Paul, is that really you?? by gardianas

A young man must live as a woman while hiding from the mob and the police. He must take pretty extreme measures to make sure he won't be found out.

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Chapter 1 by gardianas
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'Paul?!' Sarah asked in shock 'Is that really you? I don't understand..'

'Yeah..' I answered 'It's.. It's a long story. Well no, maybe not long, but.. It's complicated.'

'Are those.. Are those real?'


'Well yeah'

'Depends what you mean by real. If you're asking me whether I was born with these, then no. They're fake. On the other hand, if you're asking me if I actually have breasts then yes. They're implants.'

'No, seriously... You have to tell me everything. Last time I saw you, you were a perfectly normal brother. And now.. Well, you're really hot, hotter than me actually.'

'Come on sis, I'm not hotter than you.. Although you're right, I'm quite a catch'.'

'What happened to you? Start talking!'

'Fine. It all started...

1 year ago

So, as you know, after winning that money, I took a train to San Francisco. Except that I didn't go to San Francisco, I went to Los Angles instead. While on a train I met this girl. Her name is Simone. She was a tall, maybe a little over 5.'9, 19 year old beatutiful girl. She had an amazing body, long slender legs, great breasts, long brown hair. We really hit it off while on the train. I decided to go with her to Los Angeles. It made sense, I didn't have anything waiting for me in SF, I just wanted to see California, so it didn't really matter where I went first.

We stayed at a Motel. She didn't know about my half a million dollars then, I just said that I had some money saved up. We started looking for jobs. We managed to find jobs in the same diner- me as a bartender and she as a waitress.

Now you're probably thinking that there was something going on between us, but your wrong. At first I was interested in her, but after we got to know each other very well, we became like brother and sister. We lived like this for about 2 weeks, when she came to me with a request that changed my life

"Listen, Paul, there's something you don't know... I.. I didn't choose LA randomly, there's a reason why I'm here."

"Oh, well, what is it?"

"It's a long story, I will tell you all of it some time later. But what you need to know right now is that I came here to kill someone..."


"And I need your help.."

"You're joking right? It's kind of a funny joke in a weird way.. though not really my type of humour.."

"Yes, it's a hilarious joke.." she said sarcastically "Listen, I understand if you say no, I know I'm asking a lot"

"So you ARE serious? Well.. Who? Who do you wanna kill? And why?"

"John Marony. He is a strip club owner. But it's just a cover for his drug business. He is one of the most powerful criminals in LA. This man destroyed my and my family's life"

"How? What did he do??"

"My family owned him money and when we failed to pay him back, he killed my father and kidnapped my sister, Lilly. He did horrible thing to her before she managed to escape"

"My God.."

"Lilly is a little shorter than me. She had long brown hair, kinda like mine, she had beautiful brown eyes, a very cute face, great body. She was just a very beautiful 18 year old. But when she escaped, we were horrified with what we saw... Her head was bald, she had burn scars on her face and all over her body. She had tattoos and earings on her face and her body.. That sick bastard disfigured her beauty.."

"That's horrible... Why didn't you just call the bollice?"

"He owns the police, Paul. And he was looking for us, if we went to the police he would have known where to find us.."

So, after a long talk, she told me that she decided to just kill him. She planned everything.. Of course I tried to talk her out of it but it was no use. I was scared for her safety, so I agreed to help her.

"Ok, so we will need to disguise ourselves to sneak into the strip club." she said.

"Sure, what do you have in mind?"

So there we were, both in his strip club. She was dressed as a stripper looking for a job. And me, I was standing there dressed as drug addict. I was in dirty clothes, made up to look pretty sick and desperate for a doze of heroin. Little did I know that in 3 months I would be standing in an elivator next to a guy checking me out. The guy would not be able to take his eyes off of me. And I can't blame him as I would be standing there with my short sundress, long tanned shaved legs in heels and long blond hair falling on my shoulders.

We did everything acoording to plan but we didn't account for the police. Someone must have heard the gun shots and called the police. So we had to get out of there before we reached John. We managed to escape, but now John AND the police were looking for us. we got a small flat together. Decided to stay low for a while, to figure out what to do next. But over a few weeks we started noticing more and more of John's men. We realized that their getting close to finding us. So Simone suggested we disguise ourselves again

"In the opposite sexes"


"Because they are looking for a you or a man who looks like you. They are now looking for a woman who looks like you. The same goes for me."

"Hm.. Makes sense.. I guess."

So she went to the supermarket and got us some things. I wasn't really tall, didn't even reach 5.10'. Me and simone were more or less the same height. So we didn't have to buy many new clothes, we just exchanged them. She bought a lot of new make up and other stuff that will help us appear more as the opposite sexes.

