit along the side, going cheekily high, it allowed for ease of movement, though it perhaps might show something that aught not be shown, in polite company at least.

Spinning around, she felt as though she was in a whole new world of wonder, the dress following her round, spinning in a blur of black and sapphire blue, her speed increasing, and the blur rising, showing more and more leg, not showing the hint of slowing down, until her green underwear became visible, she slowly slowed down, until coming to a complete stop, face red, heart racing, breasts visibly rising and falling with each deep breath. She had never before felt so content, so exhilarated trying on clothes before, no doubt a gift of her new femininity, bringing up a thin sheet of water from the ground, the water quickly became perfectly still, reflecting as well as a polished mirror, brushing her hair out of her eyes, she looked deep into the mirror, hundreds of words came to mind, foremost were words such as elegant, beautiful and perfect, thought they all fell utterly short of sight before her.

Wondering how she still looked so well maintained, a smell lingered on her, not a foul odour as she would have expected, going so long without scrubbing with soap, but a light flowery smell, she had a hunch that, that smell would not be abandoning her. Her hair though completely unbrushed for the past few days, still resembled an untouched river of silk. She ran her hands through it as too mess it up, but gracefully returned to its previous position. Though soap had not touched her skin, since she had entered this world, there were no marks or blemishes on her perfectly shaded skin, no make-up nor grease, no freckles or spots, no scars or visible veins, her skin was completely free of all blemishes.

Realising she had been gone for quite a while, she removed the gown, taking care to delicately fold it and return it into her bag, being careful as to not dirty or damage it, as it was now one of her most precious possessions.
As she was wearing a corset, she was free to wear a softer shirt than her previous tunic, she chose an emerald green, silk tunic, it was embellished with golden patterns, it was incredibly soft, she felt it fit snugly on her arms, pinching slightly at the wrists, not in an uncomfortable way, quite the opposite actually. She had no idea what to wear, other than the tunic, so she found the green, leather leggings she had appeared in, she brushed some dirt off the back, before pulling them up, they seemed very tight to an observer, but felt more snug than tight, and they were flexible enough to allow her free movement.

Pulling on her shoes she went outside, seeing her two friends outside, still in their night gowns.
“Why don't you guys change?” suggested Arwen, “We have stuff do to.” She continued.
They both nodded and headed towards there respective shelters, taking significantly less time, Tauriel exited the shelter wearing the same clothes she had appeared in. Arwen headed inside her tent to retrieve a piece of lembas bread and a water skin. She broke the lembas bread in half, re-wrapping one of the halves in the mallorn leaf, whilst breaking the other into three pieces.

Arya appeared from the tent, wearing an entirely different set of clothes, she wore a simple green tinted brown over-bust corset, that cut off just above her belly button, though her stomach was concealed by a wide, tight, fairly thick belt, though a sliver of skin above the belt remained visible, the buckle of the belt was offset slightly to the left, which contrasted with the buckle of the second belt she was wearing, which was pulled to the right, the second belt overlapped the first belt at first, but loosely hung over the right of her hip, covering the top of her similarly coloured, short, figure-hugging skirt.

Throwing a piece of lembas bread, to Arya, Arwen said “We haven't eaten since we got here, try some.”
As Arya joined Arwen and Tauriel, sat around the fire pit, Arwen passed a piece of lembas bread to Tauriel and gestured for her to eat, before taking a nibble of it herself. Over all it tasted like a croissant, though more buttery and a good deal sweeter, they all finished their bread, smiling with now full stomachs, they hadn't really noticed their hunger, but they definitely noticed being satiated.

Arwen momentarily excused herself, leaving the clearing and returning a minute later, a full water skin in hand. Having already taken a long drink whilst at the river, she immediately handed it to Tauriel so she could satiate her thirst, who then passed it onto Arya, who after taking a sizeable gulp returned it to its owner.

