She Has A Way About Her by johnnail

A man who has taken pride in being single through match making he find the lady of his dreams who is not female genetically.

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Chapter 1 by johnnail

She Has A Way About Her

Chapter 1

J.P. Adams took pride in never being tied down with one woman. J.P. lived in a small town in Montana and he stood about 5’9” and weighed a muscular 215 lbs. and he had shoulder length brown hair that was always in a ponytail which was always under a baseball style cap unless he was going out to the bar or tavern than he was wearing a Stetson and he had a beard which he kept trimmed. He drove a 1967 4x4 GMC pickup which he restored and unlike a lot of the GMCS of that year which were half-ton his was a ¾ ton and he loved it with the 350 and the dual exhaust.

He got off work from the lube and tire shop where he worked for 10 years which got him his mobile home and the pickup and kept his bills paid and gave him some play money where he can go out to eat a couple of times a month and go to the local sports bar and still put money to the side.

He gets off work and decides to go to the local tavern and pulls in front of it and the evening crowd are just pulling in.

He goes in and takes a table and orders the hotwings and beer and 10 minutes later the waitress came and said,” J.P. you are as handsome as ever and I hope you like.”

His friend Brent came in smiling and sat down with J.P. and said,” Hey you know it is about time you start thinking about settling down.”

J.P. replied,” You mean settling with a woman who neither of you are happy, no thanks. You remember Pamela who thought it was time to get me in slacks and loafers?”

Brent started laughing.” Oh I would have loved to seen that now that would be worth watching.”

J.P glared and said,” Yeah now you know why I will settle down with the right woman. A woman who can love me without trying to change me. Now that doesn’t mean I won’t put down the seat after taking a piss, I will be considerate.”

Brent said.” That is difficult to find most girls like to “improve” their man .”

J.P replied,” Well, I will either find a woman who won’t try to change me or stay single.”

Brent said,” Oh, you know that water well drilling company they are looking for someone and if I remember right you were a roustabout for a water well company weren’t you.”

J.P. replied,” Really, I tried to get on with that guy and all positions were filled.”

Brent said.” One of the idiots showed up to the site drunk.”

J.P. said,” Well, tomorrow I have off I will go by his office.”

They ate their chicken wings and J.P. asked,” So have you broken up with your fiancée I know she wouldn’t approve of you eating this.”

Brent said,” Naw, she went to Spearfish South Dakota to visit some family.”

J.P chuckled and said,” So you are sneaking hot wings huh that is just about right.”

Brent said,” My fiancée wants to introduce you to someone. I know the woman and she is real good looking and well her friend is looking to go out with a real man. She says she isn’t looking to change him but she wants him to be a real man. Bethny thought of you and she told Chrystal that you were a man who doesn’t mind getting your hands dirty and she lit up like a light bulb. She also told Chrystal that you maybe a little rough around the edges but have a heart of gold.”

J.P. said.” You know what I would turn you two down normally but you are my friend but if I don’t like what I see I will leave early. So when will this be?”

Brent said.” Weekend after this now just don’t come formal just wear your best Wranglers and clean T-shirt and a comfortable pair of boots.”

J.P. asked,” Why would u like me dressed like that?”

Brent said,” Well. let Chrystal see you as the real you I guarantee she would love that.”

They finished up and J.P. headed to his pickup and headed home which took about 10 minutes to get to the mobile home park which he lived. He went up the steps and headed inside and went to his hat rack and put his cap on the rack.

He turned on the t.v. and said,” Jim what have you got yourself involved with?”

He watched TV until about 11:00 and went to the bedroom to strip for bed which would be down to his boxers.

He climbed under the covers and he quickly went to sleep.


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