My transformation began. First she had me strip all of my clothes. She ten waxed my legs, arms, under arms and chest. She also removed hair from my face. She then plucked my kinda thick eyebrows giving them a curve and making them thinner and very girlie. Then she put a moisturizing mask on my face and body and while it was absorbing, she gave me a manicure and pedicure. She painted my nails in a dark red shade. Then she pierced both of my ears. After the paint dried and the mask absorbed she gave me female briefs, a bra and a corset to put on. Simone gave me medium sized silicone breasts to put in my bra. Then she gave me a skirt that was right above my knees and a blouse. She got me into her
inch heels and sat me in a chair where she began to apply make up on me. After that, she gave me ring earings and finally put a shoulder lengh blond wavy wig on my head. It looked really natural. My transformation was complete. She stood me in front of a tall mirror.


"I know, thanks."

"I.. I look like a girl.."

In fact, I looked like a really hot girl. I had long blond hair, nice breasts and legs to die for. My face was very cute and soft looking. I couldn't believe it was me.

She then started on her own transformation. It was painful for me to watch. She was an incredibly atractive girl. Seeing her cut off her beautiful long hair, wash off all of her make up, hide her breasts and step into baggy jeans wasn't very nice. But it had to be done, and it was still all reversible.

So, over a few weeks we started to live like the opposite sex. I taught her how to act like a guy and she taught me how to act like a girl. It all became more and more natural for me. I began to look after my skin and nails, learned how to do my make up and hair. Learned how to sit, walk and talk like a girl. I bacame more and more girly.. We lived like this for about a month. After a month she suggested that we need to find jobs as we both knew that my money woudn't last forever.

"The thing is, if we get jobs, we will have to deal with a lot of people and some might start to see through our disguises" Simone said.

"Yeah, i guess you're right. What do you suggest?"

"Right.. I know it's extreme, but just here me out. Hormones"


"Yes. We start taking hormones. You will be taking estrogen and I will be taking testoterone."

"What will happen to us?"

"Your voice will become softer. So will your skin. Your muscle will bulk. Your whole body structure will become more feminine. You will get wider hips. You will start developing small breasts. Your balls and penis will shrink. Just about everything about you will become a lot girlier.."

"Jeez... I don't know about this.."

"Hey, it's not any better for me. I will start to grow facial hair, my skin will become rougher, my voice will become lower. My breasts will shrink, my muscles will grow. I will become a lot more hairy. Overall, i will just start looking a lot more like a guy."

"Is it reversible?"

"I think that most of the effects will fade away once we stop taking hormones"


So, sure enough, we started taking hormones. We also got jobs, me as waitress as Simone as a bartender. Probably sounds familiar.. After about two months, we were noticably different. Simone was in fact looking a lot more like a guy. Her muscles were bigger than mine. She had facial hair, also hair on her legs and arms. Her voice was a lot manlier. Her once great boobs became really small. There was almost nothing left of the once beatiful girl. And me, I too didn't resemble my old self any more. I had wider hips, small muscles, soft skin, higher voice, small breasts. I even had a tiny penis. Oh, and I didn't need a wig anymore, because my own blond hair has grown out to my shoulders.

Living all this time as girl, and even taking hormones, made me feel like I was actually a girl. I sometimes even forgot I was once a normal guy. Everything about being a woman became very natural to me. My emotions, my personality, my body language, movement. Everything.

Something weird happened one time. I decided to go out. Just to have some fun, i was tired from everyday life. Simone didn't want to go so I went alone. I shaved my legs, put on a sun dress, a pair of high heels, put on make up, took my purse and went out. While going donw with an elivator, I noticed that a guy was totally checking me out. It made me feel really good about myself. I smiled. When I goy to a club, the security guy let me in without waiting in line. I didn't have to pay for any of the drinks- guys were just buying them for me. I danced with a coulple of them. While dancing I felt them feeling me up but I didn't really mind. After a dance, one of the guys looked at my lips and then just went for it. He kissed me on the lips. I don't know what got into me, but I just opened my mouth and let his tongue in. I was kissing him back. We were passionately making out for like 10 minutes. We spent the whole evening dancing and making out. I was really drunk.. When i got back home, I didn't say any of this to Simone.

For the next 3 months we just lived our lifes. We have really gotten used to it. I occasionally snuck out to go clubbing where I would always make out with some guys. I wasn't sure what was happening to me, as I had never had any interest in guys. I noticed that Simone was also going out with some girls. She made a really cute guy after all.