After returning the water-skin to its place in her bag, she left her tent only to enter Arya's, returning with the heavy book.
“Hey, Arya what did you manage to learn from this book?” Inquired Arwen.
“Absolutely nothing! I couldn't even open the damn thing.” A sentence one would not expect from a cute mouth such as Arya's.
“Really? That's odd!” Exclaimed Arwen as she opened the opened the book with ease, after an hour or so of Arwen explaining what she had learned from the book, Arya said “Well, if I have no use for it, you may as well have it.”
As she finished the sentence, they noticed a white glow on the floor, under the cover of the book, closing the book to get a better look, they discovered the diamond that was embedded in the front cover, was glowing bright white, and after a few seconds the colour of the diamond began to change, it slowly became greener until it was undoubtedly a perfectly carved emerald, lifting the book to check for any changes to the back cover, Arwen almost threw the book into the air, at it had seemingly lost a significant amount of weight, now being the weight that one would expect a book that size to be, a weight easily lifted by the strength of an elf.

Tauriel whilst laughing said “What the hell happened there you spaz?”
Arwen replied “This thing was a lot heavier an hour ago!”
Arya interjected “It was never particularly heavy, give it here.”
Taking it into her hands, she almost fell over at the unexpected weight, “What the fuck happened to it?”
“Here pass it to me” said Tauriel, who found it equally heavy.
“I think it is an anti-theft mechanism, when Arya gave you the book, the diamond which is featured on Arya's items became an emerald, which is featured on yours, showing that the book passed hands, elves are seen to be a noble bunch, which I guess is why we can still lift it, albeit with difficulty, but no mortal man, elf or dwarf could lift that, so it is safe from theft.” Explained Tauriel.

With Arya and Arwen both satisfied with this answer, Arwen said “Well, It hardly seems fair that you have given me something, without me giving you something in return.” She headed into her tent, exiting mere moments later, with a hand crafted bow and a green trimmed quiver, overflowing with arrows. Handing the bow and quiver to Arya, Arwen said “Here take these, as payment for the tome.”, as the final word came out, the trim of the quiver started its transition from an emerald green, to a bright white.

“Tauri, why don't you go get your bow and we can get some practice in?” Said Arya, excited by her new toy.
“Did you just call me Tauri?” Responded Tauriel.
“Yes, I am going to get tired of having to say your full name eventually, so I may as well give you a nickname now” Arya said, smiling innocently.
Tauriel went into her shelter to retrieve her, bow and quiver, upon Tauriel returning, Arya said, whilst drawing an arrow “All right, Lets do this!”
It was at this point that Arwen felt the need to say “You might fire the bow further, if you strung it first.”
“Oh, right, I'll do that.” Replied, the now red cheeked Arya.
Both Arya and Tauriel strung their bows, the bows were not made of any method by man or dwarf, as the bow though made of wood withstood the full extent of their elven strength, allowing them to fire much further than their human counterparts, they both fired 10 arrows at a knot in a tree, each only managing to hit the knot once, they set off to collect their arrows, as they didn't know where they could get more.

“Wait!” Exclaimed Arwen, “I want to try to return them with magic”, focusing on the closest arrow, she whispered “Pen”, the elvish word for return, the arrow then flew towards her at a high speed, before slowing down and landing gently in her hand, she repeated it again, and again, there were 15 left when she felt confident that she could learn no more, by simply bringing one back at a time, she focused her mind on all 15, readying her self, she again whispered “pen”, the arrows began to move, but she was unable to maintain the required concentration and they returned to the ground, she tried again, and again, the results were the same. Tired of failure, she had an idea, she vaguely remembered that gem stones were mentioned in the tome, she remembered that they seemed to be a very significant part of magic. And thus she promptly went to retrieve the tome, lifting it into her left arm and returning to Arya and Tauriel. She tried the spell again, pouring her magic, and her intent into the emerald, as her magic entered the emerald, it began to glow, the arrows picked them self up and flew towards her, each landing softly in her hand. As she released the flow of magic, the emerald returned to its polished, but not glowing self.
The next few hours were spent training, both magic and archery, Arya and Tauriel had to channel even the most basic of spells through the gems, in the hilts of their swords, their magic was strong, just not refined they summoned plumes of fire, gusts of wind and managed to move items without touching them, Arya was better at manipulating magic than Tauriel was, but neither of them could produce feats of magic even close to that which Arwen could, their archery however showed much more promise, they made some major improvements, after but a few hours of training they were managing to hit the knot more than 6 times out of 10, and the other 4 times they were often fairly close. Arwen repeatedly got distracted, casting magic whilst watching Arya and Tauriel fire their bows, she had almost accidentally ignited their pile of firewood, and she had frozen her water-skin solid, she promptly defrosted it, but could not help but watch the twang of their bow reverberate down their, arm causing the globes on their chest to do a slight jiggle.