More than half a year went by since I left home to go to San Francisco. About five months of that time I spent living as girl and regulary taking hormones. By now, there was now it was impossible to tell that I was a guy. Except for my penis and lack of full breasts, I was true girl. I even forgot about John and that we still had to clear our reall names and take him down. But Simone didn't.

One day I came back home from work and found a note which said that she went to finnished what we started 5 months ago. I haven't heard from her for a few weeks which really made me scared. After about two and a half weeks I got a letter, saying that I have to run and hide as far as I can, because her plan didn't work again and she was captured. I was horified. I knew what he was going to do to her. She already looks like a man which must be devestating enough, but to be disfigured... I knew I couldn't let him do that. I knew that I had to take him down myself. But he was on red allert at that moment, I realized that I couldn't just come to him like that. I just needed to get close to him somehow..

I decided to get a job as one of the strippers. I knew that I needed boobs for this job. I was still planning on turning back into a guy after all of this, but I knew that it has to be done. I need to get breast implants. I figured that maybe I will just take them out after this. So I got the surgery and got a job as one of the strippers. The longer I worked there, the closer I was getting to John. I sometimes got a glimpes of Simone. I was very relieved when I saw she still wasn't disfigured.

I worked there for a month. I had to spend a month giving guys lap dances, making out with them and even giving some a hand job. One day after ending my shift, I saw John sittin at a bar. I went to talk to him. We talked for a while. And drank. After about 5 shots of tequila, we were making out. We went to the bathroom stool where I gave him a blow job. I even had to swallow. It was pretty digusting and at the same time exciting. I have never done or even thought of doing it in my life. After that night, we started chatting more and more. We become pretty close, hooking up once in a while, but no sex, because I was saving my self (that's what I told him). He let it slip that there was this girl who was now a guy working for him. He said that it was an old enemy of his that he forced to start working for him somewhere secret. He didn't tell me where. I knew that we had to become even closer for him to tell me.

I decided to make the ultimate sacrifice. I had some money left that I was gonna use to take out my breast implants, but I decided to spend it all on a sex reassignment surgery. I didn't want to do it, but that was the only way. I knew he was developing feelings for me, so I figured that maybe after sleeping with him, he would know that I'm serious about him. I cried while looking at my now very small and not working penis for the last time. It was the only evidence I had that I was once a man. It was the only thing proving that I was a man I was decided to cut it off to save Simone. I got the surgery.

After I healed, I finally slept with John. It was the strangest and most amazing feeling in the world. I actually had sex as a woman with a man. After a few weeks, i moved in with him. He said he loved me. I told him I loved him too. I was lying.

He finally revealed the location of Simone to me. Right after he told me that, i stabbed him with a knife and while he was dying I told him everything about me and he died with a horified look on his face. He deserved it.

I found Simone, she was shocked to see me..

"OH. MY. GOD!"


"You're.. You're a woman. Like, really a woman. Thouse breasts and a vagina! Oh my god! I can't believe you did this for me!"

"It's ok, you're like a sister to me.."

"Thank you so so much! I guess you're like a sister to me too now. But what will you do? How will you change back?"

"I wont... I can't, i don't have any money left. And even if I had, how can I come back now? That's it. My manliness is cut off forever.. But it's fine. I got used to living as woman. And becides, I think I'm gay.. I've been with many guys and I actually liked it.."

So after a while we decided that it's time to come back to our old lifes. She went to see her family and I went to see mine and here I am..'


'Wow..' Sarah said.

'I know..'

'So.. you're gonna stay as girl?'

'Well yes. What can I do. I actually like it..'

'You know, I still have my share of the money that we won. You can change back if you want!'

'Really?? Wow.. I don't know.. Maybe I should.. On the other hand, I know someone who might need the money more than me..'

So me and my sister went to see Simone. We travelled by train. We were 2 very attractive young girls sitting on the train with all of the girls checking us out. We finally arriced to Chicago. Simone came to meet us at the station. I expected to see the same guy that I saw the last time we saw each other, but instead, I saw the female Simone that I first met before all of this happened. She changed back. She stopped taking testoterone, started taking estrogen to speed thing up. She got back her figure, her boobs and grew out her hair. She was as hot as ever once again. I she wasn't alone. She was with another really beautiful woman. Turns out she was always a lesbian. But unlike me, she didn't want to stay as the opposite sex. She felt very comfortable being a girl who loves other girls.

Using my sisters money, we paid for Simone's sister's sugery. Lilly was turned into the pretty girl that she was before John disfigured her. We all remained friends. Me, my sister, Lilly, Simone and her partner- Jasmine, just 5 attractive girls. I eventually married a man who I fell in love with and lived hapilly ever after... The end.

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