Their skill in archery had greatly increased, so Arwen suggested that they start training with their swords, as they can't pick everyone off from afar.
“What if we seriously harm each other with the swords? They are very sharp.” Asked Tauriel.
“Well I have an idea about that actually” Replied Arwen as she went to retrieve her Sword and tome.
“The idea of the spell I am going to cast is, that we make the sword repel any object it comes into close contact with, it will only repel it by a fraction of a millimetre, so we will still feel the blow of the swords, but they wont slice us up. Though you should still be careful as a blow to the neck could still kill us.” Said Arwen upon her return, she began the spell, channeling the flow of her magic through the tome and into her sword, she felt a slight drain, as the gem in the sword and tome begun to shine, releasing the flow of magic after a few moments, she ran the blade of the sword across her hand. Returning the sword to its decorative sheath, that hung from a lose belt draped around her waist, she raised her hand, as to bear it to her friends, to show the absence of blood.

“Ok, my sword now” said Arya, setting off to retrieve it, she returned from the tent moments later, sheathed sword in hand, she jogged over to Arwen, de-sheathing the sword, and handing it to her, Arya buckled the sheath to her lower belt, as Arwen began to release the flow of magic...

Nothing happened, confused as to why the gems did not glow, Arwen tried again, but the flow of magic again, was cut off. This has never happened before, I have no idea why it is happening.
“Well, I hear it happens to 2/5 guys, it is nothing to be ashamed of.” Joked Tauriel.
“Perhaps..” Said Arwen, not finishing her sentence, as she opened her book. She found a section, on possession enchantments, it was a powerful piece of magic, that prevented other people, from stealing or casting spells on whatever it is cast on, until the item changes hands, or permission is given.
“Ok, Arya try saying 'I give you permission, to use magic on my sword.' But say it in elvish.”
After Arya had spoken the phrase, Arwen tried the spell again, this time it proceeded as expected, the Gems glowing their respective colours, and the magic then finished as expected. Arwen tested the sword on her hand, and the spell had been proven successful.

They repeated the process with Tauriel's sword, in much less time, of course.
They decided that, they would face each other in tournament, firstly Arwen and Arya would face each other, and then then winner would face Tauriel, the winner of the duel was the first to hit the other persons body three times.

The first duel began, Arwen and Arya swords in hand, completely focused on winning, they circled around each other, sizing each other up, before Arya, impatiently decided to strike, she slashed from the right, using her strongest arm, she had to get herself into position to do this, so Arwen easily anticipated this, and raised her sword to block. Arya's sword ricocheted off harmlessly, leaving her open, for Arwen to slash, hitting her on her left hip. Tauriel who had been the mediator, announced that the point went to Arwen, they readied themselves again, this time is was Arwen who struck first, feinting a hit from the left, but actually went in to a stab, managing to hit Arya, square in the stomach, pushing her to the ground. Tauriel again announcing that Arwen had gotten the point.

Once again they readied themselves, preparing to fight, it was a mere 5 seconds before Arya swung, with a powerful overhead slash, not attempting to hit Arwen, but to force her sword to the ground, the manoeuvre was successful, and with Arwen's sword pinned to the ground, Arya was able to slash across her stomach, winning her the point.

Arwen determined to win the point, readied herself for the next round, after a minute of small clashes, Arwen waited for a big swing from Arya, which she ducked under, using the full extent of her elven flexibility and speed, she spun around, now behind Arya, and before Arya knew what was happening, Arwen had slashed at her ankles, winning the duel. 

“Wow, that was amazing!” Exclaimed Arya.
“I know! We have been dreaming about sword fighting our entire lives, I can't believe we just got to do it.” Arwen replied.
“Well anyway, Tauriel, get ready to have your arse kicked” Said Arwen as she turned to look at Tauriel.

After arranging for Arya to be the mediator the duel began, There was a good minute, before a word was spoken or a sword swung, Tauriel made a similar feint to that which Arwen had performed earlier, as her opening strike. Though Arwen managed to block it, using her sword to push Tauriel's sword off to the right, and spinning around with incredible speed, attempting to hit Tauriel's leg, though Tauriel managed to recover, quicker than anticipated, she swung her sword with incredible power, managing to block the hit directed at her ankle, before quickly moving her bade to Arwen's now undefended torso, blade stopped, resting just above Arwen's heart.
Arya piped up “Point, Tauriel.”

Arwen and Tauriel readied themselves, Arwen now knew she was outmatched, she had to think of something, and fast, being very competitive for entire life, losing wasn't an option, she made a few slashes, but not lashing out enough to leave her defenceless, initiating her plan, she took a couple of steps back, and lunged forward slashing, Tauriel doing exactly as Arwen, bringing up her sword, holding it with both hands, the only way she could stop Arwen's powerful strike, their blades crossed, they were fairly evenly matched, but Tauriel was getting the advantage, Arwen executed her plan, kicking Tauriel hard in her left leg, Tauriel's concentration wavered, Arwen took the advantage, pushing Tauriel's blade down, and slashing her across the chest.
“Point Arwen.” Announced Arya
“What the hell was that, Arwen?” Yelled Tauriel.
“To put it simply, you are obviously better than me, and if I had fought fairly, I would have lost. We are going to come across opponents better than us and we are going to do everything we can to win, even if we don't like it, we must be prepared” Replied Arwen calmly.
Nodding, a stern look on her face, looking downwards slightly, Tauriel got back into position. As Arwen positioned herself, she noticed Tauriel's left leg was a bit behind her right, it was obviously injured, when the battle began Arwen wanted to use this to her advantage, started moving around Tauriel a lot, forcing her to change her position, as her defensive stance was far from maneuverable, her left side was weaker, so she decided to strike there, but it was more defended, so she decided to feint right to weaken her left defence, and strike more. Executing her plan, she feinted right, Tauriel seemed to fall for it, changing her defence, Arwen changed her blow to strike her left leg, was surprised when Tauriel, in a swift strong movement, blocked the attack, spun around Arwen, on her right leg, the pommel of her sword smashing Arwen in her face, during the movement, when finally stopping behind Arwen, Tauriel pushed her to the ground, sword pressing into her back.

Tauriel said with a smirk on her face “Point to me.” Removing her sword from Arwen's back she readied herself for the next round, her leg seemingly perfectly fine, Arwen now realising she had faked the injured leg, now down a point worried about her chances for success. Arwen stood up, sword in hand, dusting herself off, she knew that she was going to have to completely change her style of attack. She waited for three minutes, before Tauriel grew impatient and begun to attack, blocking each hit, Tauriel swung again, and again, and again, each hit being met with a resounding thud from Arwen's sword, attacks increasing with frequency and power, as Tauriel got more and more impatient. Arwen, seeing that Tauriel was about to make the largest swing so far, waited until she was about to strike, but instead of blocking it, rolled out of the way, swinging her sword round to try and hit Tauriel's leg, but the noise she heard was not the dull thud she was expecting, but a resounding clang, looking round she saw that Tauriel had recovered in time to block the attack, and was now swinging her sword down at Arwen, who now, thinking in the spur of the moment, gripped onto her sword with both hands, shot up like lighting, Tauriel's sword grazing along the size of Arwen's, until it hit the slightly curved cross-guard, coming to a complete stop. Arwen, hoping that is would work, twisted her sword with all her might, Tauriel's sword was caught, between her cross-guard and blade. The pressure exerted by Arwen pulled the blade from Tauriel's hands, propelling it far away from the battle, Arwen slowly raised her blade, and rested it on Tauriel's heart.
“Point to Arwen.” Said Arya.

Tauriel went off to collect her sword, whilst Arwen planned how she was going to win, Tauriel would definitely, not fall for any of the tricks she had previously used, so she had to get creative. Even though Tauriel, looked and for the most part acted like an adult elf, Arwen knew she was still a teenage boy at heart. And that was how she was going to win...

Arwen was the first to strike, she lunged forwards with her sword, Tauriel spun out of the way, spinning the sword around in an arc, the sword about to hit Arwen in her chest, until Arwen leaned backwards, with incredible balance and flexibility, the sword missing her breasts by a few centimetres, she swung back up, bringing her sword towards Tauriel's hip, but the sword did not reach its mark, as Tauriel had managed to block it, Tauriel countered by a slash at Arwen's chest, though Arwen managed to block the strike with her own sword. They were in the time old situation that they had faced earlier, swords crossed, Tauriel still managing to gain the advantage. Tauriel wanting a bit of revenge, whilst pushing with her sword, hooked her leg behind Arwen's, and pulled it towards her. Arwen fell to the ground in a dust of smoke, quickly reacting Arwen used both feet to kick Tauriels feet out from underneath her, though she fell too, she still had the advantage, her knees either side of Arwen, their swords still crossed, she was pushing on Arwen's blade with all her might, forcing Arwen's blade closer and closer to her face, victory seemingly within her grasp, until Arwen cast a spell, not a spell of combat, this spell was of two parts, her corset became unlaced, freeing her breasts, which as the large tear in the centre of her tunic, from the top straight down to her waist appeared, bounced down everywhere, her nipples bear, completely visible, and entirely tantalising, Tauriel was practically drooling at the sight. Taking advantage of the distracted Tauriel, Arwen shoved her sword up, forcing Tauriel's own sword into her face, Arwen quickly stood up, bare breasts still bouncing, and whilst Tauriel was still dazed, she placed the point of her sword on Tauriel's stomach and said “Point to me.”

Arya announced that Arwen had won, whilst Tauriel stood up, still recovering from the hit, Arwen retied her corset, though her breasts were still barely covered, even with it tied up. Feeling a bit uncomfortable with so much skin on display, she began working on a spell to repair her tunic, previously she had been able to repair them with ease, as they were split at the seam, but her tunic was torn straight down the middle, so the spell required to repair it was complicated.

It was a good fifteen minutes before Arwen had completed her spell, and was ready to cast it, just as Tauriel had fully come to. She was happy to cast the spell, as she was getting a bit chilly, not to mention the discomfort of the amount of skin showing, so close to her nipple. Arya had even more showing, and her outfit had no tunic to go with it, even though her corset finished higher, it went lower to join back together, showing a good portion of her inner breast, whilst covering a good portion of skin above her nipple. 

Due to the complexity of the spell, Arwen had to use her tome to cast it, them gem in her tome was larger than the one is the pommel of her sword, which made it slightly easier to cast the spell, she was still wearing the torn tunic when she cast the spell, the spell went perfectly once it had finished it was impossible to tell it had ever been torn, the silk tunic covered a few inches higher than the corset, but was still low cut in the middle showing a lot of her bosom.

“Guys, I think we should go look for a city or something? We have been here for quite a while, and we might be able to find out what happened to us if we find civilisation.” Said Arwen, tired of waiting here for something to happen.

The others agreed, they went into the shelters to clear everything up, they returned everything they could to their bags, though they had to wear their swords, quivers and bows, the tome however fit into Arwen's backpack, she made sure she could easily reach it, if ever she was in need. The blankets too, when folded fit into the back packs, though the pillows would not, as they were almost entirely filled by clothes and food. So Arya and Tauriel tied their pillows to the top of their back packs, though Arwen had a different idea, she cast a spell on her pillow, wording it carefully so that she could release it whenever she needed, she completely removed all the air from the feather pillow, and one the air had been removed, she could easily pack it into her bag.

Leaving the shelter, bare of all their belongings they set of towards the stream, not rushing they got there in a few minutes, they filled their water-skins and began their journey upstream, to where they hoped the would find a village, they expected to find one, as a river was a perfect place to build a village, as it provided many a thing, such as a natural defense, clean water and waste disposal.

After a few hours brisk walk, they spotted a village in the distance, it was a good half hour walk before they finally arrived, the sun on their backs, the village had no wall around it, it was not a cheaply made wooden village, it was well-made, the outer village was made out of wood, but the closer to the river it got, the more stone you began to see. There was a fair sized castle near the river, it seemed well maintained, it was not an amazing sight, but it was definitely not poverty stricken.

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